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A Sundate with Park Jinyoung

Got7 member Park Jinyoung is back in Manila after 3 long years for his fan meet and was welcomed by Filipino Aghases (GOT7 Fan name) with much love and excitement.

This was Park Jinyoung’s first fan meeting where he showcased songs from his solo album, “Chapter 0: With”. The event opened with him singing “Coming Home” followed by “Cotton Candy” which excited many of his fans! During the Q&A portion after the performance, Park Jinyoung shared how it took him 2-3 years to produce the album and how difficult the process was in preparing for it. “This is my first time…took so long. I was bored without the members. I really waited for this day (the fan meeting)…,” Park Jinyoung shared.

Aside from being known as a GOT7 member, Park Jinyoung is also known for being an actor. I personally became a fan of his when I saw him in “The Devil Judge”. Some clips from his shows were presented to the crowd, and he was asked what each character meant to him. This fan meeting was very different from the other ones I’ve experienced because you could really feel Park Jinyoung’s love for his supporters. During the segment where he gave 4 lucky fans a polaroid picture moment with him, he surprised everyone by adding 2 more fans to the list because he wanted to make more of them feel special. 

Another portion of the event that pulled the heart strings of his supporters was the letter reading! Fans were given the opportunity to write on a message board for Park Jinyoung. It was heartwarming to see how he really took his time reading through the message board. You could really see him choosing the ones he felt were most special. He read out 6 letters and asked each fan to come up on stage so he could hug them and give them a gift. Of course, it wasn’t just Park Jinyoung showing his love for the fans during the event! As Park Jinyoung sat down facing the stage to take what he thought was going to be a picture with the audience, the Filipino Aghases surprised him with a video of fans from all over the Philippines greeting him in their own native language. 

Park Jinyoung performed a lot of his famous songs, along with some GOT7 tracks as well! I’m sure many fans were happy to hear songs like, “Last Piece”, “NANANA”, and “Home Run”. There were many requests for encores from the audience that night. 

From my experience, the main highlight of the event was definitely when Park Jinyoung called all the birthday celebrants to come up to the stage with him, and he personally wrote a special message for each fan as a birthday gift! He was so sweet by asking each celebrant what they’d want him to write for them. This was a special moment for me because my friend was one of the birthday celebrants! To see her experience her KPop dreams made me so happy! 

At the end of the event, both Park Jinyoung and his fans were sad to part ways. He shared how he will definitely be coming back to the Philippines, and he is excited to be reunited with his Filipino Aghases! His fans wished him well as Park Jinyoung is known to be starting military service soon and will be busy for the next 2 years.

Park Jinyoung in Manila 2023 was presented by Pulp Live World
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