Ok Taecyeon in Manila: SpecialTY — 10 out of 10

South Korean singer and actor Ok Taecyeon first visited Manila in 2013 as part of 2PM, one of the most beloved and popular K-pop groups. The group, known for iconic hits such as “Again & Again” and “Heartbeat,” recently held their 15th anniversary concert in Seoul. Aside from being a singer and rapper, Taecyeon also starred in dramas including “Dream High” and “Vincenzo.”

After ten years, Filipino OKtizens and Hottests finally saw Taecyeon again during the Manila leg of his SpecialTY 2023 Ok Taecyeon Asia Fan Meeting Tour on Sept. 23 at the New Frontier Theater. Unperturbed by the heavy rains that night, Taecyeon’s fans were ready for fun night at the fan meet.

Amid defeaning cheers, Taecyeon started the meet with a performance of 2PM’s “Magic,” followed by “Anyway.” He then introduced himself as “borta Taecyeon” (he learned the Filipino slang word during a press conference held the day before the fan meet).

With Kring Krim as host, Taecyeon answered some questions about himself and also shared some facts about the tour. He also read messages from fans and some were able to take photos with and get hugs from Taecyeon, truly a fan service king.

Aside from the entertaining segments, Taecyeon also performed other 2PM hits “Champagne,” “Jump,” and “Hands Up,” as well as his solo song “Toc Toc Toc.”

Taecyeon said he will be back soon and with the other members of 2PM. As an artist who debuted in 2008, Taecyeon’s commitment to his fans remains unwavering. And for OKtizens and Hottests, their support will always be a 10 out of 10.

2023 OK TAECYEON IN MANILA: SpecialTY is presented by 51K, Twenty Two Plus, PULP Live World, and Happee Hour.
Photos by Kris Rocha
Words by Ava Sumortin
See more photos from the show here

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