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THE STAYING POWER OF STRAY KIDS: MANIAC World Tour Manila 2023 Concert Round-up

Stray Kids, the K-Pop sensation known for their pulsating beats, staggering choreography, and powerful energy, graced Manila with a 2-day concert called MANIAC WORLD TOUR, presented by PULP LIVE WORLD. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this event, which promised to be a spectacular visual and musical experience. And Stray Kids weren’t kidding in delivering this.

Fans frolicked in an electric atmosphere, as Stray Kids is renowned for their high-octane performances that leave audiences spell-bound. With their head-banging tunes, slick dance moves, and irresistible charm, Stray Kids have amassed a massive following around the country. For many STAYs, the 2023 Stray Kids concert in Manila was a dream come true.

The concert featured some of Stray Kids’ biggest hits, such as “Back Door,” “God’s Menu,” “Miroh,” and “Case 143.” These songs have become anthems for thousands of fans, and hearing them live was an unforgettable experience. Despite having a member short, the boys delivered AF! Along with their signature tracks, Stray Kids also debut some new material at the concert such as covers of “OMG” by NewJean and “Ikaw” by Yeng Constantino – adding to the anticipation and excitement.

One of the most striking aspects of the concert was their intricate choreography. The members of the group are known for their acrobatic and synchronized dance moves, which are a feast for the eyes. Fans bore witness to a lot of these moves, as the group gave a dynamic and visually stunning show. The various special effects and lighting that accompanied the performances were nothing but stellar. Pyrotechnics, lasers, a giant robot claw and other visual elements that add to the concert’s spectacle.

Of course, the highlight of any Stray Kids concert is the interaction between the members of the group and their fans. Stray Kids has a unique bond with their STAYs. At the concert, the group took time to chat with the audience, play games, and express their gratitude for the fans’ support. It is this personal touch that has endeared Stray Kids to so many followers around the world.

Dazzling, daring and down-right entertaining, for many fans, this concert will undoubtedly be cherished memories.

Photos from PULP Live World

Maniac World Tour: Stray Kids Live in Manila 2023

South Korean K-pop group Stray Kids will be returning to Manila for their headlining concert titled “Maniac World Tour” which will be at the Mall of Asia Arena on March 2023. The group held a fan meeting event last January for a clothing brand. MANIAC World Tour is the group’s second concert tour in support of their 2022 extended plays (EPs), Oddinary, Circus and Maxident

Pulp Live World presents
Maniac World Tour
Live in Manila 2023

March 11, 2023 – 6pm
March 12, 2023 – 5pm

Mall of Asia Arena

Royalty Standing – Php16,500
Royalty Seated – Php16,500
Standing – Php12,500
Lower A – Php12,500
Lower B – Php11,000
Upper A – Php 7,500
Upper B – Php6,500
Gen Ad A – Php3,500
Gen Ad B – Php2,500

Tickets go on sale this February 12, 12NN via SM Tickets outlets and smtickets.com



Stay With Bench: Stray Kids Fanmeet in Manila Experience

“We’ve been very very good because we are in Manila!” Bang Chan, Stray Kids’ leader, enthusiastically declared during their fan meet last January 20 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Together with his co-group, Hyunjin, Felix, Lee Know, I.N, Han, Seungmin, and Changbin, the South Korean act were all smiles and excited to be in front of the their adoring Pinoy fans.

After opening with a performance of ‘God’s Menu’, the fanmeet consisted of 8 different and unique segments wherein fans were able to interact and get to know the members even more. The first segment was called ‘I am who’, where the members must guess which member is being impersonated. This was followed by a game of jengga with a twist; that being the jengga blocks were much bigger, hence the segment being called ‘Giant Jengga No Easy Challenge’. An additional mechanic was also introduced: each block would either have the word ‘safe’ or ‘mission’ written on it. If a member gets a block with the word safe, they can simply place the block on top of the tower. If a member gets a block with the word mission, they have the option to do a mission as a team or as an individual, which added both more fun and difficulty to the game.

Next was the Domino Challenge, where the group with the most number of dominos toppled down wins, and as a reward, gets two free bench shirts. By the 4th segment, the members had to say I love you in four different ways: cute, sexy, crazy, and serious. The 5th segment was called the ‘Secret Secret Whisper Challenge’, which is basically a lip-reading game, the challenge being the noise-cancelling headphones the members must wear. In Cheese: Draw My Photocard, the 6th segment, 8 easels were placed onstage with bench shirts as their canvas. A photocard of a Stray Kids member would be attached, and the member would have 3 minutes to paint whoever is on the photocard. Eight lucky fans would have a chance to win a shirt from a random draw.

In the 7th and penultimate segment, Spot Choreography, a random part of one of their songs would be flashed on screen, and the members must perform the correct dance moves along with it. Loveline was the 8th and final segment, which was followed by a closing performance of ‘Case 143’, the perfect way to not only end and wrap up the fanmeet, but to also make Stays excited and look forward to the group’s return for their Maniac Tour on March 11 and 12, 2023.

Bench opened 2023 by bringing Stray Kids back to Manila in one of a kind fan meeting event.

Special thanks to Bench for making this event possible and for giving Filipino Stays a chance to see the members live!

See more photos from the event here