Zack Tabudlo drops single “Diba,” the new anthem for broken hearts and letting go

Between trending on social media and going on tour, Zack has been making headlines in the music scene for the past few weeks. But the internationally-acclaimed singer decides to dive right back into making songs—particularly gut-wrenching ones he’s known for, like the new single “Diba.”

“Diba” expresses the pain of letting go and the irony of feeling sorrow even after suffering from lies and unfulfilled promises.

And while Zack has been experimenting with new musical breakthroughs as of late, his new era leaves room for what propelled him to the spotlight. To him, “Diba” is quite different from the Z∀CK: FOR ∀LL Album

“This song is very chill from all songs I’ve released, especially [since] it’s coming from a very different genre and an album of experimentation. Production-wise, it’s going for classic sounds, [and] with this one, it’s very toned down and heartbreaking—like how I always used to do it.”

For the songwriter, his lyrical choice screams one thing: pain and heartbreak for the listeners. Backed by “chill” and RnB pop instruments, every beat can be striking.

“I want the listeners to feel the pain in every beat and lyric to this song—it’s heartbreaking to let go of someone you love.”

He also further shares that writing the song allowed him to tap into “vulnerability and just being free and open to writing something.” And when asked about the best part of the song, Zack looks back on where and how he started.

“It felt very nice going back to what I usually write and produce…felt nice to just be me and write for me and the people going through tough times.”

Fans can expect Zack to write more gut-wrenching music, tours, and other headline-worthy ventures.

But for now, we entirely agree: “Diba” will truly be destroying hearts.

Have a listen if you dare. ”Diba”—OUT NOW!

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