Concert Round-up: Posty’s Manila Party

It was Monday, and after a long day in the city, Manila witnessed one helluva party — courtesy of Spotify’s 20th most streamed artist in the world, Post Malone. The Mall of Asia Arena, home of world-class acts, was packed for Posty’s Manila debut show. Initially, there were talks back in 2019 of bringing Post Malone in Manila, but it didn’t happen. Thanks to Live Nation Philippines, Filipino fans finally experienced a Post Malone party.

The show started on time, and Posty was backed with his talented band, including a violinist. Post Malone opened his Manila party with “Better Now,” and there was a monstrous cheers from the fans when Posty took the stage. “Hi, my name is Austin Richard. Thank you for coming y’all tonight,” he greeted the crowd and welcomed his Filipino fans to one big party.

Wearing a Micah Parsons jersey, Post Malone, notably a huge fan of NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, didn’t disappoint his Filipino fans with his impressive hits, dancing skills and explosive performance. Explosive since the show was filled with fire effects and pyrotechnics.

Posty did a partial cover of Fleetwood Mac’s hit “Dreams.” “Hollywood Dreams” came from his 2016 mixtape, “August 26th.” During his “Jonestown (Interlude)” performance, the stage lit up with flame effects.
Post Malone chose a lucky fan to perform the guitar part of “Stay” onstage, making everyone in the crowd feel inspired. He also performed his other hits, such as “Psycho,” “I Like You (A Happier Song),” “rockstar,” “Overdrive,” “Circles” and “Congratulations,” as the energy on the dancefloor never stopped.

In between songs, Posty said: “You know, you look around the world these days, and it feels like, a lot of time, there’s not enough love. And I wanted to say that I love each and every single one of y’all so very fucking much, ladies and gentlemen.

I know there may be people out there who may not feel love, and you know, someone just needs a hug. Never be fucking scared to just reach out. Give someone a hug and say, ‘Hey, I fucking love you so much.’

Post Malone showed his appreciation to the crowd, “I’ve been here for a day now, and everyone I’ve met is so fucking kind. Everyone is so sweet, so I appreciate you so much. Thank you so much.

The show ended with crowd favorites “Sunflower” and “Chemical,” with plenty of on-stage fireworks.

The Manila show of the If Y’all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying Tour ran for almost two hours. It was fast-paced, but there was a smooth transition in every song. Post Malone gave a hundred percent with his performance for his Filipino fans, and he promised to come back again soon. I think, Post Malone is a must-see artist and his show is definitely a contender as one of the best Manila concerts of 2023.

Manila setlist:
-Better Now
-Zack and Codeine
-Hollywood Dreams
-I Like You
-Jonestown Interlude
-Take What You Want
-Over Now
-Feeling Whitney
-I Fall Apart
-Wrapped Around Your Finger
-Candy Paint
-Too Young
-White Iverson

Post Malone Live in Manila is made possible by Live Nation Philippines.
Words by Kevin Pableo and Danica Haresco
Photos by Seth Valenzuela
See more photos from the show here

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