CHNDTR continues to make pop-rock waves with their latest single

One thing about CHNDTR, a band that is making waves with their unique pop-rock sound, is that they are happy to release new material reflecting their growth, particularly in what themes their music tackles. Such growth drives their new single “Mine,” a bilingual song that drops on major streaming services. Released under [which imprint?], the song was composed by Anne Margarette Detera and Niko Joei Bertrand Bacani, produced by the band and Tiny Corpuz, and recorded at Line In Records.

CHNDTR says that “Mine” is their first recorded love song, contributing to an important musical tradition in original Filipino music. What they want to contribute is a throwback to music that emerged in their childhoods. “Most of the [composers of] 90s OPM love songs are fond of playing with English and Tagalog in their music,” they tell us. This practice dates back even earlier, though, with a few 70s songs from the Manila Sound movement incorporating English slang into mostly Tagalog lyrics and a mid-1980s classic, “Boy” by Timmy Cruz, alternating English and Tagalog lines in its verses.

The story of “Mine” is an experience that listeners can connect with. The band tells us that this reflects the story of two people who have been unable to admit their love for each other for two years now, yet choose to care for one another. They say that the experience of moving from being friends to lovers sounds like a cliché, but add that this is one of the strongest kinds of love, because even when there are conflicts or struggles, they choose to be together in the end.

“Mine” is CHNDTR’s way of helping people in similar situations express their feelings for their loved ones. They say that it is a song that one can send to the other, preferably through a link—which is now available on all music streaming platforms!

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