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Concert Round-up: Posty’s Manila Party

It was Monday, and after a long day in the city, Manila witnessed one helluva party — courtesy of Spotify’s 20th most streamed artist in the world, Post Malone. The Mall of Asia Arena, home of world-class acts, was packed for Posty’s Manila debut show. Initially, there were talks back in 2019 of bringing Post Malone in Manila, but it didn’t happen. Thanks to Live Nation Philippines, Filipino fans finally experienced a Post Malone party.

The show started on time, and Posty was backed with his talented band, including a violinist. Post Malone opened his Manila party with “Better Now,” and there was a monstrous cheers from the fans when Posty took the stage. “Hi, my name is Austin Richard. Thank you for coming y’all tonight,” he greeted the crowd and welcomed his Filipino fans to one big party.

Wearing a Micah Parsons jersey, Post Malone, notably a huge fan of NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, didn’t disappoint his Filipino fans with his impressive hits, dancing skills and explosive performance. Explosive since the show was filled with fire effects and pyrotechnics.

Posty did a partial cover of Fleetwood Mac’s hit “Dreams.” “Hollywood Dreams” came from his 2016 mixtape, “August 26th.” During his “Jonestown (Interlude)” performance, the stage lit up with flame effects.
Post Malone chose a lucky fan to perform the guitar part of “Stay” onstage, making everyone in the crowd feel inspired. He also performed his other hits, such as “Psycho,” “I Like You (A Happier Song),” “rockstar,” “Overdrive,” “Circles” and “Congratulations,” as the energy on the dancefloor never stopped.

In between songs, Posty said: “You know, you look around the world these days, and it feels like, a lot of time, there’s not enough love. And I wanted to say that I love each and every single one of y’all so very fucking much, ladies and gentlemen.

I know there may be people out there who may not feel love, and you know, someone just needs a hug. Never be fucking scared to just reach out. Give someone a hug and say, ‘Hey, I fucking love you so much.’

Post Malone showed his appreciation to the crowd, “I’ve been here for a day now, and everyone I’ve met is so fucking kind. Everyone is so sweet, so I appreciate you so much. Thank you so much.

The show ended with crowd favorites “Sunflower” and “Chemical,” with plenty of on-stage fireworks.

The Manila show of the If Y’all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying Tour ran for almost two hours. It was fast-paced, but there was a smooth transition in every song. Post Malone gave a hundred percent with his performance for his Filipino fans, and he promised to come back again soon. I think, Post Malone is a must-see artist and his show is definitely a contender as one of the best Manila concerts of 2023.

Manila setlist:
-Better Now
-Zack and Codeine
-Hollywood Dreams
-I Like You
-Jonestown Interlude
-Take What You Want
-Over Now
-Feeling Whitney
-I Fall Apart
-Wrapped Around Your Finger
-Candy Paint
-Too Young
-White Iverson

Post Malone Live in Manila is made possible by Live Nation Philippines.
Words by Kevin Pableo and Danica Haresco
Photos by Seth Valenzuela
See more photos from the show here

Lauv-ly Evening with Ari: Lauv in Manila 2023

After two weeks of basketball madness, Filipino Lauvers stormed the Mall of Asia Arena for Lauv’s debut set at the venue. American singer-songwriter Lauv returned to Manila as part of his The Between Albums Tour. The show was produced by Live Nation Philippines. The show was successful, full house, up to the rafters, and I think this might be his biggest Manila show yet in terms of crowd attendance.

People rushed in to get inside at the venue as Alexander 23 warmed the exciting MOA Arena crowd. Alexander23 serenaded the fans with his smooth voice as he played his singles, such as “Cry Over Boys,” “The Hardest Part,” for the first time in Manila. During his performance of “IDK You Yet,” Lauv even appeared on the LED screen and also joined Alexander 23 on stage.

Lauv’s set opened with a laser light show on stage, just like an opening from a typical movie, followed by his first song, “Love You Like That.” The show was filled with his deep cut tracks from his compilation album “I Met You When I Was 18,” such as “Paris in the Rain,” “Paranoid,” and “Chasing Fire.” He also did a medley of “Enemies/Kids Are Born Stars” during the show.

A high-energy party occurred as lots of laser lights were on stage during his performance of “Summer Nights” and “Molly in Mexico.”

During the second half of the show, Lauv wore a customized Barong Tagalog. There was a quiet moment, and suddenly a fan shouted, “I love you.” Lauv said he remembers Tiktok viral videos of Harry Styles noticing a Filipino fan, who stood out because she talked to him loudly during his 2023 Asia Tour. On the B-stage, he performed “Sad Forever” — a song which isn’t included in his tour setlist. Notably, the music video of “Sad Forever” was shot during his 2019 Manila show. Ari also played “Breathe,” “Steal the Show,” and “Modern Loneliness” on the B-stage.

The crowd popped when Lauv performed “Mean It” (a shout-out to LANY, who collaborated with Ari on the song). There were loud cheers as well at the beginning of “I’m So Tired.”

“Thank you. You are all amazing. This is my favorite show on the tour,” Ari said during the show. He promised to come back and perform again in Manila. “Never Not” and “I Like Me Better” were the songs that closed the show.

Didn’t we have fun? We had fun! With his charm and great music, Lauv won the hearts of his Filipino Lauvers. He brought us to his musical journey — from his compilation album, his “How I’m Feeling” era, up to his 2022 release “All 4 Nothing” — and we want more of him. This has been one of his best performances in Manila yet, and we can’t wait to see him again on stage someday.

Lauv in Manila 2023 Setlist:
-Love You Like That
-Paris in the Rain
-I’m So Tired (snippet)
-Chasing Fire
-Enemies/Kids Are Born Stars
-Drugs & the Internet
-Lonely Eyes
-Mean It
-Fuck, I’m Lonely
-Tattoos Together
-Summer Nights (lasers)
-Molly in Mexico (lasers)
-All 4 Nothing (I’m So in Love)
-Sad Forever (b stage)
-Breathe (b stage)
-Steal the Show (b stage)
-Modern Loneliness (b stage)
-I’m So Tired

-Never Not
-I Like Me Better

The In Between Albums Tour: Lauv Live in Manila 2023 was produced by Live Nation Philippines
Words by Kevin Pableo
Photos by Live Nation Philppines


American rock band Turnover has been captivating audiences worldwide with their unique blend of emotion and melody. With their introspective lyrics and dreamy soundscapes, the band has carved a niche for themselves in the alternative music scene here in the country. And last August 31, the boys took over the SM Skydome for an evening of lush tunes presented by PULP Live World.

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Turnover once again returned to the Manila concert scene to showcase their signature sound. Their evolution as a band is evident in their discography, with each album showcasing their growth and experimentation – of which, the Filipino fans were eager to see.

Throughout the night, Turnover’s defining characteristics were in full display. As if complimenting the gloomy Metro Manila weather. From their ability to evoke a range of emotions through their music, to their lyricism. Their themes delve into subjects of love, loss, and self-reflection, resonating with listeners on a deeply personal level. Tracks like “Dizzy on the Comedown” and “Peripheral Vision” showcase their introspective songwriting, while songs like “Super Natural” and “Sunshine Type” bring a sense of optimism and hope. With the Pinoy fans loving every minute of it.

Musically, Turnover’s sound is characterized by sonically charged guitar tones, ethereal synths, and infectious hooks. Their ability to seamlessly blend elements of indie rock, shoegaze, and dream pop creates a captivating sonic experience. The band’s attention to detail and atmospheric production adds an extra layer of depth to their music, making it a truly immersive experience for the listener.

As Turnover continues to evolve and explore new musical territories, their impact on the alternative music scene remains undeniable. With their captivating blend of emotion and melody, they have created a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

And we’re pretty sure their Filipino listeners will be their once again, ready to be won over.

Turnover Live in Manila 2023 was produced by Pulp Live World
Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Paul Chuapoco

Concert Round-up: More Than a Farewell Show (Mr. Big Live in Manila 2023)

It’s not often that a rock supergroup could say that they’ve influenced a generation of musicians, but Mr. Big definitely falls under that category. The rock band is known not only for its music versatility and virtuosic musicians, but also for its deep connection with its fans.

On Aug. 9, Mr. Big’s Filipino fans did not miss the chance to see the band live at the SM North Edsa Skydome. The band came back to Manila for the fifth time as part of the Asian leg of their The BIG Finish farewell tour.

Mr. Big’s electrifying set that night started with “Addicted to That Rush,” which is from their debut album released in 1989 and showcases the stunning guitar and bass skills of Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan, respectively. Their set continued with “Take Cover” and “Undertow.”

Vocalist Eric Martin then said that they will be performing the entirety of their 1991 “Lean into It” album. And what better way to introduce one of the best rock albums than performing its first track: “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song).” It’s known as the electric drill song because, well, Gilbert and Sheehan both use electric drills to create their lightning-fast solos. The band played the whole album, including “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind,” “CDFF-Lucky This Time,” “Just Take My Heart,” “Road to Ruin,” and “To Be with You.”

After their “Lean into It” songs, Mr. Big also performed their hits such as “Big Love,” “Promise Her the Moon,” and a cover of Cat Stevens’ “Wild World.”

Gilbert and Sheehan also put their unmatched talents on display with their guitar and bass solos. The crowd was mesmerized by Gilbert’s fast and fierce notes and Sheehan’s reverberating bass lines. Each one played their weapon of choice for about six minutes. For this tour, Nick D’Virgilio is stepping in for founding drummer Pat Torpey, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Mr. Big’s set also included “Colorado Bulldog,” “Shy Boy,” and “30 Days in the Hole.”

For their performance of “Good Lovin’,” Sheehan became the vocalist, Martin the bassist, Gilbert the drummer, and D’Virgilio the guitarist. The night ended with a cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley.”

From their rock and roll hits to their power ballads, the band was exhilarating and was fueled by the energy of the crowd throughout the show.

Before saying goodbye, Sheehan had a message to the band’s Filipino fans: “So many amazing memories coming here to the Philippines and playing for you all these years. Thank you all for coming to our shows and being there with us. It means so much to us. We go around the rest of the world, and they say, ‘Where are the good audiences? What country?’ And we say, ‘Well, Manila. I don’t think you can beat that.'”

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much for all these years together. We will never, ever forget you. You will be in our hearts for all time.”

The BIG Finish was more than a farewell show. It was a night of celebration and recognition of the geniuses behind the instruments, as well as the songs we’ve loved for years. It also was a way for the band to say thank you to their fans (comprised mostly talented musicians who learned from and were inspired by one of the best rock bands).

Mr. Big – The BIG Finish Live in Manila was presented by PULP Live World.
Words by Ava Sumortin
Photos by Danilo Factor
More photos here

Concert Round-up: Benson Boone Shares How He Wrote ‘Coffee Cake’ In Thirty Minutes

Uprising pop star Benson Boone visited Venice Grand Canal Mall, Taguig, last August 7. This is to provide dance and ballad tunes to his Filipino fans and promote his new EP, “PULSE.”

The five-track EP includes songs such as “Coffee Cake,” “Lovely Darling,” “What Was,” “Sugar Sweet,” and its carrier single, “Little Runaway.”
For starters, Boone’s notable songs include “In The Stars,” “Ghost Town,” and “Better Alone.” The success of these drops paved the way for him to release “PULSE.”

The 21-year-old Benson Boone is best known as an internet sensation who became famous for uploading his songs via Tiktok. He was later discovered by Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds, which led him to enter a bigger arena in his music career. Consequently, this gained him at present with over 1.2 billion global plays on streaming platforms worldwide.

While he was in town, Manila Concert Scene did not miss the chance to snag a quick interview with the uprising superstar about the unique song “Coffee Cake.”

A Piece of Cake
“PULSE” includes the indie song “Coffee Cake.” It is a lively indie track pumped by bass, snare, and claps. It can be something similar to songs from artists like Gang of Four, Bloc Party, and indie bands such as Two Door Cinema Club. The upbeat formula is combined with Lofi samples delivered to create a powerful haymaker for the EP.

Lyrically, it’s a melodramatic reflection that suggests a person’s aching affection for someone’s presence. This is because it envisions an unrequited plan to ask someone over for a laid-back reconciliation.
In an interpretation, it tries to paint imaginative pigments of perfect portraits with someone where the void is filled with the same fondness and existence. A note to self of what could happen when the past stays in the present. Leading to endless dimensions of “What ifs?” in case translated from a first-person perspective. Done In Thirty Minutes When Manila Concert Scene asked Boone how he wrote and conceptualized the song, he simply shared a big grin, emphasizing that the song was written in half an hour.

“Every song has a different story, but that one was possibly the craziest since it came on so quickly—in thirty minutes,” he stressed.

Boone also mentioned that a typical songwriting session would involve sitting down at the piano and thinking of chords that he usually likes. After crafting, he’d usually bring it over to the studio.

Yet “Coffee Cake” differs from that workflow.

The young matinee described it as something that came quickly and organically, in a snap. Something that spurs at that moment when time constraints are present.

“I had a session with two guys that I’ve worked with: Jack the writer and Jason the producer. [At that time,] I have a bunch of interviews, and I am two hours late. [So], I called them to make a soundtrack,” Boone expounds.

While on a fiasco against time, he mentioned instructing the writer and producer to produce a beat.

“Don’t think of any melodies, don’t think of any lyrics, don’t make a voice, just make a beat. And they did. It was a soundtrack for ‘Coffee Cake.’ And I came into the studio very late, [then] got a voice memo out, and just do it.”

“In one shot, I sent all the melodies for ‘Coffee Cake.’ And then we wrote it in thirty minutes and recorded it,” sharing how they gave birth to an impromptu brainchild.

Benson Boone’s new EP titled “PULSE” is exclusively signed under Night Street Records in partnership with Warner Records Inc.

The short-play record can be digitally streamed via select music streaming services.

Words and Photos: Aram Lascano


Last September 2022, iKon was one of the KPOP Acts performed at KPOP MASTERZ 2 also presented by Pulp Live World.

When their new EP “TAKE OFF” released, a little later they announce their world tour dates including Manila. iKon starts their stage with one of their latest song titled “Tantara” followed by “Sinosijac”.

First set was lit and everyone was already on fire! Members introduced themselves with a comment “it’s good to be back here in Manila”.

Donghyuk reminiscing their last Manila solo tour and it’s been 3 or 4 years since then. Bobby commented “nothing changes, you’re still on fire”. Second set played most of their hit songs like “Killing Me”, “Rhythm Ta”, “Bling Bling” the legend and ikonic “Love Scenario” and lastly the title track on their album TAKE OFF – “U” Bobby and Chanwoo have a little moment with IKONICs with their tagalog battle, Chanwoo said that they talked to Jinhwan before the show and Jihnwan taught Chanwoo his famous tagalog phrase “sakit akung tiyan” means my stomach or tummy hurts. Bobby told a story behind that tagalog phrase from Jihwan was because during Jinhwan’s study days in Davao, Philippines when he wanted to go home earlier (making white lie excuses), he will go to his teacher and saying “sakit akung tiyan” (my stomach hurts).

“There’s one person I remember when I go to Philippines – Jinhwan Hyun, Prince of the Philippines” – Chanwoo said. He was excited to be here and perform but unfortunately, he’s currently enlisting and fulfilling his duty as an army and misses Filo-ikonics so much. They even played Jinhwan’s part through LED Screen so we won’t miss this beautiful moment and feels like he’s with us throughout the show (serve well Kim Jinhwan! iKonics will always wait for you!) Chanwoo’s tagalog phrase was “Ikaw lang nasa puso ko.” While Bobby’s “Hello Maganda! Gusto niyo ba mag-inom mamaya? Mahal kita!” and asked the fans who did better by screaming and Bobby said he won. Donghyuk performed “Kiss Me” with his hot and sexy moves, followed by Junhoe’s “Want You Back” with his guitar flexing his magical voice (like nanghaharana) and he also performed with Bobby “Deep Night”. Bobby’s solo song called “HeartBROKEN PlaYBoY” main rapper once again proving his rapping skills!

Ended their solo stage with Yunhyeong’s “Eurachacha” a trot masterpiece sang and hyped with the crowd. Chanwoo promised he will prepare for his solo performance for their next tour here in Manila with Pinky’s up! Bobby Said Yunhyeong’s lips are dangerous because of his Eurachacha stage and also Donghyuk’s sexy stage “Kiss Me” and fans asked them to show their own version of “Kiss Me” VCR.

“Why Why Why”, “Like A Movie”, and “Goodbye Road” was on the set and melts everyone’s heart with their vocals Party is on with “What’s Wrong”, “Dumb & Dumber” “B-Day” and “Freedom” jumping, screaming and singing with ikon was so fun Group photo with fans, ikonics prepared a vcr and bobby was like “I Knew it, you guys have this” and played the fan project, everyone is silent and enjoying the clip while bobby was kind of emotional and hiding is expression on the blanket that is also from fans with their messages to IKON and before the show ends, they said that they were really happy to be in Manila.

“You guys are crazy. Manila is the best” Donghyuk said and Bobby said that filo-ikonics was more fluent than him on speaking Korean, they even sang their song fluently even it is a Korean lyrics.“ iKon wrapped their performance with the encore stage of “B-Day”, Rhythm Ta”, “Freedom” (Added by June because they enjoyed the show so much with the ikonics) and Lastly with their legendary hit “Love Scenario”.

IKON Live in Manila 2023 was produced by Pulp Live World
Words by Reinalyn Marquez
Photos by Yvonne Solon
More photos here

From Tiktok to concert scene, Dhruv’s intimate show in Manila

The London-based, Singapore-raised pop/R&B singer, Dhruv, finally arrives in Manila for Dhruv in Asia on July 25, 2023. This rather cozy and intimate show took place at the Podium Hall where Dhruv serenaded his Filipino fans with his lush single, “Double Take”, and tracks from his debut EP released back in 2022, titled “Rapunzel”.

Opening the night with “Airplane Thoughts”, Dhruv immediately sets the mood and fills the air with sentimental and nostalgic ambience clashing between musings of contemporary R&B, rhythm and blues, and tinges of pop. The rising artist also performed songs such as “Moonlight”, “Vulnerable”, and “Grateful”, among numerous others, which were all derived from his album.

Dhruv also performed a song cover for his fans during the event and ended the show with a final performance of his hit song “Double Take”, which gained traction through and was immensely popularized by Tiktok.

“Thank you so much for having me,” Dhruv sincerely tells and thanks his fans.

This event is made possible by Pulp Live World

Successful fanmeet for Win Metawin’s Manila return

One of the most beloved Thai actors in the world, Win Metawin, visited the Philippines for his solo fanmeet last June 11, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater.

In 2020, he became popular with Bright Vachirawit in his debut BL drama “2gether The Series”. He captipated women all over the world with his refreshing and cute bunny face.

Here are some memorable experiences with Win Metawin during the fanmeet night!


Win never fails his fans with the romantic excitement during his song number. Win said the he was glad to be back in the Philippines again. He also said that he missed his filo fans so much.


Win prepared three sandwiches for the fans. He mentioned that he did not know how to cook but still he will prepare 3 sandwiches for the fans to take home it (We didn’t know if the filo fans will eat or put it in acrylic frame lol)

He fondly named the sandwiches: My Love, Babe Vegan and My Girlfriend.


Win said that 2gether The Series was the most memorable acting project. He mentioned that because it his first series of his life. He got the chance to meet the filo fans.

Win also asked, if he was given the chance to have a Philippine project, he wanted to work with Anne Curtis whom he met in New York and she said that Anne was so nice.


Win Metawin is so much thankful that he was included in Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Asia List of the 300 Young Entrepreneurs. It is so much hono. At first when I saw that on Twitter, I thought it was fake. So much thankful, he said. The Forbes list also includes K-Pop girl group NewJeans, Korean actresses Lee Yoo-Mi of All of Us Dead and Kim Hye-Yoon of Snowdrop. Win also wanted to try a role of psycho and he said “pretty challenging for me if I had the chance to do that

His memorable thing that fans did to him was when they visit them personally his graduation in Thailand.


Win said to Filo fans to be grateful and appreciate the present moments – sometimes we work a lot we prepare the future but we forgot to appreciate the present moments.

In his last message, He said, I love you guys, I am always happy to be back here. Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for having a good time with me. I hope one day, I’ll have the chance to come back again.


You made an impact to all us, making the impossible – WINPOSSIBLE

Special thanks to PULP LIVE WORLD and Happee Hour
Words by Regie Marquez
Photos by Paul Chuapoco


Park Bom was recently in Manila for her You & 1” first fan concert presented by Neuwave Events and Productions. The singer and member of 2NE1 graced the Manila stage once again for an emotional and heartfelt evening.

Bom’s concert in Manila was held at the New Frontier Theater to an enthusiastic audience. The crowd was filled with her longtime fans who have been wanting to see her perform live for years now. As soon as she stepped on stage and started singing her hit songs “DoReMeFaSol”, “Don’t Cry” and “You and I,” the crowd went wild.

Despite all the controversies and struggles she encountered in her career, Park Bom proved that she still got “it.” Her voice was still as powerful and soulful as ever, and she danced with grace and elegance. She made the fans sing along to some of her iconic songs of her girl group. Along the while interacting with her beloved fans through fun games and interactive portions with hosts MJ Felipe and Karen Bordador.

At one point during the concert, Park Bom said that she was grateful for all the love and support from her Filipino fans. She even tried to speak in Tagalog, which earned cheers and applause from the audience. “Thank you for loving me”, Bom sentimentally shared.

Overall, Park Bom’s concert in Manila was a night to remember. It was a testament to her talent and resilience as a performer. For her Filipino fans, it was a night that they would never forget. And who knows, maybe it won’t take another decade before she comes back to Manila once again.

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Paul Chuapoco


Minzy, one of the members of the iconic K-pop girl group 2NE1, recently made waves in Manila as she starred in her own musical production with #GleeTourInManila presented by Neuwave Events & Productions.

The show brought together fans of Minzy from all over the Philippines to witness her showcase her musical talents through an energizing and captivating performance. The young star, who had previously been known for her powerful vocals and sharp dance moves during her time with 2NE1, went all out in displaying her versatile range as a performer.

The concert highlighted Minzy’s exceptional abilities in belting out catchy tunes, delivering soulful ballads, and executing jaw-dropping choreography. The audience was left in awe as she sang some of her latest hits while complementing them with energetic back-up dancers and visuals that made her performance unforgettable. With tracks like

Moreover, Minzy did not just entertain the crowd but also interacted with them, eliciting waves of cheers and screams from the fans who came to watch her show. She even expressed her love and appreciation to her Filipino supporters, telling them how much their energy and enthusiasm meant to her. Of which she said, “You touched my heart so much!”.

The popstar also shared how much she loves her Pinoy fans and considers Manila sort of like a home. Minzy even updated lines from her song LOVELY with some Filipino lines. She shares that the energy of those at Pinoy fans at New Frontier Theater helps her become a better artist. For Minzy, her successful solo concert served as a testament to her talent, hard work, and passion for music. Supported of course by her loving Blackjacks and POS.

Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Paul Chuapoco