An Astronomical MOONBIN & SANHA

The Korean boy band Astro is known for their catchy tunes and entertaining performances. With bold takes on visuals and musicality, it’s no surprise they have reached a certain level of fandom love. Recently, two members of the group, Moonbin and Sanha, have been stealing the spotlight with their very own show, and their stop in Manila was met with adoration from the fans, lovingly named AROHAS.

The show, titled ” 2023 MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) FAN CON: [DIFFUSION] IN MANILA” showcases the two members’ various talents and quirks. Moonbin and Sanha’s charming personalities shine through as they take on various fan challenges and solo performances.

Furthermore, their chemistry as a duo has fans rooting for them all the way. The show also features plenty of comedic moments, as the two best friends often find themselves in humorous situations onstage.

For over 2 hours, Moonbin and Sanha entertained the AROHAS to their heart’s content. Warm, relatable and very much game for all the fan requests, the 2 indeed made their fan con a fun one. Looking forward to more of their adventures, and hopefully with the other Astro members too.

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