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On May 21, Korean actor Wi Ha Jun held his first ever fan meet and concert in Manila at the New Frontier Theater. The event was organized by bench/ as part of him being a global ambassador for the Filipino brand.

The event was a huge success, with fans of all ages gathering to catch a glimpse of Wi Ha Jun. The actor charmed the audience with his good looks, impeccable charisma, and unique charm. His time on the stage was spent on fun games with his fans, a ramen date and a showcase of his dancing skills.

During the fan meet part of the event, Wi Ha Jun shared stories about his life and career, and answered questions from event host, Sam Oh. He revealed fun facts about him like how he loves reading scripts, how his fans motivate him in his fitness journey, and his love for his hometown back in Korea.

Wi Ha Jun’s articulate answers and strong stage presence proved once again that he is not just a talented actor but also an amazing performer. He thanked his fans for their support and love, promising to use the energy and love he got from his fancon to fuel him in th betterment of his craft.

Overall, Wi Ha Jun’s fan meet and concert in Manila was a memorable experience for both the actor and his fans. It showcased his versatility as an artist and his genuine appreciation for the people who have supported him throughout his career.

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

An Afternoon with Wi Ha Jun

Wi Ha Jun, the breakout star from the hit Netflix series “Squid Game,” has recently visited Manila for a series of engagements with Filipino fans and media. The South Korean actor arrived recently and was welcomed by select members of the press on May 20, 2023 – thanks to lifestyle brand, bench/.

“I am thrilled to be in Manila and to meet my Filipino fans. I never expected that ‘Squid Game’ would have such a huge following. I am grateful,” said Wi Ha Jun during the event. And his excitement is palpable considering the fan meet would be his first ever fancon.
The quick session with the press also gave us a glimpse into some of the actor’s impressions of the country. Replying to the questions set by event host, Sam Oh, the actor revealed some fun facts about him.

He shares that he’s surprised by the warm weather and calls it “welcoming”. He too would love to see more of the country. If given the chance, we would take a trip to Cebu and Boracay. Wi Ha Jun also expressed his appreciation to bench/. Being one of its global ambassadors, he took a liking to how comfortable the clothes are and how they are sporty and casual at the same time. He also shared that his fans have been tagging him in various billboards and in-store visuals.

Questions as well on how “Squid Game” propelled him to stardom were also discussed. Wi Ha Jun acknowledges the show as a cultural phenomenon and acknowledges the fact of how it has positively affected his career.  On which he add, “I’m really thankful and grateful” . You can also look forward to his upcoming show “The Worst of Evil”. Despite his fame, the celebrity still takes some time to stay grounded by spending time with his family.

After a splendid afternoon, Wi Ha Jun waved goodbye to us and took his well-deserved rest after his trip. We’re pretty sure this break will make him ready for his press event the following day. And the fans surely can’t wat for his game day.

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos from BENCH