Your new K-pop destination ENHYPEN are making a grand return with 3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO : DAY 1.

After kickstarting their career as a global group selected by K-pop fans around the world, ENHYPEN achieved the “Million-Seller” title within a year of debut with 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA, released in October 2021, selling over 1.1M copies (as of October 2021) according to Korea’s Gaon Monthly Album Chart.

The record-breakers moved on to reach another milestone as 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER, released in January 2022, became a “half-million seller” album with over 510,000 copies sold only in the first week of release.

ENHYPEN have solidified their status as the new destination for K-pop fans worldwide with the successful release of album after album. Armed with powerful music, next-level performances, and one of a kind visuals, they are now prepared to leave their mark and “wow” global audiences once again as the new powerhouse of K-pop.

ENHYPEN Prove They Are Worthy Of The Throne

Upon their debut in November 2020, ENHYPEN achieved the highest first week sales for a single album among K-pop groups to debut the same year with 1st Mini Album BORDER : DAY ONE. They continued their upward trajectory, breaking their own records with subsequent album releases and making waves as the breakout boyband to watch. In addition, they further solidified their status as the new destination for K-pop fans everywhere, taking home 14 trophies from major Korean award shows before their 2nd anniversary.

Through their appearance on Mnet’s ‘I-LAND,’ the seven members of ENHYPEN came together as one of a kind global rookies with a massive worldwide fanbase even prior to their debut. With the support and expertise of a major record label, the septet were bound for success from the start.

Ironically, however, a part of them felt as though their success wasn’t the result of their own efforts and capabilities. They had to overcome the pressures and responsibilities of living up to their coveted “Million-Seller” title and continue to show improvement as artists. Instead of giving into their doubts and anxieties, ENHYPEN come to the conclusion that they will prove for themselves that they truly deserve love and attention.

Through their previous ‘BORDER’ and ‘DIMENSION’ album series, the band came to realize their role and calling while connecting to a new world in which they faced an array of complex emotions. Now based on this awakening, MANIFESTO : DAY 1 paints a portrait of the boys confidently standing at the starting line to take control of their own life and connect with the future of their generation.

3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO : DAY 1

As a culmination of ENHYPEN’s reflections on their identity, MANIFESTO : DAY 1 is an album that portrays the story of seven boys paving their own path and taking the first step forward for their generation to follow in their footsteps. The previous ‘BORDER’ and ‘DIMENSION’ series told the story of young boys connecting to a new world for the very first time. They realized their new world past the border of the debut was even more complex and multidimensional than envisioned, and fell into a dilemma as they saw their desires collide.

Doubting the conventional standard of success stipulated by grown ups, the septet take their first leap forward to think for themselves and independently find the correct answers. As they begin their journey as authors and “protagonists” of their own narrative, the seven boys hold up their mics and declare to their peers—“We’ll take the lead forward. Come along with us.” They pass their mics, almost like a torch, to their fellow generation to set fire to a new beginning.

Through the teaser contents, the versatile visual talents reflect a sense of solid determination and compelling energy incomparable to their previous albums. The three different concept photos ‘D’, ‘J’ and ‘M’ each portray an individual story that is designed to piece together as one.

The septet’s newest album includes six tracks covering various genres: “WALK THE LINE”, “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)”, “ParadoXXX Invasion”, “TFW (That Feeling When)”, “SHOUT OUT” and “Foreshadow.” The lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” features ENHYPEN’s rapping, the first since their debut, and member JAKE participated in the writing of the lyrics for B-side track “SHOUT OUT”—a reflection of the band’s artistic and musical growth over the years.

Lead Single “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)”

The album’s lead single “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” reflects ENHYPEN’s refusal to be hindered by the chaos of the world and unapologetically pave their own path that will eventually connect themselves with their generation in the future. Revealed through the lyrics, “I wanna stand on my own feet. Anything else is meaningless. Bring out my real voice. And draw our future,” this song is an ambitious declaration to begin living life on one’s own terms.

The performance for the track also focuses on expressing the course of finding one’s true self in a lively and free-spirited manner. While constantly shifting formations as the track progresses, the septet dominate the stage with a raw and powerful, yet perfectly synchronized performance. Key details in the choreography, such as the “mic check” and “mic pass” dance, cleverly highlight the “mic”, which pulls together ENHYPEN’s unequaled performance.

Backed by an energetic Hip-Hop sound, the accompanying music video unravels a movie-like sequence of scenes where the members are caught in their emotions or showing off their dynamic performance. ENHYPEN, dressed in pilot jumpsuits, make their way through the open runway heralding their bright future ahead. The trendy pops of color and large-scale outdoor sets reflect the boys’ spirit and confidence which capture the attention of the viewers throughout.

Evolving from “New K-Pop Destination” to the “New Powerhouse of K-pop”

As rising authentic storytellers, ENHYPEN expand their idea of “connection” they have thoughtfully built through the ‘BORDER’ and ‘DIMENSION’ album series. The septet once expressed their complex emotions facing a new world for the very first time. Now, they are set out to take control and become pioneers of their own narrative.

Revealing a rebranding logo trailer that redefines ENHYPEN’s meaning of “connection” to start, the band organically weaves a powerful and generationally relevant message into the story behind each visual content to craft a monumental addition to their discography.

Rooted in ENHYPEN’s internal struggles in the real world as they enter the trajectory of success, this album not only captures their advancement as artists, but also leads them to a new starting line. They sing of their transition from a group that was “made” to a group that “makes” a name for themselves—a story that naturally resonates with their generation beyond the premise of the album.

To top it off, ENHYPEN exude their charms and versatility showcased through their mesmerizing visuals and energetic performances that are sure to capture the hearts of K-pop fans everywhere.

ENHYPEN broke out into the global K-pop scene achieving the “Million-Seller” title with a single album within a year of debut as well as notable success on major global music charts. With ever-evolving music, performances, and visuals as their source of power, your new K-pop destination ENHYPEN is now set out to become the new powerhouse of K-pop.



“WALK THE LINE” is a Hip-Hop track that opens the album with its 808 bass and powerful guitar distortion sounds. It encompasses a dual meaning of “walking along the line” and “staying in line/not crossing the line.” Applying a strikethrough across “Intro : Walk the Line”, the opening track of ENHYPEN’s debut album BORDER : DAY ONE of the same title, expresses refusal of existing rules and determination to cross over to a world of one’s own. While “Intro : Walk the Line” sang of the joy standing at the border of one’s dream world, “WALK THE LINE” illustrates the boys’ determination to connect to those around them within the newly drawn lines of this world. The members’ narration spoken in three different languages leaves a lasting impression and raises anticipation for the remainder of the album.

Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)

“Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” is a Chicago Drill Hip-Hop track which is a relatively unfamiliar genre within the K-pop scene. The seven boys, who now realize their role and calling, declare to their peers “We’ll take the lead forward. Come along with us.” The boys deliver a powerfully resonant message—“Instead of using our abilities for our own good, we will use it to lift the voices of those around us.”—to reflect their unyielding resolution. ENHYPEN take on the challenge of rapping for the first time since their debut which maximizes the intensity of the track.

ParadoXXX Invasion

“ParadoXXX Invasion” is characterized by an old school Hip-Hop sound that was popular in the early 2000s. The lyrics declaring “This world filled with contradiction, [we] crash into it again and again. We are free, [the] illogic is logic” act as a bold statement aimed at the grown ups who underestimate them as mere childish teens. A catchy melody accompanied by the groovy vocals of the members is sure to be an earworm.

TFW (That Feeling When)

“TFW (That Feeling When)” is a continuation of ENHYPEN’s signature Soft Pop Rock sound following “Polaroid Love” and “Not For Sale.” ‘TFW’ is an acronym commonly used on social media to provide context or commentary for images with an emotional attachment, such as adorable pets, beautiful ocean views, etc. This song reflects ‘that feeling when’ you’re reminded of a loved one while looking at a photo that puts a smile on your face. The delicate nature of the lyrics enhances the romantic mood of the track that is perfect to listen to on a cool summer night.


With the combination of electric guitar distortion and bass sounds, “SHOUT OUT” is an Alternative Rock track that is sure to get hearts pumping and become THE song fans jam along to at an ENHYPEN concert. Member JAKE participated in the writing of the lyrics which illustrate the excitement and thrill of shouting out for the very first time that “I” am the subject of this world. This track acts as a ‘shout out’ to their peers who have helped them gain the confidence to “shake up this world, louder and louder.”


“Foreshadow” is an Electropop track characterized by its psychedelic sidechaining technique fuzed with a unique groove. The overall mood of the track is dark, but it is juxtaposed by the melody and lyrics which reflect the boys’ hopeful future as they move forward to the next chapter. The narration, spoken by all seven members in three different languages, is the key point to pay attention to.

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