Shamrock released new single “Bakit Ka Aalis”

Shamrock is a band that most of the country is familiar with due to their hugely popular theme songs from 2005-2012 which include their renditions of Naaalala Ka and Hold On and original songs Alipin, and Nandito Lang Ako. Not surprisingly, the pandemic brought major shifts to the band as the entertainment industry was closed for over two years due to Covid-19. During this period original frontman, Marc Tupaz, moved to the USA with his family. Sam (bass), Nico (guitar), and Harald (drums) wanted to continue to perform when shows were once again allowed by the government. This led them to talk to Marc and with his blessing ask someone to join the band. Sam then approached Bradley Holmes about joining the group. Bradley says, “I had known Shamrock for years, and I had actually jammed with them a few times as well. Sam came to one of my shows and asked if I wanted to join the band. Without hesitation I said sure, but thought it wasn’t really serious. Next thing I know the band is scheduling recordings and meetings. I immediately called Marc to ask him if he was ok, and Marc was happy for me and gave me his blessing to step into the band.” The transition was seamless. Harald says of the experience, “it’s like we had been working together for years. We get along great and the band has a great chemistry with Bradley.”

Shamrock’s last release was 2018 and their new single Bakit Ka Aalis was actually being recorded and arranged before the pandemic started. With all the changes and things being so unsure during the pandemic the band decided not to release any music. Nico who is also the primary arranger of the band says, “When Bradley joined the band one of the first things we wanted to do was release a new single with him. When we showed Bradley the song he loved it, and we just moved forward.”

The song is composed by veteran songwriter Lito Camo. Sam says of the song, “It’s all about the reasons we leave the one we love. Going through the experience of what and how you arrive at being ready or willing to let go and move on.” While Lito Camo has never shared the exact story of how the song came to be, the chorus lyrics speak clearly of the topic, “Bakit ka aalis, ano ang dahilan, Di mo ba naiisip na mayrong nasasaktan.”

Harald shared, “this was in the works for 3 years due to the pandemic. We had it how we liked it in 2019, then we had over two years to think about it and adjust things. We are excited and really happy with how the track came out and how Bradley sang it.” The song was recorded mixed and mastered at TrueSound Studio and like all other Shamrock songs it is produced and performed by Shamrock. The listener will immediately be familiar with the “Shamrock” feel and sound in the track. The band has also taken a different approach to previous singles with programmed drums, and added synth elements. Shamrock has consistently delivered songs that pull at the heart and impact the listener.

Bakit Ka Aalis is no exception to this. You can stream it on your favorite music platforms now.

Catch Shamrock on their August activities:
August 2 : MOR 9:45am
August 4 : 70s Bistro, Anonas QC
August 11 : Showtime Online
August 12 : K Lite 103.5
Star FM Baguio
August 18 : Love Radio 5pm
Hard Rock Cafe Manila
August 20 : NCCC Mall Davao
August 25 : V81 Radio 10am
August 27 : Take Over Bar, Xavierville QC

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