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Post-Mother’s Day concert feat. Kuh Ledesma & daughter Izzy at Hacienda Isabella on May 27

We will never forget the songs our mothers sang to us when we were kids; songs that put us to sleep, calmed us down when we were restless, or delighted us when we felt unhappy. Indeed, whenever we hear the songs that our moms used to sing to us, we can’t help but smile and think about her and how she lovingly took care of us.

OPM Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma and her equally talented daughter Isabella “Izzy” Gonzalez , invite us to go back in time as they perform songs that would make us reminisce about our fond memories with Mom when we were young, through their post-Mother’s Day concert titled, “Songs for a Mother’s Heart” at Hacienda Isabella on May 27.

In an interview, Kuh explained why they opted to stage the concert after Mother’s Day, “I know that people usually celebrate Mother’s Day by going out with their own families. We at Hacienda Isabella chose a later date for “Songs for a Mother’s Heart” so that the daughters and sons can celebrate with their mothers and invite the friends of their moms or even their in-laws to the concert.”

“It won’t be your usual concert on May 27 because it’s a weekend getaway.

Hacienda Isabella is offering them a complete package of dinner at 6 pm and then the concert at 8 pm. After the show, we offer overnight accommodation. There are 85 rooms available with free use of the amenities, and breakfast the following day with Izzy and me. This will be our fourth show and it’s been a lot of fun getting closer to my faithful fans and friends,” the renowned singer shared.

There are songs that can evoke fond memories of Mom and take us back to the days of our childhood with her. Asked about the song that has this effect on her, the Pop Diva said, “I recorded a kundiman song ‘Ugoy ng Duyan’ written by National Artist for Music, Lucio San Pedro. Every time I sing it, I remember my mother when I was very young. I was very close to her. She would always ask me to sing while she was sewing. A song like ‘Ugoy ng Duyan’ can really bring back memories of childhood and the closeness of a mother to a child.”

“Also, my song ‘Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan’ is a fitting tribute to mothers. As the line goes: ‘Paano kita mapasasalamatan? Sapat na bang mahalin lang kita magpakailan pa man?’ The song is about gratitude, appreciation, and love for a person who gives unconditional love,” she added.

Let’s celebrate our moms with Kuh and Izzy this May 27 at Hacienda Isabella. “Songs for a Mother’s Heart” will also feature talented singers Mitch Valdes and Carla Martinez as guest performers.

Concert’s special rates: room good for two people – P4,500 per person which includes dinner, concert (premium table), overnight stay, after-concert pica-pica, and breakfast the following day; room good for three or more people – P3,500 per person which includes dinner, concert, overnight stay, after-concert pica-pica, and breakfast the following day. Dinner and concert only: P2,000. Dinner will be served at 6 pm and the show starts at 8 pm.

For more information about the post-Mother’s Day concert, call 0960-885-0288 or 0920-286-8895.

A Fantastic Night of Fun, Food and Fabulous Music at Hacienda Isabella on Apr. 22

It is said that joy multiplies when shared. For singer, composer/lyricist, and painter Isabella “Izzy” L. Gonzales, her coming birthday this month will indeed be a joyful one as she shares laughter and great music in a concert to celebrate her special day titled, “ISABELLA PLS!!! – A FUNtastic Getaway @Hacienda Isabella”. For Izzy’s birthday concert, she will be joined by two of the country’s very talented and fabulously funny singers, Mitch Valdes and Nanette Inventor. Joining this night of fun and cool music is Izzy’s mom, the diva herself, Kuh Ledesma. In an interview, Izzy shared the details about her upcoming birthday concert.

“Mom and I decided this year we would try and do a concert at Hacienda Isabella each month. We had a pre-Valentine concert in February, March is when Mama had her birthday so we did one a couple of days after on the next Saturday and then mine follows her, it just made sense to us to finally get out there and share our home and Hacienda with everyone in this very special way,” she said.

Asked about what the audience can expect from the concert, Izzy excitedly answered, “Fun! I was asking for prayers during our first show last February from my discipleship sisters at church and a friend texted me to just have fun. That changed everything for me. I forgot I was also called to entertain not just by hopefully moving the audience through the songs but to also help everyone have a fun time. Ever since then, my whole perspective on making shows has changed. My main goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves as well as inspire and encourage them with the message found in each song. But most importantly, to just make sure everyone can sit back, relax, and be entertained.”

Izzy also shared her experience collaborating with Mitch Valdes and Nanette Inventor as well as her mom, Kuh Ledesma for this birthday concert. “It’s really been such a treat, an exciting and truly thrilling adventure! I love chatting with my two Titas of comedy and look up to them so much. They’re both adorable in their own ways. Mama Mitch is cool and protective while Mama Nanetteski is such a giver with all her ideas and is game to try the different ideas I suggest. But then of course, everything has to go through the approval of ‘The Mothership’ who is directing the concert, which means I can let go and just focus on the songs I have to sing and my part. Usually, I’m the one directing her shows, so it is a relief to finally be able to just let Mama do the driving.”

For those who wish to go to Izzy’s birthday concert, she gave this message, “Hi everyone! You’re invited to my very first birthday concert called, ISABELLA PLS!!! – A FUNtastic Getaway @Hacienda Isabella,” with a special exhibit at @GallerieKUHL at Hacienda which opens at 4:22 pm on April 22. Dinner that night will be at 6 pm and the show will be at 8 pm. We hope to celebrate Earth Day which is my birthday too in a garden with yummy food and delightful music to help us all time travel through tunes and enjoy a night filled with fun, love, and stories. Do join us and thank you in advance for all your support and for truly helping me make my childhood dreams come true of getting to share with you the gifts that God has given me.”

For more information about Izzy’s birthday concert and Hacienda Isabella, contact: 09608850288 or 09202868895

Kuh Ledesma celebrates her birthday with a KuhL Getaway Party

It has been a busy first quarter for diva Kuh Ledesma. She successfully mounted a sold-out pre-Valentine concert at Hacienda Isabella last February 11 and is now just coming back from the United States after the 3 Divas show with Pops Fernandez and Jaya.

“It was the first time that Hacienda Isabella was open to the public after the pandemic and all our rooms were fully booked. I am grateful to all who came and braved the weekend traffic to watch our show and stay at Hacienda Isabella.”

Kuh says that the success of the first post-pandemic event in Hacienda Isabella prompted her to celebrate her birthday with another open-air concert in her new venue. I usually mount KuhL events on my birthday. The last one was in MOA Arena, a year before the pandemic. This time, it’s a KuhL Getaway Party and since Hacienda Isabella is also where I live, it’s like I’m inviting you to my home on my birthday and sing songs for you.”

Kuh is known for putting up venues like Republic of Malate and the Music Museum which to this day is a favorite venue of established as well as up-and-coming artists to hold their concerts at.

Since she has moved to the south of Luzon, she is now in the process of putting up an indoor theatre in Hacienda Isabella where other artists can also hold their shows, bands can play, and new artists can be featured.

“I see a lot of potential in Hacienda Isabella and since I stay here already, I have more time to conceptualize and build. Next month, it will be my daughter’s birthday concert on April 22 and she is now in the process of putting her show together… but this March 18, it’s my post-birthday Getaway Party.”

Joining Kuh in this concert are Ray-An Fuentes, Isabella, and some special guests.

A KuhL Getaway Party is happening at Hacienda Isabella on March 18, 2023. For package rates that include dinner, concert, and accommodations call 0960 885 0288 and 0920 286 8895

‘Hello Love, a Valentine Getaway’ by Kuh Ledesma and Isabella on Feb. 11

On February 11, a Saturday, experience a unique pre-Valentine event titled Hello Love, a Valentine Getaway, headlined by the original Pop diva herself, Ms. Kuh Ledesma and her daughter Isabella.

This Valentine Getaway is happening at the Hacienda Isabella, nestled near Tagaytay City and an ideal way to celebrate the special day away from the hustle-bustle of urban life.

Feel the love amid the cool breeze brought about by the ridges and forests of the scenic mountains, as the guests are treated with a sumptuous dinner buffet spread out in an open air garden setting while being serenaded and entertained by the unrivaled and rare appearance of the mother-and-daughter singing tandem.

What makes this unique from the previous mother-and-daughter concerts together?

It’s the very idea that both are staging it in “the season of love.”

“Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers or romantic love. We will also share songs with different perspectives on love and life. I have gone through so much in relationships… the ups and downs have taught me good experiences and Godly wisdom. My heart is bursting with the desire to share.

“It is also unique because it is unusual for concerts to be celebrated outdoors and almost in the place where we as artists reside. It is intimate because we are truly at home in Hacienda Isabella. Even the people assisting us are dear and close to us—the production people, the waiters, the housekeeping staff, and also our chef,” Ledesma described it.

For the Pop Diva, she and her daughter chose to perform in a more intimate setting as opposed to more and more artists doing it in arenas and big venues these days.

“This Valentine’s season, it will be a welcome respite to have a show far away from all the busy and frenetic city living. Hacienda Isabella’s homey and relaxed atmosphere and cool weather will [definitely] give the audience a different kind of Valentine’s Day experience,” she said.

On the other hand, Isabella, described Ledesma as someone who gave her the spotlight rather than living under the shadow of a singing icon. To date, the singer-songwriter and recording artist leads worship services from time to time on Sundays at the Hacienda Isabella. She expresses her passion for arts through painting and is currently helping to publish a booklet of prayers called Pray Away written by Rita Marie Abiog.

Hello Love, a Valentine Getaway takes pride in its beautiful backdrop with sculpted and well-lit trees, a real moon, and the sprinkled stars lighting up the skies.

After dinner and show, guests can also opt to spend the weekend at Hacienda Isabella’s cool and homey ambiance via its luxurious room accommodations.

Here are the special package rates:

A room for two guests is at P4500 per person, which includes dinner and the concert (premium table), overnight stay, after-concert pica-pica, and breakfast.

Room for three or more people: P3500 per person, which includes dinner and concert, overnight stay, after-concert pica-pica, and breakfast.

If guests opt for dinner and concert only, it’s at P2000.

Dinner is at 6:30 pm and the show starts at 8pm.

For more information, please call +639202868895 or +639178139065.

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