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MCS Concert Round-up: The Maine Back in Manila and Not a Second Too Late

How did we ever survive for more than two years without live music, especially rock shows? Maybe sometimes it felt like we were on the verge of breaking down … and then The Maine came around.

Rock band The Maine is back for the seventh time, with Manila as their only stop in Southeast Asia this year.

Before the Arizona-based group took the stage at the Skydome, Filipino rock band Written by the Stars opened the show with five songs, including “Isolation,” “Sunset Boulevard,” and “Runaway.”

The Maine started with a short video, with Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” playing in the background. Through the smoke from the fog machines, the crowd catches a glimpse of the band they’ve been waiting, for and the energy was on another level. The Maine’s first song in their set was “Sticky,” an earworm from their latest album “XOXO: From Love and Anxiety in Real Time.” Everyone was jumping and singing along, and it was glorious.

Before continuing with “Like We Did (Windows Down)” frontman John O’Callaghan said, “Phones away!” Without a doubt, the best way to watch a concert is to experience it. In between performing “Numb Without You,” John also reminisced about what it was like just stuck at home during the pandemic. “Turn around. We’re in a room full of fcking people right now. Live music is back, baby. So here’s what I need: I need three years of sitting inside, all that sht that you’ve built up, sitting in your computer chairs, sitting in your bed, sitting at home. I need three years of energy tonight, okay?” There are only a few artists who can literally rock a venue, and The Maine is one of those bands. And when the fans were asked to jump, the Skydome was shaking.

The show (which is more like a party at this point) continued with “Am I Pretty,” “Love in Real Time,” “Slip the Noose,” “High Forever,” “Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful,” and “Taxi.”

The band then asked the crowd “to be here in this room for this song,” which was “How Do You Feel.” It still amazes me how music can heal you, and the feeling of hearing this song live while singing along with The Maine and other fans is beyond words.

For “We All Roll Along,” some fans were given the mic — karaoke style. Everyone was clearly having the best time, and it was an ongoing joke that the band will be playing for five and a half hours. Their set continued with “Diet Soda Society,” “Don’t Come Down,” and “Bad Behavior.”
The Maine also sang their unreleased song “Box in a Heart” before continuing with “Loved You a Little.”

One fan put up a sign that said, “Can I play ‘Run’ with you guys?” The next thing I knew, this fan named Lance was up on stage, playing the guitar with the rest of the band. The Maine: making fans’ dreams come true since 2007.

The crowd was shouting some requests for the band, so they also played “Into Your Arms.” John said they haven’t played that song in four years.
The last songs in their set were “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu” and the best closing song “Another Night on Mars.” Because of artists who make you feel less alien, the world feels like a better place right after a concert.
With the talent and heart that The Maine pours into their every show, it’s no surprise that even after 15 years, their dedicated and passionate fans continue to rival the band’s energy from the start until the very end of their set. Every show is a family reunion, and it’s an incredible experience every time.

The Maine Manila 2022 Setlist:
-Like We Did (Windows Down)
-Numb Without You
-Am I Pretty?
-Love in Real Time
Slip the Noose
-High Forever
-Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful
-How Do You Feel?
-We All Roll Along
-Diet Soda Society
-Don’t Come Down
-Bad Behavior
-Box in a Heart (live debut)
-Loved You a Little
-Into Your Arms
-Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu
-Another Night on Mars

Special thanks to Pulp Live World
Words by Ara Sharra
Photos by Seth Valenzuela
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Concert Round-up: B.I. Offline – Hanbin Meets Filipino IDs

After meeting IDs in Singapore and Bangkok, South Korean singer-rapper B.I. visited Manila and met his IDs offline at the New Frontier Theater on Aug. 27. There were two shows especially for his fans in the Philippines, and each showcased not only B.I.’s myriad skills but also the connection between him and IDs.

The fan meet started with a video of B.I., and his powerful set started with “Waterfall” and “illa illa.” In between songs, there were other surprises prepared for the IDs, including games and interviews.
During the interview with the emcee, Hanbin said he wanted to try adobo and that Filipino fans are very passionate. “I’ll make sure to come back here. Please wait for me,” B.I. said.

The first game was a mystery box game. B.I. needed to guess the different items in the box (guyabano, toy snake, dried mangoes, and traditional pamaypay), and if he didn’t, there was a penalty. Spoiler alert: He did all the penalties even though he guessed the items correctly. He learned the choreography on the spot and danced to IVE’s “Love Dive” and NewJean’s “Attention.” B.I. also did push-ups and cute poses for fans as penalty.

They played a video next, and the IDs got to know Hanbin a little more with this interview (the questions were brought by the cutest MC Yeon Tan). B.I. said if he would have been a physicist if he weren’t an artist. He also recommends cheonggukjang as one Korean food that international fans should try. He was also asked about his dream or goal as an artist. “Putting my footsteps on the Grammy awards, putting my name on Billboard, and having concerts and going on a tour,” B.I. answered.
The show continued with multi-talented Hanbin’s performances of “Flame” and “Lover” that got the audience on their feet.

The second game of the event was called the date balance game, where fans would help B.I. decide what he should choose to do if they were on a date with him. What should B.I. wear on their amusement park date? The fans chose cute duck pajamas. They also taught him to say “mahal na mahal kita,” which made the game even more unforgettable.
B.I.’s set continued with “BTBT,” “Cosmos,” and “Re-birth.”

Filipino IDs also prepared a special video for B.I. and showed the projects and donations they have made to help various communities, especially during the pandemic. It was a heartfelt message and was further proof of how special this fandom is.

For his last song, B.I. sang “Gray” and walked around the venue to meet his fans even closer.

Aside from the fun-filled fan meet, ticket holders also had different fan benefits such as soundcheck access, hi-touch, and photo op.

B.I. said he wanted his fan meet to be fun, meaningful, and special, and by the end of the fan meet, I know it was all that and more.

B.I. last visited Manila with iKON in 2018, and B.I. Offline is his first fan meeting. Special thanks to Three Angles Productions.

Words by Ava Sharra
Photos by Danilo Factor
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MCS Roundup: All Time HIGH for All Time Low

All Time Low staged a highly triumphant return to the Manila Concert Scene with their recent MOA Arena Show. The venue was filled with their fans all locked and loaded for a good time – and the show truly did not disappoint as the boys showed everyone a fun time. Pop punk is indeed is alive with these Hustlers!

Kicking off the party was Chicosci. The hometown heroes blasted off with a set of their hits such as “Paris”, “Raspberry Girl”, and “Seven Black Roses” to name a few. The four-piece band went off-the-wall triggering a high-octane performance. “Ang saya!” exclaims front-man Miggy Chavez. And that shot of joy was a wonderful way to warm the stage for All Time Low.

Opening with the trio of “Lost In Stereo”, “Dark Side” and “Sleeping In”, All Time Low proved that they are still the energetic bunch we enjoy. Alex, Jack, Zack and Rian collectively dropped a set-list composed of their biggest hits such as “Weightless” to newer ones like “Monsters”, plus surprises such as the crowd-requested “Therapy” and a cover of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”. In between songs, Alex would share how honored they are to be in front of such a massive audience and how coming back to Manila is always a treat. To which, the audience returned with much adulation. Cheering, jumping, singing along to the band, this crowd at MOA Arena matched the high energy of All Time Low.

After an 18-song concert, All Time Low bade farewell in the midst of a confetti rain and loud roars. Taking a bow and waving goodbye…we’re pretty sure we’ll gladly see them again. After all, who doesn’t wanna have fun at an ATL show?

All Time Low Live in Manila is brought to you by PULP Live World

Performances from the show:

Concert Round-up: See You Again Soon, Super Junior (Postponed #SS9inManila)

Words by: Ava Sumortin
Photos by: Seth Valenzuela

Filipino ELFs have been waiting for August 6 for a long time. After almost three years, Super Junior was supposed to bring their Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 9 to Manila. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, the K-pop group has postponed their show and instead held a meet-and-greet with fans.

SuJu’s Siwon and Eunhyuk were not able to fly to Manila. Siwon tested positive for COVID-19, and late last night, the group announced that Eunhyuk’s father passed away.

The arena, a sea of sapphire blue lightsticks, was somber at first. ELFs also put black ribbons on their lightsticks. Kring Kim, event host, welcomed everyone and talked to the crowd before SuJu graced the stage.

Each member connected with the crowd with their speeches. Even though they were grieving and emotional, they asked for the fans’ understanding. ELFs chanted “kwenchana” (tr: It’s okay) in return. They promised to return with Siwon and Eunhyuk next time.

Leeteuk said their concert is a show that gives ELFs hope. He then announced that tonight’s Super Show is not canceled. It’s just postponed. “You just bought the tickets early,” Leeteuk said.

Super Junior sang three ballads as a gift to their fans: My Wish, Callin’, and 같이 걸을까 (More Days with You).
After their set, leader Leeteuk addressed the crowd and thanked the ELFs, who have supported them and walked with them for almost 18 years.

Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 9: Road in Manila was supposed to be the group’s sixth concert in the Philippines. Filipino ELFs, hold on to those tickets because a new date will be announced, and those tickets will be honored. According to PULP Live World, more information regarding the new show will be released soon.

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Concert Round-up: Island of NOMAD

Words by Jonylle Pineda for Manila Concert Scene

Music is a way to express yourself, keep you company while you’re alone, and always give you something to do. In contrast to what John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”.

Both of them are true, and the way how music connects to all of us is that- by listening to it makes us feel like we are drifting away on an island surrounded by harmony and peace.

Nomad Music Festival speaks for itself, as it is a music experience and discovery platform, which is also what Island Records Philippines aimed to do amidst the pandemic- where every new Filipino artist and band had the golden opportunity to share their music to the nation and let them be heard.

Their first major event was held at the Venice Piazza, Taguig City last July 24, 2022 (Sunday) and the stage is divided into two sides, so bands will have enough time to test their equipments and prepare since 15 solo artists/bands will be performing in one single day!

The music festival started with Kenneth Amores and his chill and R&B tunes, and an acoustic session from Hannah + Gabi- to set the mood for the whole festival! Did you know that Hannah + Gabi is the brainchild of the frontman of indie rock band, Ciudad?

Chen Pangan also serenaded the crowd with her sweet yet heartbreaking songs including her latest single “Sana’y Alam Mo” and she’s also part of a pop/alt rock band, Unit 406.

Meanwhile, 10AM Departure is a four-piece alt rock band which gives us P!ATD vibes (in their early days) and their famous “2 Caught Up” song which sheds light on toxic relationships. Can we just say Zach is rocking that neon pink ombre hair?

Now, let’s get funky with Ang Bagong Luto In Enriquez and his revolutionary music. If you’re into satirical words, his music can surely satisfy your musical tastebuds! He might be “Trending” anytime soon..

Smow is not your ordinary stage performer. He doesn’t need lyrics for his songs, because his experimental beats are what makes him unique and he want us to feel his “face-melting synthesizers”. Listen to his “Adobo” piece.

Who would’ve known you can make a song about coffee, but can also be descriptive to a person who you’re in love with (or enjoy company with)? Elise Huang gets you, and she can sing it through her songs! She also did a duet with her mom on stage.

Get classy and jazzy with Dia Mate as she sings her R&B and indie-pop influences. Her songs can surely capture every Gen-Z’s soul (bonus points on her fashion sense!).

Meanwhile, Over October is a pop/alt rock band showcases emotional songs with influences from Jason Mraz and Coldplay which makes you want to sway your around whenever you hear their songs.

One Click Straight have these upbeat songs that has the opposite lyrics, not sad but more on the “IDGAF” attitude. They have a fusion of melodic pop and indie rock- and can really drive you crazy even if you’re a new listener!

As for Fern, we have seen him on his first live performance at the MYX Music Awards last 2018 and we are glad he’s still making music even after 5 years! He performed his new songs including his most-loved piece, “Lie 2 Me”.

Now, who doesn’t know Juan Karlos? Festival goers went wild when he performed his charming tracks and has been very interactive with the crowd! Even though we heard a lot of song requests from the crowd (which he did not play), he’s still the same ol’ quirky JK.

Part of the big acts was Blaster with the Celestial Klowns. Some say he looked like Zild (from IV of Spades) with his new do, but he’s rockin’ it- and his bandmates too! IVoS fans were also in the crowd and chanting the previous band he’s in and he just responded with sticking out his tongue. Anyways, disco fever on!

And the night is close to an end with Cheats as they bring up pop-soul vibes! The band has been invited to several international festivals including sharing the stage with some famous bands such as The 1975 and Wiz Khalifa!

If you want to leave with something and not just photographic memories, you can visit the UMusic Pop Up booth at the 2nd flr, Venice Piazza and get dibs on the music festival merch- from shirts to CDs!

Concert Round-up: Successful K-Pop Masterz with Treasure, Bambam, Jackson Wang at MOA Arena

On the evening of Friday, July 29, 2022, Korean stars Treasure, BamBam, and Jackson Wang all gathered together for 2022’s KPOP MASTERZ in Manila. After a climactic countdown, the first act of the night, Treasure— entered with a striking performance of ‘Jikjin’, followed with a selection of their songs such as ‘I LOVE YOU’, ‘MY TREASURE’, and ‘MMM.’ Shortly after, the fetching host of the evening, Kring Kim—with her vibrant pink hair and lively aura entertained the crowd with a few games.

Kicking off with treasure match wherein the members split into two groups competing against each other. It was team ‘mahal kita’ v.s ‘team gwapo’, engaging in battles of “bato-bato pik” and “Ddakji”, the notorious Korean game popularized by Squid Game. Treasure then wrapped up their segment with ‘BOY’ and a remixed performance of their viral hit song ‘DARARI’.

Up next was Bambam, opening with ‘wheels up’, and unexpectedly surprising the audience with a heartfelt performance of ‘Ngiti’ by Ronnie Lang – as per an old vow from one of his past shows in Manila a few years back.

Bambam, of course, kept to his promise and sang the song for his fans. During BB’s Yes or No segment, he proudly showcased his ability to say ‘i love you’ in six different languages, told his fans that he wanted to build a night market and name it #BamBamShotPuno, and even expressed that bangus is the best fish he tried, thus making #Bamngus trending on twitter. The highlight of the night, however, was when Bambam invited Sandara Park onstage for a special performance of 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’. Bambam then encouraged his fans to do Got7’s fanchant as he ended his segment with a performance of ‘riBBon’ with Sandara.

Jackson Wang, the final act of the night, opened with ‘Cruel’ and swarmed the stage with dusky yet enticing themes. He also performed ‘Blow’ and new songs from his upcoming ‘MAGICMAN’ album. Jackson acknowledged and praised how genuine and passionate the crowd’s cheers were, even going as far as to say that he could feel that his fans truly meant it. The Got7 member ended the night with a charismatic finale of ‘100 ways’.

Everything that had transpired wouldn’t have been possible without Inang Reyna of Kpop Happee, Sir Vernon, and everybody at Pulp Live World. We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to them for giving teume’s and aghase’s the novelty to see their idols and witness their performances live, and for making their dreams come true for the night.

See more photos from the show here
Words by: Manila Concert Scene

BIG Start at the Big Dome — Begin Again: KPOP Edition Roundup

Over a thousand excited fans trooped over to Smart Araneta Coliseum last May 29 to witness the first KPOP concert in the country in 2 years.

The aptly named “Begin Again: KPOP Edition 2022” show was treated with palpable energy from concert-goers of all ages. This was after all, the first music event featuring international artists at the Big Dome in a while. Bearing their respective lightsticks and fan paraphernalia, the crowd from the event were truly brimming with delight as they welcome onstage South Korean artists Alice, Wei, NCT Dream, and SHINee’s Key.

The evening was met with back to back to back serving of eye-popping visuals and enthralling performances. First time to perform at the Araneta Coliseumstage, Alice kicked off the show with their brand of cute tracks and precise choreography. Their set proved to be a valiant first showing to their Pinoy fans.

Next up was WEi who dropped select cuts from their latest release – “Love Pt.1:First Love”. The six-member boy group entertained the evening with their fierce take on the genre as well as their member’s antics playing fun games onstage.

Third to take over The Big Dome was Jeno, Renjun, Chenle, Jaemin and Jisung of NCT Dream. Fresh from the release of their multi-million selling album, “Glitch Mode”, NCT Dream exploded with dynamism as they embarked on their return to meet their adoring Pinoy fans.

To cap off the night was Key who unlocked the hearts of the fans with his performance. The lead dancer and rapper of SHINee showed that he can definitely hold his own regard as a solo act.

What a night! What a triumph way to start huge live shows again. Truly, a memorable return to Manila’s concert scene.

Begin Again: KPOP Edition 2022 is brought to us by CDM Entertainment in partnership with BRODYWORKS.



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#Rapsody, a celebration of Pinoy hip-hop greatness

Two superstars in Pinoy hiphop industry, Gloc-9 and Shanti Dope took the center-stage as they brought the hiphop scene to Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila last April 2, 2022. The show was attended by their loyal fans as well as hiphop personalities such as Al James, Honcho, Omar Baliw, Yuridope, and Douglas Brock of DougBrock TV. The event was produced by Ultimate Shows Inc. in partnership with Asintada Management & Prod. Inc.

Up-and-coming hip-hop act Hero warmed up the show. Asintada’s newest artist performed his “44 Bars” LIVE for the first time, famous Gloc-9 challenge which was viral from last year.

Second to perform in Rapsody was Loir. She was joined by Guddhi$t on-stage to perform “Umaga” on-stage. Despite of technical problems, Loir serenaded the audience with her 2021 single, “Anino ng Kahapon” with her guitar and her majestic voice.

Next on stage is JKris. He gave RnB twist on the show. He sang his latest released single, “Hirayo”, a Waray word which is “Malayo” in Tagalog (Far Away in English). He also performed his cover of Ogie Alcasid’s hit “Sa Kanya” which was written by Ito Rapadas.

Shanti Dope came next and he rocked the stage. The crowd saw Shanti Dope performed backed with a full band set-up for the first time, which he usually performing with back-up DJ during pre-pandemic shows. The rap phenom performed his biggest hits from “Materyal”, “Normalan”, “Amatz”, shared stage with HellMerry for the song “Loaded”, and a back to back crowd favorite songs “Nadarang” & “Mau”

Shanti Dope ended his set performing “Shantidope” with Gloc-9 on-stage, introducing the hiphop maestro to Rapsody crowd. Fans roared in cheers when Gloc-9 took the stage.

It was a special set for Gloc-9 as 2022 marks his 25th year in music industry. Gloc-9 started his set with 2016 single “Hoy”. Gloc-9 was backed up with Asintada singing sensation, Lirah during his set. Hits after hits as the “Makata sa Pinas” treated fans by performing his timeless hits such as “Hari ng Tondo”, “Lando”, “Simpleng Tao”, “Upuan”, “Sumayaw Ka” which made the fans danced in their seats. He also performed the crowd requested song “Sirena” on the show. Fans got a chance to photo-op with Gloc-9 himself as he came down to the audience while performing his hits.

Gloc-9 ends his set by performing Francis M hit Kaleidscope World along with Shanti Dope, Loir, JKris, and Hero on stage.

After two years of lockdowns, it was a great comeback show for Filipino hip-hop scene. No complicated stage production, the night was filled with their pure talents & music.

Video Performances:

Special thanks to Asintada Management & Productions Inc.

See more photos from the show here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=manilaconcerts&set=a.10161692223313032