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Legendary guitar hero Slash returns to Manila with Myles Kennedy & THe Conspirators

There’s really not much to say when you’re voted the second-best electric guitar player of all time, second only to Jimi Hendrix, or one of the one hundred greatest guitarists OF ALL TIME; when your work has defined an entire generation of hard rock/metal and still continues to move and inspire a generation of musicians and songwriters; when – through the decades – you are sought-after by the biggest names across numerous genres who want to collaborate and share the stage with you.

Yep – there is only one Slash. His chops and ability to create some of the most-memorable guitar moments of the 20th and 21st century is as easily recognizable as his image: signature top hat and Gibson Les Paul included. And serious rock fans – especially Filipino rock fans – who have admired and worshipped his work will lose their minds with the news that Slash and Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators will be returning to Manila via Peace Integrated Marketing, Sin Ye Long and Jasper Production. The show will be produced by PULP LIVE WORLD (in partnership with Dragon Art Entertainment, The Rock Promotions, and Peace Integrated Marketing) who notably was the first to bring in Slash way back in May 2013.

The show – which is part of the The River Is Rising Tour 2024 – will take place on March 12, 2024 at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City. Tickets go on sale this Friday, December 1, 2023 and will be made available through Ticketnet Outlets nationwide and online through ticketnet.ph.

An original member of the phenomenal late 80s hard rock group Guns N’ Roses, Slash (born Saul Hudson) has played, collaborated and toured with the likes of Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Rihanna, Carole King, Bob Dylan and Paul Rodgers to name a very distinct few. After the worldwide success of Guns N’ Roses, Slash formed a side project Slash’s Snakepit which also found critical success, but by 2002, made waves with his new group Velvet Revolver, which featured former bandmates Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and the last, great Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots.

By 2009, Slash finally released his self-titled solo debut which featured a veritable who’s-who of popular music: Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Dave Grohl, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. Though it was his music, he wasn’t alone and was actually in good company, as it morphed years later into an excellent working relationship with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators which he has released a total of four critically acclaimed full-length albums with, namely 2012’s Apocalyptic Love, 2014’s World on Fire, 2018’s Living The Dream and last year’s straightforwardly monikered 4.

Of course, when the news was first announced via social media that Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators were returning to Manila, an almost-immediate frenzy among Filipino music fans broke-out online. Having since rejoined Guns N’ Roses and playing venues worldwide for the past few years, Slash has since reclaimed his throne as the greatest, and most important guitarists of all time. So fans can definitely expect another explosive, high-voltage true-to-the-bone hard rock show next year, so save the date and buy your tickets now!

For more information on ticket prices, seating and updates, log on to PULP.PH and follow PULP Live World on FB via: https://www.facebook.com/pulpliveworldprod

20 Years of Saosin: 2 Epic Nights of Rocking Out in Manila

Saosin’s 20th anniversary tour is monumental for longtime Filipino fans who grew up in the MySpace era as they finally got to see the American rock band on stage — 13 years after Saosin’s first Manila visit in January 2010. Manila was the first stop of the band’s Asia tour this year, and they had two sold-out shows at the SM North EDSA Skydome last Nov. 3 and 4.

During the first show, Thai metalcore band Defying Decay opened the night with a loud bang and played one of their big hits, “Judas Kiss.”

Cove Reber returned to Manila as Saosin’s lead vocalist during their Asia tour, while Phil Sgrosso, who is also from metalcore band As I Lay Dying, played the lead guitar.

As the band opened with “Its Far Better to Learn,” a lot fans were jumping, clapping, and screaming at the top of their lungs. It felt surreal. Cove kept hyping the fans up, and he asked the crowd if it’s their first time seeing the band perform and which songs they would like to hear.

Saosin performed a lot of songs from their debut EP, Translating The Name, and their self-titled album released in 2006. Their set included “Sleepers,” “Lost Symphonies,” “Bury Your Head,” “Come Close,” and “Collapse.”

It felt nostalgic when they performed “I Can Tell There Was an Accident Here Earlier,” which brought every emo kid and fans who were also at Saosin’s first show in Manila back to memory lane. Another highlight of the set was when Cove did a stage dive during the band’s performance of “Seven Years.” Finale songs “Voices” and “You’re Not Alone” wrapped an adrenaline-filled show.

Saosin’s Manila show was a full house, and the Skydome was jam-packed with hardcore fans. Some were already in queue hours before the show, eager to rock and experience an electrifying show that only Saosin could deliver.

SAOSINinMNL2023 is presented by Pulp Live World.
Words by Danica Haresco
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

Saosin Live in Manila 2023 Setlist
It’s Far Better to Learn
Lost Symphonies
Bury Your Head
I Can Tell There Was an Accident Here Earlier
Come Close
Zero (The Smashing Pumpkins cover)
Translating the Name
Seven Years
You’re Not Alone

Silverstein’s Halloween Manila gig

Halloween was never dull for elder emos and post-hardcore kids since Silverstein boomed chugging octaves last October 31 at SM North EDSA Skydome.

After three years since their last Philippines gig; Shane, Marc, Paul, Josh, and Billy carried much heavier sounds and djent-y riffs on their latest concert in Manila.

As frontman Shane shared, their last stay in the Philippines was one of the most unforgettable experiences that they have had as a band. Not just because of the dried mangoes, and its people, but also one of their last gigs before the pandemic strikes.

In his words, “We were here in Manila for three or four days because apparently, you can’t fly when a volcano erupts” –referring to Taal’s volcanic emission of 2020.

But since they are back, they started their show with heavier riffs from songs such as “Ultraviolet,” “Retrograde,” and “Burn It Down.”

This was then followed by the third track from their studio album “When Broken Is Easily Fixed” titled “Giving Up.” This was followed by “It’s Over,” and “California.”

“Sometimes it’s really nice to express myself and talk to you guys,” Shane shares. Showing gratitude to their avid listeners, he furthered that “We’ve been doing this for twenty-two years. But we don’t take this shit for granted. Not a single day… We have the privilege to do this. And Play for you. It’s just incredible. Thank you.”

As the frontman dived into channeling a deeper connection with Silverstein’s fans, he mentions:

“And I know you spent a lot of money and time to travel all over [the] Philippines to be here… Through airplanes or fly some kind of volcanic ash or whatever. To be here. And that truly means so so much.”

Heavy magnitude was then felt when, “American Dream,” “Ideas of March,’ and “Bankrupt” played. 8Kids hardcore dancing in the pit releasing cathartic energy so brutally, that the venue shakes so loosely.

But moshing doesn’t end there. “Infinite,” “Bad Habits,” “Massachusetts” and “Poison Pill” created louder reverberations in the venue.

Then Silverstein paid homage to Linkin Park. This is by playing their debut single “One Step Closer.” After that, their most staple song was next–”My Heroine.”

“Afterglow,” and “Live Like This” closed curtains, but since the fans were asking for an encore, the Canadian band played their melodic tapped-based song “Smile In Your Sleep.”

All’s well that ends well they said. But for Shane, “There is only one way to solidify this sh*t.” And that is by ending the show with a wall of death. Fans then formed a huge space, and then collide violently via the track “The Altar / Mary.”

Silverstein Live in Manila 2023 was presented by PULP Live.

Words by Aram Lascano
Photos by Danilo Factor

Silverstein in Manila 2023 Setlist
-Burn It Down
-Giving Up
-It’s Over
-American Dream
-The Ides of March
-Bad Habits
-Poison Pill
-One Step Closer(Linkin Park cover)
-My Heroine
-Live Like This
-The Altar/Mary

Mayday Parade to Manila Concert Fans — “And I hope it makes you happy now…”

Audio glitch was never a problem for Mayday Parade as Filipino fans aided the progressions by singing every line as loud as they could.

The band might never go back to Georgia, not unless they have to. Or at the very least, if you wanted a better pun to be written “all you have to do is ask.”

But four years after their last Philippine tour and the drastic pandemic that shackled everyone, the emotive pop-punk band Mayday Parade came back to the country for a soldout show that included their greatest hits at the New Frontier Theater.

The venue was filled with emotive voices from Manila’s finest emo and pop-punk kids as Mayday Parade returned to the nation’s capital last October 27. And as anticipated, people were seen falling in long line as early as four in the afternoon.

Mayday Parade’s last tour in 2019 only had two legs — in Luzon and Visayas. But this year, PULP Live World included Mindanao in the roster.

And We Both Go Down Together

Minutes after eight, the venue’s atmosphere was covered in darkness and was paired with eerie tunes, as well as screeching sounds from fans. Soon after, Derek, Alex, Jeremy, and Jake started to appear on stage.

Anticipated screams from different sides of the venue even got louder as soon as Derek hollered “Mabuhay Manila,” as Mayday Parade jumpstarted the event with “Oh Well, Oh Well.”

The concert’s atmosphere didn’t just include the band’s presence and the booming speakers that resonate with the fans’ favorite songs. Mise-en-scène wise, the audience was provided with an anamorphic LED that provided both concert and theatrical experiences, and a live, creative karaoke display with lyrics that were in sync with their performance.

“More Like A Crash” and “Anywhere But Here” were performed next. This was delivered by both the band and their fans with the same composure and level of audience impact as their first song.

Derek then interacted with the fans. While Derek, Alex, Jeremy, and Jake were present at their concert, the next big question that one might ask is “Where’s Brooks?”

According to the lead vocalist, the reason for one of their axe men’s absence is that Brooks is waiting for the birth of his child.

“If You Wanted…” Audio Glitch?

The fifth track on the setlist is also the fifth song on their 2007 album “A Lesson In Romantics.” Upbeat drum and bass lines started to reverberate in NFT which signaled that the classic track titled “If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask” would be playing.

While everyone was on the verge of singing, the audio became static, and the crowd could only hear the sound from Jake’s drums. But the audience did not budge and continued singing the lines of the song’s chorus. Was it intentional? Was it a glitch? Tell us watcha think!

And in case you are wondering what happened next, the band continued their set with jumpy tracks “When You See My Friends” and “Piece Of Your Heart.”

Mayday Parade’s album “Monsters in the Closet” dropped ten years ago. What better way to celebrate and pay homage to a decade since its release by getting bouncy with the feel-good song “Girls.” This was followed by “It’s Hard to Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated by Bolts of Lightning.”

Piano and Their Blues on a Roll

A Nord piano synth was laid out with only Derek on stage, and then he shared the reason for his and the band’s hiatus.

Seeing light through darkness, he emphasized, “I want you to know that I miss this very much, and it means the world.” As a toast, they then played “Three Cheers for Five Years.”

For Derek, “Emo music is alive and well in 2023.” He furthered that if a melodramatic song isn’t enough, two is definitely better. It was a cue for their drummer Jake to join him on stage. Derek then pressed the piano keys as they whispered the lines: “Katy, don’t cry, I know. You’re trying your hardest.”

After playing “Miserable at Best,” they sang “Terrible Things,” and then regrouped for “Stay.”

With the full band in the lineup, “Kids in Love,” “Got Me All Wrong,” and “You Be The Anchor…” played. But the show didn’t end there. It would be a sold-out show without an encore.

With the same energy since the first song, fans were still eager to sing along to “Jersey.” And to conclude the concert, memories were sealed with “Jamie All Over.”

The event was presented by PULP Live World and included Manila Concert Scene as its media partner.
Words by Aram Lascano
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

-Oh Well, Oh Well
-More Like a Crash
-Anywhere but Here
-Kids Of Summer
-If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask
-When You See My Friends
-Piece of Your Heart
-It’s Hard to Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated by -Bolts of Lightning
-I’d Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About
-Three Cheers for Five Years
-Miserable at Best
-Terrible Things
-Kids in Love
-Got Me All Wrong
-You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I’ll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart in the Clouds
-Jamie All Over

10 Silverstein and Saosin Tracks That Will Summon The Elder Emo In You

Concert promoter PULP Live will bring two post-hardcore classics Saosin and Silverstein live in Manila. Both will be happening at SkyDome on two separate dates.

Silverstein will be performing live on Halloween, October 31. Gates will open at 6 PM, while the intensive emo nostalgia will commence at 8 PM.

Silverstein’s show in Manila Ticket prices range from P5500 for ROYALTY (that comes with Photo Meet & Greet and Priority Entrance), P4000 for VIP, and P3000 for General Admission.

Saosin on the other hand will be chugging their symphonies on November 3 and 4 at 8 PM. Ticket prices for their shows range from P3500 for VIP, and P2500 for General Admission. The staple emotive post-hardcore band will be fronted by Thai alternative metal band Defying Decay.

That being said, we have decided to create a quick refresher to unleash the same old emo kid trapped inside an adult body just like you.

It’s Far Better To Learn

Your Sword Versus My Dagger

Just, imagine moshing with a crowd of Silverstein fans while this song is playing.

Bury Your Head

Smile In Your Sleep


Smash Into Pieces

This became an emo anthem, it was even performed by one of the contestants of the show American Idol.

Call It Karma

This might be the softest song in the list but you know deep inside that this hits home really hard.


My Heroine

Seven Years

If you don’t even know what this is, we don’t even know what kind of ‘emo’ music you are listening to.

Words by Aram Lascano

The Corrs Live in Manila: There’s Nothing Like The Corrs and Their Filipino Fans

Twenty-two years is a long time. Just ask the Filipino fans of Irish band The Corrs. So when it was announced in March that the Corr siblings would finally come back to Manila after 22 years, the anticipation began. Fast-forward to October, and The Corrs’ fans flocked to the Araneta Coliseum on Oct. 21 and 22, ready to sing their hearts out and give all the love in the world to the band that’s been a constant in their lives for decades.

Pop-rock sister band Germein opened the night, and the Australian group played their songs “Talking,” “Good for a Girl,” and “Suitcase,” their recent single.

I had goosebumps when Caroline then appeared on stage and played the drums that introduced their opening song, “Only When I Sleep.” The curtains fell and Andrea danced her way to the mic before she sang, and the crowd was immediately under her spell. The Corrs then performed “Give Me a Reason” and “Summer Sunshine.”

“Mabuhay, Manila! Magandang gabi. Masaya kaming makabalik dito,” Andrea greeted the crowd during the first show that weekend. She also said the band really wanted to come back and that their 2001 concert, which was also held in Araneta, was unforgettable.

“There’s a lot of bad times in the world these days, but this is not one of them. Let’s have an amazing night tonight and share the love. Thank you! Salamat!”

The Corrs played instrumental “Lough Erin Shore,” and it was exhilarating seeing each sibling’s talent on display. It then transitioned into “Forgiven, Not Forgotten.” Another infectious song included in the set is “What Can I Do,” and the crowd sang a couple of lines during the chorus. After hearing the fans sing, Andrea said, “You’re amazing!”
They also covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies,” and Andrea introduced it as a tribute to Christine McVie, the late keyboardist and co-vocalist of the iconic rock band. The Corrs performed “Dreams” as well, another Fleetwood Mac original.

A couple of songs that they also covered that night were The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s ‘”Little Wing” and Jimmy McCarthy’s “No Frontiers,” with Sharon and Caroline as lead vocals.

The Corrs performed their other hits, such as “Don’t Say You Love Me,” “Radio,” and “Queen of Hollywood.” They also paid homage to their roots as the band played traditional instrumental songs: “Joy of Life / Trout in the Bath” and “Haste to the Wedding.”

One of the highlights of the set for me was “Ellis Island,” which Andrea said is very relevant today. Their harmonies gave me goosebumps. You get the feeling that this is a song that’s close to their hearts especially because the band is also known for their philanthropy.
“So Young” and “I Never Loved You Anyway” wrapped The Corrs’ set, with the Manila choir providing additional vocals, and the band was further fueled by the crowd participation.

The fans wanted more and shouted for an encore, and the coliseum shook as everyone stomped their feet.

The Corrs took the stage again, and before introducing the band, Andrea said she was a bit overwhelmed, clearly emotionally moved by their fans.
“Say it’s true; there’s nothing like me and you.” That line is simply nostalgic and unearthed memories that we associate with “Runaway.” Andrea was emotional as she let the crowd sing the chorus. She removed her in-ears and just listened to the crowd.

Cheers also erupted when The Corrs started performing “Breathless,” and Irish traditional folk tune “Toss the Feathers” was the last song of the band’s encore.

The Corrs played two sold out shows that weekend and performed hit after hit for thousands of their Filipino fans. We heard the sound, harmonies, lyrics, and Andrea’s distinct voice that we’ve all listened to countless times, and watching The Corrs perform from their first song to their last was such a thrill. After the confetti has fallen and the show has wrapped, our memories of The Corrs’ undeniable talent and grace coupled with their timeless hits can still leave us breathless.

The Corrs Live in Manila is made possible by PULP Live World.
Words by Ava Sumortin
Photos by Kevin Pableo

Only When I Sleep
Give Me a Reason
Summer Sunshine
Erin Shore / Forgiven, Not Forgotten
What Can I Do
Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Don’t Say You Love Me
Little Wing (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
No Frontiers (Jimmy MacCarthy cover) (Sharon and Caroline Corr on lead vocals)
Joy of Life / Trout in the Bath
Ellis Island
Haste to the Wedding
Queen of Hollywood
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
So Young
I Never Loved You Anyway

Toss the Feathers


The longest-running metal festival in Southeast Asia returns! And in true PULP-style, the musical mayhem is only getting bigger, louder, and better for Filipino fans of true hard rock and metal.

Dubbed PULP Summer Slam XX: Worlds Collide, the event – which happens next year on March 23rd, 2024 at the famed Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City- not only aims to keep the fine tradition of delivering the best artists the genre has to offer, but also to continuously elevate the overall concert experience for rock fans, through an impressive display of lights, sound, and perks like exclusive meet n’ greet packages for diehard aficionados.

PULP Summer Slam XX boasts of an all-international lineup of 10 internationally acclaimed bands coming from all corners of the globe: from Italy, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE will be delivering a frighteningly impressive set of symphonic and technical death metal, while Sau Paolo Brazil’s CRYPTA is an all-female death metal outfit that has been making waves in the worldwide metal community. From Seoul, South Korea, genre-bending all-female rock outfit ROLLING QUARTZ will surely add a healthy dose of both sonic and visual candy to the lineup, and Japan’s PROMPTS are raising the flag for melodic heavy metal. And from various cities of the United States, bands like LA DISPUTE (a post-hardcore group from Grand Rapids, Michigan), FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY (a New Jersey-based deathcore band), OF VIRTUE (metalcore from Lansing, Michigan) will be bringing various sounds and styles with their unique takes on the subgenres under the heavy metal umbrella, including show co-headliners like metalcore cult legends CODE ORANGE and modern punk rock band STORY OF THE YEAR, a surefire favorite that emerged and quickly rose to worldwide popularity during the early part of the millennium.

Headlining the festival to bring the metalcore thunder from down under is PARKWAY DRIVE, arguably one of the biggest Australian underground metal bands the world has ever seen. Hailing from Byron Bay, New South Wales, the band – featuring vocalist Winston McCall, guitarists Jeff Ling and Luke Kilpatrick, bassist Jia O’Connor, and drummer Ben Gordon – Parkway Drive is definitely anticipated by many fans, as this would be their second time in the country, the first show being 12 years ago in 2011 which was also produced by PULP Live World.

“I had thought of ending PULP Summer Slam on its 20th year but I’ve changed my mind… metal shall live,” PULP Live World Productions CEO Vernon Go simply shared, when asked for his thoughts about the upcoming event. Himself a heavy metal fan, he and PULP Live World have been responsible for bringing in the biggest names in the genre over the past two decades, like Megadeth, Lamb of God, ArchEnemy, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel, Killswitch Engage and many, many more – bands that no other company would dare to touch or invite to the Philippines.

Without a doubt, PULP Summer Slam still holds its rightful reputation as being the most legitimate metal festival for Filipino fans since its first installment in the year 2000. It has become an annual mecca of sorts, where fans from all over the country – and the world – gather to celebrate and support both artists and each other to keep the flame of the worldwide heavy metal scene burning bright.

Tickets to PULP Summer Slam XX: Worlds Collide go on sale worldwide on October 31st, 2023 at 10am PH time via PULP Tickets, SM Tickets, and TicketNet outlets and online. PULP ROYALTY Tickets will only be available through pulptickets.com or by emailing royalty@pulp.ph. So be sure to spread the word and raise them horns! PULP Summer Slam is back! See you at the Slam!

For more information and updates, keep tuned-in to PULP Live World social media pages and pulp.ph.


Hwang Min Hyun made his much-awaited return to Manila last October 8 at the New Frontier Theater for his first solo mini concert. Min Hyun has a rich K-pop background as the former lead vocalist of NU’EST and a member of Wanna One, and earlier this year he released his first mini album, “Truth or Lie.”

The show kicked off with Min Hyun’s explosive performance of his popular title track “Hidden Side,” which currently has almost 5 million streams on Spotify. He looked so handsome in a stylish black and white outfit. After a brief intro in Filipino and Korean, he showed off his strong vocals with the ballads “Honest” and “Earphone.”

Unveiling Different Sides of Himself
The interview segments and mini games hosted by Kring Kim were unexpected but were a good way to learn more about Min Hyun. In the Unveil Timing game, he had to complete challenges from three categories: In Dancing, he incorrectly guessed the next dance move from his music video. In Singing, he was able to sing the next lines of his songs. In Acting, a scene from his previous drama was shown, but he wasn’t able to recall the next line. He said, “I realized my memory is not so good after all! But I enjoyed the game because the different categories made me go back to my different projects.”

As penalty for getting two challenges wrong, he danced short snippets of the songs “Super Shy” by New Jeans and “Betcha” by Baekhyun.

Then it was back to showcasing his vocals as he sang “So Beautiful” from the webtoon After School Lessons for Unripe Apples, and “Tree” from the drama Alchemy of Souls, where he played the role of Seo Yul. After an outfit change, he turned up the heat with his performances of “Perfect Type” and “Cube.”

The Actor+Singer
One of the highlights was the segment “Hwang Min Hyun’s Music Album Season 2,” where Min Hyun seamlessly blended his acting and singing talents. He assumed the role of a radio DJ and after reading a letter he shared songs that he felt could relate to the letter sender’s situation. He sang beautiful renditions of “Back in Time” by K.Will, “The Snowman” by Jung Seung Hwan, “White Night” by Zitten, and “Crazy” by Mark Smith.

He thanked the Hwangdos, as his fans are called, for their unwavering support before ending the segment with a sweet performance of his highly anticipated song, “Universe.”

Grateful Man
Min Hyun was generous with fan interactions, giving smiles, waves and even acknowledging fans who screamed their love and adoration for him.

He appeared onstage again for an encore performance of the sweet and catchy “Crossword” and was also surprised by a video from the fans. He thanked his Hwangdos multiple times throughout the evening and one of his messages was: “Thank you for being with me. Thank you for your love and support. It will give me more energy to stand up.”

The mini concert was thoroughly enjoyable, and Hwang Min Hyun’s angelic voice, dancing skills, even his short acting snippets impressed everyone. Fans old and new can look forward to his future music releases and upcoming acting projects.

2023 HWANG MIN HYUN MINI CONCERT ‘UNVEIL’ in MANILA was presented by PLEDIS Entertainment, TONZ Entertainment, PULP Live World, and Happee Hour.
Words by R. Enriquez
Photos by Althea Planta

CONCERT ROUND-UP: Against The Current’s Melodic Lullabies Took SkyDome To Infinity

I want you to sing this as a promise that you will never ever give up

This is how Against The Current Frontman Chrissy Constanza boosted the crowd at SM North EDSA Sky Dome last October 8.

Following their “Past Lives” tour, Against The Current has once again boomed another set of serene noises for their much-awaited “Nightmares and Daydreams” tour.

Creating their legacy in both K-pop and pop-punk, PULP provided two avenues at the same date for two separate venues.

Skydome might not be as packed as other concert venues in Quezon City, but fans have certainly impressed the band by singing along in chorus to all of their songs. In reciprocation, the band did not disappoint, shocking their fans with 21 songs for a two-hour event.

A blue aural light signaled the start of their intimate show inside the small dome. Members soon appeared on stage, including their tour bassist, David Whitmoore.

They first played the songs “good guy,” “Wildfire,” and “again&again.” Followed by the bouncing tune of “jump.”

The band is no stranger to the Manila Concerts Scene. They have played six times in the country. That being mentioned Chrissy then expressed that she is hopeful that that her viewers would like their next song “Strangers Again.” They quickly followed it with “Personal.”

Lights then dimmed again, but bright blue lights began brushing everyone’s faces. It then boomed the crowd with the song “Running With The Wild Things.” This was cheerfully reciprocated by the crowd with simultaneous claps throughout the song’s breakdown.

Known for their pop-punk and electronic progressions, the band electrified everyone with one of their newer release “blindfolded.” The strobe lights even began flashing faster, and harder to the tune of the beefy song. They dropped louder basslines with “Silent Stranger.” Then a quick breather and sing-along started with “lullaby.” This was followed by “Paralyzed,”“Another You (Another Way),” and “Roses.”

Will leaves his drum set set to pick up an acoustic guitar. He then played some chords. The drummer-turned-rhythm guitarist was then accompanied by Dan who is noodling riffs. After that, Chrissy started singing “Almost Forgot.” They continued the acoustic sesh for the song “Chasing Ghosts.” “Voices” then echoed its waves.

“Can you save me now? I get lost up in the clouds Can you save me now? You were my gravity..” these are lines that fans sang in chorus. Chrissy on the other hand asked them to turn their phone lights on and go crazy as they could. Which the fans gladly did in return.

A quick chill trip down to the “twisted fantasies of their ecstacies” led them to “Wasteland.” Just breaking it down to “that won’t save us.”

Of course, it would be enough for the fans if they haven’t heard the most staple ones. They started chanting “more” which led to screaming the band’s initials–ATC. Surely, the band ended it with an explosive closure with “Legends Never Die,” and “Weapon.”

Against The Current Live in Manila 2023 is made possible by Pulp Live World
Words by Aram Lascano
Photos by Seth Valenzuela, Aram Lascano

Concert Round-up: One OK Rocks Araneta For Their Luxury Disease Tour

Filipinos have an intricate passion for emo and Japanese music. It might be the reason why One OK Rock blazed a sold-out neon show at Araneta Coliseum on September 26 for the Manila leg of the “Luxury Disease” tour. After the postponement of their 2020 tour due to the pandemic, and thanks to PULP Live, One OK Rock has successfully mounted a full-house show this year. The tour is their avenue to promote their tenth studio record, released in 2022, called “Luxury Disease.”

One OK Rock played a total of 17 tracks for their Filipino fans, including a rerun of the song “Neon Lights” and an extra encore for Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. Notable since they only played 16 on previous shows.
Soon enough, as One OK Rock entered the stage, a streak of beautifully engineered lights brushed onto the faces of the audience.

They opened their concert with the song “Wonder.Taka Moriuchi then stepped out carrying a big grin, shouting while people from all of the sections started to jump. “Let me see you fucking down. It’s been a fucking while in Manila. We miss you so so much,” Moriuchi screams.
After that, the lights dimmed, and stomps began shaking the 63-year-old venue. Indeed, it was a signal for the song “Save Your Self.” Onwards, it was followed by a chorus of people finding themselves singing along to the track “Let Me Let You Go.”

“Clock Strikes” then followed through. Then, a series of gang shouts were exerted for the songs “I Was A King” and “Renegade.”
Ryota Kohoma was then placed in the spotlight. One of the treats is that he spoke to the crowd in Filipino. The tight venue’s heat was also never a problem for the guitarist Toru Yamashita since he brought an “abaniko” with him on stage.

“Kamusta kayong lahat? Masaya ba kayo diyan? Ako din,” Kohoma while hyping the crowd.
“Ilan sa inyo napakinggan na ang bagong album? Nagustuhan n’yo ba? Naibigan n’yo? ,” the bassist added.

Their drummer, Tomaya Kanki, thanked everyone who came. “Maraming salamat! Masaya akong nandito para sa inyo,” he said.
He even further said that he loves Filipino food and, of course, its people. “I love sisig! I love adobo! Mahal ko kayong lahat! “The drummer stressed.

The three then exhibited their talents by playing an instrumental blues riff. It then became a smooth transition to the heavy song “Neon.”
It may be the caveat of the show. People turned the lights on their phones, raising their fists to the war chant.

One time wasn’t enough for the Philippines to hear the song. Taka asked for another round of “Neon,” creating a more aggressive and heavier aura as fans cheered the line “neon lights” for the band. Then next up, they performed “Make It Out Alive.”

Taka expressed his utmost gratitude to the fans. He also stressed, “Five years feels like a long time,referring to their last concert in Manila. Then Taka and Toru dedicated a sing-a-long karaoke season to their viewers. It is for the song entitled “Your Tears Are Mine.”

Then for the last three songs, staples were given to the fans namely “The Beginning,” “Stand Out Fit In,” and “Wasted Nights.”

But the band and fans can’t get enough. An encore was provided for the song “Wherever You Are”
They also surprised the attendees by adding another song for the last hoorah. One OK rocks Araneta for one last time with their classic song “Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer.”

Luxury Disease World Tour: One OK Rock Live in Manila 2023 is made possible by Pulp Live World
Words by Aram Lascano
Photos by @ruihashimoto / ONE OK ROCK Facebook Page