All-Female Band Athalie Releases New Single, “Affair” This Women’s Month

Athalie is back with their new single “Affair” this International Women’s Month! The all-female band aims to empower women and men alike with their independently-produced song.

The song expresses one’s drastic awakening from a painful betrayal. Out of this arises self-love and the courage to bid toxic relationships farewell. It has theatrical lyricism, infused with Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Pop musicality. “Affair” is perfect for valuing self-love and empowerment–in or out of Women’s Month.

Athalie is a Metro Manila-based independent band that delivers pop music with a twist of Blues, Jazz, Broadway, and Rock. Each member sings while playing her instrument, bringing that rich vocal harmonies and shoobidoobaps. Athalie is a lady persona given life through women’s authentic experiences, in art and music.

Athalie is Kristella Enriquez on bass, Mika Cruz on drums, Janine Flores on keys, Chezka Tandiman and Pauline Villanueva on guitars.

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