Rock band Dilaw is back withthe new single “Orasa”

It’s been a great year for the rock band Dilaw and their music. With the success of their debut hit in 2022 with “Uhaw,” the six-piece collective from Baguio is undoubtedly enjoying its time in the limelight. The band is back with the release of a new single titled “Orasa” under Warner Music Philippines. With its raw sound and empathetic lyrics, it’s a piece that even casual fans will love at first listen.

Before “Orasa” was published on digital streaming platforms, the band had already performed the song in live gigs. In fact, many fans have already memorized the song and continue to rack up streams on digital platforms. “Our fans are great, and they support any new music we perform or introduce. ‘Orasa’ has a chanty and catchy chorus, and I loved seeing the fans catch the melody and sing-along even without the song being released,” lead guitarist Leon Altomonte shares.

Recently, Orasa’s official music video has been released and has garnered impressive reactions from YouTube viewers. With vivid colors that can be seen through the band’s funky sense of fashion, the personality of each member shines throughout the video. We can also see a couple slowly entering a museum-like room with symbols representing something in their relationship.

To recall, Dilaw – an indie rock band formed in Baguio – reached their commercial breakthrough with the hit “Uhaw” and its re-released version “Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)” culled from the eclectic debut EP titled “Sansinukob.” Impressively, the latter gained the record on Spotify for the biggest single-day streams for an OPM song, peaked at #1 on the Viral-50 Philippines playlist, and made it to the #5 Global Viral playlist in March 2023. Not only that, the song was able to top the Billboard Philippines Songs for three consecutive weeks.

A testament to Filipinos and our love for music, it was easy for us to relate to “Uhaw” and have such passionate feelings for someone. Moreover, the two versions that have been released seem to have different appeals that people can’t get enough of. Inspired and influenced by blues and funky tunes, Dilaw’s musicality is something familiar yet fresh to our ears. Notably, they have also been included on the NME 100 as “one of the most essential emerging artists worldwide” in 2023.

Excitingly, the band’s latest single has the same theme — love. Although, “Orasa” focuses more on how bittersweet it is. It has a repetitive sound and steady rhythm, but the choir chants account for the fullness of the song. “Tungkol siya sa mga na-witness kong nadededz na pag-ibig, yung malapit na mag-break,” vocalist and songwriter Dilaw Obero explains. On why the song is titled that way, he adds, “Kapag andun ka kasi sa sitwasyon na yun, pakiramdam mo lahat paulit-ulit lang — parang binabali-baliktad lang na orasa bawat araw.”

Rhythm guitarist and composer Vie Dela Rosa also notes that the song is reminiscent of a toxic relationship. “Yung kahit ganun, gusto mo pa rin na andun ka.” Despite frustrations, the song carries a resilient hope or desire for someone’s return that perseveres through life’s twists and turns.

Now being received by the general public with its release on all digital streaming platforms, the band members of Dilaw want to share their thoughts on “Orasa” and their message to its listeners.

Dilaw was originally an alternative hip-hop duo consisting of singer-songwriter Dilaw Obero (vocals) and guitarist-instrumentalist Vie Dela Rosa. Eventually, the group expanded into a full indie rock collective with the addition of Wayne Dela Rosa (bass guitar), Leon Altomonte (guitar), En Altomonte (keyboards, synths), and Tobi Samson (drums).

On October 3, Dilaw and the band’s home label, Warner Music Philippines, will hold an intimate and exclusive “Di Ilaw Sa Gabing Mapanglaw” to celebrate the release with stripped-down performances with a string quartet. With attendees composed of fellow OPM artists, social media influencers, brand partners, and members of the media, it is expected that more and more people will continue to know the band and acknowledge them for their wonderful music.

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