K-pop Stage-breakers SEVENTEEN unwaveringly march forth with 4th album Face the Sun

Quintessential embodiment of the leading K-pop act’s high-caliber performances and fiercely independent spirit

After announcing to the world the beginning of a new era with their first English single “Darl+ing,” K-pop Stage-breakers SEVENTEEN resolutely venture forth towards new heights and uncharted paths with their 4th studio album Face the Sun.

SEVENTEEN shared a glimpse into the album through a series of 13 trailers titled ’13 inner shadows’ leading up to the release, with each episode presenting an eerie depiction of the 13 members’ debilitating fears. Admitting to these fears through the trailers, SEVENTEEN deftly move past their inner shadows, turn all self-doubt into aspirations for what lies ahead, and embark on a new journey to Face the Sun.

Face the Sun- A manifesto of SEVENTEEN’s ambitions yet to be fulfilled

Face the Sun is an album that transparently captures SEVENTEEN’s ambition to become a force that resembles the Sun – a one of a kind being with unswerving influence. The album tracks the 13-piece act as they navigate their own path, determined not to be hindered by fears and the adversity ahead.

As with many of the band’s previous hits, SEVENTEEN’s Vocal unit leader WOOZI co-wrote all of the 9 tracks that complete the album. Members including S.COUPS, HOSHI, WONWOO, MINGYU, VERNON and DINO also participated in composition and penning the lyrics, together building an album imbued with SEVENTEEN’s thoughts, emotions and dedication to their artistry.

From a fear to a dream, from ‘I’ to ‘us’ … 9 powerhouse tracks for those that venture forth

The K-pop Stage-breakers’ 4th studio album Face the Sun ultimately resonates with the cathartic release of making the courageous choice to confront your inner shadows. It takes listeners from the moment of facing your deepest fear, through the grand dreams that emerge in overcoming these fears, and finally to the idea of ‘us’ coming together to move past the weight of our fears and face a new world.

As an album that reflects the team of 13 diverse creatives’ honest ruminations and sets a kinetic tone to what lies ahead, Face the Sun will relay a message of courage and solidarity – an encouragement to SEVENTEEN themselves and their listeners around the world, to not only face but now reach the Sun as ‘TEAM SEVENTEEN.’


  1. Darl+ing

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, HWANG HYUN (MonoTree) / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU, Shannon / Arranged by WOOZI, BUMZU, HWANG HYUN (MonoTree)

“Darl+ing” is a declaration of SEVENTEEN’s heartfelt wish for their music to serve as a link between its listeners and the act. Based on a minimal but addictive chorus and a unique line of synths, the pop track reflects upon the 13-piece act’s admiration for the idea of ‘you and I’ being bound by sincere affection for one another. As their first-ever English song that illustrates their wholehearted wish to stay as ‘one’, SEVENTEEN speak to the hearts of their listeners across the world through “Darl+ing.”

  1. HOT *Lead Single

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Tim Tan, Dan August Rigo, Ploypaworawan Praison, SOFTSERVEBOY(153/Joombas), Alex Keem(153/Joombas) / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU, Dan August Rigo, Ploypaworawan Praison

A compelling interplay of elements of hip-hop and guitar riffs completes the lead single “HOT.” In the bold expression of SEVENTEEN’s determination to walk their own path under the ‘piercing rays of the Sun,’ whistle sounds overlaid throughout the track add a touch of groove, while hints of autotune act as a breath of fresh air. The hip-hop based track encapsulates a riveting listen into the band’s dedication to the path they are on.


Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Tommy Brown, Steven Franks, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU, WONWOO, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, Melanie Joy Fontana

As striking vocals soar through this hybrid track of rock and hip-hop, “DON QUIXOTE” recounts the story of the fictional character that chivalrously continues his adventures, paying tribute to such courage and tenacity.

  1. March

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Park Kitae (PRISMFILTER) / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU / Arranged by BUMZU, Park Kitae (PRISMFILTER)

The powerful rock-based track “March” meticulously weaves synths with guitar sounds to the uplifting backdrop of a shuffle rhythm, delivering the message from SEVENTEEN to all their listeners to valiantly march alongside them as ‘TEAM SEVENTEEN.’

  1. Domino

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Sara Davis, Cameron Walker, Jordan Witzigreuter / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU,MINGYU, Sara Davis, Cameron Walker, Jordan Witzigreuter

“Domino” likens the state of a ‘swayed heart’ that is more than ready to fall in love to a domino tile on the verge of collapse. As elements of alternative house and pop intertwine, “Domino” sets a snappy and exciting ambience with synths and vocal chops.

  1. Shadow

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, DINO, Johan Fransson, Ryan Lawrie, Matt Thomson, Max Lynedoch Graham, Gabriel Brandes / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU, DINO

In comparing the darker sides of one’s heart to a ‘shadow,’ the pop rock track of “Shadow” speaks to the realization that ‘shadows’ are a part of ‘who I am’. Striking vocals meld with drums and bass sounds, illustrating the flux of emotions that follow in accepting and embracing the darker hues as a part of the full palette.

  1. ‘bout you (노래해)

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Park Kitae (PRISMFILTER) / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU / Arranged by Park Kitae (PRISMFILTER)

“‘bout you” alludes to the lyrics of the leading K-pop act’s debut track “Adore U” in conveying their affection towards ‘TEAM SEVENTEEN’ without a moment of hesitation. A gospel-based track that fuses hip-hop and samples from a choir, the animated and witty “‘bout you” brings listeners into the depths and breadths of one’s affection towards a loved one.

  1. IF you leave me

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Nmore (PRISMFILTER) / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU, S.COUPS, HOSHI / Arranged by BUMZU, Nmore (PRISMFILTER)

“IF you leave me” is an immersive track of a candid sentimentality that endearingly asks everyone that has been with SEVENTEEN through all their ups and downs to ‘always stay by their side.’ The minimalistic sound of the track accentuates the intricacies of the lyrics and the melody that raise this wholehearted ballad to perfection.

  1. Ash

Composed by WOOZI, BUMZU, Vernon, Robb Roy, Nick Lee, Kyan Palmer / Lyrics by WOOZI, BUMZU, Vernon, Robb Roy

With vocals complemented by heavy autotune, “Ash” paints a picture of SEVENTEEN setting all boundaries and restrictions on fire so as to leave nothing but ashes behind. The trap hip-hop track reflects the band’s fierce passion to pave their own way while breaking free from the bounds of all limitations.

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