Waxiefied Sound Production Debuts Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Certified Studio in the Philippines

Waxiefied Sound Production was awarded the much-coveted Home Entertainment Studio Certification, the highest certification sound pioneer Dolby Atmos issues to their partners.

At the launch of the first and only certified Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio in the country, guests were shown the behind the scenes of sound production and the tools necessary to generate, edit, mix, and master world-class quality content for Blu-ray and streaming delivery. They also introduced the Dolby Atmos Sound Mastering Service, a solution to quality control and master audio from various content: music, audio visual clips, reels, TV shows, TV series, and movies without having to go abroad.

(From L-R: Vito Syquia, Jigs Hermano, Peter Hager, Waxie Joaquin)

Behind this venture are respective personalities in the music industry — acoustic and audio mastering engineers, event DJs, and sound consultants — who share the same dedication and passion for music and sound. The endeavor is helmed by Waxie G. Joaquin, founder of Waxiefied Sound Productions and Executive Mastering Engineer.

“The new threshold provided by Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio opens more room and possibilities for cultivating, uncovering, and sharpening the creativity of artists with the help of this cutting-edge technology,” Joaquin shared. “With the track record and expertise of our team, we are confident to produce top-notch and immersive quality audio that will give a multidimensional approach to storytelling,” he added.

Their employment of the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite facilities in the country spells the end of multiple back-and-forth accession of local content to mastering studios abroad just to have it certified by Dolby as well as do quality control and certify high resolution lossless files and Apple Digital Masters sound for Apple Music. To put simply, submitting content or sending a piece of music to digital platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, or Amazon can be done faster, more efficiently and conveniently at a fraction of the cost of having this done abroad.

“With Dolby Atmos Music, songs can live and breathe in new ways to fully immerse you. It has levels of detail and depth that you simply can’t hear with standard sound — like listening to your favorite songs for the first time!” shares the Dolby Atmos team.

Alden Richards, Direk Perci Intalan, Iwi Laurel, Nicole Asencio, New Game Plus’ Jazz Dufourt, Kindred’s Dan Gil and Tala Gil, Flip Music’s Jellica Mateo, Marga Jayy, X1 Digital’s Founder Direk Cedrid Hornedo, WilaBaliw’s Ian Tayao, and Mike Pedero were among the celebrities who attended the launch event whose main highlight was the immersive experience of listening to songs of James Reid, New Game Plus, Nicole Asensio, and Dan Gil and Marga Jayy in different modes from stereo mix to Waxiefied Stereo Master to Dolby Atmos.

Other remarkable clients under the Waxiefied Sound Production portfolio include some of the biggest names in the sound production and music industry such as Massiah, Nadine Lustre, Jay Ortega, J. Mara, Morobeats, and many more.

To know more information about Waxiefied Sound Productions, visit their website at www.waxiefiedsoundproduction.com and follow their official social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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