MC Einstein Sings Out His Emotional Love Letter To His Cheating Lover in Habol V.2

Showcasing his dynamic vocal range, MC Einstein releases Habol V.2. Using the same lyrics on his last release “Habol”, he sings out his emotions through this love letter to his cheating lover over a dark instrumental, expressing his pain and desperate action. Habol V.2 is a unique demonstration of MC Einstein’s songwriting ability to change genres and moods to convey the same message as indicated in Habol. He recently performed Habol V.2 live for the Wish 107.5 YouTube Channel.

MC Einstein has reached amazing heights in the last few years. He currently has a following of over 741K monthly listeners on Spotify, with his top song, Titig, currently at 48.7 million streams and climbing, amongst an array of other tracks in the millions of streams.

Darlon has had humble beginnings— starting his career in 2015 as an emerging DJ in Nueva Ecija. After moving to Urdaneta, Darlon was hired as a DJ at a local resto bar, Distriq5. He was then called “MC Darlon” and was eventually dubbed by his co-DJs as “E=MC2” or “MC Einstein”, as a way of giving respect to the local DJ Community. This was the start of an amazing journey, playing in different venues throughout the Philippines and abroad, from Pampanga, to Boracay, and Hong Kong.

Opportunities began to pour in, and after a meeting with Daryl (aka Skusta Clee of the Ex-Battalion), he was given the opportunity to be the group’s hype man. After a couple of shows, he was eventually invited to become a permanent part of the group; and the rest is history. With acclaimed success of Ex- Battalion, MC Einstein’s life would change for ever.

And in a natural evolution of an artist, MC Einstein found himself on a different path as the rest of the group, continuously on the pursuit of his own identity.

This new chapter is an exciting and fun one. MC Einstein is on a new musical adventure as he releases tracks that represent what he is about: fun, relatable, and a reflection of real-life experiences. This outlet will be his way of reaching the extension of his following and provide a glimpse of who MC Einstein is today.

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