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Fil-Jap boy group SKYGARDEN joins AltG Record’s Roster; debut single KOKOA, out now

SKYGARDEN, the beloved Japanese trio consisting of Ryoichi “Ryo” Rivera Nagtsuka, Hiro Ozaki, and Iwaki “Iwa” Maegawa, officially joins GMA Music’s dynamic sub-label AltG Records.

The contract signing happened last July 28 with GMA Music Managing Director Rene Salta, Artist and Repertoire Manager and in-house producer Kedy Sanchez, and SKYGARDEN manager Ruby Cuevas.

Since their debut in 2022, the SKYGARDEN trio of Ryo, Hiro, and Iwa have won the hearts of Filipinos with their infectious energy, creative ideas, and engaging video content. Their videos quickly went viral across social media platforms, amassing impressive viewership on Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube. This chaught the attention of the Kapuso Network and let them to become contestants in GMA’s top-rating game show Family Feud.

“We all started as content creators. Our goal is to entertain our audience with the various challenges we take on. And of course, now that we are part of AltG Records, we also want to share our songs with the Filipinos and sana ma-feel nila ‘yung passion ng mga kanta namin'” says Ryo.

The trio’s unique blend of talents and cultural influences will be heard soon. They have been producing covers of popular OPM songs, adding their unique spin and Japanese touch. Their much-anticipated debut single “KOKOA” is now available. Written by Hiro, the song carries a profound message of love and affection. The title was derived from the Japanese phrase “Kokoro kara Aishiteru” which translates to “I love you from the bottom of my heart”. It was inspired by Iwa’s experience in love and blends Japanese anime rock with Tagalog lyrics.

“We’ve always believed in pushing boundaries and bringing something fresh to our audience. ‘Kokoa’ is a testament to our dedication to authenticity and creativity. Our music, just like our content, is a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a group”, shares Ryo.

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Ciao Bella: Lesha’s Sensational Anthem Hits 1 Million Streams

She has finally arrived! Yes, Lesha is heading her way to become today’s generation rockstar. And in just a short manner of time, she’ll be able to share with you the latest song that’s about to drop the airwaves and for sure you’ll love it.

But apart of from dropping her soon to be hits, Lesha has already snagged a few career highlights in just a short span of time. And the 26-year-old independent singer slash songwriter slash music producer is very much thrilled and honored for all the breaks that she’s receiving.
For one, she has snagged a spot of having her own billboard in the dreamiest places on earth– New York Times Square! Whew, just imagine seeing a larger-than-life photo splattered on a high-rise NY building. That’s so awesome!

Lesha shared about that episode, “I freaked out the moment I got the news! I always dreamed of having a billboard with my name and face on it but I never imagined it to happen so soon and on such a large scale! It was literally a dream come true to see my face on a large billboard representing The Philippines in the middle of New York Times Square for Spotify Equal.”

Recently, she has received not one but two nominations for The New Hue PH awards giving significance in recognizing and celebrating the creators and visionaries who push the limits of music videos.
Lesha was very ecstatic to be given such recognition. She shares, “I had no expectations when I got nominated so I’m extremely grateful for New Hue PH for recognizing me at their awards this year for Best Female Artist and Best New Artist. Their platform is all about showcasing upcoming artists/DJs and uplifting the OPM scene which gives us all a chance to come together as a community.’

Aside from that, she just hit the first million mark for her pain infused anthem, Ciao Bella song on both Spotify and Tiktok platform recently. Wow, that’s a lot of listeners repeating the song in their playlist, and it isn’t a surprise that a lot would relate to this hymn because of the melodies and lyrics that hits the heart straightforward.

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s a huge milestone for me to finally hit my first 1M on a song. I wrote, produced, and filmed the music video of Ciao, Bella in my bedroom during the peak of the pandemic so it’s a cool feeling to see how far I’ve come in my career, and it always reminds me of my humble beginnings,” Lesha revealed.
So many good things coming along her way, Lesha remains optimistic on more progress career wise for the next coming days.
Likewise, Lesha continues to be a game changer. She’s very fortunate to have worked with the best producers and writers in the world. She has learned a lot of new techniques writing wise and they also created a space for Lesha to be extra experimental with the tone of her voice jumping from one genre to another.

With this, Lesha shared some of her exciting experiences when it comes to experimenting music, “I have a couple of favorite sessions but the most memorable one was with LA producer Dela, singer-songwriter KAJO, and James Reid when we wrote “Skin2Skin” (still unreleased but I normally perform this song live cause the crowd goes crazy every single time I play this song!). We were in our home studio in LA, and it was also my first time working with Dela. He came up with some nice sad chords and I told him how I wanted to make a danceable sad pop song. James and Kajo hopped on to help with some melodies and around 3 hours later we finished the song and knew it was an instant hit. It was such a fast song to write, and we were all just on a roll! Dela and his fiancé Krizia recently visited Manila to write more tracks with me and the other Careless artists so we were able to cook up a couple more songs that are part of my upcoming releases this year!”

Expect Lesha to be fiercer when it comes to her musical choices. Comparing how she has presented her music from before and now; Lesha is gearing towards a new approach.

“Personally, I think there’s a big jump from my previous works versus the ones I’m set to release in terms of the writing style and genre. As I’ve been experimenting with the Pop Punk genre, I’ve just naturally gravitated toward it the more I wrote new songs. My dark and edgy side is getting amplified with these new songs!”

See Lesha’s fiercer and more direct style when it comes to handling herself and her music in the next few days to come. For sure, she will surprise you with her upcoming songs set to be launched in the next coming months!

Check out Lesha’s music on Spotify and her other social media platforms– Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

WATCH: Katik joins joem for his new “Pangako” official music video

Davao’s up-and-coming multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter joem continues to surprise fans by collaborating with video creator and co-Davaoeño, Katik for his “Pangako” music video. Watch it below:

If you’re not familiar with joem’s new muse, Aira Denielle, or better known as Katik, is the creator behind the viral “Die For You” dance challenge. The contrast between her quirky, budots-styled choreography and the mellow tune of this song by Japanese singer-songwiter, Joji was an instant sensation. Katik’s videos were even reposted by Joji’s record label, 88rising.

With Katik in joem’s “Pangako” music video, fans can see how the production referenced her colorful personality, while maintaining joem’s vulnerability as an artist. In-synch with the upbeat tempo of the song are the warm, butterflies-in-your-stomach moments that someone who had a teenage love can relate to.

But just like every young love, there’s a melancholic undertone in joem’s “Pangako” and it’s revealed at the very end of the video so make sure to watch until the very last minute:

About joem

18-year-old joem of Davao City is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who first made waves when he won his first ever music competition, Globe Virtual Hangouts GoJAM On Stage Talent search in 2022. Then only 16-year old, joem made a brave feat after flying all the way from his hometown, Davao to defeat more experienced finalists.

After earning nods from music executives and producers, he was awarded a record contract with Kroma Entertainment, Inc. One of the competition’s judges is multi-award winning producer, Brian Lotho who believed in the young blood by collaborating with joem for his new song, “Pangako” out now in all streaming platforms.

About “Pangako”

“Pangako” takes on an upbeat tempo but with a melancholic undertone as joem sings of a love that’s lost and a broken promise. He’s holding on to hope even if it’s just a wishful thinking—the next anthem of every sawi, no matter where you are in the Philippines.

“Pangako” was seeded at number 1 spot in Spotify’s Fresh Finds Philippines playlist and the 28th spot in New Music Friday Philippines on the first week since its release. Then it was followed by major editorial playlists such as OPM Rising, OPM Says Chillax, Relax Tayo, Pinoy Indie Mix.

Support Filipino music. Listen to joem’s “Pangako” out worldwide:

Rhodessa unveil “Mina(mahal ko)” music video

The rising GenZ singer known as rhodessa whose hit “Kisame” is currently breaking records and expectations, has just released a fresh track titled “Mina(mahal ko),” and according to this newly minted sensation, the song serves as another heartfelt tribute to her enduring admiration for Twice member Mina Myoi, as the title aptly suggests. “Mina(mahal ko)” weaves a tale of rekindling a once-lost love, making it yet another relatable gem from rhodessa.

22-year old rhodessa (real name Rhodessa Marie Uy) and her label Viva Records has just premiered the official music video “Mina(mahal ko)” last August 20 at the Viva Café amidst supporters, friends and family.

Supporting rhodessa at the music video launch was Vicor Records artists and singer-songwriters Marielle Belleza and Rob Deniel. Also present are fellow Viva Records act Amiel Sol. Hosting the event was Cup Of Joe’s Gian Bernardino and special guests Janine (Tenoso) and Jao of ALAMAT.

The official music video for “Mina(mahal ko)” are Jeremy jay Abaño and Deo Tejada with DOP Ben Garcimo and is produced by Viva Records.
To date, rhodessa’s previous single “Kisame” has reach 18 million streams on Spotify and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

Kalye X is Spotify’s latest initiative dedicated to Pinoy hip-hop

Expanding the possibilities of Pinoy hip-hop, Spotify launches Kalye X, its latest initiative dedicated to collaborations between artists, fans, and the community. As part of the initiative, Spotify worked with emerging and established Pinoy hip-hop artists to release a series of Spotify Singles. A first-of-its-kind in the Philippines, these original tracks bring together local artists to showcase the depth and diversity of Pinoy hip-hop.

From August until October, three Spotify Singles will be released, featuring artists from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Kicking it off is the dynamic pairing of Midnasty and Cookie$, presenting their track as an ode to the vibrant Visayan scene. Hailing from Zamboanga, the inventive collective Morobeats led by DJ Medmessiah, reimagines the sound of Mindanao hip-hop with their unique track. Lastly, representing the streets of Manila, Gloc 9, Hero, and Ramdiss will pull off a three-way collaboration like no other.

“As a way to bring Spotify’s Kalye Hip-Hop playlist to life, Kalye X aims to amplify the everyday stories and experiences, told by passionate artists and communities. With the growth of Pinoy hip-hop listenership doubling in the past year, it’s important that we empower our artists to share their craft with fans in a deeper way, as well as push the boundaries of Pinoy hip-hop music culture,” said Kossy Ng, Head of Music for Spotify Asia.

Filipinos are fired up for hip-hop

Through its chest-thumping beats and infectious rapid-fire lyrics, Filipinos have had an incredible appetite for Pinoy hip-hop. Local hip-hop songs witnessed an impressive 700% growth in local streams in the past five years, while Spotify’s Kalye Hip-Hop playlist saw a five times increase in listenership since it launched in 2018.

Notably, listenership of Pinoy hip-hop also grew globally at 600% strong with top markets including the United States, Canada, and Australia and more. Spotify’s global reach not only gives artists the opportunity to connect with fans and potential new listeners from around the world, it also serves as a way for Filipinos living overseas to stay connected to local culture.

Speaking at the launch party held in Brooklyn Warehouse in Manila, Kossy Ng, Head of Music for Spotify Asia was joined by hip-hop artists Al James and Cookie$ and shared more insights on the vibrancy of the Pinoy hip-hop scene.

Filipino rapper and songwriter Al James gave a shoutout to the OG Pinoy rappers for inspiring him to pursue his own dreams. “Just by listening to them, they became my mentors. They passed on the energy of Pinoy hip-hop to us. I’m proud of what and where Pinoy hip-hop is now. He also weighed in on the possibilities of Pinoy hip-hop in the global scene, “Parang sabi ni Cookie$ kanina, na-represent niya ‘yung Cebuano. Kaya ng Cebuano, Tagalog, tumagos sa ibang bansa”.

Cookie$ shared how he found his voice as a way to represent his roots, “When I started rapping in Bisaya, I found my niche, and it made me stand out. My language has a very distinct sound and tends to be very passionate. It is important to put Bisaya culture on the map and inspire others looking to follow their passion. Spotify has been continuing to help me and other artists elevate Filipino talent while remaining true to our roots and distinct artistries.”

For the community, by the community

Spotify’s Kalye X launch brought together hip-hop artists and the community to celebrate the potential of Pinoy hip-hop, with live performances by Midnasty, Morobeats, and Al James. Inspired by the Kalye Hip-Hop playlist, the interactive graffiti street art installation by Kayo Cosio and Trip63 breathed life into the venue, while the dance battle featuring the Philippine All-Stars with music by DJ Jazz Zamora displayed hip-hop’s boundless energy.

Continue on Kalye X’s journey, with Spotify taking the launch of the three Spotify Singles to the heart of Cebu on 26 August, Davao on 23 September, and Manila on 28 October, where the artists will unveil and perform their latest tracks in the first-ever series of Spotify Kalye X concerts. For more information, follow @spotifyph on social media.

Sarah Geronimo and SB19 in powerful song collab titled ‘Ace Your World’ for Acer’s 20th anniversary in the Philippines

As part of Acer Philippines’ 20th anniversary and the celebration of Acer Day 2023, Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and phenomenal P-pop boy group SB19 are collaborating on a song titled “Ace Your World.”

The song, which will be available on online streaming platforms starting August 4, was written and composed by Radkidz, the duo of John Paulo Nase (Pablo) and his brother, Joshua Daniel Nase.

“This song is very different from other songs we have released. “Ace Your World” is more edgy and hype. We gave Pablo creative freedom to write this song, and it turned out exceptionally well. The song conveys Acer’s message to #AceYourWorld perfectly,” said Princess Laosantos, Senior Marketing Manager at Acer Philippines.

Written in English and Filipino, it urges listeners to take control of their lives and “Ace Your World” no matter what they do. Through the song, Sarah G and SB19 encourage everyone to stay strong regardless of their challenges because their lives are their own destinies.

Listen to the powerful voices of Sarah G. and SB19 as they sing “Ace Your World” on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Deezer. A music video will be released soon.

Follow Acer Philippines on its social media platforms: @AcerPH on Facebook, @acerph on Instagram, and @acerphils on Twitter, or go to for more details.

NOBITA releases debut album, BETTERFLY

The 8-track album finds the band expressing their introspective take on life, optimism, and companionship with an affinity for soul-baring production and vulnerable songwriting. The record is co-produced by constant collaborator Isagani Palabyab of Monostery Studio, and was written and co-arranged by NOBITA. BETTERFLY is led by the track “Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan,” which captures the immediacy of romantic love, and the inescapable thrill that it brings to people. The soulful ballad reflects NOBITA’s core competencies as lyricists and musicians, delivering heartfelt sentiments with bluesy chops and ‘60s-style harmonies. The much-awaited release also contains new songs such as “Hay Buhay,” which honors the beauty of being alive and in love, and “Bukang Liwayway,” a strings-laden ditty that confronts challenges with a hopeful, persevering tone. Both songs encapsulate NOBITA’s self-assured musical direction: never hurried and deceptively simple, but coming from a place of sincerity and warmth. Track list:

Kahit Sandali
Sa Ulan
Hau Buhay
Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan
Paano Uusad
Bukang Liwayway

The band’s rapid rise to mainstream acclaim is no stranger to the public. The Pinoy five-piece act hit it big with “Ikaw Lang” and “Unang Sayaw,” which currently rank as two of the most streamed OPM tracks in Spotify history. The pop-rock outfit has built an impressive portfolio by releasing songs that capture the beating heart of the young generation, and bringing light, love, and inspiration to as many people as possible. NOBITA’s new album, BETTERFLY is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

YGIG Completes Their Love Universe With 1st Mini Album ‘YLGOIVGE’ Including Latest Single “IDKY”

Indeed, it’s the comeback szn for P-Pop girl group YGIG! Fans are in for a treat as the girls completely revealed their so-called ‘Love Universe’ to everyone. From June 9, 2023 until July 28, 2023, the six loveable ladies dropped four tracks and four music videos, which will be all part of their first mini-album called YLGOIVGE. The album title is an anagram of the group’s name YGIG and LOVE, which conveys the combination of the group’s name and their Love Universe. The girl group narrates the levels of love and heartache on this album, celebrating their successful return on the OPM and International music scene spotlight. Along with their debut single “Shaba Shaba”, the recently released tracks “Doob Doob” “Touchdown”, “BB”, and “IDKY”, are all included in the much-awaited first mini album of YGIG. The songs were intended to be chronologically released in that manner to vividly tell a story of someone’s journey to love, being lost, and heartache.

The main track of YGIG’s comeback, BB (Beautiful Boy) is song that demystifies the feeling of giddiness of first love, and shows that love can also give pain, heartache, and the uncertainty of relationships. The message is perfectly paralleled to the groovy layering of the song’s sound. Members Vien, Hazelyn, JM, Maeg, Jewel, and Alexei were given roles to represent the kind of love BB tells. As the main track, the music video is shot in the Philippines. Speaking of the latest release, “IDKY” has an innocence that can be seen both on the playful sound and catchy choreography YGIG made. The last song on the group’s Love Universe questions love and gives hope amidst all the doubts one could have in a relationship. A warm and wistful rhythm for people who are hopelessly pursuing their love interests despite the uncertainties and stress from falling in love. A sprightly vibe and zestful charm will also surface on the music video of “IDKY”, which was shot on the busy streets of Hong Kong and Parisian-Venetian places of Macau. The group won’t just stop there!

To further celebrate the release of YLGOIVGE, they are preparing for a grand comeback concert which is set to happen this August! Get ready for GREEN LIGHT: GOING ALL THE WAY! It’s a green light for #YGIG as they GO make their music echo all the way, show that they’re better than before, and share to all why there’s no stopping to make this monumental comeback! Happening this August 6, 2023 (6PM) at SM North EDSA Skydome.

The over a month comeback of YGIG made them garner really cool feats! The release of “Doob Doob” made them the cover of “P-Pop On The Rise” playlist, “Touchdown” got playlisted on the said playlist at #1, and was also playlisted under “New Music Friday Philippines”. Moreover, “BB” was at #2 under “P-Pop On The Rise” during its release and its official music video now has over 1.8 million views and counting.

Groove to Barbie the Album at this exclusive Dance Blowout Party!

Much anticipation has surrounded Barbie the Movie, and it’s no secret that the same can be said about its soundtrack. The songs featured throughout the film have been revealed one by one, from superstar Dua Lipa’s electrifying “Dance the Night” to rap queens Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie World,” which is an iconic take on Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl.”

Another exciting addition to the Barbie the Album is the high-energy track from K-Pop group FIFTY FIFTY “Barbie Dreams,” which also features Atlanta bred rapper Kaliii. The track uses an interpolation of Janet Jackson’s “Together Again,” adding a hint of nostalgic appeal.

With such a diverse and talented set of artists, it’s no wonder that even its soundtrack is adding to the film’s hype. Luckily, Filipino fans who are excited to listen to the entire Barbie the Album are in for a treat – Warner Music Philippines is partnering with the Studio Dance Club for an exclusive album pre-release Dance Blowout Party! This event is set to happen on July 20th, 2023, 7 PM, a day ahead of Barbie’s world premiere.

Barbie’s night out

Attendees will have the chance to dance the night with five dance instructors who will teach all the Barbies and Kens to move to the album’s tracks. Everyone is invited to come in their best Barbiecore and Ken-ergy outfits – a perfect match to the venue’s Barbie-inspired décor.

Themed Barbie and Ken drinks will be available for all of the attendees, and dinner will be served on the house. A disco-themed photo area will also be set up inspired by Dua Lipa’s ‘Dance the Night’ music video.

To get an invitation to this dance-fueled night, interested attendees simply have to sign up through this form.

It’s a Barbie world!

Those who can’t attend the dance party can still catch other colorful, Barbie-fied activities. One of these is the BarbieLand set up on the SM Mall of Asia Atrium, where anyone will be able to step into Barbie’s world. This includes life-sized displays, Barbie-themed donuts and drinks, and a mirror-and-jukebox set-up to sing along to the album’s hottest pre-released tracks, and take fabulous photos in the process.

Additionally, an advanced screening for Barbie the Movie is set to happen, along with none other than the Divine Divas – Precious Paula Nicole, Viñas Deluxe, and Brigiding. This dazzling trio will be performing to the album’s pre-released tracks, further adding to the excitement that the Barbie movie already brings.

Barbie the Movie premiers worldwide on July 21, 2023, and premiers in the Philippines on July 19, 2023. The Barbie the Album deluxe version is set for release on July 28, 2023.

Ready to get your groove on? Listen to the Barbie the Album tracks here.


We are is excited to announce the release of the P-Pop song entitled “Kabanata” by the inspiring group BILIB. This powerful song serves as a motivating anthem, uplifting the spirits of those who lack confidence in themselves and reminding them that they have the ability to achieve great things if they believe in themselves. “Kabanata” embodies the advocacy of BILIB, which is to motivate people, especially the youth, to pursue their dreams and realize their fullest potential.

The song’s lyrics carry a message of encouragement and empowerment, aiming to instill self-belief and trust in one’s own abilities. It serves as a reminder that challenges are merely chapters in the journey of life, and with determination and faith, individuals can overcome obstacles and accomplish remarkable feats. “Kabanata” creates an atmosphere of positivity and inspires listeners to embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. BILIB strongly believes in the power of motivation, particularly for young individuals who aspire to fulfill their dreams. Through the captivating melodies and relatable lyrics of “Kabanata,”

BILIB seeks to ignite the spark within each person, enabling them to embrace their potential and pursue their goals with unwavering confidence. The group hopes that “Kabanata” will resonate with listeners of all ages, urging them to break free from self-doubt, rise above challenges, and conquer their aspirations. By spreading this message of motivation and self-belief, BILIB aims to positively impact lives and build a society in which individuals are inspired to take charge of their own narratives.

Watch Kevin Pableo’s vlog from BILIB’s official grand launch