Bambam, the talented South Korean artist, recently captivated his Filipino fans with an electrifying live performance at the Araneta Coliseum. The event, produced by IME Philippines, showcased Bambam’s immense talent and charisma. A triumphant return to the Manila concert scene.

Kicking-off the show was girl group DreamNote who harmoniously presented a setlist of energetic pop music. The 6 piece musical act is indeed a promising artist to look out for. Prior to that, the girls has a intimate fan-meet at the Gateway mall.

And once the main act is on, it started with a bang as Bambam took to the stage with explosive. Dressed in a stylish outfit that perfectly matched his vibrant personality, he immediately had the audience hooked. Bambam effortlessly moved to the beats, displaying his impeccable dance skills that left everyone in awe.

But the excitement did not stop there as Bambam brought out special guest and co-label, Dara. The Pinoy icon and Korean star was enveloped with loud cheers of support. Truly, the Filipino fandom was welcoming of this surprise.

The rest of the show was as exciting as Bambam showcase his incredible dance moves. Wowing the crowd with his vocals and effortless delivery of his verses. His songs were a perfect blend of catchy hooks and thought-provoking lyrics, which resonated deeply with his passionate fans.

Throughout the concert, Bambam maintained a high level of energy, ensuring that every moment was a memorable one. Highlighting his love to the Filipino culture too with a cover of “Raining in Manila” by Lola Amour. Indeed, a notable standout in his concert. Bambam ended his show by performing Ronnie Liang’s hit song, “Ngiti”.

Truly, from start to finish, the show was a spectacle to behold.

Area 52 World Tour: Bambam Live in Manila show is made possible by IME Philippines
Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Paul Chuapoco

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