Concert Round-up: Island of NOMAD

Words by Jonylle Pineda for Manila Concert Scene

Music is a way to express yourself, keep you company while you’re alone, and always give you something to do. In contrast to what John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”.

Both of them are true, and the way how music connects to all of us is that- by listening to it makes us feel like we are drifting away on an island surrounded by harmony and peace.

Nomad Music Festival speaks for itself, as it is a music experience and discovery platform, which is also what Island Records Philippines aimed to do amidst the pandemic- where every new Filipino artist and band had the golden opportunity to share their music to the nation and let them be heard.

Their first major event was held at the Venice Piazza, Taguig City last July 24, 2022 (Sunday) and the stage is divided into two sides, so bands will have enough time to test their equipments and prepare since 15 solo artists/bands will be performing in one single day!

The music festival started with Kenneth Amores and his chill and R&B tunes, and an acoustic session from Hannah + Gabi- to set the mood for the whole festival! Did you know that Hannah + Gabi is the brainchild of the frontman of indie rock band, Ciudad?

Chen Pangan also serenaded the crowd with her sweet yet heartbreaking songs including her latest single “Sana’y Alam Mo” and she’s also part of a pop/alt rock band, Unit 406.

Meanwhile, 10AM Departure is a four-piece alt rock band which gives us P!ATD vibes (in their early days) and their famous “2 Caught Up” song which sheds light on toxic relationships. Can we just say Zach is rocking that neon pink ombre hair?

Now, let’s get funky with Ang Bagong Luto In Enriquez and his revolutionary music. If you’re into satirical words, his music can surely satisfy your musical tastebuds! He might be “Trending” anytime soon..

Smow is not your ordinary stage performer. He doesn’t need lyrics for his songs, because his experimental beats are what makes him unique and he want us to feel his “face-melting synthesizers”. Listen to his “Adobo” piece.

Who would’ve known you can make a song about coffee, but can also be descriptive to a person who you’re in love with (or enjoy company with)? Elise Huang gets you, and she can sing it through her songs! She also did a duet with her mom on stage.

Get classy and jazzy with Dia Mate as she sings her R&B and indie-pop influences. Her songs can surely capture every Gen-Z’s soul (bonus points on her fashion sense!).

Meanwhile, Over October is a pop/alt rock band showcases emotional songs with influences from Jason Mraz and Coldplay which makes you want to sway your around whenever you hear their songs.

One Click Straight have these upbeat songs that has the opposite lyrics, not sad but more on the “IDGAF” attitude. They have a fusion of melodic pop and indie rock- and can really drive you crazy even if you’re a new listener!

As for Fern, we have seen him on his first live performance at the MYX Music Awards last 2018 and we are glad he’s still making music even after 5 years! He performed his new songs including his most-loved piece, “Lie 2 Me”.

Now, who doesn’t know Juan Karlos? Festival goers went wild when he performed his charming tracks and has been very interactive with the crowd! Even though we heard a lot of song requests from the crowd (which he did not play), he’s still the same ol’ quirky JK.

Part of the big acts was Blaster with the Celestial Klowns. Some say he looked like Zild (from IV of Spades) with his new do, but he’s rockin’ it- and his bandmates too! IVoS fans were also in the crowd and chanting the previous band he’s in and he just responded with sticking out his tongue. Anyways, disco fever on!

And the night is close to an end with Cheats as they bring up pop-soul vibes! The band has been invited to several international festivals including sharing the stage with some famous bands such as The 1975 and Wiz Khalifa!

If you want to leave with something and not just photographic memories, you can visit the UMusic Pop Up booth at the 2nd flr, Venice Piazza and get dibs on the music festival merch- from shirts to CDs!

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