A #SkinComeTrue Sunday with Song Kang

Song Kang, the 28-year-old Korean actor best known for his roles in dramas Nevertheless, Navillera, Love Alarm, and more, was in Manila for a much-awaited fun meet with Filo Songpyeons.

Presented by Deoproce Philippines and Wilbros Live, the two-hour program showcased Song Kang’s many charms to the delight of those in attendance—with interviews, games, and challenges that allowed the actor to get up close and personal with fans.

Ahead of the fun meet, he also took time to answer questions from the media at an exclusive press conference where we were able to learn a few more things about him!

On what he’s most excited about Filipino fans
Song Kang feels like he improves and develops a lot when he gets to spend time with his fans. He’s curious as to what kind of communication will take place at the fun meet; and, later that night, the actor was brought to tears by the end of the program as he thanked his loyal fans for showering him with so much love.

On being an idol
After the clip of him dancing to NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” went viral, he thinks it’s not within his capabilities to become an idol. He still, however, indulged everyone to a cute little number of the dance during the show!

On what inspires him at work
In the fun meet, Song Kang gamely shared that the film that really got him into acting was Titanic. In the current state of his career, though, he says that whatever movie or drama he watches, he believes there’s always more than one thing he can learn—from the actors going back and forth with each other to how they express their emotions. He always tries to learn from what he sees.

On characters he wants to portray in the future
“It’s not so much a specific character that I would like to play, but my priority is to play characters I enjoy playing,” Song Kang says. He shared how scary and gory his character can become in Sweet Home as he’s currently filming its second season, so he wants to play a happier character next.

On being nicknamed the ‘Son of Netflix’
Song Kang is grateful to be working with the streaming giant, having appeared in several K-Dramas under Netflix. He says he’s been enjoying his work as they’ve become his family and friends.

Needless to say, the event was a huge success as Filo Songpyeons went home with so many great memories with their favorite actor!

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