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Among a lot of things that took off in the middle of the pandemic, one of the biggest interest groups that took the world by storm is the Hallyu Wave – with its amazing visuals and performances polished to perfection. It’s no secret that while the K-Pop and K-Hiphop scene was already here pre-2020, the fandom is now even stronger. While not new to the scene, EPIK HIGH has been leading the charge of the Hallyu Wave as a household name since 2003, inspiring the public with their catchy tunes and lyrics that speak volumes about the inner workings of their minds. Here are a few reasons why they remain so loved by the public after almost 20 years of music.

They’re a refreshing spin to your daily playlist. When we hear about Korean artists, we’re immediately reminded of members in matching outfits, dancing to upbeat dance tracks. But with EPIK HIGH, they make music that’s easy to listen to while also speaking to your soul. Their discography is so dynamic that there’s something for everyone. From upbeat tracks that energize you, to lullabies that help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. Yes, they’ve made lullabies, too; specifically dedicated to cats.

Check out – EPIK HIGH – Lullaby for a Cat

As fans, it’s always interesting to see our faves interact and collaborate with fellow musicians. With EPIK HIGH, not only do they collaborate, they bring out the best in whoever they collaborate with. They not only focus on their own parts, but concentrate on the artist that they’re paired with, fully allowing them to shine. It doesn’t matter how many artists are thrown on a track, the EPIK HIGH magic still works wonders.

Check Out: EPIK HIGH – Born Hater ft. Verbal Jint, Beenzino, Mino, Bobby, and B.I:

With the amount of artists in the scene today, EPIK HIGH has managed to stand out from the crowd for so long. When you ask the general public what makes EPIK HIGH so special, the one thing everyone agrees on is that their live performances are on another level. Following the group’s signature catchphrase “My High is Epik”, when they take the stage, it’s always an amazing time- the group radiates so much energy that anyone watching gets swept into it.

Get a chance to experience epic highs and catch Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz take the Manila stage at the EPIK HIGH is Here Tour live at the New Frontier Theater on November 30, 2022. Show starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are now on sale via www.ticketnet.com.ph and at all Ticketnet Outlets.


A trailblazing trio formed by Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, EPIK HIGH debuted in 2003. Their singular blend of hip-hop and sharp lyrics, which openly discuss themes like mental health and social issues, turned them into one of the most pivotal groups in Korean music. Throughout their twenty years together, they released hundreds of anthemic songs, inspired artists like BTS and were the first Korean act to ever play at Coachella in 2016.

Music and Treats at Hallyuween 2022: The Philippines’ First K-pop Halloween Party

Music fans dressed up as witches, ghouls, and other spooky and creative characters as they invaded the Mall of Asia Arena on Oct. 29 for Hallyuween 2022, a Halloween party like no other. Drag queens Lady Gagita, Lady Morgana, and Minty Fresh as well as P-pop group BGYO joined six K-pop acts: CL, Epik High, KARD, PENTAGON, Gaho X KAVE, and DJ Soda for a night of music and treats for their fans.

During the press conference before the show, BGYO said that they are very thankful and honored that they were invited to Hallyuween since they would be joining big K-pop artists and the iconic drag queens.
Lady Morgana also said that the queens want to show music fans, both local and foreign, the creativity of the Philippine drag scene.

K-pop co-ed group KARD wowed with their costumes. BM said that the group is happy to have another opportunity to see and interact with their Filipino fans.

Gaho X KAVE were also excited to see their fans in the Philippines. When asked what their message was to their fans, Gaho sang “Start Over” and dedicated it to them.

Yeo One from boy group PENTAGON said their fans, Universe, are their inspiration and that they have prepared fun performances for that night as their way to communicate with their fans.

DJ Soda said she loves the Philippines and that she is proud to perform as a DJ representing South Korea.

Epik High’s Tablo said, “We wanna make sure that you forget about all of the bad things going on in the world and your life, just for tonight. We know we can’t solve every problem, but for the time that we share together, if we can make you forget about things and enjoy yourself, maybe when you go back, you’ll be a lot stronger.” Of course, such wise words from the one and only Tablo. He also said he hoped everyone would have a safe trip back home because the weather was awful that weekend.

Fans faced severe tropical storm Paeng to see their favorites, but it definitely was a night to remember.

Baddest female CL dressed up as Cruella de Vil during the press conference, and she was gorgeous! She said she’s very happy to reconnect with her fans because she hadn’t been to the Philippines in years.

The show started with zombies running around the dance floor and spooked the crowd before the drag queens took the stage. Lady Gagita performed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” 2009 VMAs style. Lady Morgana graced the stage with Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” and Minty Fresh was next with Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.” The three queens ended their set with a performance of “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.

Gaho X KAVE then took the stage and started their set with “Start Over” from the K-drama “Itaewon Class.” They performed “Running” from another hit drama “Start-Up.” Gaho said that because of the crowd’s energy, they want to come back to Manila for their own concert. They also sang “Beautiful Night” and “High,” and they covered Blackpink’s “How You Like That.” Gaho and band KAVE gave an explosive performance of “Right Now” as their last song for that night.

PENTAGON was next, much to the delight of Filipino Universe. The group, appearing on stage with six members, performed “Feelin’ Like,” “Sparkling Night,” “Beautiful Night,” “Call My Name,” and Shine.” They were happy to see a lot of their fans in the crowd.

Another Filipino act to join this year’s Hallyuween lineup is BGYO, and as expected, they didn’t disappoint. They started their set with a powerful performance of “The Light.” They also sang “Kundiman,” “The Baddest,” and “Magnet.”

When KARD appeared on stage, the crowd went wild. They first performed “Ring the Alarm,” and I am speechless at how amazing their performances were even though they were wearing costumes. They continued with “Oh NaNa,” “Don’t Recall,” “Bomb Bomb,” “Red Moon,” and “Dumb Litty.”

K-hip hop icons Epik High kept the crowd on their feet as they started their set with “No Thanxxx.” They also performed “Burj Khalifa,” “One,” and “Born Hater.” Before their last song, the group had a surprise. They signed and wrote “We love Manila” on a shirt before throwing it to a lucky fan. The group’s last song for the night was “Don’t Hate Me.”

2NE1’s “I Am the Best” started playing. And who else could it be but the queen, CL. She started with a hot performance of “Spicy.” The party didn’t stop as CL continued with her hits “HWA,” “The Baddest Female,” “5 Star,” “Chuck,” “Doctor Pepper,” “Lover Like Me,” and “MTBD,” with “Hello Bitches” rounding up her set for Hallyuween.

After CL’s unforgettable performances, she went on stage to announce the winners of the night’s major awards for Best in Hallyuween Costume.
But what would a party be without dancing? Wrapping up the night was DJ Soda, making everyone dance with the songs she prepared especially for the party.

It was one amazing performer after another, and what a night that was. The Philippines’ 1st KPOP HALLOWEEN PARTY: HALLYUWEEN is presented by PULP Live World.

See more photos from Hallyuween 2022 here

EPIK HIGH Is Here: Asia Pacific Tour 2022 in Manila on November

Get your ‘Champagne’ on and enter the alluring world of South Korean alternative hip hop veterans, EPIK HIGH! Being the first KPOP act to tour APAC since the pandemic, CK Star Entertainment is proud to present and announce their Asia Pacific Tour 2022 – Chapter 2 in Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. After having sold out their shows across Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok and Jakarta, EPIK HIGH shows no signs of stopping.

Fans in Manila can rejoice at the good fortune of being the first Southeast Asian stop in the Asia Pacific leg of Chapter 2 of the tour. For one night only, EPIK HIGH Is Here – Manila will be staged at New Frontier Theater on Wednesday, 30th of November 2022.

Having previously made waves in the Philippines at the SM Skydome for their EPIK HIGH Parade Tour in 2014, this new tour marks the trio’s second concert in Manila in conjunction with the release of their highly anticipated 10th studio album in two parts, ‘EPIK HIGH is Here

The split of the album was intentional, mirroring the way traditional Korean novels were released in two parts giving time to take a break and process what you have consumed before moving on to the next. According to a recent interview with RollingStone magazine, the message behind this newest release is that EPIK HIGH is here even when you think no one is willing to listen. This album shares wisdom that only comes from the experience of 20 years of lows and some pretty epic highs.

Fans of EPIK HIGH – High Skool – will learn the group’s independence has merely whetted their capacity for producing the experimental and provocative music all have come to love. Expect to rave to emotive hip-hop track “Born Hater” or universally loved hit “Happen Ending”, and be challenged not to join in a nostalgic sing-along to classic chart-topper “Fly”. Along with the characteristically playful antics of the forever young-at-heart man band, fans can be assured of a night to remember like no other.


A trailblazing trio formed by Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, EPIK HIGH debuted in 2003. Their singular blend of hip-hop and sharp lyrics, which openly discuss themes like mental health and social issues, turned them into one of the most pivotal groups in Korean music. Throughout their twenty years together, they released hundreds of anthemic songs, inspired artists like BTS and were the first Korean act to ever play at Coachella in 2016.

Ticket prices start from PHP 5,900 and will be available from www.ticketnet.com.ph on 28 October 2022, from 12pm onwards.

Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022 (Public Holiday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: New Frontier Theater

Tickets On Sale: 28 Oct 2022, 12pm onwards
Ticket Prices:
General Admission (Standing): PHP 5,900
Early Entry (Standing): PHP 6,900
Balcony: PHP 5,900
Loge: PHP 6,900
VIP (Limited): PHP 10,500

VIP Benefit: VIP Ticket (Standing), Priority Entry, Group Photo (prior
to show) & Exclusive Poster
Ticketing Information: Prices above exclude convenience & handling charges.

Hallyuween 2022: Philippines’ 1st KPOP Halloween Party

Attention, Philippines! This Halloween, wild spirits from the realms of the Hallyu World will be unleashed to show their intense fan power in a night filled with overflowing treats and tricks!

Everyone is invited to join this yet another historic event brought by the Philippines’ pioneer K-Pop show promoter, PULP Live World, together with Happee Hour. A first-of-its-kind Halloween party dedicated to K-Pop fans, the Philippines’ 1st KPOP HALLOWEEN PARTY: HALLYUWEEN is happening on October 29, 2022, 6PM at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Known to all, Halloween is one of the most anticipated annual celebrations. It dates back to a centuries-old tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead where it is believed that spirits of those who have passed on would return. Now, PULP Live World and Happee Hour are gathering KPop fans for a night that will celebrate the spirits of the things we all primarily love – KPop, K-Culture on a spooky yet exhilarating stage.

Set to be the biggest annual Halloween party in the Philippines, the 1st KPOP HALLOWEEN PARTY: HALLYUWEEN is headlined by huge names from the KPop scene, starting with none other than the baddest female in KPop, singer-songwriter, and globally-renowned superstar, CL! To keep the energy high, EPIK HIGH, one of South Korea’s top and pioneer Hip Hop artists returns to the Philippines to join this huge line-up!

To complete the line up of six big names in the industry, the 9-member KPop group known for their trending song “Shine”, PENTAGON, is also geared to raise the roof with their specially-prepared explosive performances for the night. Joining the line-up, South Korea’s premier co-ed KPop group, KARD is also set to give us a thrilling stage! Additionally, everyone will surely jump for joy once they hear the climactic vocals and music of Korea’s OST soloist GAHO together with his cover band, KAVE!

Of course, we cannot forget to rave in this wild party! Bringing some insanely fun beats and hot mixes, DJ SODA is also ready to party with the Filipino fans. This star-studded line-up will also be joined by one of the country’s premier PPop Group, BGYO.

Aside from these packed performances, PULP Live World and Happee Hour also prepared exciting Halloween activities, games, and experiences for everyone to enjoy! So brace yourselves! A creepy haunted tunnel, some supernatural and wicked creatures, cool merch, and more Hallyuween-inspired activities await!

It’s hot, packed, wild, spooky, and fun – all things you’ll look for in a perfect Halloween KPop party is here! You just need to come with your high fan spirits. You are also highly encouraged to show off your creative side by coming in your full-blown Halloween costumes for a chance to win amazing awards and prizes!

This will surely become a huge part of your core memory. Be warned – this show is insanely fun! We are expecting to see you on October 29, 2022, 6PM at the SM Mall of Asia Arena for the PHILIPPINES’ 1st KPOP HALLOWEEN PARTY: HALLYUWEEN.

Pulp Live World presents
Philippines’ 1st KPOP Halloween Party
October 29, 2022 – 6pm
Mall of Asia Arena

Gangnam – Php26,500 (Free Seating)
Apgujeong – Php19,875 (Free Seating)
Itaewon – Php12,720 (Standing)
Myeondong – Php12,720 (Reserved Seating)
Insadong – Php10,600 (Reserved Seating)
Hongdae – Php8,480 (Reserved Seating)
Jongno – Php5,830 (Reserved Seating)
Hyehwa – Php4,770 (Reserved Seating)
Namdaemun – Php3,710 (Reserved Seating)
Dongdaemun – Php2,650 (Reserved Seating)

Tickets are now available at SM Tickets outlets and online at http://www.smtickets.com