Enchanting encounter: Thai BL duo ForceBook to hold fan meeting in Manila!

Get ready for a magical evening as the well-loved on-screen pair, affectionately dubbed as the “old married couple” to their beloved fans, lights up Manila on October 1st at SM Skydome for their very first fan meeting in the Philippines. The dynamic duo of the charming Jiratchapong “Force” Srisang and the charismatic Kasidet “Book” Plookphol, has not only captured hearts but has also woven an enchanting on-screen chemistry that mirrors the intimacy of a seasoned couple.

The duo’s journey kicked off with their collaboration in the hit series “Enchante,” which marked their debut as lead actors in the BL genre. A GMMTV-produced series, “Enchante” unfolds a Thai BL narrative, centered around two childhood friends reuniting after years of separation. Theo (portrayed by Book), who returned from France following his grandmother’s passing, reignites a profound connection with his neighbor Akk (played by Force). A twist in the plot comes in the form of a flirtatious message from an enigmatic admirer, leading to an investigation into the sender’s identity. The series crafts a modern-day fairy tale of love, with the actors effortlessly embodying a genuine bond that emanates their innate chemistry. “Enchante” employs a kaleidoscope of vibrant visuals and poignant symbolic imagery to further enrich the ethereal aura of a fairy tale fantasy.

Force and Book’s tandem continued in the enthralling GMMTV series “A Boss and a Babe.” This Thai BL masterpiece delves into the complex dynamics between a CEO (Force) and his intern (Book), entangled in a tricky office romance. Cher, a spirited newcomer in a video game company, forges an unlikely connection with his initially imposing superior Gun, helping him embrace vulnerability among colleagues. As their mutual attraction deepens, the couple faces the scrutiny of a judgmental environment, navigating the intricate web of professional boundaries within a workplace romance. This playfully-spirited BL drama seamlessly weaves humor into its narrative fabric. Witty jests, silly antics, and uproarious banter converge to create a lively atmosphere. “A Boss and a Babe” gives off an infectious blend of joy, mischief, and unbridled enthusiasm that resonates profoundly with its audience.

The couple’s excellent on-screen chemistry shows no sign of stopping in their ongoing series titled “Only Friends.” This series delves into the lives of a group of business-major students who collaboratively manage a bustling hostel, blurring the lines that once separated friendship from romance. As the narrative unfolds, viewers can anticipate an even stronger dose of their undeniable chemistry and heartwarming moments. With each passing episode, the audience is promised a deeper exploration of the intricate tapestry woven between the couple, navigating the intricate path where friendship intertwines with romance.

Be ready to secure your spot at the ForceBook Fan Meeting in Manila, as ticket sales kick off on September 6, 2023, at 12 noon on Wish Us Luck’s official ticketing website. A variety of fan benefits are available across different ticket tiers. Tickets are priced at PHP 14,500 for FB PASS, PHP 11,500 for 97 FOX ZONE, PHP 9,500 for 96 MOCHI ZONE, and PHP 4,500 for GEN ZONE. This sensational fan meeting is proudly presented by Wish Us Luck. Stay tuned to Wish Us Luck’s official social media channels for the latest updates.

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