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FELIP defies the status quo with new single “ROCKSTA,”announces debut EP under Warner Music Philippines

Ken Suson is no stranger to the limelight- after all, he is 1/5th of P-pop titans SB19, who recently conquered the world with their “Where You At?” Tour. There’s no denying their collective success, who are also hands-on with their personal endeavors. FELIP, Suson’s solo music project has been on everyone’s radar since its inception in 2021. His previous releases, “Palayo” and “Bulan,” are punchy and catchy tracks highlighting his straightforward lyricism, vocal range, and proud “Bisdak” heritage. This unique and passionate approach to music sealed a deal with major label Warner Music Philippines for his highly-anticipated EP launch.

FELIP is ready to go harder against the grain this year with his new single “ROCKSTA.” He lives up to the rockstar lifestyle for this short yet powerful track- a no-nonsense attitude to his artistry. The 1-minute, 47-second track takes inspiration from hip-hop and R&B music. “ROCKSTA” is also a fitting teaser for his debut solo EP, entitled “COM • PLEX,” coming out on February 3. Often used to describe something difficult to understand, a complex may also mean a facet of a person’s unconscious, influenced by their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

FELIP’s debut EP encourages listeners to be in tune with themselves, embrace their complexities, and know that they’re one-of-a-kind. Even with the solo project, he remains active in SB19, and he’s happy to have the ever-loyal A’TIN’s support. Join him on his journey as he takes you into his inner psyche. It can get too much to handle- but it’s a fitting description of what’s to come from this breakout artist.

“ROCKSTA” is out now on major streaming platforms.


Despite the local music scene being hit hard by the pandemic, musicians from left and right are releasing hit singles, full-fledged albums, to viral and interactive content. And one of those artists who are enjoying their fair share of success is Warner Music Philippines’ seven-piece band Lola Amour with their breakthrough single “Fallen.” A year after its release, “Fallen” is now at 25 million streams on Spotify and peaked at #11 last Saturday, November 19 on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 chart. “Fallen” is a danceable tune with catchy trumpet hooks and lyrics that are easily relatable – how do you tell a person that you’ve fallen for them? “Fallen has been getting a lot of great feedback and is continuously being streamed more times than we expected,” the band says. Apart from millions of streams, the hashtag #FallenStory took TikTok by storm, with people telling stories about their love life.

Lola Amour has been on the wild ride of their lives being one of the most sought-after bands in the country today. The band is composed of Pio Dumayas (vocals, guitar), Zoey Gonzales (guitar), Raymond King (bass), David Yuhico (keyboard), Angelo Mesina (trumpet), and two session musicians. Naming themselves after Dumayas’ grandmother, they started making waves in the local music scene after winning Wanderband 2016, an annual competition by Wanderland Arts and Music Festival. Fusing pop, rock, and funk, Lola Amour’s music became an instant favorite among listeners, particularly the millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha. The band has been on a non-stop musical journey since, from playing in multiple music festivals and fairs, collaborating with contemporaries such as Leanne & Naara, Clara Benin, and Al James, and numerous nominations from Wish Music Awards and Awit Awards.

From establishing a solid fanbase in the metro and online, they embarked on a journey across the country, playing music for jam-packed venues in partnership with Ayala Malls. The band’s Fallen Tour staged 10 shows in 9 major cities- Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Makati, Quezon City, Davao, Subic, Pampanga, and two shows in Cebu. The tour housed over 30K attendees, with Davao having the largest crowd of 11K people. “As much as we’re happy that we were able to gain a lot of fans throughout the pandemic, performing live in front of an audience is a different experience,” they state after seeing a downpour of supporters on their socials and live shows.

The band also surprised the fans with a new single in the middle of the tour. Entitled “dahan-dahan,” the new single is far from the upbeat track “Fallen”. The song is about two people who have fallen in and out of love multiple times. It’s familiar and anticipatory, all while feeling like the first time all over again. The song now boasts almost 335K streams on Spotify alone, with its lyric video on YouTube at 184K views. As they take in the success they’re having now, the band is inspired to work on new music for the upcoming year. “We blocked off almost our entire January so that we can finish as many songs as we can.” Lola Amour hopes that they can finally deliver a full-length album after years of promising this to their fans.

Watch Lola Amour’s Media Showcase

ARTHUR MIGUEL sings about love and loss in debut album “Pasahili”

The internet proves itself to be a powerful tool for budding musicians- and for 22-year-old Arthur Miguel, it just propelled him to greater heights. If you’re wondering how this young artist accumulated 1.6 million listeners on Spotify, he started by covering songs on YouTube and Soundcloud at the height of the pandemic. “When I was a kid, I always listened to music a lot kahit hindi ko pa siya naiintindihan, naeenjoy ko pa rin siya. Then one day, I tried covering a song and posted it on my social media,” he says. He then decided to write his own songs. “Biglang pumasok sa isip ko na magtry magsulat ng songs and it went well,” he added. With a guitar on hand and taking inspiration from personal experiences, he took courage and recorded his original music. He notes two major influences for his songwriting: Taylor Swift and Moira Dela Torre. “Whenever I listen to their songs, I get inspired to write more stories for my songs.” Arthur Miguel now has over 974K subscribers on YouTube.

Because of his success on YouTube, he was signed under Warner Music Philippines in 2021, which landed him on a bigger platform as an artist. With the help of his new label, Arthur Miguel released “Ang Wakas,” shortly followed by “Dito, Sa Ilalim ng Buwan.” After these successful singles, he dropped his single “Leron,” which is a heartfelt track with long-time friend Trisha Macapagal. “I met Trisha on Facebook. Kasali kami sa isang fandom group then a friend introduced me to Trisha. She suggested that we should do a song cover, then we tried.” This interaction led to them working together on songs Arthur deemed fit for her. “I know when I need Trisha on a song, nararamdaman ko agad if yung nasulat kong song is for a duet or a solo,” he explains. The reimagination of the Filipino children’s song “Leron Leron Sinta” eventually became a part of his debut album, “Pasahili.”

A shortened term for “para sa hindi pinili,” “Pasahili” is an 8-track album that banks on Filipino hugot culture and dedicates it to everyone going through any form of heartbreak. “Even if they didn’t choose you, life must go on, and it just means it isn’t for you,” he describes. Apart from “Leron,” a reimagined version of his hit single “Ang Wakas” is also in the debut album, to further suit its new sonic quality. With three music videos out already, two more songs from the album will have their official live performance videos in collaboration with critically-acclaimed director Dean Marcial. Marcial, who was born in the Philippines, is a New York-based director most popular for his work for “The Green Guilleras,” and is the co-founder of CALAVERA USA, a Brooklyn-based production company who’s also garnered several awards from SXSW Film and TV Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival. “I’m grateful to work with such an amazing, hardworking director. He’s really good especially when he creates stories,” he explains. The live performance videos for “Pasahili” and “Di Man” are set to premiere on Friday, November 25 on Warner Music Philippines’ YouTube Channel.

With immense talent at a young age, Arthur Miguel is also a part of Warner Music Group’s global showcase for 2022. He recently landed a collaboration with American R&B star Pink Sweat$ for the Asia edition of his hit “I Feel Good.” It’s a full circle moment for the young artist, who’s also an avid listener of Sweat$. “Working with Pink Sweat$ is such an honor for me. I’ve covered some of Pink’s songs, and now we have a collaboration. That’s crazy,” he says. With his rise in the OPM charts, Arthur Miguel sees no sign of slowing down in his music career. He has one goal in mind- to be a relatable and comforting voice for his audience.


Multi-platinum selling pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer release their highly anticipated fifth studio album, 5SOS5. With 5SOS5, the band has ascended to the next level musically. The 19-track album showcases the band’s multi-faceted artistry and growth over their 10-year career, highlighting their dynamic pop-punk sound paired with reflective and intimate lyrics, with the majority of the new album written by the band and Michael Clifford leading on production.

The release of 5SOS5 includes their brand new single “Bad Omens’’ as well as previously released tracks “Blender”, “Take My Hand”, & “Me, Myself & I”, which gave fans an eagerly awaited preview of what to expect from the album. On Vulture’s list of most anticipated fall albums, they write: “Early singles ‘Complete Mess’ and ‘Me Myself & I’ promise more of the group’s signature power-pop sound, while adding a little synth-pop flair.”

5SOS5 also includes the band’s smash hit “COMPLETE MESS”, an anthemic single that took airwaves by storm as the #2 most added at Top 40 Radio with 100+ stations in the first week. The single was hailed by critics, with Rolling Stone (Australia) writing: “its nascent arrival showcase[es] the group’s evolved sound as they balance an expansive vibe with contemporary pop sensibilities … considered compositions and mature sound showcase a new version of 5 Seconds of Summer, but not one that is so far removed from what made them icons in the first place.”

In celebration of the release of 5SOS5, 5 Seconds of Summer played an exclusive global livestream “The Feeling of Falling Upwards” last night from the world-famous Royal Albert Hall in London. The band performed a set of reimagined versions of songs from their 11-year catalogue, plus brand-new songs from the new album, accompanied by an orchestra and choir. Watch the band’s live performance of brand new single “Bad Omens”

5SOS5 is the band’s first album to be released independently via BMG. The deluxe CD and digital versions of the album include 19 tracks with cassette and vinyl formats also available. Complete track listing is below.


Easy For You To Say
Bad Omens
Me Myself & I
Take My Hand
You Don’t Go To Parties
Best Friends
Red Line

Multilingual pop darling Valentina Ploy is back with a heart-wrenching track “Camera Roll”

Multilingual pop darling Valentina Ploy is back with a heart-wrenching track “Camera Roll” – her third single since signing with Warner Music Asia in April 2022.

A song for the heartbroken – Valentina sings about how the beautiful moments of a lost relationship are forever frozen in time in her “Camera Roll” contrary to the bleak reality. Living in a digital world, “Camera Roll” is relatable to all of us as we navigate our digital space post-breakup. With Valentina’s signature warm vocals and honest lyrical offerings, the track is one that is cathartic to listen to and comforting in knowing that you are not alone on this journey of heartbreak. “Camera Roll” will be accompanied by a music video; depicting a journey in finding balance between reminiscing and letting go.

Valentina shared, “I hope the song can be a safe place of comfort for people’s broken hearts. A place to safely hold on to memories and pictures that will live forever despite how things change in life and the people we lose along the way.”

In lieu of this release, Valentina shared her personal playlist in nursing a heartbreak and invited fans through social media to join her “Heartbreak Club”. A testament to how music has the power to make us feel, heal, and connect – the playlist now houses over hundreds of members, with each of them adding on tracks of their own that has helped or is helping them nurse their heartache.

Warner Music Asia announced on 21 April 2022 that it has formed a strategic alliance with Thailand’s premier independent record company What the Duck by signing Valentina Ploy, one of its most accomplished singer-songwriters.

This deal will see Warner Music Asia add the established Bangkok-based star to its roster of prominent singers, and will serve to support the What the Duck label in its work to elevate Valentina’s career to new heights. Warner Music will be harnessing the support of Warner Music Thailand to strengthen her domestic fan base, and utilizing the Group’s regional network to introduce her work to music lovers throughout Asia and beyond.

Here’s how TikTok propelled Ricky Montgomery into indie-pop stardom

If there’s an artist whose songs have aged like fine wine, it’s Ricky Montgomery. Anyone who’s on TikTok has probably heard two of the indie-pop star’s songs on repeat – “Mr. Loverman” and “Line Without a Hook.” The former is a softer, more gentle track that builds up to a rousing sing-along chorus, while the latter is a more upbeat narrative on coming of age paired with power-pop riffs.

Both songs were actually released in 2016 as part of Ricky’s album titled Montgomery Ricky, but it wasn’t until recently that they became certified hits. Today’s listeners have clearly found his sound to be equal parts comforting, relatable, and timeless. These songs, particularly “Line Without a Hook,” propelled him into TikTok stardom and earned him over one million followers on the platform.

Filipinos were quick to use Ricky’s songs on their videos, even creating their own storylines for them. One that has been especially popular is using “Line Without a Hook” for POV skits where the school nerd practices for a singing audition or talent show.

A screenshot of Ricky Montgomery’s duet video with TikTok star Spencer Serafica

Filipino content creator Feby Villar made a TikTok for this trend, and it has garnered over five million likes and 30 thousand comments, one of which came from Ricky himself. Another content creator, Spencer Serafica, also joined in on the fun and his creative take on the popular POV skit didn’t go unnoticed. Ricky ended up doing a duet video with his video.

This shows not only the appeal of Ricky’s songs, but his gratitude toward anyone who supports his music. His TikTok page is filled with countless other videos of him duetting with people who have used his songs as audio.

The virality of his songs on the social platform was a turning point for Ricky, who nearly quit being a musician just before his songs’ new-found fame. But with a little assurance of his music’s impact, especially during the pandemic, he decided to continue doing what he loves.

Ricky is currently doing a massive tour across the US, and has recently released an EP titled It’s 2016 Somewhere. It shares his genuine feelings about the whirlwind journey of his career and his life in general. It also serves as somewhat of a catharsis for him – one last look at the past before he moves toward what’s ahead.

Aside from including acoustic versions of his songs “Mr. Loverman” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” Ricky’s EP highlights key moments in his life, whether it’s heartbreak from a romantic relationship or the grief behind his dad’s death. Fans will be delighted that the EP is the best of both worlds: Ricky staying true to his sound while being a breath of fresh air to today’s indie-pop scene.

Check out this playlist to discover the best songs from Ricky Montgomery!

“Bla Bli Blu” is your new “I Love You”

Synonymous to “I love you”, “Bla Bli Blu” is a love language created by the Thai-Italian artist to express her love through this catchy feel-good track that she co-wrote with Richard Craker and Jackson Dimiglio. A glimpse into Valentina’s multilingualism, the pre-hook is a cheeky preview to her proficiency in Italian, French, and Spanish, as she professes her love in these languages before diving into a grand confession through her very own love language – “Bla Bli Blu”.

In explaining the inspiration behind the bathroom-written track that she speaks very fondly of; Valentina conveyed her difficulties in expressing her love in those three words as it can sometimes feel limiting. Putting her own spin into this expression, “Bla Bli Blu” carries an infectious charm and endearment that is hard to resist.

“Bla Bli Blu” will be accompanied by an adorable music video starring Valentina herself, and German-Thai actor Nino Wongchaiseree. As you’ll be tickled pink, the pair’s chemistry will make you relieve all the exhilaration a romance can offer, and have you fall in love with the compatible on-screen couple. Available this evening at 7pm (SGT), the official music video of “Bla Bli Blu” will be made live on Valentina Ploy’s YouTube channel.

Keep your eyes on the next “It Girl” on the block as “Bla Bli Blu” marks the first of many releases Valentina Ploy has in the pipeline with Warner Music Asia for the year.

Valentina shared, “I am so happy to be working with Warner Music. Very excited and grateful to become part of the family as I feel that they support my vision of developing my artist career beyond limits. It’s always been a dream of mine to bring my music to the world and Warner Music is perfectly suited to help me reach the widest audience possible. With Warner Music and What the Duck, I’ll have an amazing set of partners that will help me achieve my vision and goal.”

Warner Music Asia announced on 21 April 2022 that it has formed a strategic alliance with Thailand’s premier independent record company What the Duck by signing Valentina Ploy, one of its most accomplished singer-songwriters.

This deal will see Warner Music Asia add the established Bangkok-based star to its roster of prominent singers, and will serve to support the What the Duck label in its work to elevate Valentina’s career to new heights. Warner Music will be harnessing the support of Warner Music Thailand to strengthen her domestic fan base, and utilizing the Group’s regional network to introduce her work to music lovers throughout Asia and beyond.

Jamie Miller unveils debut Broken Memories EP

Pop singer-songwriter Jamie Miller is proud to unveil his debut EP, Broken Memories, available now via Atlantic Records/Geaux Uptown Records at all DSPs and streaming services HERE. Broken Memories sees Jamie affirming his talent for transforming heartache into songs with a profoundly uplifting power.

Today’s EP release is further celebrated by the anthemic single, “It Is What It Is,” produced by Louis Schoorl (5 Seconds of Summer) and Cal Shapiro (Timeflies), and co-written by Miller, Schoorl, and Shapiro. The guitar-driven anthem is joined by an official music video.

“‘It Is What It Is’ is what I tell myself anytime something doesn’t go my way,” Miller says. “It means that whatever happens, you can get through it and move on. It was important to me to include that song on the EP and let my fans know that even when things are dark, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The six-song Broken Memories includes the Wales-born, Los Angeles-based artist’s breakthrough hit, “Here’s Your Perfect,” along with such radiant new tracks as “Last Call“ and “I Lost Myself In Loving You.” Jamie’s heartfelt debut TV performance of “Last Call” on the Emmy Award-winning Kelly Clarkson Show. Currently boasting over 380M global streams and over 93M video views via YouTube thus far, “Here’s Your Perfect” proved a monumental triumph following its April 2021 release, spending 13 weeks on Billboard’s “Global Ex-US” chart amidst acclaim from major outlets like Rolling Stone on the strength of Miller’s fearlessly confessional songwriting and warm yet commanding vocal work. Now with well over 21M global streams, “I Lost Myself In Loving You” is joined by an official music video currently approaching 7M individual views via YouTube. These tracks and more have help Jamie earn over 480M global streams, 2.5 million TikTok followers, and 220 million YouTube views.

Recently named among PEOPLE’s “Talented Emerging Artists Making Their Mark in 2022“ and featured in a GRAMMY® Museum Mini Masterclass Jamie will mark the arrival of Broken Memories with his first-ever full US live run. The dates, which see him supporting Jesse McCartney’s “The New Stage Tour 2022,” get underway May 3rd at Cincinnati, OH’s Bogart’s and then travel through late June. For complete details, please visit www.jamiemillermusic.com.

Five female superstars who are dominating today’s music scene

March may have ended, but we’re not done celebrating Women’s History Month just yet! We’re putting the focus on some of our favorite superstars – multifaceted women who are making waves in and out of the music industry.

These women continue to elevate their respective genres and empower others to express themselves, all while exploring different aspects of their artistry. Read on to discover if your favorite artist made the cut, and what songs of theirs you can’t miss!

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is an artist that needs no introduction. This pop superstar started her career by posting song covers on YouTube, but what really propelled her into the spotlight was her hit song “New Rules.” From then on, it was just success after success for Dua, and the three-time Grammy Award winner is now currently on the US leg of her Future Nostalgia tour.

To share more about her experiences and create stronger connections with her fans, Dua also recently launched Service95. This weekly newsletter serves up a curation of recommendations, stories, and conversations that readers won’t see or read anywhere else. Not long after, she launched her podcast called Dua Lipa: At Your Service, where she and several podcast guests discuss relevant topics such as the importance of responsible storytelling and women supporting women.

Songs you can’t miss: We’re pretty sure you’ve listened to “Levitating” a handful of times (and we can’t blame you), but another fun and upbeat song to stream is Dua’s latest release – “Sweetest Pie” with Megan Thee Stallion.

Bella Poarch

Anyone who’s on TikTok is bound to know Bella Poarch. This pure Filipina rose to internet stardom after a video of her lip-syncing became viral in August 2020, getting more than 50 million likes. What eventually followed was her rise to becoming the #1 most followed Asian on TikTok worldwide! Soon, all eyes were on the 25-year-old star, and she proved not long after that her talents went beyond making TikTok videos.

In 2021, Bella released her first single called “Build a Bitch.” It became a global success, with its music video getting nearly 400 million views. This is no surprise, as the song is catchy, fresh, and calls out the unrealistic standards that women are told they must live up to. It’s clear that Bella uses her music not only to entertain, but also to go against problematic ideologies in today’s society.

Songs you can’t miss: “Build a Bitch” is a must-listen, but if you want the perfect blend of haunting and upbeat, check out her song with Sub Urban titled “Inferno.”


One female rap star who’s made a name for herself in recent years is Saweetie. The Grammy-nominated artist started writing rap music in her early teens, and has pursued her passion for it since then. From uploading a now-viral freestyle video on Instagram to creating countless hit songs like “ICY GRL,” “High Maintenance,” and “My Type,” Saweetie is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Outside of music, she released an ICY jewelry line and collaborated with UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThings for her very own collection. Hard work and independence have obviously always been in Saweetie’s blood, something that her Filipino-American family taught her at an early age. She’s proof that working for what you want pays off, and we are here for it!

Songs you can’t miss: If you’re looking for a song to hype you up and get you dancing, then “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat is the go-to. Looking for something more sultry and sensual? Then check out Saweetie’s new breezy single called “Closer” featuring H.E.R.


Unfiltered, honest, and genuine – these are some words that describe chart-topping pop singer GAYLE. Much like Bella Poarch, this Gen-Z artist blew up on TikTok after sharing her hit song “abcdefu” on the platform. Since then, she’s been receiving much deserved attention and acclaim, whether it’s being part of Billboard’s 21 under 21: The Ones To Watch or being a guest performer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

GAYLE recently released her debut EP “a study of the human experience volume one,” which touches on her insecurities, desires, and raw emotions. Her relatable and nuanced songs embrace vulnerability, while also empowering others to be unapologetic about their feelings.

Songs you can’t miss: If you loved “abcdefu,” then you’ll love the equally catchy “luv starved.”

Avril Lavigne

Rounding up this list is none other than pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne. The multi-platinum singer recently released her highly anticipated album “Love Sux,” sending fans into a frenzy. The album was well received, with a number of critics praising Avril for sticking to her nostalgic pop-punk sound while making sure it’s current and in the now.

Avril is set to go on her Bite Me 2022 Canada Tour this coming May, and will be part of several concerts and music festivals for the rest of the year. As a trailblazer in her genre and in the industry in general, she continues to inspire fellow artists to stay authentic to their true selves as they work on their craft.

Songs you can’t miss: If you want to listen to songs that are reminiscent of Avril’s past hits, then give “Bite Me” and “Love It When You Hate Me” a try.

Avril Lavigne set to bring her Love Sux Tour to Manila this November

We’ve compiled all the songs you can’t miss from these artists onto one playlist! Listen to them here

Love Sux: Avril Lavigne releases 7th studio album

Eight-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multi-platinum singer, songwriter, designer, and philanthropist Avril Lavigne releases her highly anticipated new album, Love Sux, via Travis Barker’s DTA Records.

The 12-track album is Avril’s seventh studio album and marks the first new music to be released from the star since 2019. Love Sux showcases Lavigne’s beloved pop-punk sound in an iconic new way, featuring epic collaborations and chart-topping hits, including previously released singles “Bite Me” and “Love It When You Hate Me” feat. blackbear.

“Love Sux finds Lavigne totally in her element…Combining the frenzied energy and fervor of her youth with the 20 years experience she has under her belt since Let Go, Love Sux is Lavigne ready to reclaim her status as a true superstar.” – Forbes

“Bursting with Lavigne’s striking runs, spunky one-liners and the rush that made listeners become fans of her work from the get-go. It’s what makes “Love Sux” both nostalgic and of the moment.” – Los Angeles Times

“Avril Lavigne is known for being a pillar of pop-punk in the early 2000s, who paved her own path in the male dominated alt-rock world…But the Grammy Award-nominated artist is reminding everyone that she is still the master of the genre in her new seventh album, “Love Sux.”” – Associated Press

“A full-throttle, Warped Tour-ready spectacle, 33 minutes of brash guitar licks and snarling kiss-offs…Love Sux could be described as a return to form for the ‘pop-punk princess’” – Billboard

To celebrate the album launch, Avril appeared on Good Morning America this morning for a chat and performance of her hit single “Love It When You Hate Me” featuring blackbear – WATCH HERE

Tonight, Avril will perform at The Roxy in Los Angeles for an exclusive invitation-only concert for SiriusXM and Pandora’s Small Stage Series. The concert will feature Lavigne performing music from Love Sux as well as fan-favorites. Avril Lavigne’s Small Stage Series concert will premiere on the SXM App on March 2.

Avril kicks off her Bite Me 2022 Canada Tour this May and will also be headlining iHeartRadio’s Daytime Stage on Saturday, Sept. 24 which will take place at the immersive event and entertainment district, AREA15, in Las Vegas. Avril can be seen across the music festival circuit this Fall, with performances at the When We Were Young Festival, Firefly Festival, and Boston Calling Music Festival. For more information on Avril’s upcoming tour dates, please visit: avrillavigne.com.

LOVE SUX Tracklist

Bois Lie (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Bite Me
Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear)
Love Sux
Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending
Déjà Vu
All I Wanted (feat. Mark Hoppus)
Dare To Love Me
Break Of A Heartache