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Alternative rock band Wickermoss reunites with AltG Records

Wickermoss, the Filipino alternative rock band, is making a return to their roots as they reunite with AltG Records after 18 years. Founded by Reiman Gesmundo (guitars) and Roger Alcantara (bass), Wickermoss captured the hearts of their fans with their melancholic sound with an eclectic mix of various influences such as pop, folk, jazz, and progressive rock. The band’s breakthrough album “Falling Leaves,” originally released under AltG Records, contains noteworthy tracks such as “Buwan,” “Falling Leaves,” and “Letters.”

This deeply resonated with their audience because of the raw emotions that came with their music. In 2019, Wickermoss emerged from their hiatus, driven by a shared determination to delve into a treasure trove of unreleased songs. With this emergence, they also introduced their new members: Allen Lucas (vocals and acoustic guitar), Rigil Borromeo (guitars), and Karmi Santiago (drums). Presenting their latest offering, “Babalik,” the band reaffirms their fondness for transforming their emotions into songs.

The single, written by Gesmundo, navigates the complexities of pain, anger, and the intricate aftermath of heartbreak. It delivers a candid portrayal of the emotional journey that follows heartbreak. “I created the song during the lockdown when I joined a songwriting workshop online. That’s the song that came out, and we played around with it as a band until it was completed. I also thought of doing something different this time because most heartbreak songs are about letting go and hoping that the other person is happy. ‘Babalik’ is more about the feelings of anger and hurt and the genuine emotions a person feels following a heartbreak,” says Gesmundo.

The reunion of Wickermoss with AltG Records marks a wonderful homecoming for the band. “Returning to AltG Records feels like a homecoming. The label’s support not only fuels our creativity but also reminds us of our purpose as musicians. We simply want people to relate to our music. We listen to music to feel that someone understands, to see that there are also others who go through what we are experiencing. Music is a companion, and we want to be our listeners’ companion,” shares Alcantara.

Catch Wickermoss and their new single under AltG records, “Babalik,” streaming this August 25 on digital platforms worldwide. For more information, visit

Saweetie to Headline FIBA World Cup Draw with Electrifying Performance at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on April 29, 2023, Celebrating her Filipino Roots

Grammy-nominated rapper and global fashion icon Saweetie, who proudly embraces her Filipino-Chinese and African-American heritage, is set to bring her unique blend of music and style to the prestigious international sports event, headlining the FIBA World Cup Draw at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Saturday, April 29, 2023. This performance will be a homecoming of sorts for Saweetie, as she connects with her mother’s Filipino roots and celebrates her diverse background in the Philippines. Known for chart-topping hits like “My Type” and “BestFriend” and her captivating live shows, Saweetie’s performance promises to create an unforgettable experience for basketball fans worldwide.

Photo by Kevin Pableo | MANILA CONCERT SCENE

Saweetie’s involvement in the FIBA World Cup Draw highlights her unparalleled talent and connection to the world of basketball. As a leading force in the music industry and a trendsetter in both music and fashion, she is the perfect choice to headline this prestigious event. Her magnetic stage presence and energetic performances will undoubtedly captivate audiences and contribute to the excitement of the FIBA World Cup.

Born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, Saweetie is an acclaimed rapper, singer, and songwriter known for her chart-topping hits and magnetic stage presence. Since her breakthrough in 2017, she has released numerous successful singles and albums, garnering a loyal fanbase and solidifying her status as a leading force in the music industry.

The FIBA (International Basketball Federation) World Cup is a global basketball competition held every four years, featuring teams from around the world competing for the title of world champion. It serves as a platform for countries to showcase their basketball talent and promote the sport globally. The FIBA World Cup is a celebration of basketball excellence and unites fans from diverse backgrounds in their shared passion for the game. Catch the FIBA World Cup Draw and Saweetie’s fiery performance LIVE on OneSports and OneSports+ via Cignal, SatLite, and Cignal Play.

OPM hitmaker Freestyle to celebrate 25 years of music at Music Museum on May 20

After numerous sold-out concerts since the relaunching of Freestyle with original frontman and songwriter Top Suzara last year, the iconic OPM band is set to take the big stage with a 25th anniversary concert happening on May 20, 2023 at the Music Museum.

Entitled “Giving It All This Time”, the concert invites the audience to journey through 25 years of Freestyle’s music and officially mark a new chapter of the band with the all-male cast of Ian Tan, Lerod Cailao, Bouy Manalo, and IJ Garcia joining Suzara.

“This is my 25th year in the industry and this show will, one, be the first official show in a concert setting where we will celebrate with all original songs, and, two, be the resurgence of Freestyle as we make good on the promise to continue together where I left off many years ago, when writing and sharing original songs was what drove us. This concert will be a story-telling journey through songs,” explains Suzara.

With hit songs such as “Before I Let You Go”, “So Slow”, “This Time”, “Till I Found You”, “Para Sayo”, their rendition of “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?”, and “Once In A Lifetime”, Freestyle intends to bring its unique brand of music to a bigger stage at the Music Museum in San Juan, Metro Manila on May 20 to welcome more fans after a successful string of concerts from last year.

“The past few months have been awesome. The fans really missed Freestyle especially with Top as part of the band. Most of the venues that we’ve performed in were sold out – which we’re so thankful for,” shares Garcia, who performs as keyboardist and music director.

Meanwhile, Freestyle drummer Cailao recounts the excitement of fans who have even booked flights from provinces or from overseas to watch the gigs.

“It’s amazing to see the supporters of Freestyle really showing support for the band. When they hear Top’s voice and their all-time favorite songs, you can really feel their excitement and emotions pouring out. It’s very touching, and it inspires us to work harder to do great shows every night,” said Cailao.

“I believe the top hit songs of Freestyle – “This Time” and “Before I Let You Go” – still touch the audience up to this point. These iconic songs trigger nostalgia. It is a good thing Freestyle music remained to be aired, used in several movies, and has reached a greater demographic,” shares bassist Tan.

Manalo, who performs as guitarist and has been an avid fan of the band, shares that playing with Freestyle is a dream come true, saying, “As a new band member of Freestyle, I’m still overwhelmed with everything. I still pinch myself at every show we do.”

Following the relaunch of the band in October 2022, Freestyle has also been busy sharing new music with audiences.

“The first new song we released is called “Maybe”, a song that talks of what ifs and second chances. We’ve included this song in most of our live gigs and shows and so far people have been receiving it very well,” shares Garcia.

Frontman Suzara has also hinted at future performances and releases in the pipeline, including concert tours around the Philippines and abroad and more new songs Freestyle fans can enjoy.

With this new and exciting chapter in Freestyle’s journey, the band assures its audience that it will continue to stay true to its distinct brand of original Filipino music telling honest and relevant stories that hit close to the heart.

“We’re surprised to see so many younger people appreciating the songs even if they hadn’t been born yet when these became popular. It goes to show how timeless Freestyle’s brand of music is. It spans generations,” says Cailao.

Tickets to “Giving It All This Time” on May 20, 2023 (Saturday) at the Music Museum are available on TicketWorld and Music Museum. For reservations, please text or call PPMPI at 09285106000.

Tunecore inks partnership with MINT College

In the Philippines, musicians and singers can be found anywhere. What sets them apart is that such talent is not only ingrained in them from birth, but also because Filipinos, as a culture, are in love with music.

As artists work to find success, the rise of digital music services has helped democratize the music industry, providing more opportunities for these artists to be heard and find their fans. TuneCore, the leading development partner for self-releasing artists—owned by Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies—aims to provide access to music distribution services for independent artists at all stages of their careers, helping to further reduce industry gatekeeping, and ensure self-releasing artists can get their music out into the world. Their latest endeavor to support the next generation of Filipino music and music creators is a monumental partnership with Mint College, the only school in the Philippines offering a degree in Music Business.

The new partnership between TuneCore and Mint College serves both companies’ goals of expanding educational programs for creators and facilitating opportunities for student musicians to pursue careers in music. As the leading creative school offering programs such as Music Business, Multimedia, and Film, Mint provides students with a solid foundation on which to build their careers. TuneCore enhances the student experience by exposing them to real world wisdom via lectures and workshops led by industry experts. This will also allow them to flex their musical muscles under the guidance of people who have not only ridden the waves of the music industry, but who have helped shape it as well.

Mint College’s Executive Vice President Hendrik Kiamzon commented, “We already have a lot of advantages, given the kind of education our students have from their professors coming from the music business industry. The partnership with TuneCore is just one more thing that legitimizes our cross-disciplinary approach.”

This alliance also addresses one of the bigger challenges facing aspiring musicians: catching that crucial first break. “One of our missions is to do our part to drive emerging markets to maturity across the region.  By partnering with Mint College, we aim to bridge the gap between aspiring student musicians and the music industry,” explains TuneCore’s head for Southeast Asia, Cyrus Chen on what they bring to the table. “We will provide networking and performance opportunities, mentorship, and workshops for the students, among many other initiatives.” This is a testament to TuneCore’s mission in providing the most innovative and expansive suite of digital music services to artists at all stages of their careers around the world.

The partnership between TuneCore and Mint College was signed, sealed, and delivered at a ceremonial signing at Mint’s new satellite campus in Ortigas. Cyrus was joined by Believe’s Country Head for the Philippines, Georgette Tengco, while Kiamzon was joined by Mint College’s Frankie Endriga, Board Director, and Mony Romana, Program Head of Marketing. This formalized an initiative that is potentially lifechanging for many student musicians.

Tengco commented, “Believe’s mission is to develop independent artists in the digital world via the solutions they need to grow their audience at every stage of their career. Arming student musicians with the right tools from the very start, while helping ensure that they are free to do what they are passionate about. Simultaneously, we open doors to opportunities that were previously only available to professional musicians. This partnership aims to do all that for the students of Mint College. The combined forces of Believe, TuneCore, and Mint will allow for a greater network to bring these aspiring talents closer to their dreams and ambitions in the music industry.”

This initiative of TuneCore follows on the heels of innovative programs that they have recently launched in support of self-releasing artists. The first is the Unlimited Release plan, which allows artists the greatest flexibility in releasing music at an affordable price. while refining their sound. This is followed closely by the introduction of GCash as a payment method on the platform as part of TuneCore’s localization efforts for the Philippines. Lastly, they recently presented their latest feature launch – Splits.

TuneCore takes into account the importance of collaboration in making music. This is, oftentimes, the key ingredient in making a hit record. At the same time, this can also lead to discord among the collaborators when it comes time to divide royalty splits. The Splits feature introduces an efficient solution to this, allowing the artists to input royalty percentages for each collaborator, and providing automatic payouts along with comprehensive payout details. Artists are able to easily edit their splits at any time, adding or removing collaborators, and updating percentages. This will allow more time to focus on their music. Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore, explained further, “Our goal is to make our artists’ lives easier so that they can focus on making music. For years, self-releasing artists at all stages of their careers have been required to take on additional support roles to sustain their artistic endeavors. By offering splits, TuneCore artists can now spend less time being accountants and more time making great music.” 

From every stage in an artist’s journey, TuneCore, alongside Believe, hopes to bring creativity in music to fruition. Arming the next generation of Filipino artists with a solid educational foundation, via the Mint College partnership, is what will redefine and reshape how the future of the industry will look. With ample support via innovative tools and programs, there is nothing but greatness ahead for these artists.

Catch the A-Wave: Phum Viphurit performs LIVE at Ayala Malls

Summer is blazing with more heart-pumping entertainment at Ayala Malls! With the success of Feed Your Seoul which brought K-culture experiences to its malls, Ayala Malls takes it further and expands beyond Hallyu to bring amazing experiences from Asia. Catch the A-Wave at Ayala Malls with exciting events, exhibits, activities, and offerings that spotlight Asian trends and cultural products rising on the global stage.

Kickstarting the A-Wave is Thailand’s charming Lover Boy: Phum Viphurit! As part of his “The Greng Jai Piece” Asia & Oceania tour, in partnership with Karpos Multimedia, the singer-songwriter is performing tracks from his latest album of the same name plus other fan-favorite hits at five Ayala Malls from April 21 to 23:

April 21, 7 PM at Glorietta
April 22, 3 PM at Alabang Town Center
April 22, 7 PM at Ayala Malls Manila Bay
April 23, 3 PM at TriNoma
April 23, 7 PM at Market! Market!

Local Warner Music talents will open the show, featuring Lola Amour at Ayala Malls Manila Bay and Dilaw at Market! Market!

Shop to win tickets and Meet & Greet passes
Ready to make this summer sweeter with Phum Viphurit’s soulful indie-pop tunes? It’s time to stretch those fingers and snag FREE tickets and Meet & Greet passes when you shop at your favorite mall!

Running until April 21 at Glorietta, customers who present a minimum single purchase receipt of ₱2,000 from participating merchants are entitled to one ticket (maximum of 2 event passes per person). Meanwhile, the first 100 customers to present an additional ₱1,000 single purchase receipt and Zing Plus membership are eligible for Meet & Greet passes.

Don’t miss out on Ayala Malls Manila Bay’s one-day flash promo on April 22! Customers can avail FREE admission for the first 2,000 customers who present their Zing app profile. Plus, the first 95 customers to present a ₱1,000 single purchase or accumulated receipt dated within the period April 15 to 22 from participating stores and restaurants are entitled to one Meet & Greet pass. Customers may claim a maximum of two Meet & Greet passes per single receipt above ₱2,001.

Ongoing until April 22, customers who present a minimum single purchase receipt of ₱2,000 at TriNoma; or a minimum single or accumulated receipts of 2,000 at Alabang Town Center; are entitled to one ticket (maximum of two tickets for receipt/s worth ₱6,001 and up).

Finally, up until April 22 at Market! Market!, customers who present single or accumulated receipts amounting to a minimum of ₱1,000 from participating merchants are entitled to one ticket (maximum of two tickets for receipt/s worth ₱2,001 and up).

This is just the beginning of Ayala Malls’ A-Wave craze! Stay updated with the latest happenings when you visit and via social media at on Facebook; on Instagram; on Tiktok, and on Twitter.

Glorietta: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-164752 Series of 2023
Ayala Malls Manila Bay: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-164444 Series of 2023
TriNoma: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-164481, Series of 2023
Alabang Town Center: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-164480 Series of 2023
Market! Market!: DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-164345 Series of 2023

TNT Finalist, JULIUS CAWALING Releases New Single BABALIKAN Under RJA Productions LLC

The Tawag Ng Tanghalan Season 3 finalist, Juius Cawaling, who pleased TV viewers with his commendable renditions of familiar chart toppers and classics, is set to release his newest track under his label RJA Productions LLC.

BABALIKAN is a heart-warming song penned by the AKIN KA NA LANG songwriter, KIKO SALAZAR. Released on April 14, Friday, Julius is now ready to take on a new journey as he promotes his latest single. Fresh from his debut single IKAW PA RIN, which has more than 100k streams On Spotify, and a Christmas track entitled TUWING PASKO LANG, Julius is embarking on a new highlight with his career as he releases his 3RD song under RJA Productions LLC.

Julius considers BABALIKAN a blessing as he turns a year older this year as its release almost coincides with his birthday. He is very thankful to RJA productions LLC’s Founder and CEO, Miss Rosabella Jao Arribas for giving him yet another song under his name.

Save, share, and stream BABALIKAN on your favorite streaming platforms.

For more info and updates , follow RJA PRODUCTIONS LLC and JULIUS CAWALING on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube.

Spotify launches 2023 RADAR Philippines, amplifying Filipino artists and breaking down borders

Spotify strengthens its ongoing commitment to Filipino music with the unveiling of the 2023 RADAR artists slate for the Philippines. The global audio platform’s line-up of artists includes fresh P-Pop groups Alamat, VXON, and G22, Hip-Hop trio PLAYERTWO and female artist DENȲ, R&B talent Illest Morena, breakthrough solo acts Paul Pablo, Kenaniah, and Paolo Sandejas, and RADAR returnees mrld, BINI, and KAIA. RADAR, Spotify’s global program that supports emerging artists by helping them reach new audiences, is now in its third year.

“The growth of RADAR is a testament to a global appetite for local music. From soloists to groups, P-Pop to Hip-Hop, each of these artists across genres have displayed such talent; where they have seen new fans beyond the Philippines! This is just the beginning, and we’re so excited to introduce all of them to a broader fan base through RADAR Philippines 2023,” said Kossy Ng, Head of Music Spotify Asia.

Witnessing the growth of local music, Alamat, an up-and-coming P-Pop group, expressed their pride, “This reflects the talent of Filipino artists, who continuously explore new sounds and styles. It is rewarding to be part of a cultural movement that is gaining traction not just in the Philippines, but also among international audiences.”

Spotify driving discovery of emerging Pinoy artists and local genres

Spotify shines a spotlight on local creators through its platform and programs, noting the increasing popularity of diverse music across the country. PLAYERTWO, a Hip-Hop group hailing from Davao, shared, “We incorporate our roots and background in our music through the themes and visuals of our projects, an example would be a snippet of Bisaya in the intro of our song ‘THAT’S MY BABY’.”

To empower artists at every stage of their careers, Spotify provides tools such as Spotify for Artists, where creators gain insight into their own music and fan base. “Spotify continues to be instrumental to our growth in many ways. From boosting awareness in different countries to empowering us to know our listeners better, we can connect with our listeners in a deeper way” continues PLAYERTWO.

Borderless access for Filipino artists

Pinoy artists are breaking through beyond the Philippine borders with the help of Spotify’s year-long playlisting, marketing initiatives, and borderless reach. In the past year, the RADAR Philippines recorded streams from 43 countries, promoting discovery of featured artists to listeners across the world.

Returning RADAR artist, mrld, saw a 160% increase in listeners in the past year, reaching international shores including U.S.A., India, and Malaysia. The singer-songwriter even broke through the top charts in Indonesia. “Spotify RADAR helps so many artists, including myself, to be heard by a lot of people. Through Spotify, my fans can connect with me and music in just a click.”

“I am grateful that we are part of RADAR, knowing that Spotify is one of the biggest audio streaming platforms. We look forward to releasing more songs, and hope that our supporters will keep on loving it and play it on repeat.” adds Alamat

Available both on Free and Premium, get to know these emerging Filipino artists through exclusive interviews and never-berfore-seen content on RADAR Philippines. From energetic hits like Boomerang, to groovy synth pop like Bahala Na, Spotify’s RADAR Philippines is this year’s mixtape on repeat!

SBTown’s Newest Boy Group, PLUUS, to Hold Their Debut Showcase: PLUUS +ime is Now

PLUUS, the most-anticipated boy group set to debut this year, is summarizing all their pre-debut preparations in their first ever 3-in-1 showcase (debut stage, media conference, and fan gathering): PLUUS +ime is Now.

PLUUS is the newest boy group of Mr. Geong Seong Han, popularly known as Tatang Robin, the producer of the biggest boy group in the Philippines, together with Ms. Adie Hong, the South Korean trainer of SBTalent Camp. The six-member boy group is being managed by his now established company, SBTown, and is being co-managed by Ms. Kathleen Dy-Go, under the record label, Universal Records. The partnership of Universal Records and SBTown promises a successful management for the six-member boy group. With the team up of UR Managing Director Ms. Kathleen Dy-Go and Mr. Geong Seong Han, PLUUS’ debut and future plans are positive and certain.

The name of the group came from the combination of the words “PLUS” and “US” which means that PLUUS (pronounced as “plus”) and their fandom are together in this journey from the start and will continue to stick together for a long time and that the boys will be here to ADD good things in their life.

PLUUS is set to officially debut in their showcase, PLUUS +ime is Now. The event will happen this coming March 31st, 3 PM, at Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati.

PLUUS will exhibit everything they have trained for as they prepared a triple set of surprises for this event. Everything from their dance skills, vocals, and rap skills — plus charm, they will showcase the power of six boys who are fully prepared to take a bigger stage. This 3-in-1 showcase comes with the addition of exploring the details of their debut album: PLUUS +.Y.M.

Exciting fact: PLUUS played an important part in the process of producing the debut album. They collectively wrote the songs and choreographed the dance for this debut. The music video will also be exclusively released first in the said event ahead of its official release on their YouTube channel. Plus, a bonus performance of a full English R&B song that aims to reach and conquer the global stage. These are all prepared by PLUUS for fans to see and enjoy because as excited as the fans are, all PLUUS members also can’t wait to meet them.

Before debuting, PLUUS went through four years of extensive training and hardships. Admittedly, the boys said that the path to reaching this much was not easy. But with each other by their sides and the solid friendship they have made, their dream seems a lot more reachable for them. And these dreams are just not for themselves; it is also for the people who are with them along the way, and the people who are supporting them.

The boys are excited to be able to perform for fans in this debut showcase, PLUUS +ime is Now. A lot more performances, contents, and activities including their nationwide concert together with their sister group YGIG, are lined up for the group on this much awaited debut. And they plan to continue doing all these on bigger stages and audiences, officially as PLUUS.


Leading property developer SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is launching its newest advertising campaign, which has a superstar endorser, Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

“I’m honored to be part of the SMDC family. It’s very important for a person to have a space to call home,” Lee Min Ho shared. He added that being able to influence home buyers in owning their home is something he is grateful for.

Lee Min Ho is the lead actor of the Korean drama series “Boys Over Flowers,” “City Hunter,” “The Heirs,” “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” “The King: Eternal Monarch,” and “Pachinko,” which established him as a household name worldwide, including the Philippines.

Lee Min Ho has been voted as most favorite actor by the 2022 Overseas Hallyu Report, an international survey conducted in 18 countries by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE). Lee Min Ho, who has topped the list for five consecutive years since 2018, proved that he is an unwavering representative in Korea. Since 2009, he has received numerous awards for excellence in acting, and is considered as one of the most influential global style icons who has the largest number of followers on social media among Korean actors.

SMDC Vice President for Marketing Aye Luna said, “We are certainly excited to be working with Mr. Lee Min Ho for this campaign. Not only does he embody true luxury and sophistication, he is also a “Good Guy” in every sense of the word. He cares about his family and fans, and positively contributes to society through his donation platform. This makes him the perfect brand ambassador of SMDC.”

As a testament to its commitment to building world-class, master-planned sustainable communities, SMDC was recently named Best Developer in Southeast Asia by Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2022, and received excellence awards for several of its residential condominium developments.

To know more about the campaign, follow SMDC on its official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts, or visit the SMDC website.

USA Basketball Icon Carmelo Anthony named Global Ambassador for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023

USA superstar and 10-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony has become a FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Global Ambassador, with the event tipping off on August 25 in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

Joining the recently announced Argentine superstar, Luis Scola, and Spain legend Pau Gasol as Global Ambassadors, Carmelo Anthony will help promote the World Cup and take part in activities in the buildup to FIBA’s flagship men’s competition.

“I’ve proudly represented the USA on the world’s largest stages, and the World Cup is the toughest competition in international basketball,” Carmelo said. “It’s all about striking a perfect balance of personnel, talent and having that great chemistry. I’m looking forward to supporting all the players at the World Cup this year and celebrating the sport on a global scale.”

A three-time Olympic gold medalist, a select on the NBA 75 th Anniversary Team, and currently ranked Top 10 on the NBA All-Time Scoring List, Carmelo has led a storied career. At the 2006 World Cup in Japan, Carmelo put on a dynamic, high-scoring display when he led the American team to the podium with a third-place finish and claimed a spot in the All-Star Five.

He averaged 19.9 points per game and poured in 35 of the USA’s points in their come-from-behind 94-85 triumph over Italy in the Group Phase. That performance triggered a three-game run, all-American wins, in which Carmelo buried 12 of 20 attempts from three-point range. Even in their only loss in the competition, a 101-95 Semi-Final defeat to Greece, Carmelo had a game-high 27 points.

The Olympic stage was also where Carmelo shone for the USA as he helped the national team to three undefeated gold medal runs in 2008, 2012 and 2016, and also a bronze medal in 2004.In the U.S. Olympic men’s career record book, he currently is second in the all-time scoring list with 336 points scored, 113 field goals made, 262 field goals attempted, 125 rebounds, 139 3-point field goals attempted, and 71 free throws attempted. Carmelo is also second all-time in three-point field goals made with 57.

Bursting onto the scene in 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games at age 20, playing in the 2006 World Cup, and then winning the FIBA AmeriCup in 2007, Carmelo is assured of legendary status in the USA and in international basketball due to his career longevity, prolific scoring, and strong leadership qualities.

Carmelo will be in Manila on February 24 for the Philippines vs. Lebanon World Cup qualifier game of Window 6, soaking up the atmosphere that the Philippines is famous for when it comes to basketball.

Watch Carmelo Anthony media conference