A waving success – WayV live in Manila

K-pop group WayV took the Manila concert scene with waving success. The seven-member group, consisting of Ten, Winwin, Lucas, YangYang, Hendery, Xiaojun, and Kun, performed for over two hours, showcasing their incredible vocals, energetic dancing, and impressive stage presence.

Fans of WayV had been eagerly anticipating this concert since it was announced, and the group did not disappoint. WayV kicked off the concert with their hit songs, setting the tone for the high-energy 2 hour performance. The group performed a variety of songs from their repertoire, including “Love Talk,” “Moonwalk,” and “Take Off.” The members had their respective stages, allowing them to showcase their individual talents, as well as a group performance. And no surprise there as the crowd went wild whenever the group showed off their impressive choreography and flawless vocals.

Throughout the concert, WayV interacted with the audience, thanking them for their support and expressing their gratitude for being able to perform live in Manila. They also showed their love for their fans with a surprise antics, like runway walks and cute poses.

Overall, WayV’s first fan concert was a massive success. Their powerful performances, stunning visuals, and undeniable talent left fans in awe and wanting more. With their upcoming tour just around the corner, it’s clear that the audience can’t wait for their return.

See more photos from the event here

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