Ruel on his 4th Wall World Tour in Manila

After visiting Manila in February, Ruel came back to meet his Filipino fans again for his 4TH WALL World Tour show on May 26 at the Samsung Hall. The singer-songwriter released his debut album 4TH WALL in March and kicked off his world tour in Australia in April. The Philippines was the last country in the Asian leg of the tour.

Local rapper Young Cocoa opened the show as he performed his tracks, including “Zesto” and “Manila.”

Ruel then started his set with some of the songs from 4TH WALL: “Go on Without Me,” “Growing Up Is _” and “You Against Yourself.” Fans sang along enthusiastically when “Dazed & Confused” played, and it was followed by another fan favorite “Face to Face.”

On May 20, the Australian artist uploaded a video for “Sitting in Traffic,” which was shot in Manila. “[I wanted to] show some love to you guys because you have been so amazing to me the past few years,” Ruel said. Before singing “Sitting in Traffic,” he asked KZ Tandingan to share the stage with him. Ruel praised KZ after the performance and said, “You were incredible. Are you kidding me?”

Ruel also covered One Direction’s “Night Changes,” and he also performed a couple of songs where he was featured — JVKE’s “Golden Hour” and SG Lewis’ “Flames.”

Ruel’s set included “Must Be Nice,” “Wish I Had You,” “Free Time,” “Lie,” “Someone Else’s Problem,” “If and/or When” and “Younger.”

The encore started with “Painkiller,” and two inflatable yellow balls were brought out and fans playfully passed it around the venue. Ruel then performed “End Scene.” The credits rolled, but Ruel had another surprise for his fans when he took the stage and sang “I Don’t Wanna Be Like You.”

The night’s songs were a perfect balance of hits from his singles and EPs and from his debut album, showcasing his myriad talents, and the fans loved every minute of it.

Ruel also had a show in Cebu on May 27, as well as in Davao on May 28.

Ruel – 4TH WALL World Tour in Manila was presented by Wilbros Live.
Written by Ava Sumortin
Photos by Seth Valenzuela

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