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Barbie Almalbis reunites with former bands, Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle for a 25th Anniversary concert

Filipino alt-rock icon Barbie Almalbis celebrates her 25th year in the music industry with a concert chronicling her career as an artist who helped build Pinoy rock into what it is today: borderless and always evolving, shattering the assumption that the movement is “a Man’s Man’s World.”

Aptly titled Firewoman: 25 Years of Barbie Almalbis, the show will reunite two of her supergroups, Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle for a special moment filled with vigor, nostalgia, and appreciation. Almalbis will be performing some of the biggest and most notable hits of her career in three separate sets: as a frontwoman of the aforementioned bands, and as a solo artist who managed to make a name for herself.

“While this is truly a dream for me, it was GNN Entertainment Productions who first believed it could happen and conceptualized the show,” the Tabing Ilog hitmaker reveals. “We reached out Ricci Gurango, Franklin Benitez, Rommel de la Cruz, Wendell Garcia, and Kakoy Legaspi, and we’re delighted that they were all excited to do it too. Ricci, who now lives in the US, is coming home to the Philippines for the show.”

Firewoman: 25 Years of Barbie Almalbis was conceived last year to honor the award-winning singer-songwriter’s contribution to OPM, and to celebrate her staying power with anthems that proved to be impactful to listeners of all ages.

“I’m just so excited to play alongside some of my old friends, who also happen to be some my favorite musicians,” Almalbis shares in an official press statement. “We have so many great memories, making music, touring, and growing up together. They’ve taught me so much over the years. I’m just so grateful for this opportunity to jam with all of them on the show. I’m also looking forward to sharing the stage with many other artists I admire.”

The event is set to take place at 123 Block in Mandala Park on Saturday, March 11, 2023, from 2 p.m. onwards. It will also feature performances by some of the country’s finest acts, including Sandwich, Gab Alipe of Urbandub, Clara Benin, I Belong To The Zoo, Kai del Rio, and Bird.

Almalbis also attributes her success as a musician, a woman, and a person of influence to her team’s dedication and hard work.

She adds, “I’m so grateful to still be playing, making music, and enjoying it a lot. It helps that I’m not doing it alone: my husband, who also loves music, helps me, especially during times when I find it hard to write. He’s a constant sounding board for ideas. Our daughter Stina has been joining in a lot lately too. I’m also so grateful for an excellent team: our manager Tommy, road manager Morris, and the band: Karel, Nikko, and Jonard. And of course, the one who holds the whole thing together. So much of my career was something I didn’t plan, so I always do my best to look to God and follow where he takes me. Music is such a gift; I’m praying I get to do it until I’m old and gray.”

Firewoman: 25 Years of Barbie Almalbis is presented by GNN Entertainment Productions, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, Backspacer Records, JB Music, Nova Wellness Store, and 123 Block.

Tickets to the show are available for purchase starting February 13 (Monday) at 6pm via TicketMelon.

Filipino folk-pop band The Ransom Collective to stage reunion concert next month

The Ransom Collective return to the live stage after years of remote collaborations and pursuing individual projects.

Aptly titled Hello Again: The Ransom Collective Reunion Show, the outdoor concert marks the first time that they will be performing together as a band in three years. The event is set to take place at 123 Block in Mandala Park on February 4, 2022 (Saturday), from 6 p.m. onwards.

Aside from headlining the concert, the six-piece act is also set to perform a long set, featuring some of their most notable songs, as well as new ones in their repertoire.

They’re also dishing some rearranged numbers with guest sessionists to further elevate the attendees’ concert-going experience.

“It’s been over two years since we’ve all been in the same room together,” the indie folk outfit shares in a statement. “Life has taken each of us in all sorts of different directions. After countless Zoom meetings and remote collaboration, we are so excited to finally have the chance to create and perform live together once again.”

The reunion show is also the band’s way of expressing gratitude to their fans, who have continued to support and inspire them through their journey as musicians. Sharing the stage are some of their peers and contemporaries in the music industry, including Cheats, syd hartha, and Gabba. Special merch will be available at the venue, and there will be booths and activities curated especially for the attendees.

“We’ll only be complete for about a month, so we want to make the most of it,” the Traces act explains. “We’ll be squeezing in as much time as we can jam and experiment with new material while we practice and prepare for our reunion show on February 4th. We’re planning to play a long set, maybe even our longest ever. We’ve got some special guests lined up and a few surprises planned for the evening.”

Hello Again: The Ransom Collective Reunion Show is presented by GNN Entertainment Productions and The Ransom Collective.

Tickets to the show are available for purchase starting January 5 (Thursday) at 6pm via bit.ly/helloagaintrc.

Ebe Dancel marks 20th anniversary of Sugarfree’s Sa Wakas with campus-themed music fair

Filipino alternative rock icon Ebe Dancel celebrates the enduring legacy of Sugarfree’s Sa Wakas with an experiential treat that brings to mind the colorful vibe of UP Fair and the intimacy of a packed, outdoor event.
SA WAKAS: 20th Anniversary Celebration marks another milestone for the multi-awarded singer-songwriter as he brings to life the classic anthems that define an entire generation.

The highly anticipated show will take place at 123 Block, Mandala Park on January 28, 2022 (Saturday), from 4:30pm onwards, and feature a full-length, all-Sugafree set by Ebe Dancel, with special participation of Mitch Singson, as well as guest performances by Cheats, Johnoy Danao, The Itchyworms and more.

To make the celebration more special and personal, important personalities who were part of making Sa Wakas will also be gracing the event, either as performers or as special guests.
Not only will there be live music, but Mandala Park will also be turned into an amusement venue with carnival games and rides, arts and crafts booths, record and book stores, food stands, and other immersive activities.

“At the core of Sa Wakas is nostalgia shaped by bittersweet memories and adolescent discoveries,” says Ian Urrutia, PR and Marketing Director of GNN Entertainment Productions. “We want to honor the impact of Sugarfree’s debut album by reliving the simple joys of going to college or university fairs with friends, family, and loved ones. Looking back doesn’t have to be getting stuck in the past. Sometimes, it’s okay to experience the old times with fondness and a different perspective as it gives new meaning to these memories. We’re finding means not to reimagine Sa Wakas, but to celebrate it: a record that feels like a tight embrace at the end of the dark days.”

Backspacer Records, one of the co-presenters of the show, also shared their excitement in mounting a celebration of this caliber. “It has always been our aim at Backspacer Records to help channel music from the past into the present through our vinyl record releases. In the past year, we have successfully produced and released Ebe Dancel’s Bawat Daan and Habangbuhay albums on vinyl. And now, for the first time, we get to bring you a live music experience with the Sa Wakas 20th Anniversary show. As Ebe Dancel’s fans since his Sugarfree days, this is such a treat for us: to mark this important milestone with a throwback celebration, complete with a fun and laid-back college fair vibe. This night will definitely be a nostalgia trip, full of reminiscing while singing along to songs that have become the soundtracks of our youth.”

Special merch will be sold exclusively at the venue, and select Ebe Dancel albums and other important local/foreign records will be available via Backspacer Records.

SA WAKAS: 20th Anniversary Celebration is presented by GNN Entertainment Productions and Backspacer Records, in partnership with 123 Block and Balcony Entertainment.

Tickets to SA WAKAS: 20th Anniversary Celebration are available for purchase starting January 3 (Tuesday) at 6pm via bit.ly/sawakas20.

Ticket prices are as follows:
Regular: ₱1,300.00
VIP with M&G and signed poster: ₱1,800.00
VIP with vinyl bundle and M&G (limited): available at Backspacer Records’ official website

Filipino rock queens Acel, Aia, Barbie, Hannah, Kitchie and Lougee to stage comeback show this month!

Due to insistent public demand, Pinoy rock queens Acel Bisa, Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Hannah Romawac, Kitchie Nadal, and Lougee Basabas are staging another run of their collaborative show at 123 Block in Mandala Park, Mandaluyong City this December 14, 2022, from 8 p.m. onwards.

This time around, the iconic women of the late ‘90s to mid-2000s OPM are set to perform together in an outdoor venue known for standing-room-only crowds—a deliberate contrast to the lavish, state-of-the-art halls of The Theatre At Solaire where they held their sold-out concert last weekend. The alt-rock royalties give a mighty salute to their humble beginnings, by harkening back to the era of playing for quaint hole-in-the-wall productions and channeling the unadulterated vigor of the gig scene with a mix of fearlessness and abandon.

Dubbed Tanawin: A Thanksgiving and Listening Party, the intimate gig serves as a medium to give back to the fans who have shown unwavering support and love through their decades of navigating stardom, setbacks, motherhood, uncertainty, and faith. It also provides an opportunity for the participating acts to preview new material and announce special projects that will see the light of day starting next year.

As the title of the show implies, Tanawin sees the beauty of gazing longingly ahead of time, be it out of reflection, curiosity, or admiration. As singer-songwriters find new meaningful ways to share music and deliver confessionals, the ladies of Tanawin are ready to put out new songs in the same way that they’re comfortable serenading the crowd with familiar hits.

“While it takes courage to step into the realm of the unknown, it is doable alone,” says Aia de Leon. “But why walk alone when you can party with sisters moving forward?”

Presented by GNN Entertainment Productions, Tanawin marks the second time that the six solo acts will be performing together live. From their early days as lead vocalists of late ‘90s/early 2000s bands, to establishing their identity as individual artists, the six acclaimed singer-songwriters have proven their staying power with sold-out tours and concerts, chart-topping singles and albums, and a dedicated fanbase.
Regular and VIP tickets are available at PHP 1,300 and PHP 2,200 VIP respectively, for a limited number/time only. Get it here: bit.ly/tanawintickets

Filipino alt-rock icons Acel, Aia, Barbie, Hannah, Kitchie and Lougee form a ‘supergroup’ for a one-night concert at Solaire

Aside from delivering individual performances that highlight some of the defining moments of their career, Filipino singer-songwriters Acel Bisa, Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Hannah Romawac, Kitchie Nadal and Lougee Basabas will be collaborating for a special number at their joint concert dubbed TANAW, happening on November 26, Saturday (8pm onwards) at The Theatre at Solaire.

“It’s going to be a surprise, but let’s just say that we’re forming a group for a one-night-only performance that will surely delight music fans,” Barbie Almalbis shares in a press statement.

Rocking the big stage with a vibrant and dynamic set list that cuts across multiple generations, the six iconic artists are set to showcase their hard-earned legacy in a space that has always been dominated by men.
As pointed out by Aia de Leon, one of the TANAW headliners, the concert also serves as a celebration of meaningful friendships and solidarity.

“There is no other group of people who will have understood the fullness of my life, in every aspect, except for these ladies,” de Leon adds. “We grew up in an era together, we paid our dues together. We share a profound joy making music, writing songs, and performing them in front of a live audience. We’ve never braved a celebration in this scale together before, and I feel very blessed to be a part of this.”

TANAW marks the first time that the six solo acts will be performing together for a concert. From their early days as lead vocalists of late ‘90s/early 2000s bands, to establishing their identity as individual artists, the six acclaimed singer-songwriters have proven their staying power with sold-out tours and concerts, chart-topping singles and albums, and a dedicated fanbase.

The one-night show is produced by GNN Entertainment, and co-presented by Solaire Resort Entertainment City with valuable support by Official Glam Partner, David’s Salon and minor sponsors Payaba Flower Boutique and United Graphic.

Tickets to TANAW are available online via Ticket World and its partner outlets nationwide. Click here for a full list of ticketing outlets.

Ticket pricing:
SVIP with Meet & Greet: ₱4,600.00
SVIP without Meet & Greet: ₱4,100.00
VIP: ₱3,700.00
Lower Orchestra: ₱2,900.00
Upper Orchestra: ₱2,800.00
Lower Balcony: ₱1,700.00
Upper Balcony: ₱1,300.00


“TANAW” concert puts a spotlight on the reigning queens of Pinoy Rock

Six of the most iconic women in Pinoy Rock are coming together as solo artists and collaborators for a one-night concert happening on November 26, Saturday (8pm onwards) at The Theatre at Solaire.
Aptly titled TANAW, the three-hour show will feature Filipino singer-songwriters Acel Bisa, Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Hannah Romawac, Kitchie Nadal and Lougee Basabas as they grace the big stage with songs that rekindle past loves and welcome newfound inspirations.

Elevating the concert-going experience with a balance of grandeur and intimacy, the special performances also promise to show time and again the beauty of empowerment, vulnerability, and purpose.
GNN Entertainment, the show’s producer, is proud to support TANAW in championing Filipina music icons whose enormous contributions to uplifting Original Pilipino Music (OPM) deserve to be heard and celebrated.

“It’s a great moment to witness women making impactful strides in helping revive the live music scene in the Philippines,” shares GNN Entertainment PR and Marketing Director Ian Urrutia in a statement. “We take pride in being part of their crusade to showcase world-class artistry and nurture a fun but enriching experience for fans who are yearning to rebuild their connection with the music that shaped their years and the artists that led them through that journey.”
GNN Entertainment’s Events Director Marie Lara Pauline Bobier asserts that the upcoming concert will serve as a great way to bring back its festive appeal, while helping the audience get through the tough times with stories of optimism and hope. “We want the fans to feel that this concert is both a celebration and a reunion. The ladies have made a mark in the music scene, and we want to honor their contributions through this one-night show.”

TANAW marks the first time that the six solo acts will be performing together for a concert. From their early days as lead vocalists of late ‘90s/early 2000s bands, to establishing their identity as individual artists, the six acclaimed singer-songwriters have proven their staying power with sold-out tours and concerts, chart-topping singles and albums, and a dedicated fanbase.

Ticket prices are as follows:
SVIP with Meet&Greet: ₱4,600.00
SVIP without Meet&Greet: ₱4,100.00
VIP: ₱3,700.00
Lower Orchestra: ₱2,900.00
Upper Orchestra: ₱2,800.00
Lower Balcony: ₱1,700.00
Upper Balcony: ₱1,300.00

Tickets to TANAW are available for purchase starting October 17 (Monday) at 12 noon via Ticket World. This event is produced by GNN Entertainment, and co-presented by The Theatre at Solaire.

Pamungkas, Ben&Ben, Munimuni, and more to perform at GNN Presents: Gimme Shelter

After holding hybrid and online events during the height of the pandemic, GNN Entertainment returns with Gimme Shelter, an outdoor music show happening on August 6, 2022, Saturday at the 123 Block, Mandala Park in Mandaluyong City.

“Named after The Rolling Stones’ classic 1969 single, Gimme Shelter recognizes the impact of live music as home to a lot of people, and in many aspects, serves as a reprieve from the agonizing uncertainty that defined the early years of the pandemic,” says GNN Entertainment producer Milley Habito in a statement. “Somehow, we’re bringing back the homey and comforting vibe of attending live shows, where patrons are excited to experience a music gig in a venue filled with strangers and familiar faces.”

Indonesia’s most-streamed artist of 2021, Pamungkas is set to headline the serialized event, and will mark his first time to perform in the Philippines.

The Jakarta-based singer-songwriter continues to make waves in the region with the hit single “To The Bone” peaking at no. 1 on Spotify Indonesia’s Top 50 charts and no. 5 on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 charts for multiple weeks. Earlier this year, he was also recently nominated for Best Solo Asian Act at the BandLab NME Awards 2022—thanks to the massive popularity and critical acclaim of his 2021 album, Solipsism 0.2.

Pamungkas is gearing up for a Southeast Asian tour to promote his fourth studio album, Birdy with stops in major cities across Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Ahead of their North American tour and an upcoming major concert, Ben&Ben is returning to the live stage with a highly anticipated performance at this year’s Gimme Shelter. The nine-piece collective will also join Pamungkas as one of the headliners, along with some of the biggest names in the Philippine indie music scene: Munimuni, She’s Only Sixteen, and Cheats.

Firmly rooted in the culture of fostering community and inclusivity through live music, Gimme Shelter is the first in a series of shows (produced by GNN Entertainment) this year inspired by song titles of classic pop/rock tunes. “This is our way of taking the sour parts of the distant past and making a sweet batch of lemonade: served fresh for people who want to experience a ‘home’ away from home—a shelter, so to speak,” shares GNN Entertainment’s Milley Habito.

Pre-selling tickets are available for purchase, with a price of P950 for a limited time only! Get it here.

Barbie Almalbis to drop her fourth album, Scenes From Inside this Friday

Filipina singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis is set to release her fourth studio album, Scenes From Inside on July 16 (Friday) via 12 Stone Records and Sony Music Philippines.

Delivering intricately produced pop-rock gems with melodic sweetness, the 9-track release is a testament to Almalbis’ consistency as an artist who never gets tired of leveling up her craft and expanding her vision with newfound inspiration.

“Recording is truly one of my favorite parts about being a musician, but working on everything in one go also often made me feel burned out, and it would take some time to get recharged,” Almalbis shares in a statement. “For Scenes From Inside, we got to focus on just a couple of songs at time, releasing singles instead of an album, allowing us to work at a more relaxed pace, and before we knew it, the album was done!

This new process has made this album the easiest one to finish.”
Scenes From Inside is considered to be Barbie Almalbis’ most collaborative work to date, bringing in a pool of co-songwriters that are dear to her heart, including real-life partner Martin Honasan, aunt Alya Honasan, friend Michelle Rivera, and more.

With Dari Crème and GNN Entertainment Productions as its official partners, the upcoming album will be launched with an online live performance featuring Barbie Almalbis and her bandmates: Karel Honasan on bass, Jonard Bolor on drums, and Nikko Rivera on keyboards.

The virtual album launch will be streamed live on her official Facebook page this July 16 (Friday) from 7pm onwards, with Almalbis taking the virtual stage to perform the new songs from the album, as well as some classic favorites.

Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, and Bullet Dumas to co-headline ‘ALPAS’ digital concert

Dubbed ALPAS, the digital show not only aims to bring live performances for the streaming public, but also promises music fans to experience a semblance of ‘concert’ normalcy in an intimate, stripped-down setting.

Renowned alternative/pop-rock/folk icons Aia de Leon, Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao and Bullet Dumas mark their first time to co-headline a show together, performing as both solo artists and collaborators. The six music acts are also set to perform as a group in a special medley number arranged and produced by award-winning musical director, Ronaldo Tomas.

With new security and health protocols in place, the virtual showcase will be shot at the outdoor area of Conspiracy Garden Café, an iconic music venue that is home to several music greats and independent bands, and in Madrid, Spain where Kitchie Nadal is currently based.

As expected, Nadal is excited to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, and has all the great words to say about the upcoming online show. “I’m excited to work with the artists that I admire in the music industry. It’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss.” Barbie Almalbis explains that this is as close to playing for a live audience, and that performing in Conspiracy again makes her feel nostalgic. “I’m more than happy to share the stage with the artists that I look up to, and hopefully, the energy and enthusiasm would resonate with the music fans once they see it on the virtual screen. It’s something that we’ve worked hard for.”

3D + ABK Alpas virtual presser held earlier

Aia, Barbie and Kitchie (ABK) have staged a sold-out, collaborative concerts at the Music Museum in 2016 and 2017, and held a benefit online show in 2020 to raise funds for the employees of indie music venues in Metro Manila. Ebe, Johnoy, and Bullet (3D) on the other hand, have performed as 3D, and went on to headline three, sold-out concerts: twice at the Music Museum in 2015 and 2016, and at the Kia Theatre in 2018. These concerts were organized and produced by GNN.

Bullet Dumas admits that he missed performing, and that ALPAS came at the right time when everyone needs a source of entertainment to keep them going while public life is on lockdown. “I haven’t performed in an actual show since early pandemic,” the young music virtuoso shares in a statement. “People in the live events industry are barely surviving, so this opportunity from KUMU and GNN means a lot to me. And I know how a simple show can move people especially in this crazy era of our lives.”

Johnoy Danao admits that this is the very first time since 2020 that 3D will be reunited together, and he wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. He’s also looking forward to working with Aia, Barbie and Kitchie on this special project. “It’ll be the first time that all of us are performing together, so I think that’s something to look forward to.”

When asked about what makes ALPAS worth watching despite the lack of an actual “live” audience, Aia De Leon takes pride in what the virtual concert stands for especially in the time of pandemic. “ALPAS is your connection to something real. When the songs hit home, this is your connection to the memory as well as the future promise of the live gig experience.”

Ebe Dancel echoes Aia’s sentiments, stressing the importance of music in forging a sense of community amidst the most challenging of times. “People, in my opinion, will always need music. As much as we miss the live audience, this will have to do for now. Someday, somehow, we will all see each other again.”

ALPAS: A Digital Concert is set to premiere on June 5, 2021 from 6pm onwards. Tickets to ALPAS are now available for purchase via kumu, with a price of P499 for general admission. For details on how to buy tickets, go to this site: www.kumu.live

Alpas Digital Concert feat. 3D & Aia, Kitchie, Barbie on June 5

6 prominent singer-songwriters in the Philippines, headlines a one night only livestream concert to be held on June 5, 2021 – 6pm via Kumu Live Events.

Award-winning solo artists Ebe Dancel, Johnoy Danao, Bullet Dumas, Barbie Almalbis, Aia de Leon, and Kitchie Nadal are coming together for a virtual concert that offers an exciting music experience at the comforts of every music fan’s home.

ALPAS means to break free. During these strange times, sometimes we long to break free from the noise, to escape. Amidst the changes we are currently facing, let good music bring us all together.

Hear classics such as “Burnout,” “Sundo,” “Tugtog,” “Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin,” “Tabing Ilog” and “Cuida.”

ALPAS marks the first time that the six top-notch performers will be equally headlining a show after having performed as solo acts or part of a collective.

This event is produced by Gabi Na Naman Productions and Kumu Philippines.


June 5, 2021 – 6pm (Philippine Time)


Livestream Access – Php499