At Pardon My French, We Are Ready to Have Fun Again

When the pandemic struck, nightlife had gone from full steam to nothing in what seemed like a blink. In a very real sense, the lights switched off for an entire sector and without warning, the music stopped. Restaurants, bars, clubs sat vacant with dance floors, crockery, and wine bottles gathering dust for over two years. But here we are: one of the final recreational tiers finally being unlocked.

With renewed optimism and the re-emergence of leisure pursuits, Pardon My French has opened its doors, so you can experience great entertainment in a relaxed setting and listen to live performances with a diverse portfolio. There is nothing quite like listening live to some of the best bands, while taking to the dance floor and letting loose. This July, you can experience exactly that at Pardon My French.

Kicking off its Artist Series where a featured artist takes up residency for a month, Pardon My French will feature South Border singer and songwriter, Jay Durias. Interestingly, Jay will be performing songs from his album “Songs I Grew Up With” at the same venue where he launched it around 12 years ago.

“This series of shows that I’ll be having at Pardon my French this July is very special to me because I’ll be playing songs that have created a great impact on my musicality. Most of the songs that I’ll be doing are from my project album ‘Songs I Grew Up With,’ which I completed in the US back in 2007,” Jay reveals.

Pardon My French is providing space for artists like Jay to let their art and ideas evolve and give audiences a dopamine hit while at it. The Artists Series will start on July 2 and will be playing on the first four Saturdays of July.

“I hope to share this musical experience with everyone, especially to Filipinos who are known to be sentimental music lovers. This is going to be a lot different from the usual Southborder gigs where we play progressive pop, R&B, and some Top 40 stuff including our originals. This time, it’s a trip down memory lane with my own version of these memorable songs. Plus, I get to play with a group of talented young musicians, so it’s going to be a divergent interpretation of the beautiful songs that I grew up with,” Jay shares.

The nostalgia that accompanies these songs will offer an escape hatch from the present back into the exuberance of our youth. Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? Jay’s performance is the live mixtape of your yesteryears.

Artist Series featuring Jay Durias at Pardon My French:
Dates: July 2, 9, 16, and 23
First Set: 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM – Jay Durias
Second Set: 11:00 OM- 12:30 PM – The Plug
Ticket Prices with consumable food and drinks exclusive of service charge:
Areas with direct view of stage: 3500++/person
Other areas: 2500++/person

Pardon My French is located at 110 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati.

For reservations, contact 0917 823 0091.

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