Kim Seon-ho Returns to Manila for Love to Meet Our Good Boy Fan Meet

Filipino Seonhohadas had been eagerly waiting for Kim Seon-ho to come back after his first fan meet in January. Thanks to clothing and lifestyle brand Bench, the South Korean actor met his fans during a sweet and fun “Love to Meet Our Good Boy” fan meet at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on July 22.

When Seon-ho took the stage, host Robi Domingo asked the fans to greet the actor with “mahal kita” (in three languages!). The “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and “Start-Up” actor replied with “mahal ko din kayo,” to the delight of his fans. He walked across the stage so that Seonhohadas could see him up close and take photos of him. Robi also asked Seon-ho to repeat a couple of lines from his latest project “The Childe,” an action/thriller film. Seon-ho obliged and said, “Ngumiti ka naman dyan. Ako’ng bahala sa’yo.”

At one point, Robi asked Seon-ho, “How do you feel?” The K-drama actor replied with “Masaya.” And for the rest of the night, both the actor and his fans made each other smile. It was such a delight to watch.
The first part of the fan meet was a short interview, and photos of Seon-ho were displayed on screen as the actor talked about his projects, including “The Childe” and “Touching the Void,” a play based on a 1988 book. Seon-ho also said he couldn’t choose a favorite actor because there are a lot of great ones in the industry. Because of these senior actors, others could learn from them and become better actors. Seon-ho is known as a versatile actor and his signature dimples. He shared that he was insecure about his dimples when he was young because some people made him feel like they were an insecurity, but now, he’s learned to appreciate them.

They started the games with Seon-ho as the only participant. He played “Spot the Difference,” and he got all items correctly. He even complimented the production team for doing a great job with the photos.
With the second game, three lucky fans went on stage to play “Pictionary” with Seon-ho. The actor drew, while the fans guessed what they were. All of the fans guessed them correctly, and as a prize, they got to keep Seon-ho’s signed drawings. Seon-ho seemed shy and very down-to-earth, and interactions and conversations were easy with him.
The third game was “Pinoy Henyo,” and Seon-ho guessed all the words flashed on screen. Like with the previous game, all the words were related to the actor’s projects.

Seon-ho earlier mentioned that he wanted to try halo-halo, and for lunch that day, he was able to try the Filipino dessert and also lechon. He talked about Korean food and his favorite: tteokbokki. So for the next part of the fan meet, he cooked tteokbokki, and one fan was able to try what he made.

For the last game, three fans were picked to share a scene re-enactment with Seon-ho, bringing extra kilig to the night.
Before the fan meet ended, Filipino Seonhohadas prepared a fan project for the actor. They gave heartfelt messages of gratitude to the actor, who have made their lives even better in various ways.

“All of your warm welcome, support, and love for me make me super happy. Thank you so much,” he said through an interpreter.
“It was really unexpected that I would cook tteokbokki in front of a lot of people, play games, draw, and have a lot of conversations with the fans. We are one big family, and I’m so happy to be part of this family. I would also like to sincerely express my gratitude to the Bench team for making this possible and for the unforgettable memories with my fans.”

Even with such a huge venue, the fan meet felt intimate as Seon-ho took every opportunity to be close with his Seonhohadas. “I will cherish today as an unforgettable memory. Salamat po,” the actor said.

As for his fans, there was no doubt that meeting their favorite Good Boy was also an unforgettable memory for them.

Love to Meet Our Good Boy: The Kim Seon-Ho Fan Meet 2023 was presented by Bench.
Words by Ava Sharra
Photos by Kris Rocha

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