Bruno Major returning to Manila this August 2023

It’s been a long time coming.

After five years, Bruno Major is returning to the Philippines as part of the Asian leg of his Tour of Planet Earth 2023.

The British singer-songwriter made his Philippine debut at Karpos Live in 2018 and was initially set to come back in 2020 to perform at the then canceled Wanderland Music & Arts Festival. In that same year, he released his sophomore album, To Let A Good Thing Die and by the looks of it, maybe the third album this 2023 as he just released a new single, We Were Never Really Friends.

There’s been a lot of new music yet to be heard live and lucky for us, we’ll be charmed by it all soon.

Bruno Major quickly caught the spotlight when he completed his 12-track debut album, A Song For Every Moon, after releasing a song every full moon, a.k.a. every month. It was a very unconventional and personal project for Major but was a testament to his dedication, talent, creativity, and overall brand as an artist.

The whole astronomical concept to his brand is so cohesive, his album covers have well thought out meanings and stories to tell as well, as very intricately designed by Rob Shuttleworth.

When it comes to Major’s music, you can tell that he’s an old-fashioned romantic. The mixture of R&B, soul and jazz melodies with vulnerable, straight to the point lyrics and soothing vocals runs through his entire catalog. He is the soundtrack of falling in and out of love and finding beauty in spite of it all.

If there’s something we remember about being in a Bruno Major show, it feels exactly like that–a confident charming crooner singing delicately about love with the audience clutching their chests as he pours his soul and emotion on stage.

“The beauty of Major’s music can truly be found in its simplicity,” the L.A. Times says and we couldn’t agree more.

Bruno Major live in Manila is happening on August 15, 2023 at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit, Makati.

Ticket prices as follows:
Orchestra Pit: PHP 5,250+
Orchestra: PHP 4,990+
Loge: PHP 4,465+
Lower Balcony: PHP 3,415+
Upper Balcony: PHP 2,625+
*Exclusive of ticketing charges.

Tickets go on sale May 12, 10AM via

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