Filipino fans left a-MEW-sed the second time around: Mew in Manila 2023

Fans were left a-MEW-sed and in love when Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat returned to the Philippines for his 2nd fan meeting last October 27, 2023 at Samsung Hall. The 32-year old Thai artist, singer-songwriter, and CEO has starred in various series including hit BL series, What the Duck (2018) and TharnType (2019), which both ran for two seasons. He also debuted as a singer in 2020 which led him to releasing various hit singles and international collaboration with other artists.

Mew first held his first solo meeting in Manila early in 2020. If there is one thing he missed about the Philippines, it would be the energy of Filipino fans. Without a doubt, the crowd did not disappoint him, because the moment he opened the show singing Rolling in the Deep by Adele, he was in for a whole night of excitement and celebration.

Mew continued his opening performance with Flowers by Miley Cyrus.

The first segment was getting to know Mew wherein he will choose 3 icons on the screen and answer corresponding questions related to that icon. The first icon he chose was ‘the fashion icon’ in which his question was ‘What is Mew’s personal style?’ The crowd went wild when he said “No shirt at all.. And no pants at all.” This was obviously followed by screams of “sample sample sample” from the audience.

For the second icon he chose was ‘Just Mew’ wherein he revealed that his hidden talent was that he can sleep everywhere… and may be dancing? He never hesitated to show off his moves. No doubt Mew is everything.

Third and last icon was ‘the singer.’ He shared (sang rather) that Perfect by Ed Sheeran is on his playlist, and read the following statement with Filipino pride: SB19’s Gento delighted Mew as well.

The second segment was something very familiar to Filipinos – Pinoy Henyo. Mew is given 30 seconds to guess the word behind him with only a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ from the audience. Of the eight (8) words, Mew guessed five (5) of them correctly: Chopper, Mew, Pad Thai, Manila, and Mango. The audience was rewarded by three poses from Mew.

More MEW-sic when Mew sang his hit song Spaceman.

The show continued with another getting to know Mew segment wherein he was shown traveling items and will need to identify which of the items he personally brings with him. A charger is something that he would bring because “I need to call someone.” (Hmm.. Who could that be?)

If there is one thing Filipinos are proud of, it would be our snacks.. And Mew has got to try out some of them. He was served Banana Chips, Ensamayda, and Chocnut which he found all to be good but Banana Chips was his most favorite.

Mew gave his Mewlions a surprise when he went around the venue while serenading them with his debut single Season of You.

Mewlions were not only there to watch Mew, but they came prepared with a fan video and sang With a Smile by Eraserheads for Mew. They even prepared a cake as a present and sang Mew a ‘happy birthday’ for Mew’s birthday in February (We are advanced just like that).

Mew had only few heartfelt words for his Filipino Mewlions: “Mahal kita. Thank you so much.”

Filipino Mewlions to Mew: “Your smile lights up our world.”

During the fan benefits, Mew looks stunning in a barong.

Should we be FOMO with Mew, he will be starring in a series of projects in 2024 like Mon Rak Luk Thung, Homeroom, and The Ocean Eyes.

Special thanks to MakeItLive, Friendster, and Fangirlasia.

Words and Photos by Anna Gabriell Balan

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