Last September 2022, iKon was one of the KPOP Acts performed at KPOP MASTERZ 2 also presented by Pulp Live World.

When their new EP “TAKE OFF” released, a little later they announce their world tour dates including Manila. iKon starts their stage with one of their latest song titled “Tantara” followed by “Sinosijac”.

First set was lit and everyone was already on fire! Members introduced themselves with a comment “it’s good to be back here in Manila”.

Donghyuk reminiscing their last Manila solo tour and it’s been 3 or 4 years since then. Bobby commented “nothing changes, you’re still on fire”. Second set played most of their hit songs like “Killing Me”, “Rhythm Ta”, “Bling Bling” the legend and ikonic “Love Scenario” and lastly the title track on their album TAKE OFF – “U” Bobby and Chanwoo have a little moment with IKONICs with their tagalog battle, Chanwoo said that they talked to Jinhwan before the show and Jihnwan taught Chanwoo his famous tagalog phrase “sakit akung tiyan” means my stomach or tummy hurts. Bobby told a story behind that tagalog phrase from Jihwan was because during Jinhwan’s study days in Davao, Philippines when he wanted to go home earlier (making white lie excuses), he will go to his teacher and saying “sakit akung tiyan” (my stomach hurts).

“There’s one person I remember when I go to Philippines – Jinhwan Hyun, Prince of the Philippines” – Chanwoo said. He was excited to be here and perform but unfortunately, he’s currently enlisting and fulfilling his duty as an army and misses Filo-ikonics so much. They even played Jinhwan’s part through LED Screen so we won’t miss this beautiful moment and feels like he’s with us throughout the show (serve well Kim Jinhwan! iKonics will always wait for you!) Chanwoo’s tagalog phrase was “Ikaw lang nasa puso ko.” While Bobby’s “Hello Maganda! Gusto niyo ba mag-inom mamaya? Mahal kita!” and asked the fans who did better by screaming and Bobby said he won. Donghyuk performed “Kiss Me” with his hot and sexy moves, followed by Junhoe’s “Want You Back” with his guitar flexing his magical voice (like nanghaharana) and he also performed with Bobby “Deep Night”. Bobby’s solo song called “HeartBROKEN PlaYBoY” main rapper once again proving his rapping skills!

Ended their solo stage with Yunhyeong’s “Eurachacha” a trot masterpiece sang and hyped with the crowd. Chanwoo promised he will prepare for his solo performance for their next tour here in Manila with Pinky’s up! Bobby Said Yunhyeong’s lips are dangerous because of his Eurachacha stage and also Donghyuk’s sexy stage “Kiss Me” and fans asked them to show their own version of “Kiss Me” VCR.

“Why Why Why”, “Like A Movie”, and “Goodbye Road” was on the set and melts everyone’s heart with their vocals Party is on with “What’s Wrong”, “Dumb & Dumber” “B-Day” and “Freedom” jumping, screaming and singing with ikon was so fun Group photo with fans, ikonics prepared a vcr and bobby was like “I Knew it, you guys have this” and played the fan project, everyone is silent and enjoying the clip while bobby was kind of emotional and hiding is expression on the blanket that is also from fans with their messages to IKON and before the show ends, they said that they were really happy to be in Manila.

“You guys are crazy. Manila is the best” Donghyuk said and Bobby said that filo-ikonics was more fluent than him on speaking Korean, they even sang their song fluently even it is a Korean lyrics.“ iKon wrapped their performance with the encore stage of “B-Day”, Rhythm Ta”, “Freedom” (Added by June because they enjoyed the show so much with the ikonics) and Lastly with their legendary hit “Love Scenario”.

IKON Live in Manila 2023 was produced by Pulp Live World
Words by Reinalyn Marquez
Photos by Yvonne Solon
More photos here

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