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Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023: Gunita At Mga Bukas

Pinoy Playlist Music Festival (PPMF) has always been envisioned to roll-out the tapestry of Filipinos across generations, genres and the places where they originated in production as well as in terms of inspiration. This is why we have always described it as “across ages and genres.” For 2023, we want to emphasize the “future-shaping” power of music through new Pinoy songs as well as the re-making and re-interpretation of past Filipino music.

We have always associated “tributes” with the past but we think we should also pay tribute to Pinoy music as it is being re-made and reshaped by new creations, new arrangements and new interpretations. There is no future music without a memory of what has come before it; but a memory also starts to fade if a song is no longer played. That is why for 2023, PPMF’s theme will be “Gunita and Mga Bùkas” (“Memories and Futures”.)

For 3 days, starting Sept 29 to Oct 1, at least 45 performances across the 3 venues of the BGC Arts Center in Taguig City namely, the Globe Auditorium, the Zobel de Ayala Recital Hall and the Sun Life Amphitheater, will be conducted by various Filipino artists solo, in a group, or in collaboration with each other. Forums on the different aspects of music-making will also be facilitated during the PPMF days. The sets will also be punctuated with photos from the Camera Club of the Philippines and innovative digital art by Filipino artists.

Each performance will bear at least a tinge of “change” from how it has been usually performed or heard on playlists. It will be curated with a mix of genres with a good measure of genres that bear excellent pieces but have not been heard enough on popular platforms. Each day will also be punctuated on primetime with special performances that pay tribute to the Ryan Cayabyab Awardees this year, namely the Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata, Mel Villena and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

Artist line up:

Day 1 (September 29, Friday): Abby Clutario, Adjeng, jasmine and noelle , Joey Ayala, Mijon, Pauline Cueto, raven, Sam Concepcion, Simon Tan Walotao, Sitti, & Tamara

With special tribute performances for Mr. Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata by Pundaquit Virtuosi & Steps Dance Studio.

Day 2 (September 30, Saturday): Autotelic, Ebe Dancel, 春 haru, Kammerchor Manila, Leanne and Naara, Of Mercury, Rivermaya, The Edralins, Viñas Deluxe with Winter Sheason Nicole & Tiny Deluxe, Viva, Vicor, & Wild Dreams Records Artists: Amiel Sol, Matt Wilson, Nicole Abuda, & Rob Deniel, & Young Cocoa

With special tribute performances for Mr. Mel Villena by AMP Decktet, The CompanY, Pikong, & Mitch Valdes.

Day 3 (October 1, Sunday): Arman Ferrer, Davey Langit, Debonair District, Gary Granada, Janine Teñoso, Lara Maigue & Gian Magdangal, Nica Del Rosario, Room for Cielo, Therese Villarante’s “Girl With A Broken String” feat. Ivy Gallur & James Gulles, & The Nightingales

With special tribute performances for Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid by Katrina Velarde, Phi Palmos, Trina Belamide, Ima Castro, Sweet Plantado-Tiongson, Jona, & Jed Madela.

It will also end with the musical artist expressing a wish for how we can shape the Pinoy Music futures together. This will hopefully help push for a collective and active voice to support for Filipino music in all its forms.

But wait, there’s more! The audience will also get to start their Pinoy Playlist Music Festival journey by joining special conversations and workshops with music experts:

Day 1: “Filipino Songwriting: From Dreams to Sheet” with Trina Belamide, Jonathan Manalo, and Moy Ortiz

Day 2: “AI: Friend or Foe in Filipino Music?” with Thyro Alfaro, Gino Cruz, and Marlon Barnuevo, moderated by Maria Isabel Garcia

Day 3: “The Difficult Filipino Audience (Perfect Ka, Teh?)” with Direk Floy, Dexter Martinez Santos, and Paolo Valenciano

Get ready for a Pinoy Playlist Music Festival weekend on September 29, 30, & October 1! 3 days, 3 stages, ALL MUSIC, ALL PINOY!

PPMF is presented by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) through BGC Arts Center and curated by National Artist for Music Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, Moy Ortiz and Noel Ferrer.

For 3 days, PPMF 2023 will be the stage for remembrance not only for its own sake but with the stamp of “now” and as it engenders the shaping of the future of Pinoy Music.***

Get your 1 Day Pass or Festival 3-day Passes, available via the TicketWorld website bit.ly/PPMF2023Tickets (or call 8891 9999) and at the BGC Arts Center TicketWorld Box Office.

Aside from the talks and performances, BGC Art Mart will also be open from 3PM to 9PM featuring arts and crafts from a variety of local artisans.

For more information, visit www.bgcartscenter.org/ppmf2023

Follow BGC Arts Center on Facebook (fb.com/bgcartscenter) for more updates!

WATCH: Rise High’s latest single, Tinig ng Pag-ibig, inspires and empowers

Imagine a song with lyrics so moving, so heartfelt and riveting that it actually empowers its listeners to affirmative action.

That’s the magic behind Rise High’s latest single, Tinig ng Pag-Ibig, which had a successful launch last Tuesday, July 25, at 19 East.

While some bands are relentlessly driven in their pursuit of fame and fortune, Rise High aims for a far nobler and loftier dream of driving home their message of love, acceptance and transcendence through their original music.

Rise High during their recent Wish Bus guesting last week

By doing so, it’s not surprising how their core truth resonates strongly among their devout fans and listeners, whose expanding demographic continues to amaze the group.

Lead vocalist Lura Angeles summed it up succinctly when she explained the story behind the band’s name. She said, “It’s all about taking second chances. All of us have our struggles, we always have battles to face, and there are no shortcuts. You just have to face it head on. You just have to be headstrong. And that’s how you rise high!”

No strangers in the band circuit, Rise High is the brainchild of guitarist, singer and band leader Edil Luyon, who assembled the earlier incarnation of the band around 2016. Its current members are Edil Luyon (vocals, guitar and bandleader), Lura Angeles-Luyon (vocals), Philippe Arriola (bass), Obet Luzon (keyboards), Joseph Rivera (drums) and Dave Erin (guitar).

Rise High during their recent launch at 19 East

Two years earlier, the group, then called Ecoustic Soul, honed their musical chops by playing pop covers for events, including weddings, parties and corporate events.

Even then, Edil already had a clear vision of the musical avenue he wanted to tread. He narrates, “Even before 2014, I already had this big dream of creating our own music, our own compositional landscape so to speak, and I knew in my heart what our primary message would inspire and drive us.”

He also credits the band’s current manager for instilling in them the life-changing impact of the mantra “live your dream,” which the band members have always used as a guidepost in their day to day lives and work ethic.

Some of his first compositions include Iyo, I Surrender, May Bukas Ang Bukas, and Dakila, an ode brimming with spiritual praise and fervor.

Rise High at 19 East

A cursory peek at their Spotify playlist also reveals a goldmine of singles and EPs including Bumalik Sa Simula, Lala Land and Magsasayaw, which incidentally also happens to be the soundtrack for the feel-good Net25 sitcom, Good Will, which stars David Chua, Devon Seron, Raymond Bagatsing, Smokey Manaloto, Meg Imperial, Kat Galang, Regine Angeles and many others.

Asked about Edil’s compositional genius and why most of his compositions always seem to revolve around romantic relationships, Philippe, the band’s bassist teases, “Retired playboy kasi!” “

Hindi retired! Chismoso lang!” Edil retorts, alluding to his penchant for eavesdropping on his bandmates’ phone conversations with their ‘significant others.’ True enough, a good bulk of their songs run the gamut from unrequited love, to moving on after a bad breakup, or even finding love the second time around — songs that strongly impact millennials and GenZs.

Though primarily rooted in the local band scene, perhaps by sheer luck, Edil always manages to have one foot in the showbiz world, having done arranging chores and session work for Regine Velasquez, Vice Ganda, Christian Bautista, JM de Guzman, Jaya, Nina, Sheree Vidal, Jed Madela, Jayson Sia, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Arnee Hidalgo, Stevie Woods, Aldrin Nolasco, Emanuel Quibilan, and the late Keith Martin.

Rise High band leader/guitarist and vocalist Edil Luyon

He has also done film scoring for indie movies including director Dexter Cayanes’ Pangaris and Ang Musa, and Vic Acedillo, Jr.’s Ang Nerseri. Edil also feels strongly about getting the late senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s nod for his out-of-the-box concept for her last political jingle.

With his bubbly personality and infectious charm, it’s not too farfetched if Edil gets an overload of showbiz assignments in due time.

He nonchalantly shrugs, “It’s not really a top priority for now, but it would be great if some of our original songs get used for a movie or teleserye. Now, THAT would be something!”

Rise High vocalist Lura Angeles-Luyon

With the constantly evolving local music landscape, Edil and his bandmates take great pride in being indie artists, who rely mainly on music-sharing platforms for their promo and marketing.

“For the most part, we’ve been relying on Spotify, but we plan to invade TikTok soon,” Edil reveals. “That’s where the numbers are.”

And speaking of numbers, Edil feels overwhelmed with the fully capacity crowd at their 19 East album launch, which also featured fast-rising artists Davey Langit, Abby Clutario, Emanuel Quibilan, Bill and the Judiths, Ella Guevarra, with the special participation of Edil’s kids: Felix Ryan (drums) and Krie Nivela (bass) and their singer/guitarist friend Yuriel Arcay, collectively called The Lucays.

Also spotted in the audience was the Good Will cast—David Chua, Raymond Bagatsing, Meg Imperial, Regine Angeles—together with the show’s producer, respected journalist and talk show host Korina Sanchez.

Edil with special guest and good friend, South Border guitarist Janno Queyquep

Edil adds, “Our album launch wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of 19 East’s top honcho Wowee Posadas, who so graciously encouraged, supported and believed in our music.”

Also sharing the stage spotlight was South Border lead guitarist and session ace Janno Queyquep, whose tasteful and dazzling fingerboard prowess had always inspired Edil, himself a consummate soloist and showman.

“It’s always an honor to play with Janno, who I’ve always looked up to not just as a guitar god and mentor, but also a good friend who offers very sensible musical and songwriting nuggets of wisdom.”

Guest performers The Lucays (Felix Ryan, drums and Krie Nivela, bass)

Onstage, Edil’s longtime dream came to fruition as he traded blistering solos with his guitar hero, while tightly locked in on the band’s propulsive groove.

If rain is a sign of good luck, the relentless downpour brought in by Typhoon Egay that same night could very well be a clear indication of even better days ahead for Edil and his cohorts.

It’s going to be a busy August for Rise High as they gear up for a series of bar tours in the Quezon City area, aside from radio guestings and other promotional gigs.

WATCH Rise High performing Tinig ng Pag-ibig during their 19 East gig

Alternative rock band Sandiwa’s new song talks about “The One”

Their original songs such as “Gunita,” “Paraya,” and “Awit sa Salamin” take listeners on a sentimental journey. Alternative rock band Sandiwa is again inviting us to go on a trip, this time to explore the feeling of finding “the one” with their latest composition, “Hawak Mo Na.” Produced and distributed by Ivory Music & Video, the band shared that the song pertains to the person who will love you, will always be true to you and will treat you as his/her world. During tough times, he/she will hold on to you, never let you go and become your source of strength.

Hailing from the east of Metro Manila, Sandiwa is composed of Yeoj Rivera on vocals, John Rale Soriso on bass, Samuel Dice on keyboard, Harold Tabuno on drums, and Jeremiah Torda on guitar. They became friends after meeting in a youth camp and their passion for music and composing songs led them to form a band that became Sandiwa. Yeoj, the band’s vocalist said that the name of the band was given by his friend, “My friend got the word from a Filipino dictionary. “Sandiwa” (isang diwa) means “one mind” and since our one passion is music, all the band members agreed with the name.”

Sandiwa is managed by Asintada Management headed by Thea Pollisco, who also manages one of the premier rappers of the country, Gloc-9, and Hip-hop hitmaker Shanti Dope. Asked about their influences and the type of music they offer, John, who plays bass for the band, answered, “We are heavily influenced by OPM bands especially those that emerged in the 90s and 2000s. Our music is a fusion of Alternative Rock and Pop but we love exploring other genres too.”

Regarding how the band’s new song, “Hawak Mo Na,” came about, Samuel, Sandiwa’s keyboardist, stated, “The band joined a songwriting contest and we wrote “Hawak Mo Na” for the competition. Even though we did not emerge as champions in that contest, we won first runner-up, the organizer still used our song in a youth camp; we’re very grateful for that.”

Yeoj, John, Samuel, Harold and Jeremiah like to be in a room together and throw around ideas when they are writing an original material. The lockdowns during the peak of the pandemic became a challenge for them but their passion for composing songs did not waver. Harold, Sandiwa’s drummer, explained, “We’re thankful that we were still able to collaborate from our respective homes with the use of technology. We post music ideas for lyrics or tracks on the band’s group chat and that’s where we get to form the songs.”

One good example of a song Sandiwa has created in the midst of the pandemic is “Tulong” wherein they collaborated with OPM legend, Gloc-9. Speaking of collaborations, Jeremiah, the band’s guitarist, said that they wish to work with other OPM legends like Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco and Bamboo. “It would be an honor for us to collaborate with our idols on one of our songs since they really are the inspirations for the band,” he added.

Sandiwa has a knack for writing songs with great hooks, much like their new release, “Hawak Mo Na.” With such talented band members, it wouldn’t be a surprise that their music idols might collaborate with them in the near future.

“Hawak Mo Na” is now available on all streaming platforms. Subscribe to Sandiwa’s social media channels. For updates, visit Ivory Music & Video’s website.


MYX Philippines is gathering OPM artists for its 20th anniversary benefit show happening this Saturday (November 21) that seeks to bring relief to those who have been affected or displaced by the typhoons that recently struck the country.

In partnership with ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. (AFI), over 20 music artists including OPM icons, beloved local bands, and rising solo acts will offer their heartfelt and inspiring performances in the “#MYX20 Fundraiser” to raise donations for Filipinos in need. All proceeds of the event will go to AFI’s Sagip Kapamilya program.

Starting at 7 pm, the show will feature performances by OPM bands 6cyclemind, Callalily, Gracenote, Hilera, I Belong To The Zoo, Itchyworms, Mayonnaise, Moonstar88, Paraluman, Sponge Cola, and The Juans.

Barbie Almalbis, Bea Lorenzo, Clara Benin, Darren Espanto, Inigo Pascual, Janine Teñoso, Keiko Necesario, Leanne & Naara, Syd Hartha, and Zach Tabudlo will also lend their time for the benefit show.

Catch the #MYX20 Fundraiser show live at 7 pm this Saturday (November 21) on MYX Philippines’ Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. The show will also air via TFC Asia Pacific (APAC) on Sunday (November 22) at 12 nn in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1 pm in Japan, 2 pm in Guam, 3 pm in Sydney, and 5 pm in New Zealand. Through TFC Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), it will be broadcast on Sunday at 10:30 pm in Saudi Arabia, 11:30 pm in Dubai, 8:30 pm in Rome, and 7:30 pm in London, while it will air on Sunday via TFC NOLA at 1:30 pm PST.

The show can also be watched on Sunday through Myx TV US at 10 am PST and via Myx TV EMEA 1 pm CET and 4 pm in United Arab Emirates.

For more details, follow MYX Philippines on Facebook (www.fb.com/MYX.Philippines), Twitter (@MYXphilippines), and Instagram (@myxph), or visit www.myx.abs-cbn.com.