New and Rising Sibling Alt Pop Duo, “No Lore”, Sings About the Beauty and Chaos of Love and Loyalty in their First Tagalog Song

BABALIK AT BABALIK– Musicians No Lore just dropped a song that creatively illustrates the boundaries of love and loyalty–and what happens when you cross the line. It shows how we bind ourselves to certain people and ideas, and how that may tears rifts more than it strengthens bonds. “Paumanhin” allows listeners to feel the emotions of a person who, after everything–despite everything–cannot let go of their love no matter how many incompatibilities there are.

The 2 members of No Lore, Tita Halaman and Jerald, created “Paumanhin” as part of a 3-piece story that began with poetry. Tita Halaman, the songwriter, used an original poem of the same title as the basis for the painting seen in the song’s cover art. Both then inspired the idea’s sonic representation. From writing to visuals, it now takes its final form through sound. The artists have described it as a song about love and (not) letting go, but it truly can be interpreted in many different ways.

“Paumanhin”, with its driving electric guitar, powerful percussion, and grand piano riffs, is reminiscent of the local music scene in the latter half of the 2010s, when music festivals and small gigs were the default weekend agenda. Produced by No Lore in collaboration with Ean Aguila (of Ang Bandang Shirley), the song aligns its main message with its sound–bringing us back to our own distinct pasts, playing with that feeling of attachment. “Paumanhin” is a song for your late-night drives with friends, sunset feels trips, or even your muni-muni moments alone in your room.

Tita Halaman of No Lore with Ean Aguila of Ang Bandang Shirley and Eelectric Studios, and RJ Mabilin of Tiny Blue Space

No Lore shared a statement explaining the message behind the song, noting “Paumanhin could be considered a love song for people who aren’t able to move on, for people who can never forget – but this song has more than one meaning”. Another angle to look at it from relates to the current state of Philippine politics.

Because we as listeners are always looking for pieces of ourselves– in music, in art, in the people around us–having a song like this gives us the feeling of understanding and inspiration that we long for. “Paumanhin” is a timeless piece you can mold to your reality and find comfort in.

One of the lyrics the singers repeat several times is “at ulit-ulit kong ibabalik sa simula”. This is a song you can come back to at different points of your life and find relatable every time. Whether it be remaining loyal to a person, idea, or experience, “Paumanhin” captures the bittersweet choice of turning back, possibly away from the meaningful connection and experiences you already have.

No Lore, sibling alt-pop duo composed of siblings Tita Halaman and Jerald, makes music inspired by Tita Halaman’s poetry-inspired artwork. As artists, their goal is to consistently release a new song accompanied by a painting and to publish a book based on it.

Tita Halaman and Jerald decided to name their duo “No Lore” in reference to them being entirely self-taught in music, visual art, and poetry–doing everything from music production to marketing by themselves before being signed to a label. “No Lore” is inspired by the phrase “No Folklore,” which means “don’t just dream, imagine and tell it. If you want magic, make it happen”.

Tita Halaman and Jerald were members of different bands before (Tita as a drummer and Jerald as a bassist). They always dreamt of working as a duo, but that goal was always pushed back to a point where it felt like folklore–an idea of the past. In a twist of fortune, they were able to clear their busy schedules in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic, and finally made their dream happen. Because of this, there are “No Folkores” for them anymore.

No Lore’s “Paumanhin” is out today on Spotify, Apple Music and all digital streaming platforms.

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