Bokeem Woodbine’s rock group 13 Purple Dragons performs in Manila this August 19

Get ready to rock as Hollywood actor 30-year veteran Bokeem Woodbine and his rock band, 13 Purple Dragons, gear up to deliver an electrifying performance at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Saturday, August 19, 2023, in Manila, Philippines.

This sensational event, presented in collaboration with Canadian Filipina, Catherine Asperin of Meraki Event MGMT., renown Filipino concert and event producer, Jesse Cambosa of DMC Philippines and Eric Perpetua of Noisemakers Event Management, is set to ignite the stage and showcase the power of unity in music. 13 Purple Dragons, led by the esteemed actor and musician Bokeem Woodbine, has garnered global recognition for their classic and soulful rock music. Hollywood actor, Bokeem Woodbine and his rock band, 13 Purple Dragons Woodbine known for his exceptional acting prowess on the silver screen.

Woodbine is also a talented musician, showcasing his musical abilities as the frontman of his explosive rock band, 13 Purple Dragons. Comprising talented members, Melchizedek Diggs on bass and Tobias Breton Richardson on drums and background vocals, 13 Purple Dragons is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Bokeem Woodbine:
Bokeem Woodbine is a prominent Hollywood actor, known for his versatile performances across a wide range of film and television projects. Born on April 13, 1973, and raised in Harlem, New York, Woodbine discovered his passion for the arts at a young age. Through his undeniable talent, he quickly rose to prominence, captivating audiences with his reviting performance. While honing his acting skills on the stage and in films, he simultaneously continued to play and showcase his musical abilities by playing in a rock band, 13 Purple Dragons.

This dual dedication allowed Woodbine to showcase his immense creativity and versatility on multiple artistic fronts, captivating audiences with his compelling performances onscreen and his electrifying presence on stage. He landed numerous roles in highly pertinent films such as, “Crooklyn” (1994), “Dead Presidents” (1995), and co-starred on television series, “Battery Park” (NBC, 2000) and, “Saving Grace” (TNT, 2007-2010), as well as starred in movies namely, “The Rock” (1996), “Ray” (2004), and “Total Recall” (2011). He is known for his portrayal in the critically acclaimed role of hitman Mike Milligan, on the series, “Fargo” (FX, 2014-), played the villain, Shocker, in Marvel Comics’, “Spider-man: Homecoming” (2017). He joined the cast of the true crime series “Unsolved” (USA, 2018).

Bokeem made a conscious decision to be more discerning and to select offers that aligns and reflects his beliefs as well as his true character, not long after the biopic film ‘Ray’ released in 2004. After a 15-year hiatus from music, Bokeem Woodbine’s Rock band, 13 Purple Dragons has re-emerged for their latest single release, “Star Seeds Sling Jing Jams.” Hailing from New Jersey are new band members, Melchizedek Diggs on bass and Tobias Breon Richardson, on drums. Lead guitarist and vocalist is Bokeem Woodbine Melchizedek Diggs is a highly skilled bassist who brings an unmatched energy to the stage. With his innate sense of rhythm and meticulous playing style, Diggs adds a deep melodic foundation to the sound of 13 Purple Dragons. Tobias Breton Richardson is a multi-talented musician, showcasing his drumming skills as well as lending his powerful background vocals to the band. His dynamic presence on stage elevates the band’s performance to new heights, delights audiences with his undeniable charisma and passion for music.

13 Purple Dragons music style is known for their electrifying and infectious rock music, fusing together elements of classic rock, alternative, and blues. Their music is characterized by powerful guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and emotionally charged lyrics, showcasing the band’s ability to create music that is both heartfelt and engaging.

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