Nostalgia Overload With Vertical Horizon Live At Sky Dome

What is a TV era without the songs “You’re A God,” “Best I Ever Had,” and “Everything You Want?” A very reason for sure why Titos and Titas of Manila troop down Sky Dome at SM North EDSA last July 18 to see the 90s staple Vertical Horizon.

After 5 years, they are finally back to bring the nostalgia. The band is composed of Matt Scannel, Keith Kane, and Ed Thoth. Although they have released six albums, their leading hit record was their self-titled that became massive hits because of successful singles such as “Everything You Want,” “You Are God,” and “Best I Ever Had.”

Vertical Horizon’s 2023 Manila tour includes Matt Scannel, Mark Pacifica, Ron Navela, and John Wesley.

A long line was experienced while entering the event. The sky dome welcomed a group of 90’s kids for an experience to see the Billboard chart-toppers once again. Celebrities like Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero were also present.

The show started with Join The Club. They played anthems such as “Lunes” and “Tinig.” The band also presented their rendition of the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

Autotelic dives deep next—playing their past singles such as “Laro,” and “Takipsilim.” For their frontman, Josh Villena, Vertical Horizon became an inspiration when he was just starting to learn to play the guitar. While on stage, Villena also adds that he wanted to thank the band. “Nais kong magpasalamat sa kanila for being an inspiration,” Autotelic frontman stresses. The show is more intimate for a chart-topping staple than the last one in 2018.

After a few minutes of silence, Sky Dome lighted as the band energizes people in attendance with the songs “We Are” and “Send It Up.” In a notable scene, Scannell hinted chords to “Best I Ever Had.” The chords made people scream leading him to quip that people can stand up if they wanted to. That created a people to elevate, sing along, and be energized to sing through their hearts out. While the single might be jumpy, the band never fails to exhibit its musical range.

Apart from distorted guitar-centric songs, they played an acoustic song called “Goodbye Again.” Channeling an electrifying feel the band riffs the synth-wave type of track called “Lovestruck.”

A guitar face-off was also seen as the two guitarists shred some strings. A cover of The Cure’s “Love Song” came next. Followed by the songs “I’m Still Here,” and “Heart In Hand.” On stage, Scannel shared that the song “You’re A God,” is as simple as “You’re a God, and I’m still here.” Of course, this hint excited people as he then led them to take a deep breath and sing in an ensemble.

While the band vacates the stage, others left while the majority stayed and asked for another song. Yet for an encore, the real question is, “What would they sing when each of the hits was played?” Well, of course, covers were the answer. Scannel, Pacifica, Navela, and Wesley came back swinging on stage. Packed with some revivals of Prince’s “Purple Rain” that later transitioned to Journey’s “Faithfully.”

The event was made possible thanks to DMC Philippines in cooperation with Mossimo.
Words Aram Lascano
Photos Danilo Factor
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