The next big Philippine idol group Press Hit Play finally unveils their explosive debut single “WIN”

After nearly two years of defying the odds and taking-on the challenges and growing pains of the new normal, Philippine P-Pop Idol Group Press Hit Play (or PHP for short…) officially makes its presence known, and can finally claim 2021 to be the year they explode out-into the scene with the release of their much-awaited single “Win,” now available online on all digital music platforms.

The single – highlighted by a simply irresistible beat n’ bounce, power-pop harmonies, a stadium-sized chorus and a healthy dose of modern hip-hop – is definitely the perfect opening salvo for the group’s legion of fans who have been patiently waiting and faithfully following PHP’s journey to this moment. A veritable anthem that features the individual members’ (namely de facto group leader Yukito, main vocalist Sev, songwriter/producer/total performer JP, rapper/dancer Zi.O, choreographer/dancer Yuuki and lead vocalist/songwriter CHRLS…) collective and individual strengths, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that PHP has its sights set on dominating – be it on or offstage – the music and entertainment scene, not just here but abroad.

“It all started as a simple melody I was humming to myself, which is how a lot of our songs start,” shares JP, while CHRLS describes how the lyrical content came to be: “it’s really all about pursuing and following your dreams – we wanted to make an anthem that would best describe our journey: it took a long time and it wasn’t easy, but we all feel that finally, we have arrived.”

“It’s also not just about sharing OUR journey, but inspiring everyone who hears the song to do the same for their own personal journeys,” Sev adds. “It’s like we’re talking to ourselves, but also talking to everyone who needs that extra shot of inspiration.”

When asked about the recording process behind the single, Yuuki can’t help but smile: “It was such an enjoyable experience… I loved every second of it: it was overwhelming at first, because it was the very first time we recorded in a big studio,” he claims, as Zi.O adds: “there was a surreal feeling that we… arrived; and that was really who we were, and striving to be, so we really gave it our all. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Signed to a worldwide deal with the evosound label (under the umbrella of international music company Evolution Music Group) PHP is destined to forever change the game and redefine the concept of the P-Pop Idol Group – writing, arranging and producing their own songs, dance moves and even producing their own music videos – the group reveals that they are not out to replicate what groups have done in the past, but to further push the boundaries of the elements the group does very well, and establish an identity that is uniquely Filipino.

The good news for PHP’s legion of die-hard supporters here and abroad? This is simply just the beginning. Armed with a slew of other material waiting-in-the-wings to be released (both songs AND videos…), both fans in and outside of the genre can be sure that there is more than just a little something for everyone – aficionados of all ages and backgrounds. But in the meantime, “Win” is definitely a track that will keep audiences busy – and bouncing – while PHP unravels its blow-by-blows for 2021. It definitely looks to be an incendiary year for everyone, so in the group’s very own words: “Set the tune…feel the vibe… PRESS HIT PLAY!”

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