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Popstival 2022: K-Pop meets P-Pop

Neuwave Events and Productions brings you to the biggest Kpop – Ppop show of the year. 14 music artists will be performing at the first Popstival 2022 featuring Park Bom of 2NE1, Hyolyn, Loona, plus top notch P-Pop acts such as Alamat, Bini, Press Hit Play and a lot more. The festival will be held at SMDC Festival Grounds in Paranaque City on October 2022.

Neuwave Events and Productions presents
K-Pop meets P-Pop
October 21, 2022
Festival starts 10am
SMDC Festival Grounds, Paranaque City

Park Bom
Brave Girls
Press Hit Play
Lady Pipay

VIP Wave – Php7,450
Patron Pop – Php4,260
General Admission – Php1,070

Tickets are available at SM Tickets outlets and online at http://www.smtickets.com


Press Hit Play’s awaited comback, “Sambit” tell us the story of their journey

A year after their debut isn’t actually enough to tell the story of CHRLS, Yuuki, JP and Sev, collectively known as Press Hit Play or PHP. These four boys have been performing for years now before their offcial debut. To say the least that it was never easy, but defnitely worth all the risks just to be able to reach where they are now.

Coming from different groups, joining and winning a couple of competitions before, it was a long road ahead before becoming PHP. Now that they are considered as one of the powerhouse supergroups in P-POP, a rising community being spotlighted nowadays, they are ready to show their ever-growing fans their real story.

Their new single “Sambit” has been performed in front of thousands of P-POP fans who attended their frst major live stint in April. It was defnitely an overwhelming feeling as they managed to get through the song performance with all of them in tears. This led to the curiosity and excitement of fans.

Co-wrote by songwriter/producer JP, looks back on his journey while writing the song. “When I left my former company, I was about to work overseas. I refected on what I really wanted to do in my life and I realized, it was music, still is and will always be. That’s when I was able to start penning the frst verse of the song up until the chorus.” He decided to go and pursue his passion that led him to join and win a contest where he was sent to Korea to be trained. And after being recruited back to PHP, that’s when the song was fnally fnished. “This is more about our struggles. And also our inspiration to move forward and reach our dreams, which are the people around us who continue to support and cheer on us, those who are with us every step of the way.” lead vocalist, CHRLS added. “I want to tell people our message of comfort through the song. Just like our debut track, it is inspirational but this one has an emotional touch to it.” Sev, the youngest of the bunch and the main vocalist, expresses his intent to motivate the listeners who will be able to hear their new track.

When asked about the part of the song which they can relate to the most, main dancer, Yuuki answered, “The second verse for me. That’s where the part that says that we are in charge of the path we take. That we can’t be afraid of the big hurdles along the way cause there will always be one.”

“Sambit” encapsulates the group’s journey from starting their singing careers individually, to getting to know each other through the competitions they joined, to joining forces and building their cover group. Now with Press Hit Play, there are still struggles coming around but what’s important is whoever stays, who keeps on walking with them until the end.

Any individual who gets to listen to this new single who are currently struggling on things, whether their careers, studies, will relate to this through the lyrics as well as the heart-pounding melody that goes along with it. It will defnitely be a candidate for the soundtrack of your life. Needless to say, their new single “Sambit” is ready to make the fans feel heart-warming emotions and cement the group’s name in the music scene.

Available here: https://lnk.to/PressHitPlaySambit

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Let #OPMRise Up at the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival live this July 15!

The Tugatog Filipino Music Festival brings together seventeen acts in one stage to celebrate a new peak of OPM with the rise of P-Pop to the top. What was initially set to be just an online concert will now be a full-blown festival at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on July 15, 2022.

With supporters coming from different parts outside Metro Manila, viewers can also watch the festival livestream. Tugatog brings together Pinoy pop groups including 1st.One, Alamat, Bini, BGYO, Calista, Daydream, Dione, G22, LITZ, MNL48, P-Pop Generation, R-Rules, Press Hit Play, VXON, Yara, The Juans, and Zack Tabudlo. The Tugatog stage offers a whole new experience of Pinoy music with never before seen collaborations and fresh takes on popular Pinoy pop hits.

The goal is to take Tugatog to the live stage. We’re very excited about the possibilities that are unique to doing this online, but of course nothing compares to live,” Sarah Ruth Matias, CEO of Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment Inc., said.

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival is produced by Ant Savvy Creatives, Inc. and co-presented by KUMU, realme, and powered by Ulam Mama.

Ticket details

Tickets for Tugatog can be purchased through SM Tickets online, with concert ticket prices to the SM MOA Arena show starting at Php 1,999. Each on-ground concert ticket comes with Tugatog merchandise. Limited edition Artist Bundles, a complete set of Tugatog merchandise inside a box signed by their artist of choice, are also available for Lower Box and VIP tickets. Ticket buyers can also avail of Barkada Bundles for groups of 3 and a special discount available for students

Ticket promos and giveaways are also lined up for fans through different contests and fash giveaways on Tugatog’s social media accounts. Kumu, realme, and Ulam Mama, together with other artists, are also giving away special promos and free tickets on their respective platforms.

Tugatog Activities coming your way

The Tugatog Filipino Music Festival along with its partners are getting ready with a jam packed calendar of engagements coming your way on the road pa-Tugatog. Stay updated by following Tugatog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Grab your Tugatog tickets now from SM Tickets online or head over to the nearest SM Tickets outlet!

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival 2022

The biggest groups in P-Pop scene will gather in one massive music festival. Tugatog Filipino Music Festival will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena for the first time this July 2022. The event will headlined by MNL48, BGYO, Bini, Alamat, PPop Generation, Litz, VXON, Press Hit Play and a lot more! The event will be streamed worldwide.

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival

July 15, 2022 – 2:00pm
SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines

-Zack Tabudlo
-The Juans
-Press Hit Play
-PPOP Generation
-R Rules

VIP Standing – Php4,699
Lower Box – Php3,999
Upper Box – Php3,499
General Admission – Php1,999

TICKET PRICES (Livestream)
VIP – Php2,700 (Multiple Angle + Exclusive Contents)
Premium – Php1,800 (Regular Streaming)



Press Hit Play’s comeback single “Tell Me” sonically takes us back in time as a retro-tinged pop-masterpiece

Though the year 2022 is just starting, it’s definitely not a reason nor a sign for P-Pop Superstar group Press Hit Play (PHP) to take a break from producing worldwide-ready hit singles that their legion of ever-growing fans can’t seem to get enough-of. Most notably, the group is simultaneously evolving both individually and collectively as a unit that highlights an unmistakably strong songwriting and production unit that the music world has definitely not witnessed in a while.

And needless to say, their comeback single “Tell Me” is – yet again – ready to shatter records and seal-the-deal for those who might still be having second thoughts on whether they are, indeed, true game-changers in both the local and international music scene.

Penned and put-together by songwriter/producer/total performer JP, the track (released digitally through worldwide music company evosound) is a highly infectious homage to the retro-pop stylings of the 80s sound: reminiscent of the pop culture of the era – including anthemic movie soundtracks and musical scores of old-school television shows – but delivered by way of the group’s trademark modern and youthful energy. According to the group – comprised of Yukito, Sev, JP, Zi.O, Yuuki and CHRLS – it is definitely an anthem perfect for music lovers of all ages: from moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts and, yes- even youngsters who are in search of the perfect partner to go with the positivity and good vibes Press Hit Play has been spreading since its inception.

“Lyrically, ‘Tell Me’ was built-around the story of a person who is hopelessly in love,” JP begins, when asked about the main inspiration behind the track’s highly charged energy and message. “It describes how a person will do anything AND everything to make that one special person happy and protect her (or him…) through thick and thin, and that awesome feeling and emotion you go through every time you’re with your special someone…” shares JP further, as he adds: “I actually took-inspiration from the theme from the animated [Walt Disney] movie Aladdin – ‘A Whole New World’ – but made sure to put an original spin when it came to the sonic properties of the track; I wanted a piece of music people would find hard-to-resist.”

Fusing both Tagalog and English lyricism and incredibly powerful hooks and spitfire hip-hop/rap bars, audiences are definitely going to launch into a movin’ and dancin’ frenzy upon first spin, and surely, will want a second, third and even FOURTH spin of “Tell Me.” But then again, this is not at all surprising for longtime fans of Press Hit Play, as the group has already proven to be a unit that does just that – offer soaring, sonic masterpieces that seem to just get better and better through time.

“We’ve still got a LOT of varied and awesome releases in the works for all of the fans, listeners and would-be converts to Press Hit Play,” declares JP, when asked what surprises the group’s loyal fanbase should look out for. “Great, quality music is definitely the heart and soul of the group, and the main focus of all the individuals of Press Hit Play to keep producing, and to keep refining both our craft and passion. Nothing has changed from our goals since day one: to make as many people happy with what we do, and to bring honor and pride to our country and make sure the entire world sees – and hears – what we’re made of.”


On an unbelievably consistent and amazing trajectory to the top of the charts and to the hearts of music aficionados everywhere, the Philippines’ premiere P-Pop Idol Group Press Hit Play (PHP for short, to their ever-growing number of local and international supporters) seem to just keep unleashing hit-after-hit, and definitely have musical domination within their sights as they are set to officially release yet another bull’s eye of a single called “Adlaw,” which is currently available online through all leading streaming platforms and digital stores.

The track – which comes-in hot from previously upbeat and catchy singles from the group (comprised of de facto group leader Yukito, main vocalist Sev, songwriter/producer/total performer JP, rapper/dancer Zi.O, choreographer/dancer Yuuki and lead vocalist/songwriter CHRLS) – has an arguably smoother, more pensive and emotive “slow jams” vibe, and it’s CHRLS who takes the spotlight and shines on this particular single, which – without a doubt – is one of the group’s most relatable tracks by far.

“My strengths lie strongly in creating ballads, and I think Filipinos are – by nature – drawn to love songs,” CHRLS shares when asked about the genesis of the said single, and adds: “but I didn’t want to just create a straight-up ballad – I decided to spice things up and add a livelier vibe and elements that are actually very much in the spirit of traditional OPM (Original Pilipino Music)” Not just longtime, loyal fans but also casual listeners will definitely notice that there is a myriad of influences and ideas behind the seemingly simple tune.

“’Adlaw’ went through many phases and it didn’t come as easy – I really had to lock myself in a room, and I really figured-out the melodies first and then I wrote the lyrics, which also went through quite a process of changing and editing,” says the singer/songwriter when asked about the overall creative process behind the track. “But after those first few humps on the road, I was able to really put-it all together in less than a week – everything sort of fell into place after I took time laying-down the foundation of the track. But I do have to say that I was really inspired by this track.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the song’s lyricism, CHRLS is quick to explain, “Lyrically, it all stems from personal experience; I have to admit, that as a songwriter, I find it easier to write about things that actually happened to me, but I do know that part of the growth as a songwriter comes from being able to write about stuff that I didn’t necessarily experience;” and adds: “right now that’s the next step for me as both a lyricist and songwriter: to be able to step out of the comfort zone and write about anything and everything my imagination can conjure-up; but at the moment, I’m just really proud of what I came up with – and I hope audiences will see AND feel the work we all put into ‘Adlaw.’”

Both longtime and new fans will surely be delighted with Press Hit Play’s latest offering, made available by international music label evosound, which has signed the group to a worldwide music deal.

For more information on Press Hit Play, follow them via Facebook: https://facebook.com/PressHitPlay

The next big Philippine idol group Press Hit Play finally unveils their explosive debut single “WIN”

After nearly two years of defying the odds and taking-on the challenges and growing pains of the new normal, Philippine P-Pop Idol Group Press Hit Play (or PHP for short…) officially makes its presence known, and can finally claim 2021 to be the year they explode out-into the scene with the release of their much-awaited single “Win,” now available online on all digital music platforms.

The single – highlighted by a simply irresistible beat n’ bounce, power-pop harmonies, a stadium-sized chorus and a healthy dose of modern hip-hop – is definitely the perfect opening salvo for the group’s legion of fans who have been patiently waiting and faithfully following PHP’s journey to this moment. A veritable anthem that features the individual members’ (namely de facto group leader Yukito, main vocalist Sev, songwriter/producer/total performer JP, rapper/dancer Zi.O, choreographer/dancer Yuuki and lead vocalist/songwriter CHRLS…) collective and individual strengths, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that PHP has its sights set on dominating – be it on or offstage – the music and entertainment scene, not just here but abroad.

“It all started as a simple melody I was humming to myself, which is how a lot of our songs start,” shares JP, while CHRLS describes how the lyrical content came to be: “it’s really all about pursuing and following your dreams – we wanted to make an anthem that would best describe our journey: it took a long time and it wasn’t easy, but we all feel that finally, we have arrived.”

“It’s also not just about sharing OUR journey, but inspiring everyone who hears the song to do the same for their own personal journeys,” Sev adds. “It’s like we’re talking to ourselves, but also talking to everyone who needs that extra shot of inspiration.”

When asked about the recording process behind the single, Yuuki can’t help but smile: “It was such an enjoyable experience… I loved every second of it: it was overwhelming at first, because it was the very first time we recorded in a big studio,” he claims, as Zi.O adds: “there was a surreal feeling that we… arrived; and that was really who we were, and striving to be, so we really gave it our all. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Signed to a worldwide deal with the evosound label (under the umbrella of international music company Evolution Music Group) PHP is destined to forever change the game and redefine the concept of the P-Pop Idol Group – writing, arranging and producing their own songs, dance moves and even producing their own music videos – the group reveals that they are not out to replicate what groups have done in the past, but to further push the boundaries of the elements the group does very well, and establish an identity that is uniquely Filipino.

The good news for PHP’s legion of die-hard supporters here and abroad? This is simply just the beginning. Armed with a slew of other material waiting-in-the-wings to be released (both songs AND videos…), both fans in and outside of the genre can be sure that there is more than just a little something for everyone – aficionados of all ages and backgrounds. But in the meantime, “Win” is definitely a track that will keep audiences busy – and bouncing – while PHP unravels its blow-by-blows for 2021. It definitely looks to be an incendiary year for everyone, so in the group’s very own words: “Set the tune…feel the vibe… PRESS HIT PLAY!”