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Zack Tabudlo and Billkin take “Give Me Your Forever” to the next level

Zack Tabudlo, whose debut album Episode (2021) spawned hits like “Binibini” and “Habang Buhay,” is releasing a new version of his English-language hit from that album, “Give Me Your Forever.” This time, he brings on board the Thai artist Billkin to give new life to the pop and R&B ballad. This collaboration features subtle touches that discerning listeners of the original will enjoy.

Zack chalks up his collaboration to the Southeast Asian success of “Give Me Your Forever,” where he says that its popularity in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia and its virality on social media platforms such as TikTok drew the attention of Billkin’s team. Billkin’s label, Nadao Music, also happens to be distributed by Universal Music Thailand, Zack says. The two labels got the two artists to work together on “Give Me Your Forever”.

Zack wrote, recorded, and produced the track here in Manila, while Billkin recorded and sent his vocals over for the former to include in the final mix. This edition of “Give Me Your Forever” retains the original lyrics. Zack says that the lyrics were inspired by seeing an old couple in their 70s walking hand in hand and smiling to each other. He wanted to imagine how their love story would be like.

Despite all the challenges people everywhere are going through now, Zack and Billkin agree that this track is something that they hope will bring happiness and joy. The upbeat, “love wins” message of “Give Me Your Forever” becomes stronger thanks to the blend of the two artists styles which will, in Billkin’s words, “generate new feelings for the fans.”

R Rules delivers a rousing message of empowerment on debut single “DNY”

With its propulsive beats and hip-hop swagger, the Pinay quartet shows unwavering commitment to inspire young music listeners to stand up for what they believe in and encourage them to find their inner strength to go after what they want.

The song, which literally means “Don’t Need Ya,” puts a refreshing spin on empowerment anthems while taking into consideration the values, perspectives, and views of R Rules as individuals and as a collective. Aside from using their platform to inspire change and lift each other up, the Filipino girl group also shares that their latest track promotes love and kindness in any way or form, be it for your own self and for others who need it.

“DNY” is co-written by Kevin Yadao and Tiny Corpuz, and co-produced by Cursebox and Corpuz, with the goal to speak out against the impossible standards imposed to women and articulate the challenges that they go through towards claiming their space and earning respect.

With its masterful blend of music influences that range from hip-hop/R&B to K-Pop, EDM to top 40 music, “Don’t Need Ya” signals R Rules’ impressive pivot to diverse and eclectic modern sounds.

As R Rules’ maiden offering, it succeeds in translating their magnetic confidence into an astounding piece of work that sounds at par with contemporary global music trends but remains representative of their unique vision as artists. “Our plan right now, is just to get our music out there,” says the hound of alpha female swag. “We’re not here to compete. We just want to carve out a space for our empowering brand of pop music, and hopefully be taken seriously for who we are as a group.”


The story of R Rules is a story of how four women from two cultural backgrounds came together to become pop performers, working hard on their craft and finding ways to delight their audience. R Rules (formerly known as Japh Dolls) are composed of RIYO, RURI, REINA, RISA—all four of them, fluent in Filipino, English, and Japanese and are currently undergoing de rigeur trainee development program to hone their skills. The girls are now set to make an impact on the Philippine pop scene and, hopefully, the global music market.

Learning to sing like the musical pros

Reina grew up in Japan but is now based in Manila City. She hails from Tokyo and moved to the Philippines when she turned 19. Her mother is Filipina, and Reina recalls her mother’s musical tastes as being an inspiration. She wanted to sing like her mother’s favorite singers, who always hit the high notes and had powerful voices. When she had the chance, she moved to her mother’s homeland to pursue musical training.

Reina hopes that people will appreciate her story of how she moved to a place that was unfamiliar to her and had memorable experiences because of it. When we asked about her favorite singers, one of them, Ariana Grande, stood out. Reina says that Grande’s distinctive voice inspired her to aim for the same goal. She wants to collaborate with the YG Entertainment Group in South Korea, the people who are behind another group of artists she admires, Blackpink.

Trying it out and eventually enjoying the ride

Risa grew up in the Philippines as a person with two cultures. When she was finishing high school, she wanted to move to Japan for college because of a desire to explore her Japanese culture.

Risa’s musical tastes lean toward pop. What stood out for us, though, was her fondness for Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox project, where Bradlee and his bandmates reimagine contemporary pop music through different and older genres. She says that she can still reminisce about pop songs she likes but appreciate how they put a twist on it.

What Risa wants people to get from her story is how she wants us to value the people we love. Her story of loss and finding comfort and care in others is something that people can connect with.

Wanting to sing about what dreams are made of

Riyo grew up in Japan, where she finished high school. When she was six years old, she recalls that she wanted to be the pop singer Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus’s lead character from the Disney Channel show of the same name. She was often bullied at school, she also recalls. She had family problems since she was young when her parents divorced. Even if she sometimes wanted to give up, she kept on going. Her journey led her to Manila, where she also ended up being in a group.

Riyo was a tuba player in her junior high school band. She says that it was easy to master the tuba because it didn’t require reading chords, which was complicated for her. If it weren’t for her being signed to an acting agency, she would have continued being in her school’s music club. Her dream is to perform at the Met Gala someday. The annual event at the Metropolitan Museum of New York brings together fashion, music, and visual arts, and has become known for attendees in often flamboyant costumes. She wants her group to be there in outlandish costumes and prove to be the best!

Being part of a new musical family

Ruri, who also calls herself ARU or R. Performing was part of her life ever since she was young, and she joined singing contests of all sorts. She wants to grow as a performer, learning instruments like the guitar and the drums.

Ruri wants people to appreciate her story of being an independent woman who uses her talent to achieve her dreams. She connected with her Japanese girl group quickly because they share the same sense of humor and a deep understanding of each other. She says of her and her fellow R Rules members, “We are not just a girl group, we are sisters.”

Coming together to make music

R Rules marks the second time that our four singers have gotten together to make music. They were about to give up until they were given a bigger opportunity to work together. The group says that they have been giving 100% of their effort to working together, so they decided to give music one last shot. They don’t want to have any regrets later by doing this.

The women of R Rules hope to show that people from two different cultures can perform together in perfect harmony, not just musical. One group they all admire in common is the K-pop act Blackpink. The Korean girl group, they say, has a distinct aura and confidence they bring to performing. The group also appreciates how Blackpink’s members work hard and dedicate themselves to their craft.

R Rules’s short-term goals are to improve their singing and dancing. They also want to showcase their own material in the process of that musical growth. As for their long-term goals, they hope to become well-known internationally and perform in big festivals like Coachella, where people like Beyoncé have given very memorable sets.

R Rules wants people to be inspired and energized by their music. Most of all, they want us to believe in ourselves, and be strong enough to achieve whatever we want. This group of young performers is truly one to watch out for, not just for their talent, but for the stories they want to tell. We look forward to finding out what they have to offer.

Follow R Rules Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/rrulesofficial

“Lahing Maangas” pays tribute to rapper D-coy and his role in Rekognize

If there is one genre of music that has dramatically grown over the last decade in the Philippines, it is hip-hop. Thanks to video platforms like YouTube and social media in general, a strong community of DJs, rappers, and fans has emerged, demonstrating the strength and vitality of our hip-hop scene. On both sides of the Pacific, hip-hop is increasingly the weapon of choice for Filipino musicians to express and celebrate their identity and their wish for a better tomorrow.

This celebration of Filipino hip-hop is what lies behind the latest single from Def Jam Philippines, which drops on streaming platforms on November __, just in time for Bonifacio Day. “Lahing Maangas” brings together three hip-hop crews, namely MADD POETS, Chinese Mafia, and OWF—K, whose members take turns dropping bars in a boisterous celebration of the Filipino hip-hop spirit. The track was recorded at Blckmrkt Studios and produced by Lowkey.

The song features solos by rappers Astro, Jaime Labrador, J Flava, Lexus, Lowkey, D-coy, Chiniga, Paul Cassimir, Quaizy Illeon, and Banong Bagsek with DJs Trigga and Vance laying down the beats. Done in the style of gangsta rap, “Lahing Maangas” blends Filipino and English lyrics to proclaim that Filipino hip-hop is truly a force to reckon with.

“Lahing Maangas” also marks rapper D-coy’s final recording and music video. A member of the MADD POETS crew, he made a significant contribution to the growth and strength of the Philippine hip-hop community. The song is a celebration of the Rekognize initiative he helped create and the community he represented.

Listeners will enjoy bopping along to this lively celebration of the Filipino hip-hop scene. There is no better time than now to be proud of how far the community has grown and how it has made a difference to our musical landscape. This song is an expression of this powerful sense of pride.

Narda’s ‘Milya’ is guitarist Tani Santos’ musings on the joys of fatherhood

“I never would’ve imagined that the first song I’ll be writing for Narda is a song about kids—my kids, nieces, and nephews, to be exact,” says Tani Santos, guitarist for studio-based indie-pop band Narda. “And all along, I thought I would be writing a rock song.”

Slated for release on all streaming platforms on Friday, November 19, in time for International Children’s Day, ‘Milya’ is the band’s third single under Island Records Philippines.

This time around, with Tani Santos on writing duties, the band experimented with yet another musical idiom—toytronica, a form of electronica composed using toy instruments, found sounds, and improvised percussion tools.

Popularized by British band PSAPP in the early Aughts, toytronica is a style that has been unknowingly explored by many OPM artists such as Ryan Cayabyab, The Eraserheads (on their “Prologue” and “Tapsilogue” tracks of their Sticker Happy LP), The Itchyworms, Pedicab, Ciudad, and The Ransom Collective.

Ryan Villena, drummer and leader of the band, says, “We produced this song at the height of the pandemic when most music stores were still closed. Being that most of us in the band are parents to toddlers, there were a lot of toys and kid’s instruments lying around in our living rooms. And with that, the idea for a toytronica song lent itself.”

And true enough, Villena, a seasoned drummer and percussionist who has done session work for the likes of Brownman Revival, Ely Buendia, and Rico Blanco, made use with what was available in their household: salt and pepper shakers, poker chips, frog guiros, finger cymbals, and ice cream buckets.

Guitarist Nico Africa, himself a doting father to two children, Isla and Ezra, (the latter who was born in the midst of the nationwide lockdown), says, “When we heard the demo that Tani made and read through his lyrics, we all thought that it was all just random wordplay, as the lyrics could come off as weird to the casual listener. It turns out that he was channeling his inner two-year-old soul, while inspired by his own kids.”

As for the peculiar song title, Santos says, “’Milya’ is a play on the word pamilya, a sort of abbreviation. I wanted the title to be playful. Ayaw ko na sa title pa lang ay gets na agad ng listeners tungkol saan ‘yung kanta.”

The song is a psychedelic nursery rhyme that borrows ideas from The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine albums, as well as songs from the ‘80s children’s show Batibot—the 2010 revival of which had Ryan Villena himself as a principal cast member.

In making the song, Santos says, “Since it’s my first time to write a song for the band, I wanted it to be something that I could dedicate to my family. The melody came first. Then I placed the lyrics, making sure the names of my kids and their cousins were all there.”

Katwo Puertollano, vocalist and frontwoman, who’s expecting her first child in just a few weeks’ time, says, “We’re excited about this new single, mainly because it’s all about the joys of being a parent.”

Narda’s ‘Milya’ is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming platforms under Island Records Philippines. Follow @nardabanda and @islandrecordsph on Facebook and Instagram.

Over October breaks the mold with first Tagalog song “Sandali Lang”

Acclaimed Filipino band Over October are breaking the mold with the release of their first Tagalog EP “Sandali Lang” under Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc. Finding a new sense of accomplishment in trying new things, the acclaimed quartet writes a heartfelt tune in the local language for the very first time, while sticking to a broadly appealing sound that gravitates toward an irresistible blend of alternative rock, ‘80s pop, blues, and indie rock.

“We didn’t have a specific vision for how we wanted the song to sound,” Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Josh Buizon points out. “We just drew inspiration from different kinds of local music – different genres and eras.”

Over October holed up in La Union for five days to arrange the material, along with the rest of the new tracks before finishing the songwriting session over at Discord. With a rough batch of songs in tow, the band sought guidance from seasoned sound engineer Peavey Nicolas and award-winning producer and The Itchyworms’ very own Jazz Nicolas to help fine-tune and polish some specific details, such as implementing a key change on the second and last chorus and suggesting a new way to arrange the guitar parts.

“I think we were a lot more comfortable this time since this is already our third track with them and the recording process for this song (and actually the whole EP) is unique in a sense that we lived together in the studio for two weeks,” lead guitarist Josh Lua shares. “On our first day there, we played the original arrangement of the song. After hearing it, they gave their inputs and two days later, the song sounded so different and so much better.”

“Sandali Lang” is an emotionally captivating song that tackles the feeling of falling in and out of love. While Over October’s previous batch of songs talked openly about being rejected and embracing optimism, their latest song mines the pain of breaking up with someone, but eventually emerging a better person after weathering the storm. In the words of the band, “the act of letting go is also an act of love in itself.”

Buizon adds, “the song speaks about two people, one who thought that everything was okay and going well, and the other, who was slowly falling out of love throughout their relationship. Sandali Lang focuses on how the person that was left behind can’t understand why and has so many questions in their head trying to figure out what went wrong.”

The unexpected rollout of Over October’s comeback EP is accompanied with a new music video starring Gawad Urian 2020 Best Actor and Gameboys star Elijah Canlas and young actress Miles Ocampo. Directed by Carl Chavez, the music video is set to premiere on August 26, Thursday.

Over October is an alternative pop/rock band from Manila, Philippines. The band consists of Josh Buizon (lead vocals and rhythm guitar),Josh Lua (lead guitar),Janessa Geronimo(drums),and Joric Canlas(bass).

They are known for their EP Free (2016) and their singles ‘Never Stop’ (2017), and ‘Wait’ (2018). In 2019, they released three more singles ‘Mr. Sun,’ ‘Alive,’ and ‘Without Your Love,’ and their debut album Press Play. In 2020, the band signed with Island Records Philippines.

Over October is a group of friends bursting in the seams with personalities that translate coming-of-age experiences and life lessons through an easy-listening sound with cleverly crafted lyrics. Through their songs, Over October invites their audience to go through life with them: a never-ending road trip that is best enjoyed with your friends.

Over October’s “Sandali Lang” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

Billie Eilish 2nd album, ‘Happier Than Ever’, out now

Billie Eilish released her highly anticipated sophomore studio album, ‘Happier Than Ever’ on Darkroom/Interscope Records. The 16-track full-length proves to be another welcomed triumph for popular music. A combination of non-fiction and fantasy, Eilish steps out into the limelight as one of the most treasured, talented and intricate songwriters of her generation. Weaving razor-sharp wit, everyday observations, secrets and escapades, all-the-while exploring what it is to be a complex human being, navigating the modern world. Listeners will be left enchanted and captivated by this new chapter, as she delivers her rawest, most confessionary work to date.

The album’s essence, artwork and color palette was inspired by some of her all-time favorite recording artists Julie London, Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee, and the 1950’s and 60’s “golden era” that they reigned. Produced by her brother FINNEAS at his home studio in Los Angeles, ‘Happier Than Ever’ solidifies Billie Eilish once again, as one of the most crucial pop artists of our time.

Accompanying the release of ‘Happier Than Ever,’ is the goose-bump-inducing music video for her latest single and album namesake. The video was directed by Eilish and perfectly captures the spirit of the track.

In other news, seven-time GRAMMY® Award-winning Billie Eilish will make her Disney+ debut with “Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles,” a cinematic concert experience, premiering globally on Friday, September 3. Fresh off the heels of her brand-new album, “Happier than Ever,” the Disney+ original will feature an intimate performance of every song in the album’s sequential order – for the first and only time – from the stage of the legendary Hollywood Bowl.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez and by Oscar-winner Patrick Osborne the special will also include animated elements, taking viewers on a dreamlike journey through Billie’s hometown of Los Angeles and its most iconic backdrops. “Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles” features FINNEAS, the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Music & Artistic Director Gustavo Dudamel, and world renowned Brazilian guitarist, Romero Lubambo, with Orchestra Arrangements by David Campbell. “Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles” was produced by Interscope Films and Darkroom Productions, in associate with Nexus Studios and Aron Levine Productions, with Kerry Asmussen as the Live Concert Director and Pablo Berron as Director of Photography.

Starting February 3 in New Orleans, Billie Eilish’s sold-out HAPPIER THAN EVER, THE WORLD TOUR commences. The arena run will be making 32 stops across North America, before heading over the Atlantic for an 18-date arena tour through Europe and the United Kingdom, starting June 3. For merchandise and more details go to: www.billieeilish.com/

Juan Karlos returns from hiatus with arresting folk-rock tune “Boston”

Released digitally, “Boston” revisits an old memory with a former flame, and runs with the fictional idea of “what could have been” if decisions in life were done differently. The song also documents that lingering bittersweet feeling of longing that, because of circumstances beyond control, cannot persist.

Going beyond his comfort zone, Juan Karlos recorded “Boston” alone in his home studio without his band. He tapped Dix Lucero for additional sax and flute parts and Noel De Brackinghe as his Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, who made the material more intricately layered but tastefully sparse.

With subtle instrumentation that allows the sentiment of the song to soar and tug hearts, Juan Karlos’ latest single embraces his introspective side with creative whims and folk-rock sensibilities, while retaining a sense of hushed fragility.

“I’ve always wanted a simple treatment with a touch of complexity,” the young singer-songwriter shares in a statement. “Boston works in that vein, and it captures my personal vision as a musician.”
The song comes with a music video that features Juan Karlos performing in a moving pickup, with EDSA as his backdrop.The visual narrative shows the alt-pop artist singing with his guitar, as he traverses the sprawling urban stretch aimlessly, as if navigating places without a particular destination.

“Boston” is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

DJ Snake unveils his new record, “You Are My High”

On this record, the boundary-pushing disruptor fuses elements of traditional dance music with classic R&B funk to create a woozy electronic soundscape sure to be heard across the world this summer.

Listen to “You Are My High” by DJ Snake

The song, which samples the classic track “You Are My High” from The Gap Band, follows last week’s release of DJ Snake’s high-energy club anthem “Ring The Alarm” with Malaa. The two tracks arrive on the heels of DJ Snake’s announcement that he will be embarking on tour across Europe and North America, including dates with Malaa, starting on July 29th in Chicago, IL. The upcoming 2021 run includes a stop at North America’s legendary electronic music festival EDC Las Vegas in October. See full list of dates below, tickets will be available on July 29th

*Starred dates with Malaa

7/29 Chicago, IL Radius*
7/30 Denver, CO Mission Ballroom*
7/31 Las Vegas, NV AYU Dayclub
8/1 San Bernadino, CA Hard Summer Festival
8/5 New York, NY Marquee
8/6 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Mirage
8/7 Miami Beach, FL LIV Miami
8/8 Tampa, FL WTR Pool
8/9 Las Vegas, NV AYU
8/13 Las Vegas, NV AYU Dayclub
8/14 Washington, DC Echostage*
8/15 Houston, TX Clé
8/27 Agde, France Amnesia
8/28 Plainfeld, Austria Electronic Love Festival
8/28 Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands Mysteryland 2021
9/4 Gothenburg, Sweden Summerburst
9/5 Frankfurt Am Main, Germany World Club Dome Las Vegas Edition
9/10 Cluj-napoca, Romania UNTOLD
9/17 San Juan, Puerto Rico Coca-Cola Music Hall
9/19 Las Vegas, NV AYU Dayclub
9/24 Las Vegas, NV AYU Dayclub
10/15 Oakland, CA Emerge Warehouse*
10/23 Las Vegas, NV EDC Las Vegas
10/29 San Bernadino, CA Escape Halloween
12/31 Dallas, TX Lights All Night

Remi Wolf unveils vibrant new single & video “Liquor Store”

Quickly emerging as one of pop music’s leading faces, Remi Wolf continues her ascension with “Liquor Store,” the lead single off of her debut album due for release this fall via Island Records. On “Liquor Store”, Wolf’s eccentric charm, poignant songwriting, and penchant for crafting intoxicating hooks combine to create a vibrant, textured, feel good summer anthem. The release is accompanied by a new visual, combining a vast array of colors and effects that offer a window into her psychedelic soul. Upon release, “Liquor Store” premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record.

On the new single, Wolf shares: “‘Liquor Store’ feels like I am shedding a skin. It’s about my journey with sobriety, which has been a major life shift for me over the last year. At the end of 2020, after six months away from the studio, I had a crazy explosive week where all these feelings came pouring out of me — ‘Liquor Store’ captures a lot of them. It’s my first baby of the bunch and I hope you love it.”

With distinct offerings like “Liquor Store” and her prior release “Liz,” Wolf’s unmistakable sound and personality has caught the eye of some of the industry’s biggest trend-setters from peers like Beck and Dominic Fike to publications including NPR, Pitchfork, W Magazine, V Magazine, TIME, PAPER, Nylon, The Los Angeles Times, and more. In addition to releasing her sophomore EP I’m Allergic to Dogs!–to critical acclaim, in 2020 Wolf collaborated with Dominic Fike on a rework of her massive hit “Photo ID” and received a bevy of reimaginings from the likes of Beck, Hot Chip, Little Dragon, Sylvan Esso, and more for her We Love Dogs! remix EP.

The California native has also accrued a widespread, passionate fanbase. Her memorable performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon expertly blended I’m Allergic to Dogs! standouts “Hello Hello Hello” and “Photo ID”, the latter of which has gone viral on TikTok with over 10 billion views. All of this comes in conjunction with several releases earning spots on notable playlists across DSP’s. “Photo ID” was featured in Instagram’s global “More To Heart” commercial, and “Hello Hello Hello” received a remix from Polo & Pan that was used in Apple’s global ad campaign for the iPhone 12 and Snapchat’s international commercial for its new Sound feature. “Monte Carlo,” a standalone and standout single following the EP, was featured in the worldwide commerical for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds earphone.

With “Liquor Store” leading the charge, her debut album coming later this year, and appearances at Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and Austin City Limits scheduled, 2021 is poised to be a breakout year for the budding superstar.

The Killers Announce 7th Studio Album ‘Pressure Machine’ Out August 13th

The album was co-produced by the band, Shawn Everett, and Jonathan Rado (of Foxygen), all of whom worked together on The Killers’ critically-acclaimed album Imploding The Mirage, released last year.

When the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the promotional run and worldwide tour for The Killers’ majestic, critically-acclaimed 2020 album Imploding the Mirage, “everything came to this grinding halt,” says frontman Brandon Flowers. “And it was the first time in a long time for me that I was faced with silence. And out of that silence this record began to bloom, full of songs that would have otherwise been too quiet and drowned out by the noise of typical Killers records.” Indeed, for the first time since 2004, the relentless momentum and pressures of being in a globally-renowned, stadium-shaking band stopped. Enter Pressure Machine: a view into the everyday realities of a small American town with a stark, tough beauty, and The Killers’ most restrained and resonant album yet.

A video from Brandon about Pressure Machine can be seen now via Apple Music. Click HERE to watch it.

A quieter, character-study-driven album, Pressure Machine lives squarely in Flowers’ hometown of Nephi, Utah, a close-knit community of 5300 people with no traffic lights, a rubber plant, wheat fields, and the West Hills. Nephi is the place Flowers spent his formative years (10-16), saying “had it not been for advancements in the automotive industry, Nephi in the 90s could have been the 1950s.” The album’s songs are based on the memories and stories of people that impacted him growing up, interspersed with commentary from current Nephi locals about their town. “We were discussing [Brandon] moving to Nephi as a kid and being stuck in the middle of nowhere,” says the band’s drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. “And during Covid-19, it started to feel like we were all in the middle of nowhere.” Concurs Flowers, “I discovered this grief that I hadn’t dealt with,” he says, “many memories of my time in Nephi are tender. But the ones tied to fear or great sadness were emotionally charged. I’ve got more understanding now than when we started the band, and hopefully I was able to do justice to these stories and these lives in this little town that I grew up in.”

The resulting record is an aural document of growing up – and living – in the American Southwest, told from a myriad of perspectives. For the first time in his life, Flowers had complete lyrics before a note of music was put to tape. No stranger to inhabiting different characters in songs, on Pressure Machine he steps into the shoes of some of the people whose lives he watched unfold as a teen. The album weaves the threads of Flowers’ signature lyricism throughout his career into a perfect whole culminating in the most elegant album The Killers have ever made.

Through its characters and also its title, the album squares up to the unbending pressure of the American dream compounded by religious disenchantment. A born optimist, moments of beauty inevitably shine out of the grief of Flowers’s songs: the healing arrival of summer, the first crop of hay, sweeter skies. Pressure Machine’s stories detail the real life personal battles, overwhelming regrets, local tragedies, and the opioid epidemic that hit Flowers’ hometown, as well as every hometown in America. Flowers sings about the choices people make, for better and for worse, and the consequences of those choices; the ones who were left behind, and the ones that can’t be forgotten.

Pressure Machine’s album cover image was shot on the highway just outside Nephi, taken as photographer Wes Johnson passed a roadside inspirational display set up by a local Baptist church. Johnson took dozens of incredible images of Flowers’ hometown throughout the early part of 2021, many of which are featured in the album’s packaging for the physical edition.

The Killers will be heading back to the road to celebrate both Pressure Machine and Imploding The Mirage, along with their much-loved catalogue of global hits, in 2022. Tickets for these shows go on sale on Friday, July 23rd, at 10 am local time via the band’s website.

Click HERE to pre-order Pressure Machine

Imploding The Mirage 2022 Tour Dates

Fri August 19, 2022 Vancouver BC Rogers Arena
Sat August 20, 2022 Seattle WA Climate Pledge Arena
Sun August 21, 2022 Portland OR Moda Center
Tues August 23, 2022 San Francisco CA Chase Center
Wed August 24, 2022 San Diego CA Pechanga Arena
Fri August 26, 2022 Las Vegas NV T-Mobile Arena
Sat August 27, 2022 Los Angeles CA Banc of California Stadium
Tues August 30, 2022 Salt Lake City UT Vivint Arena
Wed August 31, 2022 Denver CO Ball Arena
Thurs September 8, 2022 Houston TX Toyota Center
Fri September 9, 2022 Austin TX Moody Center
Sat September 10, 2022 Fort Worth TX Dickies Arena
Tues September 13, 2022 Miami FL FTX Arena
Wed September 14, 2022 Orlando FL Amway Center
Fri September 16, 2022 Atlanta GA State Farm Arena
Sat September 17, 2022 Nashville TN Bridgestone Arena
Sun September 18, 2022 St. Louis MO Chaifetz Arena
Tues September 20, 2022 St. Paul MN Xcel Energy Center
Wed September 21, 2022 Chicago IL United Center
Fri September 23, 2022 Toronto ON Scotiabank Arena
Sat September 24, 2022 Montreal QC Bell Centre
Sun September 25, 2022 Verona NY Turning Stone Event Center
Thurs September 29, 2022 Washington DC Capital One Arena
Fri September 30, 2022 New York NY Madison Square Garden
Sat October 1, 2022 New York NY Madison Square Garden
Mon October 3, 2022 Boston MA TD Garden
Tues October 4, 2022 University Park PA Bryce Jordan Center
Thurs October 6, 2022 Pittsburgh PA Petersen Events Center
Fri October 7, 2022 Cleveland OH Wolstein Center
Sat October 8, 2022 Detroit MI Little Caesars Arena

For complete tour dates, visit https://www.thekillersmusic.com/tour