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Offshore Music launches newly signed artists

Offshore Music, a Manila-based independent label known for its cutting-edge artistry and focus on creative integrity, has officially launched its newest batch of homegrown music acts for 2023.

The indie record label recently introduced an exciting mix of solo artists, singer-songwriters, and college rock bands who are poised to leave a mark in the music industry with their immense talent and unique vision.
The launch, which was presented by Offshore Music with support from Sony Music Entertainment and The New Hue, took place at the Astbury in Makati City on Thursday, October 12, 2023.

Aside from the usual Q&A and networking sessions with media and industry professionals, the newcomers were presented and given a minute each to introduce themselves. The newly signed acts under Offshore Music include city pop outfit ALYSON, Baguio City-based indie rock band Amateurish, rising alternative rock sensations Her Name Is Noelle and Ligaya Escueta, bedroom pop soloist neytan, alt-R&B adventurists JDRX and CRISHA, funk/pop/groove band Mt. Lewis, folk/indie artist Breē, and psych pop troubadour Elton Clark.

In making the announcement, Offshore Music CEO Ely Buendia said, “I really don’t know what to expect, and that’s what’s great about it. By choosing Offshore Music, these artists have proven that they value artistic growth over anything else.”

Buendia also emphasized the label’s guiding force since day one: “Artists for Artists.” Over the years, he took pride in how Offshore Music remained consistent in championing a generation of talented, young musicians who continue to push the boundaries of music on creative terms.

“The team’s real-world experiences are invaluable to the artists careers, making their growth, authenticity, and creativity the number one priority,” the Filipino rock legend adds.

To date, Offshore Music lives up to its legacy as one of the most important indie record labels in the country, providing home to carefully handpicked artists and bands such as Apartel, ena mori, Pinkmen, Sulo, Sansette, and Eliza Marie.

One of their newly signed acts, Elton Clark kicks off the release spree with “Wait Lang,” his debut single under Offshore Music and Sony Music Entertainment. A timely song that addresses the struggles of everyday life in the city, “Wait Lang” finds comfort in taking periodic pauses and embracing moments of rest. Speaking about his debut single, Elton Clark shares, “I wanted ‘Wait Lang’ to be a reminder to my listeners that no matter how hectic life gets, it’s crucial to take a moment to breathe. This song is about acknowledging the challenges we face and understanding that it’s okay to pause and recharge.”

Upcoming new releases:
Oct 13 – Elton Clark, “Wait Lang”
Oct 20 – Breē, “Sweet”
Oct 27 – Ligaya, “Novelty” / Jr Oca Experience, “Ask”
Nov 3 – JDRX, “Stay”
Nov 10 – Her Name Is Noelle, “Twenty Something” / Pinkmen, “Miscom”
Nov 17 – CRISHA, Real / neytan, +1 single

NOBITA releases debut album, BETTERFLY

The 8-track album finds the band expressing their introspective take on life, optimism, and companionship with an affinity for soul-baring production and vulnerable songwriting. The record is co-produced by constant collaborator Isagani Palabyab of Monostery Studio, and was written and co-arranged by NOBITA. BETTERFLY is led by the track “Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan,” which captures the immediacy of romantic love, and the inescapable thrill that it brings to people. The soulful ballad reflects NOBITA’s core competencies as lyricists and musicians, delivering heartfelt sentiments with bluesy chops and ‘60s-style harmonies. The much-awaited release also contains new songs such as “Hay Buhay,” which honors the beauty of being alive and in love, and “Bukang Liwayway,” a strings-laden ditty that confronts challenges with a hopeful, persevering tone. Both songs encapsulate NOBITA’s self-assured musical direction: never hurried and deceptively simple, but coming from a place of sincerity and warmth. Track list:

Kahit Sandali
Sa Ulan
Hau Buhay
Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan
Paano Uusad
Bukang Liwayway

The band’s rapid rise to mainstream acclaim is no stranger to the public. The Pinoy five-piece act hit it big with “Ikaw Lang” and “Unang Sayaw,” which currently rank as two of the most streamed OPM tracks in Spotify history. The pop-rock outfit has built an impressive portfolio by releasing songs that capture the beating heart of the young generation, and bringing light, love, and inspiration to as many people as possible. NOBITA’s new album, BETTERFLY is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Filipino singer-songwriter Benj Pangilinan drops music video for “Love, That’s Rare”

Filipino singer-songwriter Benj Pangilinan is the newest recording artist this year to be launched under Sony Music Entertainment—home to some of the biggest acts in the country, including P-Pop royalty SB19 and multi-awarded band Ben&Ben.

Serving charismatic flair with undeniable vocal chops, the promising star has shown immense promise with the release of “LOVE, THAT’S RARE.” The track serves as his official single under the international record label, and is co-produced by Grammy-nominated Xerxes Bakker (Imagine Dragons, Snoop Dogg). The release of the electro-pop ballad is accompanied by a music video directed by Filipino filmmaker Gilb Baldoza, who has done important work for fellow recording artists such as Julie Anne San Jose and Rico Blanco. The main idea behind its visuals was conceived by Benj and his sister Hannah.

“We wanted to try our best to tell a story that made people see a different side of Love and all that it brings,” the alt-pop prodigy explains. “Working with Direk Gilb was super fun. His energy is infectious. I learned so much from him on the process of what it takes to create a short film.”

Despite coming from a lineage of well-respected entertainers, Benj Pangilinan wants to be known for bringing his personal stamp to his own art. Not worried about what other people think, the multi-hyphenate artist is keen on redirecting his focus on making music that represents his own vision.

I’m not trying to impress anyone,” he admits. “I guess I just try to focus on being as authentic as possible to shine His light on others.”

Filipino newcomer Benj Pangilinan steps into the spotlight with debut single “Love, That’s Rare”

Benj Pangilinan forges his own path in the music industry as one of Sony Music Entertainment’s newest recording artists in 2023.

Coming from an esteemed lineage of established actors, music icons, and prominent entertainers, the promising newcomer is keen on proving skeptics wrong with an impressive debut that digs deep into young romance and nostalgia.

His new single “Love, That’s Rare” gazes wistfully at the complexities of love while acknowledging its effect on shaping one’s worldview—for better or worse. Benj wrote a song that transported him back to a specific time and place, helping him make sense of the conflicting emotions he was experiencing at the time.

“I wrote the song a while back, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure why,” Benj shares. “Lyrics and melodies come in like a thief in the night. It’s all about knowing how to catch and record those creative flashes.”
Grammy-nominated Xerxes Bakker, who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Imagine Dragons and Snoop Dogg, is responsible for producing the track. Incorporating ‘80s soft rock spectacle with electronic flourishes, Xerxes gives Benj Pangilinan a playground to showcase his versatility and songwriting chops while ensuring that the structure is sturdy enough to weather the cracks. The result is a fine piece of contemporary pop that will surely stick around for quite a while.

Benj recalls how immediately comforting the experience was, after meeting Xerxes for the first time. “There was an immediate click. After some conversation, you already knew the visions were aligned. In terms of a production standpoint, it’s all about coming to a mutual understanding of the vision for the song and developing that trust with each other.”

Benj Pangilinan’s “Love, That’s Rare” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

SB19 announces ‘PAGTATAG!’ music era and world tour

SB19 gets in the zone for a new music era soon!
The P-Pop kings are gearing up for the release of their upcoming new EP, PAGTATAG on June 9, 2023 and its carrier single on May 2023.
The announcement comes with a trailer mirroring the process of a plant in cultivation, starting on growing to be a strong tree.

The trailer revolves around the story of the Ikalawang Yugto trilogy, which alludes to the concept of their previously released EP, Pagsibol, and two more forthcoming releases, including this year’s highly anticipated PAGTATAG!. The 6-track EP is poised to be their most sonically adventurous release yet, exploring new genres and music styles that will surely excite fans.

Xi-Anne Avanceña, and SB19’s Pablo and Justin serve as creative directors of the cinematic trailer, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all resources are scarce, leaving all humans hopeless as they try to save the last plant that will save the world.

SB19 explains in a statement, “The trailer proceeds as everyone conducts different experiments to try and salvage their last hope. In the end, the only answer to the plant’s propagation is their own blood.”
Aside from getting their acting bag done with flying colors, SB19 also worked with acclaimed actor Pepe Herrera on the trailer for PAGTATAG!. The WYAT chart-toppers are all praise for the collaboration with the versatile film/theater actor.

“Pepe Herrera is one of the actors that we truly admire,” shares the award-winning Filipino boyband. “Though we were not able to spend much time with him, he was very professional. But there’s something about him that, even when he’s serious, he’s still gave a funny vibe. It was very easy working with him. It was just a fun experience.”

Immediately after the trailer was released online, #SB19PAGTATAG trended at No. 1 WORLDWIDE on Twitter, while other tags such as The Kings and PPOP KINGS occupied Twitter’s trending list in various countries outside the Philippines.

Apart from the trailer, SB19 also announced the schedule for their upcoming world tour, which will kick off at the Araneta Coliseum on June 24-25, 2023, and will have its stops in multiple cities across the Philippines, United States, Canada, and more.

Tour dates:
June 24-25, 2023 – Manila
July 21, 2023 – Chicago, IL
July 22, 2023 – Dallas, TX
July 28, 2023 – SFO
July 29, 2023 – LA
Aug 5, 2023 – NYC
Aug 6, 2023 – Washington DC
Aug 11, 2023 – Toronto
Aug 13, 2023 – Winnipeg
Aug 18, 2023 – Vancouver
Aug 19, 2023 – Edmonton

More dates, countries, and cities will be announced soon.

SB19’s JOSH CULLEN redefines love song with edgy hip-hop twist in “Pakiusap Lang”

After debuting as a bonafide solo star with the edgy banger “Wild Tonight,” SB19’s Josh Cullen continues his winning streak with the release of his follow-up single under Sony Music Entertainment.
Aptly titled “Pakiusap Lang,” the P-Pop artist proves that there are no four walls that can contain him when it comes to writing and producing a straightforward love song meshed with trap-laden beats and hip-hop verses.

“The lyrics came from my heart, and I wanted to make sure the arrangement and sonic vibe reflected my Filipino hip-hop side,” Cullen reveals. “My cousin and his friends helped out with the chorus, and we all had a good time putting it together.”

According to SB19’s resident lead rapper and sub-vocalist, “Pakiusap Lang” is a song that is based on his personal experiences and thoughts about relationships. He further explains, “It’s all about the struggles of maintaining a relationship when you can’t be with your partner all the time due to work or other struggles going on in life. The song encourages the listener to hold on and trust the process.”

A romantic rap ballad that forays into emotional honesty as much as it does with stylistic finesse, “Pakiusap Lang” shows a different side of Cullen: an entertainer that doesn’t need to resort to gimmicks just to prove his point.

The release of the track comes with an upcoming music video that explores the idea of “holding onto the memories of your loved one, even when you know it’s time to let go.” Directed by frequent collaborator Toothless (who also helmed the MV of SB19’s “Bazinga), the visuals bring Cullen’s ideas to life and expand on his initial concept with an element of mystery and an understated delivery.

It also stars KAIA members Angela and Charice, who happen to be the main characters in the MV. The two multi-talented artists also dabbled into acting prior to their debut as a P-Pop artist.

Cullen shares, “When I was planning out the music video for ‘Pakiusap Lang,’ I knew I wanted to create a story that was emotional and impactful. As I was brainstorming ideas, I thought about the possibility of incorporating plot twists into the video, to really capture the viewer’s attention. That’s when I had the idea to feature KAIA members Angela and Charice in the video. I had worked with them before and knew that they would bring a lot of talent and creativity to the project. Plus, their presence in the video would add an extra layer of intrigue and excitement for viewers. It was a pleasure to work with such talented and dedicated individuals, and I couldn’t be happier with how the video turned out.”

“Pakiusap Lang” will be part of Josh Cullen’s upcoming debut EP, which will be released sometime this year. According to the rising multihyphenate, the maiden record sounds like a fusion between hip-hop and pop music, with his cousin Ocho helping him out in producing, conceptualizing, and refining the tracks. “You can expect a mix of different sounds and genre influences, but overall, it’s a reflection of my journey as an artist and a person,” Cullen adds.

JOSH CULLEN’s “Pakiusap Lang” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. The music video of “Pakiusap Lang” will drop at 7pm on April 21, 2023 (Friday).

KAIA brims with magnetic confidence on empowering pop anthem “5678”

P-Pop girl group KAIA celebrates International Women’s Month with the release of “5678,” a dance-pop track about preparing to face everything your way, no matter what anyone else says.

Penned by the members of KAIA with the help of Ohwon Lee, PaperPlanet, and LEO, “5678” stands out as a fired-up anthem aimed towards inspiring women everywhere to never give up on their dreams.
“This is a living testament that we’re always trying to make it on our own terms, one step at a time, without looking back,” shares KAIA in a statement. “We are thankful for the opportunities that are presented to us, and we promise to deliver a message of positivity and hope in our songs, as a way to give back to our supporters.”

Uplifting and brimming with magnetic confidence, the song sends the pop quintet’s message of self-love and empowerment with lines (“Hingang malalim, lahat tatahakin / Hindi na ako maliligaw” trans: dbreath, ready to conquer the roadmap / This time, I won’t get lost) that will surely resonate with generations of listeners from all around the world.

“5678” is produced by Ohwon Lee, whose career-spanning work includes songs from some of the biggest names in K-Pop. His sonic approach fits KAIA’s energetic defiance, with a synth intro immediately signaling that something explosive is about to arrive, and frantic beats building up throughout the song to “effectively convey the girls’ unstoppable strengths towards the trials they face.”

The song will also be part of KAIA’s debut EP, which will be released sometime this year. It will be accompanied by a music video helmed by director Raymond Fabian, assisted by Jonathan Tal Placido, under the production house of Studio 79th. The visuals will drop on March 25, Saturday at 6pm.

KAIA adds, “Working with the production house is a smooth process because it’s a collaborative effort between the production team and the members of KAIA, and they are very open to the ideas of KAIA.”

KAIA’s “5678” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

SB19’s JOSH CULLEN reinvents himself as a Pop Star with debut single “WILD TONIGHT”

SB19’s JOSH CULLEN steps out on his own as a solo artist inspired by neo-gothic elements and Victorian motifs. The Filipino pop/hip-hop star is ready to make headlines with the release of “WILD TONIGHT,” his new single under Sony Music Entertainment.

Packing a punch with innovative production and trap-laden beats, JOSH CULLEN’s debut offering is about letting loose and breaking free from the ties that bind you.

According to the talented artist, the song gives him the opportunity to take ownership of his craft. “The song is edgier and more provocative, and it’s a true reflection of my own personal style and creative vision,” Cullen adds. “Overall, I feel excited and fulfilled to be taking this journey of growth and discovery.”

Written and produced by JOSH CULLEN himself with Ocho, The Bullet, “WILD TONIGHT” combines elements of EDM, pop, and hip-hop with a dash of vampire slice. Josh initially thought of making a banger that people can enjoy, whether clubbing or chilling alone. “WILD TONIGHT” is the result of this artistic pursuit: a pulse of liberating joy that reveals a facet of Cullen’s personality beyond celebrityhood and public perception.

“First of all, it’s all me,” he asserts. “While I love working with my bandmates and creating music as a group, this solo project has given me the chance to showcase my true self.”’

Josh acknowledges that he is heavily involved in the creative process, from brainstorming and refining music ideas to writing lyrics and composing melodies, and even getting himself into co-producing the material with his cousin.

“I make sure that it aligns with the way I want it to be,” the young multi-hyphenate shares. “I take pride in the fact that I’m the driving force behind my own creative vision. I have the trait of being a control freak. When I have an idea, I want it to be executed exactly as I envisioned it, to the point where I almost feel like I’m ‘meddling’ with the different teams that work with me. But I consider myself fortunate and grateful, because they were extremely understanding and supportive of my artistic endeavors.”

Apart from the music-making aspects of the track, Josh also oversees the choreography and creative direction for the music video of “WILD TONIGHT,” a brooding visual spectacle that pushes the boundaries of his work. The music video takes an inside look at the lifestyle of a rich vampire royalty inspired by the character of Nosferatu. Known for its immortality, the vampire character was shown in different incarnations: from his early years living in a Victorian mansion to enjoying the modern club life like every human does.

The MV also features cameo appearances by members of various P-Pop groups such as KAIA, 1st. One and DIONE.

Collaborating with a handful of trusted people for his visuals, the lead rapper of SB19 accomplishes something that is uniquely his: a captivating character that is equal parts dark and light, affirming his position as a chameleonic star with sinister edge and thought-provoking ideas.

JOSH CULLEN’s “WILD TONIGHT” is out on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Australian artist RUEL announces free mall show in Manila this weekend!

Australian singer-songwriter Ruel returns to Manila for a special mall show happening at the Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig City this Saturday, February 18, 2023.

The free event is part of a campaign to promote his highly anticipated debut album, 4TH WALL, which is slated for a March 3, 2023 release via RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment. Ruel’s long-awaited debut album explores his most personal and stellar musical offerings to date.
In an announcement posted on social media last week, the 20-year-old hitmaker expressed his excitement about visiting the country for the second time since performing here in 2019.

He shares, “Manila! I’m so excited to play a FREE show next week! I’ve created a Manila channel in my discord so we can all talk ahead of the show.”

Ruel’s current single “MUST BE NICE” is currently making waves in the Philippines, thanks to its emotive pop sensibilities and relatable lyrics. Written and produced with longtime collaborator M-Phazes (Khalid, Noah Cyrus), along with the TMS Production Team (Lewis Capaldi, Dua Lipa) and songwriter Sean Douglas (Lizzo, Thomas Rhett), the piano-driven ballad showcases Ruel’s stunning voice, which glides effortlessly from gritty tenor to airy falsetto.

The talented artist has also released two well-received singles so far, “SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM” and “YOU AGAINST YOURSELF.”
Ruel: Live at Venice Grand Canal Mall is presented by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and Venice Grand Canal Mall, with MYX as the Official Media Partner.

KAIA brings back the fun in pop music on the performance video of “Turn Up”

fter earning rave reviews for their Y2K-indebted track “Dalawa,” KAIA marks another creative triumph for P-Pop with the release of another banger under Sony Music Entertainment.

The Filipino girl group’s new single “Turn Up” unabashedly displays their signature brand of sass while reviving the bold, explosive sounds of early 2010’s dance-pop.

The release of “Turn Up” comes with a music video (performance version) directed by Denny Lee and Jake Jung. The visuals find KAIA performing the track with a synchronized choreography.

“Because it’s upbeat and danceable, we thought a party concept will best for it, so people could have fun whenever they hear Turn Up,” KAIA shares in a collaborative statement. “We want our listeners to feel good as they vibe with the song.”

The catchy track was written by KAIA themselves, and helmed by acclaimed K-Pop producer Lee Oh Won, who has done impressive work for international artists such as Stray Kids, SHINee’s Taemin, TVXQ, SB19, and more.

As pointed out by the five-member act, “Turn Up” is an escapist anthem about setting one’s worries aside for the time being and taking pleasure in moments that call for fun and adventure.

“We got so busy stressing out about things that we couldn’t control,” says the Blah Blah quintet. “This song somehow encourages listeners to break away from the mold, live in the moment, and let their body groove into the music. Sometimes all you need is to disconnect from the outside world and be yourself.”

“Turn Up” will also be part of KAIA’s debut EP to be released in the coming months. The song will be performed live at the Pinoy Pop Convention 2023 (PPOPCON), an ultimate fan gathering and celebration of Filipino pop culture and music.

KAIA’s “Turn Up” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide. Watch the music video (performance version) here