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It’s ON, Cebu! Careless’ Wavy Baby takes over Sinulog this weekend

Careless’ first ever music festival, Wavy Baby, is bound to make the return of Sinulog one for the books.

Wavy Baby is a two-day music festival happening on January 13 & 14, 2023 at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City, Cebu with a lineup of over 20 artists recognized both locally and internationally.

Wavy Baby will feature international performers Pink Sweat$, Bambam, Sunmi, The Rose, Bag Raiders, Manila Grey, and Yultron. All artists signed under Careless namely: James Reid, Massaiah, Jolianne, Lesha, August Wahh, Issa, SOS, Destiny Rogers, and A-Team will also be performing. Other Filipino acts include Ben&Ben, December Avenue, Urbandub, Franco, Denise Julia, and more. The Festival will also feature local Cebuano acts such as Cookie$, The Sundown, Mandaue Nights, Three Legged Men, and Wonggoys.

Careless CEO, Jeffrey Oh, says “we’re really excited to do Wavy Baby in Sinulog because it’s the biggest and most historic festival in the Philippines. We want to build a festival that brings the best of the Philippines and the world together to meet and celebrate life & culture, which is what Sinulog is all about. We call it Wavy Baby because we want a wavy lifestyle and a wavy mindset. It also pays homage to Sinulog because the Sinulog symbol are water and the baby Jesus so it’s also a nod to that as well. We’re excited to be part of the Cebu family and build something special that hopefully we can repeat year after year.”

The festival itself will be held at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City, Cebu. There will be an Artist Lounge, VVIP Lounge, a VIP Area in front of the stage, Cocktail Pods, Sponsor’s Hives, and Market Pod.

The Cocktail Pod serves as an area for anyone to purchase drinks at the venue while the Market Pod is designated for food and other merchandise that will be sold. The Sponsor’s Hive will be where Wavy Baby’s brand partners will have different booths that festival goers can visit.

Early bird tickets are currently being sold at Php6,390 for VIP and Php3,200 for General Admission. Regular tickets will be priced at Php8,510 for VIP and Php4,260 for General Admission.

For more updates, visit www.wavybabyfest.com

Careless Music collaborated with 1z Collective for Wildest Dreams EP remix

Careless Music, in collaboration with 1z Collective, drops a remix EP entitled Wildest Dreams (1z Co. Remixes). Producer azel north of Canada-based music collective 1z Co. puts his spin into two tracks off of Nadine Lustre’s debut album Wildest Dreams.

The remix EP starts off with Ivory (azel north Remix), an up-tempo adaptation of the original track that features MANILA GREY opening with their hard-hitting verse. The song blends Nadine’s sultry electro-pop vocals and the duo’s energetic tempo, creating a track that is catchy yet true to the fragmented, haze-like melody of the original.

The second track, Complicated Love (azel north Remix), is a duet by Nadine and James Reid and leans more towards a narration that discusses the darker side of a complicated relationship. azel north puts his spin into this track, resulting in a livelier version of the earlier melancholic number.

Nadine Lustre rose to fame as an actress, but more recently turned her focus on music after joining the Careless Music roster in 2019. She eventually broke ground with the release of her studio debut last year, which came with a visual album that was touted as the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Musical duo Soliven and Neeko, more commonly known as MANILA GREY, are Filipino-Canadian artists who immigrated to British Columbia from Manila. Soliven says about the group’s inception that, “We’re both originally from Manila. The ‘grey’ is Vancouver; it’s always rainy out here, but that’s where we create our music. Our name represents the duality of this past life versus our current life.” That isn’t the only thing about the group that has an element of duality, their yin and yang dynamic extends to music as well. Constantly on the lookout to fuse disparate musical elements together, the duo are members of an art collective called 1z Co. where azel north, the EP’s producer, is also a member.

Nadine and 1z Co.’s remix tracks each come with a lyric visualizer, completing the Careless–1z Collective experience.

Listen to “Wildest Dreams” (1z Co. Remixes) here and head over to the Careless Music Youtube channel for the lyric visualizers

Time to get crazy with James Reid’s latest track

In this track, James Reid sings about young love, mind games, and going above and beyond just to impress a girl, with the idea that the “chase” can make you a little crazy, but that’s what makes it so fun.

The song was first released as an Amazon Music Original last May 14, 2021 on their streaming platform and has made huge waves in the global music industry. As far as New York City, James has been able to share the true power and talent of Pinoy music in international markets. The positive feedback landed him a digital billboard right in the heart of Times Square where it highlighted the track for securing the number 1 spot on their “Mixtape Asia” playlist.

Just last Friday, Careless Music released the track on all other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal for the rest of the world to hear. Along with it, Careless Music released a refreshingly candid visualizer on their Youtube Channel where viewers see random clips of James enjoying his time under the sun in a motorbike or by the beach vibing with some guys and lounging in a bathtub. Yes, we told you it’s pretty candid but in a way works out perfectly to pair with this feel-good bop.

Nadine Lustre teamed up with Arthur Tan for Intoxicated remix

Two groundbreaking music labels, After The Noon Records and Careless Music, are set to break new ground together as they formalize their partnership with a new release: a remix of Nadine Lustre’s single INTOXICATED.

INTOXICATED (ARTHUR TAN REMIX) is an up-tempo adaptation of Nadine’s song from her album Wildest Dreams.

Created by After The Noon CEO and artist Arthur Tan, the remix takes Nadine’s smooth and soulful original, and turns it into a deep house track that invites people everywhere to dance. Layering vibrant percussions and playful keys over Nadine’s sultry vocals, and tying it together with a catchy bass progression, the remix stays true to the original song’s dreamy, thrill-seeking spirit, while giving it a fresh feel.

INTOXICATED is the fourth track off Wildest Dreams, Nadine’s successful solo debut album released in October 2020.
Rising to fame as an actress and winning awards for her film work, Nadine turned her focus on music in recent years, signing as a Careless Music artist in December 2019, and releasing an album that is an ode to her love for EDM, pop, and early 2000s R&B.

Raised in Manila with experience in New York City, Arthur is a producer and DJ who has performed all over the Philippines, making crowds dance whether in hidden pubs, go-to venues like Black Market and The Palace, or even Bacolod’s Masskara Festival.

In NYC, he has brought his music to Manhattan and Brooklyn, performing in venues including Kinfolk 90, Kinfolk 94, The Vinyl, and Smithfield Hall. Even in a pandemic, he has managed to release new music – including his debut single “Peace of Mind (ft. vydd)” and his debut EP After the Party in May 2021. His latest single “I Need U,” a collaboration with Manila-based singer-songwriter Lesha, was released in July 2021.

In March 2021, Arthur launched After The Noon Records, a label that showcases the artistry and craft of DJs and producers. With the release of INTOXICATED (ARTHUR TAN REMIX), and the collaboration with Careless Music, listeners can only expect more exciting drops from this gamechanger.

James Reid Unveils His Silly Side in Latest Music Video

Last Saturday night, August 14, 2021, James Reid released a wonderfully quirky music video for his latest single “Hello”. In this video, Reid shows another side of himself—a playful, whimsical side that’s never been seen before. Sporting a striking mustache while donning 80’s-styled, flashy couture, Reid initially portrays the normalcy of daily quarantine life with a lot of tongue in cheek that later escalates into a string of bizarre and extravagant events.

The funk-pop single Hello, released more than a month ago, was described by Reid to portray “the eagerness to make connections and to personally say hello again to someone” after more than a year in lockdown. While satirical at its core, this amusing music video serves as a visual representation of this sentiment—one that is felt by everyone during these unconventional times.

From the initial vision of the Careless team, they bring in Director Gab Valenciano to inject the video with his signature style of using clever film techniques combined with an infectious fast-paced energy to depict the craziness that one finds themselves in when locked indoors for such a long time. This purely collaborative project even finds Reid himself as part of both the pre-production creative process and the post-production editing.

In the video’s Youtube description, Reid pokes fun at himself through a mischievously sarcastic, self-quoted statement on introspection, growth, and freedom—as if it were written by one of his odd mustachioed personas.

“In the true Careless spirit, I wanted to create something that breaks the stereotype of being an ‘artista’”, Reid explains, “I have serious goals but I don’t take myself too seriously. Bottom line is: we were just having fun. Even joking at my own expense.”

He reveals a self-awareness of his unique position in the entertainment industry through a mishmash of overly glamorized close-up shots and humorous brand-integrated skits, which sarcastically portrays what his own celebrity life is like.

Sprinkling tidbits of amusement for both themselves and their fans, the Careless team inserted some of Reid’s personal items and even props from previous productions into the “Filipino-eclectic meets retrofuturistic” set design as easter eggs for fans to spot.

“This project hits close to home as it is a collaboration between a good friend I’ve known for over a decade, and a culmination of a creative and colorful past life I hold very close to my heart,” Valenciano shares, “our main goal was to showcase a side of James that nobody has ever seen, but also understand the effects of this whole pandemic while staying at home. In this case, we decided to shed some lightness to the situation by adding humor and wit, but not compromise the substance of it all.”

The music video features Reid with over ten of his different personas to illustrate how one’s individuality is molded by an infinite number of factors, all pieced and webbed together to be one person. Valenciano points out, “we all have personalities embedded deep within all of us, and sometimes we just need to let go, let loose, and embrace who we really are.”

Listen to James’ “Hello” on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. Check out the music video too on Careless Music’s Youtube channel.

Bop to the funky beat of James Reid’s latest single “Hello”

This latest track tells the story of how a simple “Hello” can lead (and possibly fast-track) two people into an experience-riddled relationship—one with its whirlwinds of ups and downs. Its lyrics tell the tale of how one’s excitement to say “hello” itself also ironically paints a picture of the potential romance not working out. And that’s okay. Because it’s freeing to enjoy the temporary, especially when you know it’s temporary. Much like knowing that summer is going to end, you’re not sad because, even with it gone, you now have warm memories to look back fondly on.

James also drew inspiration from the past year that the world spent in lockdown. “People have been itching to go out again and experience life,” he explains. “This song portrays that eagerness to make connections, to personally say hello again to someone.”

While this may be the song to cap off his three-single series, this doesn’t mean it’s rest time again for James. His journey through music so far has only reignited his drive to get back into the studio to explore and create new sounds, so there are definitely more exciting things to come soon from James and from Careless Music.

Listen to “Hello” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal! https://orcd.co/jamesreid-hello

Nadine Lustre’s First Solo Concert Coming This July

Hottest news this week, Careless Music and Kumu Live just announced Nadine Lustre’s first solo concert entitled “Absolute Madness.” As the culmination to her debut solo album “Wildest Dreams”, the concert will air online through Kumu Live’s streaming platform on July 3, 2021 at 7 PM. Purchase tickets now on the Kumu Live website (www.kumu.live) to experience the grand spectacle from the safety of your own homes.

Kumu, a mobile streaming platform in the Philippines, kicked off a desktop version of their app to cater to live streaming ticketed events. Their continued support for Careless Music and for Nadine herself since the release of the Wildest Dreams Visual Album back in October of 2020 led to another big collaboration for this upcoming show made by and in collaboration with world class Filipino talents.

While the visual album last year was groundbreaking in itself for being the first of its kind in the Philippines, all eyes are on this concert again as it is said to be another first in the country for its unique blend of live concert and theatrical stage play.

Produced by Careless Music and shot by The Finest, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo joins the team as director of the production. Known to be the “first lady of Philippine musical theatre,” Direk Menchu was associate director and also main cast of the musical theater play “Ang Huling El Bimbo” which ran for two successful seasons back in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, even Nadine herself was hands-on in putting together her first-ever solo concert since the onset of her career. Rehearsals are well under way as Nadine goes all in with the cast and crew, which also features James Reid, Massiah, and A-Team in the production. And with Kumu Live as a platform to stream this, “Absolute Madness” is truly another product of great Filipino artists’ and creators’ joint effort.

In a nutshell, Nadine Lustre’s “Absolute Madness” picks up from the Wildest Dreams Visual Album to cement how Nadine has found the answer to the quest of finding herself. Fans can expect never-before-seen performances of tracks from her “Wildest Dreams” album, set on the backdrop of a fantastical theater stage.

Ticket price starts at PHP 499 for Gen Ad, PHP 999 for Gen Ad + official concert merch, PHP 1499 for VIP + post-concert backstage pass, and PHP 1999 for VIP + post-concert backstage pass and official concert merch. To get even more of the concert experience, you may opt to get VVIP access which also includes pre- and post-show backstage passes with official concert merch for PHP 2999, but hurry because these are capped at only 100 tickets!

For more announcement and ticket guidelines, check out KUMU Live and Careless Music’s official pages:



Absolute Madness Concert with Nadine Lustre on July 3rd

Careless Music artist Nadine Lustre will be having her solo major online concert which will be held via Kumu Live Events coming this July 3rd. The online concert will feature a sonic & visual experience along with theatrical performances. Nadine scheduled to perform her songs from her first full-length studio album, Wildest Dreams which was released last year. Details of her Absolute Madness Concert below.


July 3, 2021
5pm – Pre-show
7pm – Main Show
8:30pm – Post-Show
*Philippine Time*


General Admission – Php499 (includes access to main show only)
VIP – Php 1,499 (includes access to the main show & post-show)
**VVIP – Php 2,999 (includes access to the main show, *pre-show perks & post-show, official concert t-shirt)

**General Admission + Concert T-Shirt – Php 999 (includes access to main show, official concert t-shirt)
**VIP + Concert T-Shirt – Php 1,999 (includes access to the main show & post-show, official concert t-shirt )


*Pre-show perks: inclusive of “Come up onscreen” Privileges and Photo Op

**Limited No. of Tickets Available. Available to PH residents only

-All Concert T-Shirts will be shipped to ticket buyer 3 weeks after event date

A-Team signed with Careless Music

Angelica Arda, who co-founded A-Team with her brother, MJ Arda, shared how their group started out, “my brother and I were coaching high school teams, aside from competing in the collegiate level. We spent most of our training just having fun to be honest, then when we started competing internationally and we kept winning. That’s when things changed to how A-Team is now.”

In addition to that, Arda said that she and her brother would often travel overseas to attend dance camps, learning from international choreographers to further improve their craft and passing what they’ve learned to their team. With their leadership, A-Team was crowned the Megacrew Division winner of the 2014 World Hip-Hop Dance Championship—they were the first-ever Filipino team to bring home the gold in that division.

The team’s eclectic use of different street dance styles brings out an air of theatricality in their choreography. Their fluid yet explosive movements are magnified even more by their pinpoint synchronization and exceptional layering of various dance elements. The A-Team is the premiere dance group in the Philippines.

Careless Music is excited to be getting into the world of dance with A-Team as the label believes that dancers deserve to receive the same recognition that music artists are getting. Careless Music CEO, Jeffery Oh, states “[Careless Music] would like to promote dance as a stand-alone performance art and get the recognition that it deserves.”

Angelica Arda shared that Careless Music made them feel that they can trust the label to uplift dance and take it to a whole other level. In addition to that, she also told us the reason that lead them to sign under the label- “Overall, it’s really just the positive energy and love that we were fortunate enough to share with Careless, through working on a few projects, that drew us in and ultimately led us to sign with them.” She also expressed her excitement during the private Trade Launch of Careless stating “the group is excited to elevate dance in its truest form in the community and industry with Careless.”

In May 8, 2021, the signing of the 20 members of A-Team under Careless’ Management happened privately in Makati City. The members that are signed under Careless are:

  • MJ Arda
  • Angelica Arda
  • Angel Datanagan
  • April Tamon
  • Chael Ablaza
  • Joshua Decena
  • Dean Gales
  • Jaja Bordado
  • Edd Vicente
  • Jana Mahusay
  • Ken Caliwara
  • King Mistica
  • Mae Mae Gomez
  • Nica Santos
  • Nico Angeles
  • Roco Sanchez
  • Ysai Castro
  • Nadja Concepcion
  • Freyja Kapangyarihan
  • Aennon Tabungar

As Careless Music and A-Team share, exchange ideas and work together, both the label and the group hope that the dance community will continue to flourish in the Philippines and enter the dance scene internationally.

Follow A-Team’s social media pages for more updates and announcements:

Instagram: @ateamph

YouTube: ATeamPH

Jolianne, A-Team joins Careless Music

Careless Music, an independent music label founded by James Reid, held a private online trade launch with the objective to share their status and upcoming plans.

The presentation was initially opened by James Reid and was later hosted by Jeffrey Oh, Careless CEO. Other than presenting Careless’ history, projects, and services, Careless Music announced the signing of young female artist, Jolianne, and internationally renowned street dance group, A-Team.

Jolianne is a rising 17-year-old R&B-pop singer-songwriter from Cebu City. She was a contestant of The Voice Kids Philippines (Season 2) and has opened for major international acts such as Air Supply, Michael Learns to Rock, and Stephen Bishop. Her first single under Careless Music, “Sublime”, was announced to be released on 12:00AM of March 26, 2021.

A-Team is a hip-hop dance group composed of the Philippines’ best dancers. Headed by award-winning and highly recognized hip-hop dance coach duo, The Ardas (Angelica and MJ Arda), the team has been consistently representing the Philippines and competing all over the world. They joined the 2014 World Hip Hop Dance Championship in Las Vegas, USA, where they were crowned 2014 Megacrew champions and were the first-ever Filipino team to bring home the gold in that division.

Careless Music is thrilled to have signed these new artists as their label is growing with such talented artists and creatives. Revealing their content calendar, they excitingly disclosed the projects they have in store for both Jolianne and A-Team for 2021 and beyond to the exclusive invitees on the Trade Launch.

Careless Music hopes that through all their artists, both old and new, they can develop content that will help shape culture with their collaborators.