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Rakuten Viber Brings Filipino Music Idols and Their Fans Closer Together with Backstage Music Pass Channel

Filipino singer-songwriter and producer Zack Tabudlo is taking over Viber’s Backstage Pass Channel, just in time for the launch of his anticipated sophomore album, Z∀CK: FOR ∀LL, on Valentine’s Day.

Backstage Pass, with now over 1.2 million subscribers, is a space where artists like Zack and their fans can have a good chat. It gives music enthusiasts access to never-before-seen photos, videos, and other content that’ll allow them to get to know their favorite stars better. It’s where fans can ask their ults questions and get messages straight from them too!

As part of the takeover, fans of the 2021 hit song Binibini music genius can expect not only to exchange messages with him, but they also get to enjoy exclusive sticker pack and custom Viber Lens. The musician is also expected to hold a group video call event with his fans through Backstage Pass.

Zack is one of the top artists of UMG Philippines that serves as a regional branch of multinational music corporation, Universal Music Group (UMG). At only 21, he has been crowned as the most streamed local artist in the Philippines on Spotify with 7.5 million monthly listeners and the third overall, trailing behind global pop behemoths Taylor Swift and BTS.

Known for his melancholic songs and tunes about falling in and out of love, Zack got his big exposure as a contestant in the first season of The Voice Kids when he was 12. While he didn’t make it to the finals, he still pursued music and started a solo career in 2018, eventually signing with UMG to release his debut album, Episode, in 2021. His hits include Nangangamba, Habang Buhay, Asan Ka Na Ba, and Pano.

Z∀CK: FOR ∀LL marks a new era for Zack, offering music that fans haven’t heard from before. Fashioned with 70s soul, R&B, funk, and a bit of pop, the 10-track album serves as an ode to the artists he grew up listening to. As a writer and producer who has poured his heart and soul in each track, Zack hopes that his new sound will get listeners dancing and grooving.

“I’m happy to connect with my fans in new ways through Viber’s Backstage Pass, especially now that I have released my second album,” says Zack. “The fans have been part of my journey as an artist so it’s great to keep this connection going. Thankful to Viber for making this happen.”

“Viber has always been rooted in connecting people. Backstage Pass is a channel created specifically for our music-loving Viber users,” adds David Tse, Senior Director APAC at Rakuten Viber. “We’re excited to have Zack Tabudlo on board. As one of the brightest stars of Filipino music today, we know that he has been a favorite among Viber users. We’re glad that we’re able to provide a platform where the artist and his fans can deepen their connection and create fun memories together.”

Get all the updates about Zack and his new album drop, subscribe to Backstage Pass Channel on Viber now!

All Stars Lead to ‘Social U: Polaris’ at UP Sunken Garden this December 21!

There’s no arguing about it, Christmas is quite possibly the most awaited holiday in the Philippines. From the bright lights, delicious meals and catch up with family and friends, there’s really nothing like the Filipino holiday season! Following over two years of being kept in the “dark” by the global pandemic, 2022 is ending on a high note and leaving us with brighter possibilities for the year to come. Everyone’s wish seems to have been granted this year as social gatherings and live events are finally (almost!!!) in full swing.

What better way to commemorate this than with a concert featuring the country’s up-and-coming acts and your favourite local artists. Kick off your Christmas week festivities with the comeback of the famous U.P. Lantern Parade then end it on a sweet note with Social U: Polaris – A Balik UP Concert.

Social U is a school tour initiative by UMUSIC Philippines that aims to amplify students’ love for OPM and champion the respective advocacies of various student organizations. To kickoff the on-ground debut of this initiative, UMUSIC is partnering with Upsilon Sigma Phi of the University of the Philippines to bring SOCIAL U: POLARIS on December 21, 2022.

Sing your hearts out to the music of the country’s most sought after artists – December Avenue, Zack Tabudlo and Juan Karlos alongside ZILD, Tanya Markova, Over October, Dionela, Daniel Paringit, One Click Straight, CHNDTR, Morobeats, Tiffany Lhei, Unit 406, Elise Huang, Hey June! and Sid Buan. While you’re at it, you get to help up to 80 UP students too as Polaris will be sponsoring dormitory rent for students who need it the most.

Tickets start at Php 399 for UP Students, Php 499 for Non-UP Students and Php 699 for those who purchase on the night of the event. Tickets are available online at http://bit.ly/PolarisBalikUPConcert2022. This event is brought to you by Upsilon Sigma Phi and UMUSIC Philippines.

Fans Take The Spotlight at the UMUSIC FanVerse

When it comes to the music and entertainment scene – this year filled all of us with hope. From new tracks to fan merch left and right, 2022 gave us some of the best releases we’ve had from our favorite artists. International acts are serving us with their best hits yet. Our local musicians are bringing in their A-game. To top it all off, events are making a comeback.. they’re almost in full-swing. We’ve only just started and the possibilities are endless. Fandoms are more alive than ever!

But, what if we told you, you don’t have to choose between one or the other? You don’t have to choose between your international bias or local fave… or between fan meets or merch conventions. That for the first time, as a fan, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind experience AND the spotlight?

A Super Event for Super Fans

The UMUSIC FanVerse is coming your way this October 17 to 23 at The Podium Mall, Ortigas. Believe us when we say it’s not your usual event – experiential fan activities, local and international performances (fan meets!!!) and of course, exclusive merchandise all in one place.

Watch out for Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Jeepney Ride, Justin Bieber’s Peaches Groove Booth, the House of AG, and our very own Darren’s D Total Experience, Zack Tabudlo’s Giant Episode Album, Hatdog Stand and Juan Karlos’ Pancitan. What awaits in each space is for you to see for yourself.

To get you all warmed up and ready, we’ve partnered with Omne so you can enjoy electrifying fitness themed sweat sessions at Electric Studio, 808 Studio and Kinetix Lab so you can move and let loose to the songs of the most sought after UMG artists.

The exclusive and invite-only, Big Bang Party on the 17th of October will usher you into a jam-packed week of excitement and fun. October 18th to 20th, FanVerse will be open and free to everyone.

Ready, Stan, Go!

Prepare to pop off at the Queens of FanVerse night on October 21. If you’re still on a high from Drag Race Philippines, you’re in for a treat. Watch out for the queens and the winner herself Precious Paula Nicole alongside Morissette, Bonnie Bailey and more.

Spend the weekend with us at Supernova Sunday and the FanVerse Music Festival on October 22 and 23. Cosmic Saturday will feature Darren, Cheats, Blaster, Zephanie, Kyle Echarri, Dermot Kennedy, Yonnyboii, Lullaby, 8 Ballin’ and more. We’re closing off the week with Supernova Sundays with Zack Tabudlo, Shanti Dope, Juan Karlos, Zild and December Avenue.

To join in on the fun, visit the Podium anytime from October 17 to 23, 2022. Download the UMUSIC App for a chance to earn stan points to redeem prizes including exclusive merchandise or a meet-and-greet. The UMUSIC App is now available in the Google Play Store and will soon launch in the Apple App Store. To enter the UMUSIC FanVerse Music Festival, purchase SuperFan Pass of your choice. Prices start at Php 1,990.00 and each pass comes with a swag kit!

While tickets are selling out fast, don’t panic, as event partner Omne by FWD may just be your ticket-literally. The newly-launched multi-lifestyle app has serious give aways including VIP passes, special meet & greet tickets, merchandise and more. Check out https://competition.umusic.com/omnexumusicfanverse-eventpass

to enter and potentially score a sweet deal to FanVerse heaven. Remember you must be signed on to the Omne app to be eligible to enter.

Make sure to follow UMUSIC Philippines on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord for more updates. Visit umusic.ph/fanverse! See you there!

Oh Wonder share new track, ‘Can We Always Be Friends’

Oh Wonder have today shared a new track ‘Can We Always Be Friends?’, which is available now on Island Records. This comes ahead of the unique London band’s new album, 22 Make, which is due on October 7th. This was previewed by brooding first single ‘Magnificent’, the anthemic ‘Fuck it I Love You’ and the cinematic ‘True Romance’.

‘​​Can We Always Be Friends?’ was hastily reworked hours before Oh Wonder went on honeymoon. Having started life as a pop banger, they just knew it wasn’t quite right. With vinyl deadlines looming and the very real deadline of a flight to catch, they stayed up all night reworking it into the louche, after-dinner jazz number it is now. It’s a song that sums everything up for Oh Wonder, and the album completing their two-part, 22 Break project; that no matter what, the connection between these two people can never really end. “We’ve got too much love,” they sing. “You and me together to the end: can we always be friends?” An album like 22 Make will leave you in no doubt that the answer is yes.

22 Make unpicks a turbulent period in the incredible story of Oh Wonder. Its first half, 22 Break, dropped with little warning towards the end of 2021: here were universal themes (loneliness, inadequacy, resentment, fears for the future) as experienced by one couple in real-time, all blown up in the pandemic. Not many bands can make a break-up album that culminates in them tying the knot – but then again, Oh Wonder have never been like other bands. Coming out of 22 Break and all the soul-searching that it forced them to do, Josephine and Anthony got married and channeled all this into 22 Make: a whole new album soundtracking the light at the end of a tunnel.

“When we nearly broke up during the pandemic, we used music as a way out,” Oh Wonder write, introducing the project in its entirety. “We wrote all our pain, sadness and confusion into a collection of songs that we eventually released as the album, 22 Break. But for us, that was only half of the story. We managed to survive our rocky patch, and emerge stronger than ever and full of love for each other. It only felt right therefore, to write about the other side, where you realise not just that you’re meant for each other, but also that it also takes two people to make a love flourish. We are thrilled to be releasing ‘22 Make’, an album full of love and life-affirming songs that reflect on fate, gratitude and being there for someone.”

This transformative period continues Oh Wonder’s remarkable, homegrown success story. 2020’s acclaimed album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown continued a run of back-to-back top 10 albums from the band who have – on their own distinct terms – become one of UK pop’s more unsuspecting breakthroughs (2.7 billion streams, 1.7 million adjusted album sales, and vocal fans in the likes of Billie Eilish and Griff). Oh Wonder even founded and literally built from the ground-up the hugely popular Nola cafe in Peckham early on in the pandemic. Through opening up to their fans and each other, the ‘Make or Break?’ poised by ‘22 Break’ and ’22 Make’ appears not so much a question, as an active choice – to be as honest as possible, to move forward, and to begin a brand new chapter in the ‘True Romance’ of Oh Wonder.

Having played a huge world tour including a sold-out homecoming show at London’s Brixton Academy, Oh Wonder are pleased to also announce a run of Instore shows in far more intimate settings on top of the album’s release. “We are so excited to announce a handful of super intimate shows across the UK to celebrate the release of our new album 22 Make! RTE and Kingston are with our amazing band, and the other record shops are just the two of us with a piano, guitar and a bag of stories / bad jokes.”

‘22 Make’ Instore shows:

6/10 Rough Trade East

7/10 Vinilo, Southampton

8/10 Banquet Records x Pryzm, Kingston

9/10 HMV Birmingham10/9 RT Nottingham1

11/10 RT Bristol

12/10 Resident, Brighton

The thrill of the ride: One Click Straight releases “MRT”

“’MRT’ is one of the rare songs I got to write in less than 10 minutes,” says Sam Marquez, lead guitarist of One Click Straight. “[Usually, the process] is [that] I go through different versions of songs when I write, but for this one, it just [happened].” This song is now the band’s latest single is now out on all music streaming platforms under Island Records Philippines.

“MRT” evokes a memory, says Sam, and this memory is of him and his girlfriend waiting in line for the train every day. His brother Tim says that the band knew that they had to aim for a minimalist sound to reflect that memory. “We were really particular [about] the sounds we wanted to put,” he says, “so I guess the most challenging part [was] really the decision making in terms of what really [fit] the song and what [kept] it interesting.”

“MRT”’s eventual sound, Sam says, evokes the feeling of being in transit. “If you listen closely, you’ll hear a train track grooving to the beat of the song,” he says. There were other unique sonic touches done with the help of their recording engineer Daniel Momong. For instance, he set up microphones to record a suitcase acting as a kick drum.

One Click Straight has played “MRT” live before, says Tim. “[It was] just for fun and…we love the instrumental ending part,” he says, “It’s just so moody and it’s the type of song we could just lose ourselves [in] and go where the vibe takes us.” His big wish? “I hope to play it someday at a festival and maybe with rain pouring down,” Tim says, “That would be cool.”

As the band begins the final stretch of 2022, they hope to release a few more songs and finish their much-awaited album. Until then, listeners old and new will get a chance to experience the thrill of riding with the one they value the most.

BLASTER releases an exciting new single, “Nararararamdaman”

BLASTER has grown to be one of the most respected and collaborative musicians of this generation. With the release of his new single “Nararararamdaman” that is already out on all music streaming platforms, he demonstrates why he is one of the reasons local music is in good hands. Composed by Silonga, the song is a co-production with his band, the Celestial Klownz, who has been performing with him since live gigs resumed recently.

BLASTER says, “[Nararararamdaman]” is about the fear of growing old and missing out.” He adds that he was inspired by a scene featuring actors Ronaldo Valdez and Gina Parreno from the Filipino romantic comedy Labs Kita… Okey Ka Lang? (1998). He adds that in making the song, he wanted to capture what he calls the “paranoia of Frustrated Musicians” who found it hard to pursue their art because of how they were living.

BLASTER’s music has been known for its inspiration from the Manila Sound movement of the 1970s, the earliest attempt to make distinctly Filipino popular music. However, “Nararararamdaman” draws its inspiration from a more recent band that has made its own mark on OPM starting in the early 21st century. Blaster says that he was listening to the Itchyworms, known for hits such as “Akin Ka Na Lang” and “Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay,” when he was composing his song. In celebrating OPM’s recent past, Blaster’s new single is a reminder that the talent and craft of his generation of musicians are what keeps local music going into the future.

Accompanying the release of BLASTER’s new single is a music video, directed by Daniel Aguilar, and it will be premiered at an event to be held on August 19, at 5:00PM in Imajin: Arts and Music, Marikina City. The event will feature a first look at the new video and performances from Halina, Hey June!, Lory, BLASTER and the Celestial Klownz and Lolo Roger. The event is presented by Island Records Philippines.

Amplifying a voice: Island Records welcomes Zild to its roster of artists

Zild is now part of Island Records Philippines. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Zild’s creativity, musical craftsmanship, and collaborative spirit have made him a powerful force in the music scene. Being part of the Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest record company, which includes Republic Records, Island Records, and Def Jam will amplify his distinct artistic voice to a much wider audience than before.

Zild came to musical prominence as part of the band IV of Spades, along with fellow musicians Unique (until 2018), Badjao de Castro, and Blaster Silonga, who is also part of the Island family. As part of his own musical explorations, he has also recorded two albums and several singles. He has worked with several musicians over the years, most recently with some members of fellow Island act One Click Straight, who also play live with him. His first single under the label, “Isang Anghel,” is due to drop on August 11.

Zild says that he hopes to continue the DIY spirit that guided his past work, adding that Island can provide him a “megaphone” to help get his music out and to amplify his creative voice to reach more people. In addition, with Island’s resources and the community of musicians on its roster, he hopes to grow as an artist through future projects, including collaborative ones. While he is somewhat anxious about working with more collaborators after years of doing it himself, he also finds it exciting.

As Island Records Philippines welcomes to the family, people can look forward to more exciting work from this talented young musician, particularly his upcoming third album. Zild is proof of how Philippine music continues to thrive and grow through a new generation of talent, and UMG Philippines continues to build our music community by amplifying their voices.

Canadian rising pop superstar, Johnny Orlando is heading to Manila

Canadian Rising Pop Superstar, Johnny Orlando teased his Filipino fans that he will be going to the Philippines soon. Retweeting UMusic Philippines’ Twitter post with “see you soon !!” with a Philippine flag and heart with it.

Johnny Orlando, a Toronto-born singer, songwriter and actor, is this generation’s rising pop superstar. With a social media following of over 25 million+ engaged fans worldwide and 1 billion global music streams, Orlando has become one of pop culture’s biggest sensations at just 19 years old. Since breaking out in 2019, Orlando has garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Variety, Paper Magazine, Teen Vogue as well as numerous nominations for his work including Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2019 JUNO Awards and nods from the Kids’ Choice Awards, iHeart Much Music Video Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. Most recently, his artistry has also been recognized with a Pop Album of the Year nomination at the 2021 JUNO Awards. His musical talent has earned 3 consecutive MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Canadian Act. In Spring 2022, Orlando will continue a domestic tour in addition to the release of new music, including “Someone Will Love You Better.” On the same year, the rising pop superstar released “Blur”. Johnny has recently announced the release of his upcoming album “all the things that could go wrong” on august 19th

Pre-order/pre-add/pre-save here: johnnyorlando.lnk.to/music

Umusic Philippines finally announced the Rising Pop Superstar’s main agenda in the country!!

His Filipino fans can get a chance to be part of this exclusive fan hangout by joining here: https://umusicph.lnk.to/JohnnyOrlandoInMNLTW

The UMusic Pop Up Redefines Music Stores as We Know It

Do you still remember that time you had to rewind a cassette tape to listen to your favorite song for the hundredth time? That one time you were at the mall and spent the day inside a booth with headphones on to listen to tracks from a recent album release? Or perhaps, the excitement you got the first time you joined an online party because your bias was about to drop a new single? The way we enjoy music has evolved in so many ways, especially after the pandemic. Now that the world is slowly opening again, exciting things are on the way for avid fans of the music scene.

Reminiscent of the record stores from the 90s to early 2000s and bringing in laid back, pop and hip-hop elements – the UMusic Pop Up store officially opened its doors on July 22 with the Danish artist Maximillian popularly known for his hit song ‘Beautiful Scars’ visiting the store. And the store hosted artist ‘meet and greets’, the following day for the Nomad Music Festival, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Island Records Philippines. Trust us when we say it’s unlike any music store you’ve been to before: Instagram worthy interiors, and cozy spaces to hang out. The place also features a mini stage where you can catch exclusive performances from your favorite artists from Republic Records, Island Records Philippines, and Def Jam Recordings Philippines. With concerts, fan meets, and live gigs kept to a minimum in the last few years, it’s no secret that the music industry took a hard hit when the world was asked to stay home. As a way of supporting the community, some of the staff who will be working in the store are roadies who used to work with artists in music events pre-pandemic.

To make things even more exciting, the UMusic Pop Up will also house an extremely curated selection of merchandise from the Universal Music Group’s local and international artists. This includes album releases (cough BTS The Proof album *cough), apparel and accessories. Listening sessions, merch customization and artist visits are just some of the things to look forward to in the coming months.

The UMusic Pop Up is located at the 2nd Floor of the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig until December 2022. Make sure to follow UMusic on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok for more updates!

Ne-Yo returns with highly-anticipated new album ‘Self Explanatory’

Three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning R&B hitmaker and iconic songwriter Ne-Yo announced the release of his highly-anticipated, eighth full-length album, Self Explanatory.

The thirteen-track collection upholds the hallmark of Ne-Yo’s signature style ignited by a fresh flame and fiery focus. The song “Handle Me Gently” hinges on a buoyant throwback groove as his vocal fireworks pop off. With undeniable emotion, he assures, “I need you to know there ain’t no games I’m playing. I don’t want nobody else, this love is here to stay.”

Strings set the scene for the record on the sultry “Layin’ Low” with Zae France, while “U 2 Luv” glides on a thumping bass line towards an invitation, “Let’s dance until last call.” Over glassy acoustic guitar, Ne-Yo showcases another side of himself on “Push Up” [feat. Trippie Redd]. Then, there’s “Want It All or Nothing” where his hypnotic high register shines.

Ne-Yo initially sparked excitement for Self Explanatory with the banger “You Got The Body,” for which Rolling Stone declared, “Ne-Yo turns up the heat,” while VIBE hailed the Teyana Taylor-directed video as “hypnotic.” Also on the album, the fan favorite single “Stay Down” [feat. Yung Bleu] notably generated 3.6 million Spotify streams and over 3.2 million YouTube views on the accompanying music video.

Taking over the culture, he just graced the cover of Haute Living who raved, “Ne-Yo is back and better than ever.” Meanwhile, he delivered a showstopping performance of “Don’t Love Me” on The View and sat down with the hosts for an interview.

Ne-Yo’s legacy remains Self Explanatory – check out the full tracklisting below.


Layin’ Low [Ne-Yo & Zae France]
You Got The Body
After Party
Handle Me Gently
Don’t Love Me
U 2 Luv [feat. Jeremih]
Push Up [feat. Trippie Redd]
Proud of You
Call Me Up
What If
Want It All or Nothing
No Loot
Stay Down [feat. Yung Bleu]