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EXO’s Park Chanyeol to take over Asia for solo fancon tour “The Eternity”

K-pop star Park Chanyeol of supergroup EXO is set to hold his first solo fancon tour, “The Eternity”, in various Asian countries on his birth month. Presented by SM Entertainment, APlanet, and MakeitLive, the tour will kick off in Taoyuan on November 4, followed by a stop in Bangkok on November 18, and another in Hong Kong on November 25.

MakeitLive, a Philippine-based entertainment, event, and digital production company, holds the reins as the official partner for the Taiwan and Hong Kong stops, along with official promoters GMusic and PEACE, and promotion partner FangirlAsia.

Tickets for the first stop will be on sale soon! For more information:

November 4, 2023
Taoyuan Arena
Link: 和協整合行銷有限公司 | Peace Integrated Marketing

November 25, 2023
Hall 5, AsiaWorld-Expo
Link: G Music(HK)Ltd

Successful Ever Bilena’s special fanmeeting with EXO’s Chanyeol

A singer, rapper, songwriter, actor and a multitalented member of KPop group called EXO, Park Chanyeol name as the first male brand ambassador of the leading local cosmetic line Ever Bilena.

Chanyeol was being chosen by @EverBilena as their first male brand ambassador because of his natural charm, beauty and — for the tagline itself #ForEveryBeauty and ready to break the barriers in the beauty industry here in the Philippines. It was also his first time being an ambassador for a cosmetic line and Thanks to Ever Bilena for bringing him and here. And with that, Chanyeol and Ever Bilena held a Full House Fun Meet at PICC Preliminary Hall last October 1 as they celebrate a success collaboration and to share what are the future collaborations, we shoukd look for.

At the Press Conference, Chanyeol was asked how he felt when he flew to the Philippines again, but this time only with himself. He said that He was so happy, he had a great food he saw his own Ever Bilena huge billboard, he was very amazed he was also looking forward for more projects and collaboration with the brand in the feature too. He was also shared what the campaign #ForEveryBeauty means to him was “Beauty is for Everyone” we are all capable of creating beauty within ourselves and with the help of Ever Bilena products there’s a beauty product for each one of us.

Ever Bilena Chanyeol’s pick product described by him one by one, He said he was very excited as his initial reaction when he was invited to be the Ever Bilena’s brand ambassador. He added that he was worried about the collaboration with his face and the Ever Bilena products but during the shooting he had fun, and he thinks that his face fits perfectly with Ever Bilena products. Chanyeol has a huge fanbase in the Philippines, he was asked if he considered staying here in the Philippines and he answered with a huge smile “Everyday!” Philippines was his first foreign country to visit with since he was in middle school, he studied English his for a short program and he feels comfortable whenever he came to the Philippines.

Chanyeol finds beauty through their original color. And for him, he was known for being transparent, very honest and with that traits it will show the true beauty of a person.

His ideal date with a fan is to bring him/her to an island so they can be free, swim and enjoy the food just by them.

During the Fun Meeting, Chanyeol said he volunteers to perform one of his solo song “Nothin’” for his fans and especially to Ever Bilena who brought him here and let him meet his fans.

Chanyeol said that through the products and promotion with Ever Bilena, he will able to show the face we’ve never seen before and will be able to see a new color of him through Ever Bilena’s products. He was so excited and very happy to see his fans as a solo and he even tease the fans and the organizer by saying “one more time”.

Competitive side of Chanyeol was shown with the segment called “YEOL CAN DO IT!” by playing “Sipa” or “Jegichagi” in Korean and read a Pinoy tongue twisters as much as he can like “Pitumput-pitong Puting Pating” and “Pugong Bukid, Pugong Gubat” and he never. Next challenge was matching a picture with a tagalog word with “Aso” and the picture was his fur baby “Zzar”, “Pulbo” and the picture was Ever Bilena’s “Two Way Cake Serum Foundation”, “Pogi” and the picture was his own picture and he even said “I’m Pogi” and the last was “Bahay” means house and fans acted it for him.

Another surprise gift from Chanyeol is that he played a guitar and sang “Hawak Kamay” by Yeng Constantino. Last 2013, EXO sang the same song so It was kind of memorable for him and he sing it alone this time. Another present from Ever Bilena and Chanyeol is for him to draw at the box with Ever Bilena products whatever he likes and it will be given to three lucky fans. First box he drew a Cherry (our Cherry Prince, indeed), Second box was his fur baby, Zzar and Lastly, Him with EXO-L with full of Love.

He was so surprised by the Fan Project video and prepared a fan light with “LOVE CY” using their lightdlight sticks and the same day edit vidoe. Angd with that, he gives his ending remarks by saying. “While watching this video you’ve made me realize my existence itself that gives you a lot of strength — to all Exo-L that are here tonight and all Exo-L over the world, our cherries I will really do my best and really work harder to be your pride because you guys, are my pride. I could really say that It was the best night I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!”

Congratulations to Ever Bilena, Rise Media and Chanyeol for having a Full House Fun Meeting in Manila, EXO-Ls surely enjoyed every moment with Ever Bilena and with their first male ambassador, Exo’s Chanyeol

Chanyeol’s Fun Meet in Manila is made possible by Ever Bilena
Words and Photos by Rein Marquez