Welcome Back Home: Ayala Land presents the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit Makati

It’s time to witness live shows once again at the most iconic theater yet. Ayala Land’s newest Samsung Performing Arts Theater welcomes you back home.

After a long pause, Ayala Land is finally bringing shows back onstage in a new, sophisticated, and very accessible venue. The Samsung Performing Arts Theater is conveniently located in Circuit Makati, thus bringing both local and international productions closer to more Filipinos. The theater will soon host two major productions. “Mula sa Buwan,” a reimagining of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac. It will be followed by “We Will Rock You,” which is a post-apocalyptic rock-powered musical featuring Queen’s greatest hits. The show dates begin on August 26 and October 27 respectively.

Staying true to its promise, Ayala Land initiated the completion of the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Makati to further enrich Filipino lives. Makati is Ayala Land’s flagship estate that promotes a healthy balance of live, work, and play. While one of its nodes which houses the theater, Circuit Makati, is committed to being the center of arts, culture, and entertainment. The new theater was meticulously engineered to wow audiences of all ages. Upon entering the ground floor, guests can take a scenic route through the long escalators to the fifth floor, where the ticket outlet is stationed. The high ceilings and windows exude a feeling of grandness, while featuring various artworks—including an artwork by Jaime Zobel de Ayala at the main hall.

Each level—from the orchestra to the balcony floors—has its concession area and restrooms to accommodate guests.  The concessionaires are staffed by Chef Gilbert Pangilinan of Kai Restaurant.

Stepping into the auditorium, one is welcomed by a grand atmosphere that is combined with warm interiors. All 1,500 seats guarantee a good view of the stage to optimize the viewing experience. 

After the show, guests can drop by the gift shop on the third floor for exclusive merchandise that they can keep as memorabilia of their one-of-a-kind theater experience. Meet and greet opportunities can be held in the Cua Patrons Lounge located on the seventh floor. 

In addition, Ayala Land made investments to ensure the safety of performers by installing Harlequin© sprung floors—a special type of flooring that reduces the risk of dancers from getting injured through impact, slipping, or falling. In fact, the Samsung Performing Arts Theater is proud to be the only performance stage in the country to date that has the state-of-the-art Harlequin© sprung floors. Moreover, this theater has its own Rehearsal Hall. With dimensions as big as the actual performance stage, talents can confidently rehearse to master every turn, every line, every timing, as if it were already showtime.

“The Samsung Performing Arts Theater was thoughtfully designed to bring arts and culture to the forefront for the enjoyment and enrichment of many Filipinos. Aside from the audience, we also took our collaborating partners and talents into consideration to ensure that they would feel safe and comfortable as they perform and rehearse in our facilities. We wanted to introduce a theater is at par with global standards in Makati to further solidify its position as the leading city for arts and culture.” shares Christopher Mohnani, Managing Director of the Samsung Performing Arts Theater. 

“It’s been too long since we have last seen a show on stage. We are very excited to finally unveil the newest arts and cultural hub that will bring many people back home—and without having to travel far to get there!” says Mel Ignacio, Vice President and Head of Ayala Land Makati Estate. She continues, “Arts and culture is very integral to what Ayala Land stands for. We are here to enrich lives, and with that, we continue to curate a vibrant entertainment scene in Makati that would bring big smiles to many Filipinos.”

For more updates visit the webpage of Samsung Performing Arts Theater at www.circuitperformingartstheater.com  and follow the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Samsung Performing Arts Theater @cpatofficial, Circuit Makati @Circuitmakati, and Ayala Land @ayalaland. #MakeItMakati

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