Amplifying a voice: Island Records welcomes Zild to its roster of artists

Zild is now part of Island Records Philippines. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Zild’s creativity, musical craftsmanship, and collaborative spirit have made him a powerful force in the music scene. Being part of the Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest record company, which includes Republic Records, Island Records, and Def Jam will amplify his distinct artistic voice to a much wider audience than before.

Zild came to musical prominence as part of the band IV of Spades, along with fellow musicians Unique (until 2018), Badjao de Castro, and Blaster Silonga, who is also part of the Island family. As part of his own musical explorations, he has also recorded two albums and several singles. He has worked with several musicians over the years, most recently with some members of fellow Island act One Click Straight, who also play live with him. His first single under the label, “Isang Anghel,” is due to drop on August 11.

Zild says that he hopes to continue the DIY spirit that guided his past work, adding that Island can provide him a “megaphone” to help get his music out and to amplify his creative voice to reach more people. In addition, with Island’s resources and the community of musicians on its roster, he hopes to grow as an artist through future projects, including collaborative ones. While he is somewhat anxious about working with more collaborators after years of doing it himself, he also finds it exciting.

As Island Records Philippines welcomes to the family, people can look forward to more exciting work from this talented young musician, particularly his upcoming third album. Zild is proof of how Philippine music continues to thrive and grow through a new generation of talent, and UMG Philippines continues to build our music community by amplifying their voices.

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