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Get to know more about joan’s debut album, superglue

Acclaimed alt pop duo joan announce details of their long awaited debut album superglue, out April 19th, 2023 via Photo Finish Records. The twelve-track full length is over three years in the making, following their beloved EPs portra, cloudy, hi and bye, and is an existential journey influenced by the duo’s recent transition into fatherhood. joan explain: “It’s totally wrecked our world and we both have been going through a lot of the same growth that comes alongside being a parent. It’s changed our whole process of writing, and way more than just like having a kid and making every song about them. It’s made us think more about who we are as people, what we want to put into the world and what we want to get out of it, just reflecting on life way more than I think we ever have.

This album as a whole is about the past and the present happening at the same time, it’s about dreams for the future and hoping for a better tomorrow but missing yesterday. It’s by far the best and most meaningful music we’ve ever made, it has something for everyone, and we hope it means something to you too.”

To accompany the news they’ve also shared the record’s second single and video ‘flowers’, the last song joan wrote for the album which became one of their personal favorites. The highly emotive and nostalgic narrative discusses how time is fleeting and how people grow and change, paired with wistful acoustic guitar riffs under cinematic synths and heartfelt melodies. The accompanying video shows captures joan’s riveting performance against bright hues of yellow.

The band share “I remember running around the streets of my best friend’s neighborhood after midnight, skipping around from friend to friends house. I remember rushing to my friend’s house after school to rehearse our new songs in his garage. I remember driving around town after the sun went down just because we could. you make so many memories in those formative years. You never think to yourself, “this won’t last forever”. but then you grow. It happens slow – years go by, seasons change. That’s just life. If you’re lucky, some of those people stick around. but for a lot of us, you’re left asking, “why don’t we talk anymore?”. That’s what this song is to us.”

superglue tracklist

life death & everything between
backseat driving
coffee shop
don’t wanna be your friend
feeling like dancing
falling in love

Ace Banzuelo explores grief and romantic disintegration on his new song “Kulang”

2022 has been a stellar year for Filipino singer-songwriter/producer Ace Banzuelo with his emotional single “Muli” breaking through the mainstream pop consciousness two years after it was released—thanks to its relatable lyrics and vibey, electro-ballad sound. After trending significantly on TikTok, the song launched Banzuelo into the spotlight, unmovable at the top of the Spotify Philippines and YouTube Philippines Trending charts for an extended period of time.

Fast forward to November 2022: Banzuelo continues to build on the success of “Muli” with the release of “Kulang,” an unabashedly vulnerable track with trap, R&B, and bedroom pop influences. Decked in retro-futurist synthesizers and laid-back, hip-hop beats, “Kulang” finds the 22-year-old multi-hyphenate aimlessly writhing over heartbreak in his quiet, subdued time, wallowing in loss or lack of personal direction.

According to the Himala artist, “Kulang” examines a stage of grief where you find out that you have been wronged but still try to make things work. He goes on to say, “The story is inspired by a time in my life when I was questioning myself about where I went wrong, and where I lacked. Whatever I’d do, it was just the same thing all over again. You’re aware that you’re in this drama, and you keep coming back to it, but you just want it to stop.”

In true Banzuelo songwriting style, “Kulang” belongs to the crop of tunes that depict heartbreak, grief, and relationship fallout in their most vulnerable state, be it confessional or observational. “I’m here to talk about things most people are afraid to let out,” the young hitmaker adds. “I’m not often sad, it’s just the mood of my music right now, and I think the beat and production style speak for themselves.”

He also recorded, produced, performed, and engineered the entirety of “Kulang,” but what distinguishes it is Banzuelo’s effortless ability to wrap melancholy in incredibly catchy packaging. To make it special, he also adds a rap verse in the middle of the song. “I kind of collaborated with that side of me. Being a hip-hop head myself, I’ve always wanted to experiment with performing songs in a certain way. I’m not a rapper yet, but this is a much-welcomed reprieve from the usual.”

Ace Banzuelo’s “Kulang” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Listen to the song here.

Waxiefied Sound Production Debuts Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Certified Studio in the Philippines

Waxiefied Sound Production was awarded the much-coveted Home Entertainment Studio Certification, the highest certification sound pioneer Dolby Atmos issues to their partners.

At the launch of the first and only certified Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio in the country, guests were shown the behind the scenes of sound production and the tools necessary to generate, edit, mix, and master world-class quality content for Blu-ray and streaming delivery. They also introduced the Dolby Atmos Sound Mastering Service, a solution to quality control and master audio from various content: music, audio visual clips, reels, TV shows, TV series, and movies without having to go abroad.

(From L-R: Vito Syquia, Jigs Hermano, Peter Hager, Waxie Joaquin)

Behind this venture are respective personalities in the music industry — acoustic and audio mastering engineers, event DJs, and sound consultants — who share the same dedication and passion for music and sound. The endeavor is helmed by Waxie G. Joaquin, founder of Waxiefied Sound Productions and Executive Mastering Engineer.

“The new threshold provided by Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio opens more room and possibilities for cultivating, uncovering, and sharpening the creativity of artists with the help of this cutting-edge technology,” Joaquin shared. “With the track record and expertise of our team, we are confident to produce top-notch and immersive quality audio that will give a multidimensional approach to storytelling,” he added.

Their employment of the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite facilities in the country spells the end of multiple back-and-forth accession of local content to mastering studios abroad just to have it certified by Dolby as well as do quality control and certify high resolution lossless files and Apple Digital Masters sound for Apple Music. To put simply, submitting content or sending a piece of music to digital platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, or Amazon can be done faster, more efficiently and conveniently at a fraction of the cost of having this done abroad.

“With Dolby Atmos Music, songs can live and breathe in new ways to fully immerse you. It has levels of detail and depth that you simply can’t hear with standard sound — like listening to your favorite songs for the first time!” shares the Dolby Atmos team.

Alden Richards, Direk Perci Intalan, Iwi Laurel, Nicole Asencio, New Game Plus’ Jazz Dufourt, Kindred’s Dan Gil and Tala Gil, Flip Music’s Jellica Mateo, Marga Jayy, X1 Digital’s Founder Direk Cedrid Hornedo, WilaBaliw’s Ian Tayao, and Mike Pedero were among the celebrities who attended the launch event whose main highlight was the immersive experience of listening to songs of James Reid, New Game Plus, Nicole Asensio, and Dan Gil and Marga Jayy in different modes from stereo mix to Waxiefied Stereo Master to Dolby Atmos.

Other remarkable clients under the Waxiefied Sound Production portfolio include some of the biggest names in the sound production and music industry such as Massiah, Nadine Lustre, Jay Ortega, J. Mara, Morobeats, and many more.

To know more information about Waxiefied Sound Productions, visit their website at and follow their official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Delivers A Special Rendition Of “Colour Everywhere”

Award-winning singer and Asia’s Phoenix Morissette releases her very own rendition of “Colour Everywhere”. She surely interpreted this Deana Carter original as if it’s her very own, of course, thanks to her sophisticated vocal prowess and this version’s fairytale-like rhythm.

Her loyal listeners can expect tremendous sincerity in her stylistic approach to this classic. The talented singer sprinkled her energy and absolutely made this song her own.

“Thrilled to be reviving another classic,” Morissette proudly says on one of her posts that features the song’s official album artwork.

Right now, she has over 1.1 million monthly streams on Spotify and her videos on YouTube always acquire millions of views. With this release, Morissette continues her legacy to be one of the most important voices in recent memory.

Released digitally under Universal Records Philippines, “Colour Everywhere” is available on all digital music platforms and streaming sites now.

Levi’s® Music Project 2022 Offers Aspiring Musicians Exclusive Access to Industry Experts with the launch of Industry 101

The Philippine music industry has been on a steady rise as local musicians and artists continue to make a mark on social media, radio and beyond, setting the stage for young and eager musicians to hone and develop their sound and make it beyond borders. In line with Levi’s® value to support music education, the iconic fashion brand is back with the Levi’s® Music Project 2022, where music industry experts become mentors for aspiring musicians.

Since 2015, Levi’s® has partnered with respected artists and local partners around the world to develop the Levi’s® Music Project, an initiative that brings music education resources to the next generation of young musicians through community-based programs. Throughout the years, Levi’s®Music Project has served as a catalyst for growing many talents through music education.

In a bid to continue fostering the growth of the music industry and cultivating talents in reaching their maximum potential, this year, Levi’s® is hosting an audio workshop that will provide those keen on taking the music industry by storm through a series of detailed, descriptive and insightful topics presented by the industry’s finest artists and performers through this year’s theme – INDUSTRY 101.

In line with Levi’s® mission to catalyse the music industry, INDUSTRY 101 which is a 45-minute, LIVE audio workshop on the Levi’s® Discord channel, will play host to prominent names from the music industry such as Enzo Valdez, Juan Karlos and more musicians from across South East Asia. The interactive nature of this workshop will allow young and independent Filipino musicians to network, learn and grow with like minded creatives in the region. Its aim is to connect said musicians with artists and mentors for inspiration, underpinned by Levi’s® culture of originality and their long-term investment in education and community to support the music industry.

“Levi’s® has long been at the centre of culture living out the brand values of empathy, originality, integrity and courage. Through our unified program – Levi’s® Music Project, we strive to support and cultivate the

local music industry across South East Asia. We do this by connecting aspiring musicians with renowned artists and mentors to help up and coming artists grow,” said Herve Bullot, East Asia Pacific Marketing Director (Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, ANZ) at Levi Strauss & Co.

The three (3) month campaign which will run across from September to November will cover the basics of INDUSTRY 101 such as the following topics:

Finding your sound
20 October 2022, 9pm
Shaykh Akbar – A&R Manager, Universal Music Singapore; Lecturer SOMA
Cindy Gu – Astralwerks Asia and Regional A&R for Universal Music Southeast Asia
SonaOne – Def Jam Malaysia Artist Ironboy Universal Music Thailand Artist
A. Nayaka – Def Jam Indonesia Artist

Navigating music industry trends and how you can utilise them
3 November 2022, 9pm
Enzo Valdez – Managing Director, Umusic Philippines
Juan Karlos – Island Records Philippines Artist
huhsmile- Republic Records Philippines Artist

Bringing Music to new age audiences
24 November 2022, 9pm
Cassandra Tan – Senior Director, Strategy, Insights, and E-commerce MYRNE – Astralwerks Asia DJ/Producer
Alicia Kang – Regional Label manager, Astralwerks Asia / DJ / Emcee

Join in on the fun on Levi’s® Music Project Discord server: for exclusive access to insights, opinions and discussions by some of the regions’ industry experts!

MCS Exclusive: Rocking with DJ Tom Taus

Former actor, now DJ superstar Tom Taus just performed in Ultra Korea stage last weekend and will be performing in Road to Ultra Bali this coming weekend. He’s now working with TTP Events for his upcoming performances.

Here at MCS, we got a chance to hang and rock with Tom Taus during his first LIVE appearance in URBN QC last September 17, 2022.

Learn more about his upcoming performances, his newest single to be released next month, and his thoughts working with TTP Events.

Follow Tom Taus in all social pages:

Special thanks to TTP Events

Grammy® award-winning icon Ciara’s new single, ‘Jump’ feat. Coast Contra, out now

After teasing its arrival and stirring up excitement to a boiling point, GRAMMY® Award-winning artist, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Ciara unveils her anxiously awaited new single and music video “JUMP” [feat. Coast Contra]. It officially marks her debut for Republic Records and Uptown Records in conjunction with her own Beauty Marks Entertainment.

“JUMP” sets the pace for Ciara’s next chapter. Bursting out of the gate with a bang, the frenetic production underlines her confident and catchy verses before the unshakable hook promises, “It’s a party when I make that thing jump.” It reups her classic dancefloor-ready R&B with a jolt of uncontainable energy and spirit. Adding to hype, it features a slick verse from viral HipHop group Coast Contra. Signed to Area 51 Music/Virgin Music the talented crew of emcees includes Eric Jamal (Philadelphia, PA), Rio Loz (Cali, Columbia), and twin brothers Ras & Taj Austin (Los Angeles, CA).

Upholding a tradition of showstopping visuals, she serves up a cinematic event befitting of this anthem. Directed by Dave Meyers [Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande], the clip moves at lightspeed. Ciara not only dances atop a moving subway train, but also leads a succession of highly choreographed routines. It also boasts no less than 14 outfit and glam changes, speaking to her status as a style icon.

“JUMP” will make you move!

Prior to release, Billboard, Variety, and more celebrated Ciara’s exciting announcements about new music, while HYPEBAE already pegged “JUMP” as a “summer anthem.”

Most importantly, it sets the stage for her first full-length album in four years and eighth LP overall, coming soon.

The summer of Ciara is underway now.

Throughout her unbelievable career thus far, Ciara has emerged as one of the most impactful, influential, and important artists of 21st century. Beyond streams in the billions, she has earned dozens of multiplatinum, platinum, and gold certifications worldwide and delivered timeless anthems such as “One Step, Two Step” [feat. Missy Elliott], “Goodies,” “Body Party,” “I Bet,” “Level Up,” and more. Beyond appearances across film and television, she stars in The Color Purple next year. Meanwhile, her entrepreneurial endeavors include everything from her production company Why Not You Productions, co-owner of Ten To One rum, and as well as The House of LR&C, the fashion house she launched with her husband Russell Wilson in 2020. Not to mention, she sits on the board of the Why Not You Foundation and also co-authored the New York Times Bestselling children’s picture book Why Not You? However, she’s about to kick off her biggest, boldest, and brightest chapter yet now with her 2022 debut for Republic Records, Uptown Records, and Beauty Marks Entertainment.

GMG Productions launches world tour of Queen’s We Will Rock You in the Philippines

GMG Productions and Selladoor Worldwide are thrilled to announce that for the very first time ever, the global phenomenon that is We Will Rock You will be coming to Manila this October! This brand new, reimagined production directed and choreographed by Olivier Award nominee Nick Winston is kicking off a multi-year international tour and audiences in the Philippines will be the first people in the world to witness it.

“The original production has been seen by over 16 million people worldwide. We can’t think of a better title to come back with after such a long intermission – and there is no better place to launch the show than the Philippines. We know Filipino audiences love Queen and Queen music,” shares GMG Productions CEO and We Will Rock You producer Carlos Candal.

The show is set to be staged in the newly constructed Samsung Performing Arts Theatre located in Circuit Makati.

“We are incredibly excited to premiere the show in Manila and for us to play host to all the international producers visiting from around the world.” Mr. Candal continues, “…we want to put the Philippines on the map as a hub for theatrical productions. We know the Philippines has the talent and now we are spoilt for choice when it comes to venues! It feels like things are falling into place. ”

We Will Rock You follows two revolutionaries as they try to save rock n roll in a post-apocalyptic world. In an age where algorithms predict our every preference, We Will Rock You is a musical for our time: a fist-pumping, foot-stomping anthem to individuality.

We Will Rock You is produced by Selladoor Worldwide, Carlos Candal, Gavin Kalin Productions, Limelight Productions and ShowTime Management South Africa.

This brand new international rock-powered production features 24 of Queen’s biggest hits, including Killer Queen, Under Pressure, We Are the Champions, Radio Ga Ga, I Want to Break Free, Don’t Stop Me Now Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, and, of course, We Will Rock You. With a futuristic styled set and video backdrop from Tom Rogers and fabulous new costumes from Sarah Mercade, this is sure to be an absolute smash hit.

Ticket buyers have the opportunity to be the first to watch this show and sign up to the waitlist to get first dibs on tickets. GMG newsletter subscribers get to enjoy exclusive offers available 1st of June. Make sure to visit the website at

GMG Productions is also excited to announce a special for Tuesday performances. The Three-Price-Tuesdays which offers theater goers a single price per level of the brand new Samsung Performing Arts Theater.

Tickets go on general public sale on 6th of June through



Director/Choreographer: Nick Winston

Musical Supervisor: Mark Crossland

Associate Director: Ryan Lee Seager

Set Designer: Tom Rogers

Video Designer: Douglas O’Connell

Sound Designer: Ben Harrison

Costume Designer: Sarah Mercade

Costume Supervisor: Megan Rarity


From October 27 – November 20, 2022


Tuesday to Friday: 8:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 1:00 pm and 7:00pm

Ticket prices will be from P1800 with a special ticket offer for Tuesdays as low as P 1000



Phone: 8891-9999

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin star in the music video of Ace Banzuelo’s streaming hit “Muli”

ABS-CBN stars Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin reunite onscreen for the music video of Ace Banzuelo’s chart-topping electronic ballad “Muli.”
The visual narrative captures the disintegration of what used to be a promising relationship, with ‘FranSeth’ struggling to process their pain.

Going the abstract route, the MV depicts an imagery of a home on the verge of breaking apart: burning couches, dying lights, and a smashed piano. Ace Banzuelo himself, makes a significant appearance as the ‘inner emotions’ of Seth.

“Everything was heavy on symbolism, but still reflects the intensity of the song,” says Chapters’ very own Jake Soriano, who directed the music video of “Muli.”

Soriano has worked with both Francine and Seth in the past, but according to him, this project was the first time that he witnessed the loveteam deliver a nuanced performance and showcase their range as dramatic thespians. “They’re easy to work with, because aside from being good actors, they’re also very kind and professional, and both are super funny. We always get a good laugh during shoots.”

For his part, Ace was very much involved in the brainstorming and creative process of the music video, and was very open in collaborating with Francine and Seth.

“At first, I was okay to do the music video alone with what I had, and then we started to get tweets, comments, and messages from multiple fans that they wanted to see me collaborate with local actors,” shares the young singer-songwriter and producer. “Our team reached out to the loveteam, and we were so happy that they were game! Working with Seth and Francine was super fun, I’m proud that we were able to capture the vision of song, and present it through the long-awaited video.”
Few hours before the premiere of the music video, FRANSETHxACE MULI MV immediately topped Twitter Philippines trending list at No. 1, with fans expressing their excitement on the teamup.

“Muli” has been the most streamed OPM song on Spotify and Apple Music for more than a month now. It continues to make an impact on several music charts worldwide, reaching No. 1 on Apple Music Viral Hits – Philippines, No. 2 on Spotify Top 50 – Philippines and Spotify Viral 50 – Philippines, No. 3 on Apple Music Top 100: Philippines, and No. 6 on Spotify Viral 50 – Global. “Muli” has also landed on Spotify Viral 50 charts in four other territories: UAE, Singapore, Canada, and New Zealand, making it one of the biggest crossover hits that came out in the country this year.

Ace Banzuelo’s “Muli” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

R Rules’ “Girl Gang” is a genuine banger

“R Rules is not your ordinary [pop] group,” says Tiny Corpuz, A&R for UMG Philippines and co-producer of their new single. Now, listeners can hear what makes the Japanese-Filipino quartet of Ruri, Riyo, Reina, and Risa different with their distinct sonic blend. Their new track “Girl Gang” is out now on all music streaming platforms. Along with Corpuz, Kevin Yadao and cursebox composed and produced the single, with the group providing some Japanese lyrics.

Ruri says that “Girl Gang” highlights the strength of someone who has faith in oneself, and also the added boost when “sisters have each other’s backs,” something that makes them even stronger. R Rules’ take on a musical trope common to female pop groups combines a strong hip-hop flavored rhythm with a full-bodied and confident singing style, one which can be described by the Filipino word maangas. Indeed, “Girl Gang” makes the case that they “aren’t the same thing,” a feat of wordplay that will keep this song playing in listeners’ heads.

Apart from the wordplay and its musical elements, “Girl Gang” is a celebration of collaborative music-making, one that reflects what R Rules values as a group. “I’m really grateful to have this gang who always accepts who I am and I love how we always motivate each other,” says Reina, “and I think this really makes us powerful and confident!” She says that working together on the song was not easy but fun, and found the process of coming up with and exchanging ideas very interesting.

So where can we expect to hear a song like “Girl Gang”? Riyo says that it’s not a typical dance-pop song but it’s sure to get people dancing. She envisions it being the sort of song that gets played in a bar or in a major event. Its message of strength and confidence is a great energy boost.

“Girl Gang” isn’t the last thing R Rules has up its sleeve. Risa says that the group is working on songs in a different genre and hopes to record and perform them live for their supporters, who they call RRULERS. Their musical growth, fueled by their camaraderie and collaborative artistic work, is what makes these four women the ones to watch in Philippine pop music.