Post-Mother’s Day concert feat. Kuh Ledesma & daughter Izzy at Hacienda Isabella on May 27

We will never forget the songs our mothers sang to us when we were kids; songs that put us to sleep, calmed us down when we were restless, or delighted us when we felt unhappy. Indeed, whenever we hear the songs that our moms used to sing to us, we can’t help but smile and think about her and how she lovingly took care of us.

OPM Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma and her equally talented daughter Isabella “Izzy” Gonzalez , invite us to go back in time as they perform songs that would make us reminisce about our fond memories with Mom when we were young, through their post-Mother’s Day concert titled, “Songs for a Mother’s Heart” at Hacienda Isabella on May 27.

In an interview, Kuh explained why they opted to stage the concert after Mother’s Day, “I know that people usually celebrate Mother’s Day by going out with their own families. We at Hacienda Isabella chose a later date for “Songs for a Mother’s Heart” so that the daughters and sons can celebrate with their mothers and invite the friends of their moms or even their in-laws to the concert.”

“It won’t be your usual concert on May 27 because it’s a weekend getaway.

Hacienda Isabella is offering them a complete package of dinner at 6 pm and then the concert at 8 pm. After the show, we offer overnight accommodation. There are 85 rooms available with free use of the amenities, and breakfast the following day with Izzy and me. This will be our fourth show and it’s been a lot of fun getting closer to my faithful fans and friends,” the renowned singer shared.

There are songs that can evoke fond memories of Mom and take us back to the days of our childhood with her. Asked about the song that has this effect on her, the Pop Diva said, “I recorded a kundiman song ‘Ugoy ng Duyan’ written by National Artist for Music, Lucio San Pedro. Every time I sing it, I remember my mother when I was very young. I was very close to her. She would always ask me to sing while she was sewing. A song like ‘Ugoy ng Duyan’ can really bring back memories of childhood and the closeness of a mother to a child.”

“Also, my song ‘Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan’ is a fitting tribute to mothers. As the line goes: ‘Paano kita mapasasalamatan? Sapat na bang mahalin lang kita magpakailan pa man?’ The song is about gratitude, appreciation, and love for a person who gives unconditional love,” she added.

Let’s celebrate our moms with Kuh and Izzy this May 27 at Hacienda Isabella. “Songs for a Mother’s Heart” will also feature talented singers Mitch Valdes and Carla Martinez as guest performers.

Concert’s special rates: room good for two people – P4,500 per person which includes dinner, concert (premium table), overnight stay, after-concert pica-pica, and breakfast the following day; room good for three or more people – P3,500 per person which includes dinner, concert, overnight stay, after-concert pica-pica, and breakfast the following day. Dinner and concert only: P2,000. Dinner will be served at 6 pm and the show starts at 8 pm.

For more information about the post-Mother’s Day concert, call 0960-885-0288 or 0920-286-8895.

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