A Fantastic Night of Fun, Food and Fabulous Music at Hacienda Isabella on Apr. 22

It is said that joy multiplies when shared. For singer, composer/lyricist, and painter Isabella “Izzy” L. Gonzales, her coming birthday this month will indeed be a joyful one as she shares laughter and great music in a concert to celebrate her special day titled, “ISABELLA PLS!!! – A FUNtastic Getaway @Hacienda Isabella”. For Izzy’s birthday concert, she will be joined by two of the country’s very talented and fabulously funny singers, Mitch Valdes and Nanette Inventor. Joining this night of fun and cool music is Izzy’s mom, the diva herself, Kuh Ledesma. In an interview, Izzy shared the details about her upcoming birthday concert.

“Mom and I decided this year we would try and do a concert at Hacienda Isabella each month. We had a pre-Valentine concert in February, March is when Mama had her birthday so we did one a couple of days after on the next Saturday and then mine follows her, it just made sense to us to finally get out there and share our home and Hacienda with everyone in this very special way,” she said.

Asked about what the audience can expect from the concert, Izzy excitedly answered, “Fun! I was asking for prayers during our first show last February from my discipleship sisters at church and a friend texted me to just have fun. That changed everything for me. I forgot I was also called to entertain not just by hopefully moving the audience through the songs but to also help everyone have a fun time. Ever since then, my whole perspective on making shows has changed. My main goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves as well as inspire and encourage them with the message found in each song. But most importantly, to just make sure everyone can sit back, relax, and be entertained.”

Izzy also shared her experience collaborating with Mitch Valdes and Nanette Inventor as well as her mom, Kuh Ledesma for this birthday concert. “It’s really been such a treat, an exciting and truly thrilling adventure! I love chatting with my two Titas of comedy and look up to them so much. They’re both adorable in their own ways. Mama Mitch is cool and protective while Mama Nanetteski is such a giver with all her ideas and is game to try the different ideas I suggest. But then of course, everything has to go through the approval of ‘The Mothership’ who is directing the concert, which means I can let go and just focus on the songs I have to sing and my part. Usually, I’m the one directing her shows, so it is a relief to finally be able to just let Mama do the driving.”

For those who wish to go to Izzy’s birthday concert, she gave this message, “Hi everyone! You’re invited to my very first birthday concert called, ISABELLA PLS!!! – A FUNtastic Getaway @Hacienda Isabella,” with a special exhibit at @GallerieKUHL at Hacienda which opens at 4:22 pm on April 22. Dinner that night will be at 6 pm and the show will be at 8 pm. We hope to celebrate Earth Day which is my birthday too in a garden with yummy food and delightful music to help us all time travel through tunes and enjoy a night filled with fun, love, and stories. Do join us and thank you in advance for all your support and for truly helping me make my childhood dreams come true of getting to share with you the gifts that God has given me.”

For more information about Izzy’s birthday concert and Hacienda Isabella, contact: 09608850288 or 09202868895

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