Jensen Gomez measures the crazy sensation of human experience in 3 unique singles

HELP YOURSELF TO SOME HAPPY MISFORTUNES – From a bittersweet love song to a timeless feel-good anthem to a dance track for a carefree night out, Jensen Gomez showcases his range through 3 singles that take you to different places in his life.

“Let Me In” is a sentimental track about second tries. It features calm guitar, brass instruments, and a voice dipped in regret. One of the notable lyrics is “Please, let me in, Let me explain, All my faults and my lies that drove you away”–pointing to the song’s purpose as a sonic love letter. Jensen repeats 2 major hooks several times, mirroring the behavior of an apology towards someone you love, who existed in love with you.

Moving on from the simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming ballad– Jensen steps into a scene where he celebrates his many misadventures. “Another Day” is your perfect vacation hangout song. Its smooth guitar licks and light melody make for something chill you can play on road trips, beach vacations, night drives with your friends, or even while you’re fixing up a refresher for yourself at home. Not only does it express Jensen’s new kind of happiness, but works as a serotonin boost for its listeners too. A nod to making mistakes and happy misfortunes, “Another Day” is a song for those who persist through the good and the bad.

A seasoned songwriter with tons of meaningful experiences in his arsenal, Gomez pays homage to his past hits by weaving easter eggs into his lyrics. The song was also written for the people who make him feel happier, the ones who encourage him to live another day. With phrases like “grey to a rainbow” and “hazy to sunny, BTTR to honey”, Gomez emphasizes that his life has taken a turn for the better. This uplifting track is a musical scrapbook of Jensen’s challenges, contentment, and creativity.

With this new go-with-the-flow attitude, Jensen introduces a smooth but hype tune that you can play while getting ready for an evening of drinks and dancing. “BMF” is a modern-loving anthem with 80s funk R&B influence that is sure to get you feeling yourself. Written about a man caught in the trance of an enrapturing woman, “BMF” is all about contagious confidence, chances, and admiration. Featuring artists Seonna, Earl of Manila, and Carl Mesina, you’ll find a mix of head-bopping rap and heart-melting vocals. The song’s mellow bass lines and throwback-sound synths build a suave vibe that rounds out Jensen’s musical story.

You can listen to all 3 singles on Jensen’s EP, “Phases Vol. 3”, the third installment in a series of EP releases that show the diversity of his experiences and talents. Jensen Gomez shows through his music that he is a man made of memories, an artist who can also mold his sound to his stories.

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